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  1. That was a great team. Stephen Hart was Herdman before Herdman.
  2. Biello strikes me as a good coach. He had as good a run in MLS as any Impact manager (I think, not looking at any stats here).
  3. I don't care on way or the other for Wheeler, but I really like Dunfield, Jack, Humey and Oliver. Mrs. Conrad, ok. Get Sharman in there with the rest of the funny talkers and away we go.
  4. A real estate developer tried to coin a phrase for my neighborhood as the "new Brooklyn" as was run out of town by grannies and hipsters alike. Royal City all the way.
  5. I just wanted to pop in here, as one of the worst CPL zealots, to admit that MLS has gone a long way for our players. I'm not sure that completely refutes any and all arguments that their might be a better way, but you could see that our MLS guys were at or above those for Costa Rica -and several Ticos would not cut it now (or ever) in this rapidly improving shares domestic league.
  6. If you did want to move Tajon to CF, Guti could fill in at LWB pretty seamlessly I think. Maybe they don't like his crossing. I haven't seen many balls floated in the box other than dead ball situations, although he could help with that side too.
  7. You mean you played/coach under him? Is he the mastermind behind last night, or does he just like to move his fingers around in ppl's faces?
  8. I've always liked Herdman (ok fine, I probably said something contrary in this thread and I'm too lazy to check). And this comment isn't a slight, but please someone play ball with this conspiracy theory that I tried to drop in the match thread: Go back to 2019. We did not counterpress. We did not play the midfield box. We did not play 3-5-2, we did nothing continental or modern. Some kid shows up on the sidelines with no announcement or fan fare. Yet he's constantly speaking with Herdman and all the players and he's always the first for Herdman to embrace. Read the blurb: https://www.hotspurs-soccer.com/world-class-coach-spends-motivational-weekend-with-hotspurs-coaches/ Is this A License drivel that anyone who ever heard Klopp speak would easily repeat. If so, why doesn't UEFA Pro License holder Jim Brennan ever look like he knows what he's doing? Regardless of who is pulling the strings tactically, I think many of us felt in our hearts that a well coached Canada could compete for the top 3 or 4 in CONCACAF. I don't want to take anything away from the players who got this done, but amazing to be able to outclass an experienced coach on the blackboard. We'll see what they come up with for Tata, cause he's world class. When you see a performance that complete, that dominant, you gotta ask how?
  9. I love Cavallini but that was a dumb card. I feel like that elevator doesn't reach the top floor.
  10. https://www.hotspurs-soccer.com/world-class-coach-spends-motivational-weekend-with-hotspurs-coaches/ Interesting read when looking at our current tactics?
  11. Knew nothing about this guy. From Espanyol? What was his role there? Did Media Pro send over a tactical genius to sell off the CMNT for a few billion in TV rights lol.
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