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  1. Dare I say It? Are these people bigots against Canadians? We have 40 million people. 6th highest registration of soccer players on the planet. Athletic, strong, healthy, diverse, competitive people. But we just possibly can't be as good at soccer as Costa Rica and El Salvadore? Or god forbid the fatest laziest planet on earth, America? I genuinely feel offended by this ignorance. Or maybe I just feel sorry for them because they're all about to get a rude awakening
  2. That's why I can't do American sports anymore. Even with my beloved Seahawks I just watch the game. It's all complete nonsense. That country is in a world of hurt. The guys talking about things from 30 years ago.. the game was played last Tuesday, not 30 years ago. Wake up and look at the roster sheet you goofball
  3. How does a guy make a comment about someone coming out of the stands eating chicken wings and schooling a bunch of players and still be let on tv. What's he even talking about. Shake Hislop and the Brit are just sitting there wondering what planet they were put on. What reason, what thing has ever happened in the world of soccer that they can just assume they should always be on that sort of level. It's insanity
  4. I think cable networks better start playing ball with streaming services or they ll end up like the music industry. Spent years fighting against the future when they could have been apart of the future And Sid just confirmed what I've been saying.. it's not lack of interest or money. It's behind the scenes politics. CSA is in bed with Onesoccer for the next 10 yrs. They're not DAZN. The Canadian publicdeserves better. Why not work together?
  5. I totally agree. If we lose and don't advance we have a couple windows early next year to attempt a hail mary
  6. Another thing to consider is Nations League final 4 is not a set structure. So if we tie our next game we're likely to play Honduras. Much better than potentially loosing to Mexico and going backwards. A potential win against Honduras would make the Fifa points rain and would surely make us a lock for the Hex. I strongly believe Curacoa is the bigger threat right now
  7. Why not just put the best team on the field? This feels like Mexico all over. We better see Hoilett and Cavallini at 60 minutes
  8. I went to check ticket sales and after a delay it said the match is sold out. Anyone else seeing that?
  9. The problem El Salvador has is that they're no good. If they play games against anyone decent that would earn them points, they'll lose. If they play terrible teams, it's almost worthless. I think they ll lose to DR, especially if DR can convince Mariano to play. I'm more worried about Curacao at this point. They'll probable at least the Costa Rica at home. And unlike El Salvadore, if they book friendlies in early 2020 they could actually win
  10. Look I'm doing a bit of schtik. But personally , I'm sick of the disrespect. Earning respect starts with respecting yourself. I think we're good.. period. And I'm hoping on Tuesday we prove that to everyone. I'm excited for Canada to earn some props. Peace and love to all. Let's do this
  11. That's right buddy. Get that maple leaf out... Time to show and prove. Best country in the world. The future is now
  12. I'm with you buddy. Time to play the shame game with these so called football fans. As far as we shouldn't beat the US.. but they can lose to Costa Rica a rinky dink country of 6 million people. Give me a break
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