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  1. Based on the number of Alberta plates in Kelowna, I would say it's a fact that Edmonton is "driving distance."
  2. Vojvodina is one of the world's football factories. Check it out: https://www.transfermarkt.com/fk-vojvodina-novi-sad/alletransfers/verein/448
  3. I would think someone owns the OM name from the NASL days. Kerfoot bought the name Whitecaps from someone after be took over the 86ers. Perhaps there's a backdoor around this problem. Not sure OL would want to be associated with OM, however.
  4. I don't know if it's been mentioned but Lille are top of the pops, undefeated, eight matches in. They have won the league once in the last 60 years, and looking good in Europa to boot. Are we the only one's worried about this? Looking forward to Lyon on TVA on Sunday. I think I've had this channels for years and never noticed Ligue 1 lol. What a miss, worse than anything David has flubbed lately.
  5. If this can launch him from UBC to a pro career elsewhere, this league is getting something done. One of my favourite players fwiw.
  6. Who dis? https://www.transfermarkt.com/roberto/profil/spieler/27423
  7. The only people who say this are those who have never had a broken ankle.
  8. Decent club to step into even if it's the 4 tier. They are a downside, but were in B2 not that long ago.
  9. It would be interesting to understand the football ecosystem. Canada certainly has many things going for it, but on the player development front you'd think a club like Atletico should be buying Defensor Sporting or Danubio, not Ottawa. Maybe they (or a competitor) already has behind the scenes, but how much could a Uruguay top flight club really cost. One Gimenez and you have an $80m asset on the books. The fact that these small clubs produce players like this consistently makes me wonder why they aren't all owned by foreign money? Perhaps because it's easy enough to buy the players young and
  10. I'm going Citadelle de Quebec on the condition that we turn the Plains into a soccer ground.
  11. Damn that looks bad. I had a displaced spiral fracture that required surgery with a plate a screws and my ankle looked pretty normal after. Hate to know what's going on in that boot. Looks ugly.
  12. I'm not certain, but I suspect your annual salary is paid over the length of the season. I assume the loan deal has additional terms for the player and terms for the club around transfer fees. That said, I suspect the CPL clubs were all taking advantage of CEWS -which would give them an incentive to spread the salary out over 12 month. You probably shouldn't change your normal business practice to get a better result but who knows.
  13. I mean it's no Defensor Sporting, but Danubio punches well above it's weight in the player development front: https://www.transfermarkt.com/danubio-fc/alletransfers/verein/1306 Hope they got a sell on in that Gimenez transfer lol.
  14. One guy out of contract with a Canadian passport is Gershon Koffie. MLS 3.0 may have passed him by, but he'd be some cheap depth. Could have a some Ghana chemistry with Owusu.
  15. Sadly, I think this is the first goal from a local kid since Dunfield opening day 2011...
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