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  1. I like the strategy.. I think we got in Mexico's head a bit tonight.. just a seed. Who cares about the result. I want to play Costa Rica anyhow
  2. Yah saw it this afternoon.. was a little stunned. I guess if you got the money anyone can buy an ad but it seems like a good sign to me
  3. Not sure if it's been mentioned but onesoccer has been running ads on tsn. Interesting.. pretty cool advert as well
  4. I'm actually not too concerned with winning the game on Wednesday. I know the scoreline looked favourable but i thought Costa Rica didnt look good at all yesterday. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a draw v Haiti. Nicaragua's backline was a total joke. I think tomorrow you may see a goofy lineup again but come the last group stage game in order to start building you'll see a backline of Davies Cornelius Henry ZBG
  5. Correct me if im wrong but Hoilett was playing on the right which is not his favoured side. I saw him cut in during the first half and he looked out of rythem, which is not like him. MAK was also uncomfortable at LB especially trying to play balls down the sideline with his left foot. I also realized he dodnt really have the best speed outside with open space behind him. Why were both these players but in this position? Cough.. cough.. Davies at LB
  6. I think the more people see Davies play the more they will realize unlike a Hoilett and David.. Davies is affective all over the pitch and in the offensive 3rd he's so dangerous running at people because he draws doubles which opens space for other people and Davies will find them. People just invision him as an Mbappe or something but really he doesn't have that killer goal scorers instinct but he is a more well rounded footballer
  7. I think Godinho looks ok.. stronger looking than I thought he would. MAK looks out of place for sure.
  8. I wonder if onesoccer has a stroategy of not making these games available to TSN in order to draw in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa fan bases to subscriptions. Not a bad strategy even if it's just for the next round
  9. Should be fun.. Hopefully Toronto will bring the noise.. especially v the US
  10. I find some of the rationale defending the celebrations at 9-0 etc very strange and kinda troubling. Beyond the poor sportsmanship it all seemed very unnatural and just kinda lame. Even running over to embrace Thailand kinda felt like an effort to turn their disappointment in to an opportunity to make that even about the USWNT. I think it speaks to the energy now that if people feel something represents them in some way its beyond criticism or honest evaluation. I was so proud of our ladies speaking their minds
  11. Yah i think I'll just re iterate that.. summer soccer in BC is like show up 10mins before the game in flip flops, lay around after drinking beers. The serious club play is in winter. I feel like they're trying to align PCSL with the rest of the country and things could change but only a few years ago PCSL was an excuse for a weekend of drinking in the Okanagan
  12. I kinda like the approach.. we're kinda laying in the weeds.. slowly building.. Making people hungry I predict a big Gold Cup.. Maybe taking 1 of 2 from Mexico. Thus leading to big anticipation to Nations League.. a draw v the US in Merica and then an epic win against the US at BC Place in front of 55k. Boom! Top 40 fifa rating by the end of the year.
  13. I always say its not table hockey but... it looks like Hutch at CB and Davies at LB
  14. For instance now Forge could project out the additional revenue of a Concacaf league 3 or 4 game run. Players salaries dont go up with these games other than travel cost its kinda like found money. That coupled with the positive marketing that comes with beating reputable Central American teams and the being in Champions League. I cant see why you wouldn't throw a couple hundred k at your roster this transfer window
  15. People talk about Davies ability to score goals but truthfully putting the ball in the net is probably his biggest weakness. Hoilett, David and Cavallini are far more clynical. As far as everything else, including dispossesing the ball from grown men like they're small children, Davies is out of this world
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