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  1. One guy out of contract with a Canadian passport is Gershon Koffie. MLS 3.0 may have passed him by, but he'd be some cheap depth. Could have a some Ghana chemistry with Owusu.
  2. Sadly, I think this is the first goal from a local kid since Dunfield opening day 2011...
  3. Avoiding Guatemala in round 1 and Panama in round 2 look like a pretty good outcome to me.
  4. It must be demoralizing to be playing at a reasonably high professional level and have a lower market value than a guy who is 5 years retired who had a cup of coffee in MLS 2.0
  5. Classic rookie Football Manager blunder. 54m won't scare off Chelsea. You need to be at least 120 on the release clause or, better yet, pay him a few extra grand a week to sign without it.
  6. I believe Larin currently earns 1.9m euro. It will be a problem to earn that in Germany unless he lands at a top club. From this perspective, Russia makes sense. Although so does England. I'd try to hold out for the latter.
  7. What side of the road do they drive on in Russia?
  8. Canadians that are so loved by UEFA A Level youth soccer coaches who didn't get a job at the CSA become "real." And although they become a little scruffy they learn to keep their options open in case anything better comes along. Phonzie and David's kid's will figure this out, but it takes a generation to build up sufficient levels of entitlement where you have someone to pick up your toys for you. Edit: Sorry, read the Velveteen Rabbit to my kid the other day. Not sure what I'm trying to say really. Pandemic insanity setting in...
  9. Good job Kenny. Keep the badge shiny. 🇨🇦👊
  10. Always glad to have another name in the fold, but this guy seems sub-Adekugbe -who already has a hard time making the squad.
  11. Seems like a player with a fair bit of potential. I like the AO moves thus far.
  12. I don't know, there could be a mass return to sports once ok'd by health authorities regardless of timing. Is there anything ppl are missing more?
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