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  1. Mid week early round cup matches are a weak draw the world over. And don't really belong in this thread.
  2. Forge 336, ahead of Rubin Kazan and Sturm Graz. Valour 427, ahead of Cercle Brugges, HFX Wanderers 442, ahead of Grasshoppers (ironic), FC Edmonton 522 ahead of Excelsior Rotterdam, Pacific 583 ahead of Tromso.
  3. For some perspective in terms of what has been accomplished and what needs to be done: https://www.transfermarkt.us/verein-statistik/zuschauerrangliste/statistik/stat/plus/0?verein=weltweit&wettbewerb=liga
  4. I would think the CSA and CONCACAF would throw all their weight behind the CPL. I think we did see the CSA oddly positioned in the Fury matter so this may just be my own wishful thinking.
  5. Lamy banged in quite a few goals in USSDA. Glad to see this doesn't mean much in the CPL. Although highlights why we need a league 1 equivalent out west and in the Maritimes. And also why we need our own U17 and U20 structure.
  6. Agree with all of this. Except I'd praise Hernandez Jr a little more. He really looks like a player. They need an experienced attacking mid and a Straith like player at CB to move forward.
  7. Is the club organizing transportation from Downtown Victoria?
  8. Ok, we're 5 matches in. I think it's fair to lay some criticism on the manager. That Hernandez Jr. sub was horrible. He was running the match.
  9. This guy: https://www.transfermarkt.com/sascha-marinkovic/profil/spieler/208808
  10. Hopefully the Romanian attacking mid will follow shortly.
  11. I'm not saying this is happening soon, but the big play for the CPL is to get the MLS clubs. Not those clubs per se, but the owners selling the franchise rights to a US group for relocation and starting a new in the CPL under a much better cost structure. My guess would be 2022, if and when this fails: http://www.sportspromedia.com/news/mls-tv-rights-deal-2022-espn-fox-univision The expansion fees will be in the bank, and all the costs will have skyrocketed unless this TV deal blows the doors off -which would have to be north of $500m US annually to justify what a club needs to spend on salary given the gate revenues (Caps just had their worst crowd of the MLS era for the MLS Cup champions). These clubs will drive attendance and tv interest in the CPL the way Laval, Surrey, and York can`t really. Ottawa, in my opinion, would be a bit of a low risk experimental trial to see how this would happen.
  12. I know the CPL was embarrassed having to start with 7 but, come on, taking on the Fury is the most logical step next year. Balanced schedule, existing players and infrastructure, and another large market with a functional stadium. Work it out.
  13. Set pieces would certainly be more dangerous with Marcel, not that Verhoeven has done a bad job.
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