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  1. Larin now 23rd all-time on the Besiktas scoring charts (all comps I believe). One behind Yilmaz of all people.
  2. Looks like Hutch's next appearance will tie him for 10th all-time for Besiktas. I believe this is all-comps, but could just be league.
  3. I don't see any substantial difference between this signing and Jordan Brown or Nathan Mavilla. Both worked out ok. There are many examples of lower league English players reaching much higher levels than the CPL. I don't get the outrage. We don't even have a schedule or any guarantee of one. Who are you expecting to sign, Jamie Vardy?
  4. Elva definitely seems ready for a step up personally, after several seasons in B3. I'd love to see him in a camp sometime soon.
  5. Half these guys have Italian names and the other half are half like Teibert. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Canada_men's_international_soccer_players
  6. Not sure if this link works, but it would show Cyle with by far the most goals of any player in CONCACAF this (European) season. https://www.transfermarkt.us/spieler-statistik/wertvollstespieler/marktwertetop?land_id=0&ausrichtung=alle&spielerposition_id=alle&altersklasse=alle&jahrgang=0&kontinent_id=3&plus=1
  7. Transfermarkt will give you a list if you click through MLS/Foreigners/Canada. You can sort this by appearances for any year. Then the work begins.
  8. Who is dis? https://www.transfermarkt.us/gwi-hyeon-kim/profil/spieler/263568
  9. This thread has been quite the read to see the last 6 years. Despite it still being our most challenging position, we've definitely improved. I like seeing so many left footed defenders to boot.
  10. I mean Davies probably doesn't show up regardless, but if we're not fucking around with the minnows, we probably have St. Clair, Kamal Miller, Sturring, Gutierrez, Liam Miller, Corbeanu, Nelson and friends who make a big difference. Not to mention Herdman at the whelm. I know I'm not new here, although my first thread was how a Canadian league backed by CFL would succeed (go check it, for real). That said, CONCACAF makes no fucking sense. Half the members have a population of less than 100,000. Let these guys play a minnow round to join the real countries in a proper qualifying.
  11. One thing that will be interesting is whether Davies and David can move the needle at all amongst the general Canadian sport fan. I think Mexico's greatest advantage is very similar to Canada's great advantage in hockey: the passion of the fans drives the infrastructure, the player development, the pressure to perform. I can't see us ever coming close to this passion unless something really dramatic changes. Hard to imagine half of Azteca filled with Canada supporters.
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