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  1. Why would a club need to be out of Vancouver? CPL at a refurbished Swangard would could kill the Caps right now, imo.
  2. Who is going to be his Mickey now that Ribery is gone? Kid, if it doesn't have 100g of protein and isn't crusted in gold, you don't eat it. Period.
  3. Works for CSB and formally with L1O. UEFA B license from Ireland.
  4. There are really only a handful of our players abroad making a living wage. If you aren't Liga 3 level, you aren't really professional. As much as I would concede that Div 4 Germany, or Div 2 Scotland/Scandinavia is more exposed to the next level, the CPL has to do a much better job than MLS at selling players on to 1st Division leagues in Europe. The most exciting thing for me is not the players coming back, but the players leaving with real professional experience under their belt. I think we have to take lower fees, sell ons, December trials, or whatever other means to be known as a league where you can launch a solid professional career. This is an area where we can compete with MLS right away, imo.
  5. We were staying in Shirley outside of Sooke, so I came in from the West (I think) which really left me with the impression that Langford is a bit of a frontier town. That said (by an already suburban dad), I thought it was quite nice. We spent some time at the new playground between the stadium and Rugby Canada. For sport, this seems like an important location and, long term, I wonder if it will grow a bit like Surrey where, all of a sudden, you have lots of population around to support the club. Save for the match, I didn't see anyone in the colours around that way -despite visiting many breweries and spots you might expect it. Made me think there are lots of fans like Ted making a long commute from Victoria or Saanich. That said, Sooke to Jordan River is literally littered with hipsters so I'd expect some local growth.
  6. It would be interesting to see the same comparison in MLS. Seattle, for example.
  7. Yes, they get a competitive advantages as champions. This happens the world over. Even in the communist MLS. I wouldn't say that only their cap is raised, but perhaps only they have the economic justification to spend.
  8. I would think that the Wales comparison falls apart somewhat as the UK is a country. They should all play together in one pyramid. No issues until Scotland separate.
  9. It's hard to call for higher salaries without first understanding what the salaries are. I completely agree that survival has to be the number one mandate, but... if you accept that somewhere between 50-100% of the gate revenue should be able to go to salaries (which, I think, is a fair assumption I'm happy to defend), then the cap should fall somewhere between $1-2m. If it's $700k, then it's too low. I suspect it is too low because you don't see every club maximizing their international spots. This where we need some quality to push the young players, and allow us to be competitive in continental competitions. I'd also argue that there are good players in the amateur ranks here who wouldn't move to play at the level of salary offered. I'm thinking Nick Soolsma as an example locally, but I'm sure there are many more in Ontario & Quebec (Wandrille Lefevre for example).
  10. If you play an extra few matches in a stadium that you control, you're likely bringing in at least a couple hundred grand in additional revenue. I don't see any harm in spending that on salary to better compete. $200k could literally be the difference in beating a club like Olimpia and getting the next 2 home dates.
  11. I would say that if you take the attendance or expected salary from all the Canadian clubs, put it in a table, you have what looks like any other league in the world and a healthy one at that. If CONCACAF or FIFA get involved with the Fury, I would think MLS would eventually follow.
  12. Good to see Bosnia and Croatia also competing in the woke Olympics. Thought this event was closed to the first world.
  13. I'd like to see the USports draft increased to 5 rounds, and have these contracts not count against the cap or 23 roster limit.
  14. I definitely want Haber back after yesterday, but it would be interesting to go through each squad and predict the turnover. I would think Issey is out (although hopefully sticks with the club in some capacity); McCurdy gone, Blake Smith gone. Everyone else would have to be a transfer out for me.
  15. That seems accurate to me. It was a really good crowd. Given that the beer garden was pretty full, I would be thought close to 5k. I'm not sure I've heard the capacity with the new stand but it must be over 6k.
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