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WCQ: Canada vs Bermuda - March 25th 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific - Orlando FL

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4 minutes ago, narduch said:


Love this starting 11. Really think this is the best we could put on the field right now.  Stoked for Adekugbe who has been hard done by.  Stoked for Eustaquio who will be one of our best players. Stoked for Davies up top.  Stoked for Larin on the wing.  Stoked for Junior getting a well deserved start.  In general I am stoked!!!

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So this is it boys, the journey out of the minnows and back to respectability starts now. It’s a 20 something game climb or so to the top, we’ll have to win almost all of the to stand a chance at qualifying.

So I ask, can Atiba defy time ? Will Phonzie smash the goals record for a Canadian ? Is John Herdman going to be the best coach Canada has ever seen ? Will we ever find a good Center back ? But most importantly, is our time now ?

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