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  1. Leaving 3 spots to be determined? Does that mean they are stopping at 30?
  2. I mean, he could definitely play left back against Cuba.
  3. David lived in Haiti, close enough.
  4. Seems like kind words for a UK football forum.
  5. I thought Novak looked great in limited action. How's his injury coming along?
  6. There's been some shaky keeping league wide. I understand not wanting to overpay on this position but there are 5-6 quality Canadian keepers in MLS who aren't getting any action. I'd target some of these guys for next year by free transfer or loan.
  7. Pacific have two League 2 clubs near by, Calgary have 1, Winnipeg have 1. Perhaps you could formalize an agreement with one feeder/relief club per CPL club. HFX would have to get creative but that's exactly what we need in Canadian soccer right now.
  8. I assume there is an appearance fee stipend paid by the FA. I thought I heard that this was exactly the same for the Canadian women and men. Is that true?
  9. Fair enough, but the squad size needs to be expanded. Frankly, I don't see a need to limit the size and clubs should be able to sign 10 day or other short-term duration contracts like the NBA. Bring up the Highlanders to sit on the bench $100 + an appearance fee if needed.
  10. Keeping in mind that many leagues are in the off season (and therefore not included), here's where we stand in first division worldwide, per Transfermarkt: 126. Forge 146. Valour 151. HFX Wanderers 213. Pacific 230. FC Edmonton 239. York 9 241. Cavalry 19. Toronto FC 40. Vancouver Whitecaps 65. Montreal Impact
  11. I didn't like the hire, and was quite shocked when OZ was let go because I thought he was doing a great job. That said, Haiti are a good side right now and deserve credit. They breezed through Nations League qualifying and have some good players playing at levels equal to our own. I can't say that Canada didn't choke, but Haiti did also defeat a very experienced, battle tested Costa Rica. I actually think Herdman is doing a pretty good job, even after this loss. We are playing attacking football in a manner I never believed possible. He needs to make some adjustments for sure but, come on, this is Gold Cup -a tourney so bush league it happens every two years in the same ******* country. Personally, I take these all to be friendlies until WCQ. Bring in Cordova, Gutierrez and Eustaquio to Nations League and I think we can show well against the US.
  12. Call him up to Nations League and bring Gutierrez with him. Chile still making their way through Copa and a bunch of those old guys play in their league. Surely these two kids can handle CONCACAF.
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