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  1. Moved out to the wing last couple games and it real suits him. I think we have another special player here in Vancouver. Seeing him lineup for corners, his size is absolutely shocking
  2. Bair has been great since he's moved to the wing. I guess just because your 6'4 doesn't necessarily mean CF is your best attacking position Also, if there is a better young defender in the MLS than Derek Cornelius, I would like to know who it is
  3. As I've been watching this league including Pacific all year. The cash register in my head has been working and my overall observation is the league is doing great. Pacific need to stay healthy, win games, now the nicest stadium in the league, grow the brand, that area of the Island continues to grow.. in other words, it's all to the good
  4. I agree. There is talk of doing away with the dp rules in MLS because its turned in to a farce. It's just an accounting Olympics for the front office but there is not a lot stoping teams from doing whatever they like as long as they jump thru a bunch of silly hoops. If you say CPL you can spend an extra 1 million on 1 player. Why not just say you can spend 1 million more on 4 players? The only difference is 1 million on 4 players would make for a much better league
  5. Going to my first game and excited about the completion of the stands. Looks amazing and getting tickets seems like a pretty good crowd. I think Pacific has been un lucky this year with injuries. I predict big things for this club
  6. I'm not advocating zero information regarding player salary so people can't play along at home. I'm also not for a wild west winner takes all capitalistic model. I think the salary cap is so low, why make it a big deal. Detractors will just use the small number as a way to denigrate the league. I also don't like a team creating far more revenue than another having to play by the same same rules. Especially with the nature of football being that we are competing on all levels with the rest of the world not just CPL. At a certain point teams need to be making their own decisions on cost. What if Forge make champions league? They're suppose to spend the same on players as York9. How does this benefit the league? Just say the cap is 800k. They could bring in just say Simeon Jackson and a quality Central American but they can't because their salary would be at 825k. How is that good for the league? How is that a smart business decision? I just think you need some flexibility
  7. Every business in the world has a salary cap. It's called a budget. I like the idea of each team having a budget that they determine and enforce based on their reality. As a fan I don't want to know what it is, I dont want to hear about it I haven't heard a single person say I can't get in to the CPL because they haven't communicated to me a salary cap. How am I suppose to have fun at the match if I don't know what the salary cap is?
  8. I totally agree. I think the CPL should avoid a salary cap and a dp rule. Perhaps internally have certain understandings but overtly I don't want to know about it. All this money talk is discouraging and distracting when it comes to other sports. I think it turns off fans. Just let the play speak for itself
  9. The away leg would be a nice spectacle on TSN. Olimpia has a one of the best atmospheres in Concacaf. Maybe a reason why TSN won't show it. Wouldn't want to lend any credibility to the CPL
  10. Its a nice little facility. I've played there a few times. The location is a little rural with a big focus on community activities including football. So I doubt they would invest in removing gridiron lines and limiting community access
  11. I wouldn't count out the Fraser Valley. Not Surrey, way too tough to get anything done in Surrey. Politically that place is a mess. Langley on the other hand has lots on the go and plenty of land. Was out there last week for work and the amount of residential and commercial development around the LEC where the Jr hockey team plays is stunning. I could see a pop up stadium with a long term stadium in mind. I think that was kinda the rumour before they jumped to the Island anyways
  12. I think people over think things a bit much. I want them to qualify for the Olympics because I like watching Canada play soccer. And maybe against Argentina and not against like Martinique might be interesting for a change
  13. Genuine question... what about his game makes you think wing is his natural position? And pace isn't an answer because I can think of at least 3 positions on the pitch which I would consider straight line speed as a main attribute. Full back and wing being 2 of them so it's a wash there
  14. That is a really good idea. If you project out for sake of argument, I'll include Forge Forge Marathon Saprissa Independent Tauro San Carlos Herediano Montague That's a no joke competition but 14 weeks is pretty long and strenuous. Maybe the 4 QF loosers go in to a group?
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