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  1. Analytics at play here? Seems like a real "moneyball" type signing.
  2. Sure. I guess my feeling about Red Bull is pretty much the way it tastes. Like total ****. City are ****** up on so many levels, I'd rather drink a Red Bull than think about. Atletico has owners that are, I think, respected leaders. I don't see any reason not to be associated with their brand. I feel like they have things to teach us. What could City teach you. Be a rich **** and buy everything? This sounds like the MLS take away. Lyon has a similar story. I don't know the who the Chinese interests are that own 20%. Frankly, it concerns me a bit, but I don't know what I don't know here.
  3. The table appears to be in GBP. The argument is that he went to a well financed club with promotion ambitions. I think $250 CDN could make sense. Although if you told me it was $100k in the end, that would make sense too. I would think he was on the average salary reported on $30-40k while at Forge.
  4. Neither current group bring the criteria mentioned, and one of them has an direct link to a regime was human rights issues to say the least. I don't understand the need by some on this board to be so sensitive about their beloved MLS. If it was so great, I wouldn't see the need to be so defensive. MLS has provided the CPL with a great opportunity to learn what works and what doesn't. Not taking advantage of this opportunity would be foolish. I believe the the link to Atletico and Lyon to be far superior to that with City and Red Bull for reasons mentioned.
  5. I don't want City or Red Bull, but I'm quite excited to have Atletico and possibly Lyon coming in. I'm excited because they bring expertise on how to make money in football, how to develop players and how to build a lasting brand that is authentic. I'm also excited because thus far the CSB has been humble, has asked for help and Europe has answered. Unlike our neighbors to the south who think they know everything already.
  6. Half the people in the Southside don't know MLS from MLB.
  7. I'm not trying to argue that MLS wasn't a higher level than USL. I know that season ticket holders jumped. Toronto, Seattle and Portland were also in MLS at that time. I'm simply pointing out that you can't compare attendance in a 5,000 seater in Burnaby to a 50,000 seater in downtown Vancouver. If Montreal and Toronto moved to the CPL with the Caps, and Vancouver simultaneously moved into a downtown soccer specific stadium -hell even a proper stadium in East Van- I don't think they'd have any trouble retaining 10,000 season ticket holders and drawing an average of 15k or so. If you would give up your tickets for that, I don't think you're alive, much less a Canadian soccer fan.
  8. I had season tickets in USL and there we multiple sellouts.
  9. I think you might want to compare the relative size of Swangard and BC Place before dropping the mic on that one. I'm not advocating the Caps move to CPL, I'm just choosing to spend my dollars in support of our league. MLS does not appeal to me in any way now that I have an alternative.
  10. I don't know if anyone has the time or energy to put in analysis, but my feel is that the league as a whole is better today than this time last year -despite losing a few bright stars. I guess the the foreign guys are always a crap shoot, but the domestic talent seems improved to me.
  11. What was the beef between Bustos and Blasco. Someone stole an iPad?
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