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  1. I don't know, there could be a mass return to sports once ok'd by health authorities regardless of timing. Is there anything ppl are missing more?
  2. I think technically it starts in Abbotsford and ends in Boston Bar (and doesn't include Langley, lol). Anything east of the Fraser River has typically been referred to as the Valley, from North Delta eastward.
  3. A few names that haven't been mentioned: ZBG Jordan Perruzza Harry Paton
  4. He was certainly CPL quality a few years ago.
  5. Glad some news is still coming out. Can't survive on COVID-19 and stock market stats & stories.
  6. ^I find this one particularly unsettling...
  7. What's the best practice here? Get the players home, tested and quarantined?
  8. I think Valour have done a pretty good job rebuilding out from the back. They seem to lack a little pace on the flanks and proven finisher. Hopefully, they can use their last international spot to find some goals -or perhaps this comes from the USports guys. Either way, I wish them well. It's important that this be a strong club in the league.
  9. I would think USL2, regardless of level, would have higher budgets that L1O.
  10. What's up with the Titan sponsorship I'm seeing in some training photos?
  11. I would make D2 a combination of D3 sides wanting to step up (Vaughan, Oakville, Blainville, etc). USL2 sides, interested investors with limited resources and, possibly MLS2 sides. I'd go two regional divisions of 8 clubs. Bus travel, little TV unless OneSoccer needs content, and take what you can get stadiums. I'm not sure exactly how to answer the investment question. It would appeal to those who don't want to spend big dollars. There are already such investments going on in USL2 and certainly with the MLS clubs. Hell, maybe you force the MLS clubs through sanctioning to subsidize the whole thing. I don't know. You could give everyone a lesser cut of CSB and have a collaborative approach. There are lots of models that could work, because we're really talking about taking what is already there and tweaking it a bit into the pyramid.
  12. Just a quick reminder about current and historical clubs in USL2: Abbotsford 86ers Abbotsford Rangers Calgary Foothills Calgary Storm Forest City London Hamilton FC Rage K&W United Ottawa Fury Thunder Bay Chill Toronto Lynx TSS Rovers Victoria Highlanders WSA Winnipeg FC Manitoba
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