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  1. I swore I couldn't stand watching Hurtado even one more match, they cut him, and drafted Nerwinski just to spite me. It's only taken 10 years to realize that fullbacks might be important for entertainment value and victories.
  2. Pacific got the good one. Not sure the other is a pro footballer.
  3. I misread the IG post and thought both brothers were coming.
  4. I agree and how hard is it to build some sort of platform for the cameras?
  5. If he lived in Egypt his whole life, doesn't that mean his parents were citizens prior to his birth? I may misunderstand, but I thought the was a clear path to FIFA eligibility.
  6. I'm a little surprised Krutzen wasn't more desirable for a middle table Sweden club. I guess there must have been a free involved.
  7. I dunno, Sporting Cristal have produced a lot of great players. Seems like a logical place to do a loan/buy option.
  8. Watchman, you know this is a cult right? It's oddly leaderless and decentralized but Zealots only allowed here. Stop with your Epistemological arguments. Does Okanagan FC exists? Are we a brain in a vat. Fuck man, we just want to dream of D2, the death of the PDL, and the ultimate abolition of the MLS in Canada. We're fucking tired of being Wales and if we can't be Belgium we'll settle for Scotland. Who's with me?
  9. Just for the public record, Okanagan FC alive and well: https://okanaganfc.com/
  10. Welp, not much point in worrying about the pro/rel till you actually have the D2. Build that first and see how they do. But certainly don't give up before you start. Totally agree with that.
  11. I guess I should stop posting in this thread because I'm not necessarily a proponent of pro/rel. I don't think we have the financial means for parachute payments. I do think we could still play the promotion/relegation playoff and then have restrictions around minimum standards for D1. (To keep those wretches in TBay out of the big leagues). All that said, in my recent memory we have had the following PDL clubs out west: Highlanders Rovers Abbotsford Rangers Okanagan FC Foothills FC Manitoba Thunder Bay So all the arguments against a D2 ring a bit h
  12. If there was a Jesus, would there be a D2 Sweden? Just saying.
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