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  1. I wish we could play Honduras at 20:00 local sometimes…
  2. Slept right through my alarm for the game so missed it unfortunately but how did El Salvador win the possession %? We just sat back or what?
  3. Keep seeing them advertising the game as being “sold out” everywhere. I hate when they are being intentionally misleading.
  4. Long enough, why? Our team of today has absolutely no relevance to the results of previous cycles.
  5. The only game this entire campaign I am fine with him missing is El Salvador at home. If we can’t beat them at home without Davies we just straight up don’t deserve to be at the WC. It’s next month that is worrying.
  6. Just saw the Aaronson interview and my god how can you be a pro and be that salty in an interview
  7. Osorio is constantly wide open in the box. Is he invisible to his teammates ffs
  8. Good point about the injury but I think limiting him to 60 minutes is better than bringing him off the bench
  9. If I see another projected lineup without Alphonso Davies in it I might lose it. Surely there's no way he doesn't start? He can easily start these three games.
  10. The other three results were perfect for us.
  11. I can’t watch Miller anymore. I refuse to believe Kennedy is not 3x better than him in training.
  12. Irrelevant save overall but nice pen save for Borjan today
  13. Of course Mexico got their stadium ban reduced to one match zzz
  14. I’m guessing Pulisic wont be travelling for the USA games as he just now is in quarantine with covid? Even if he’s testing negative before then I doubt he’ll travel.
  15. So no Borjan in the CL this year and we’re not getting the Red Star vs Dinamo Zagreb matchup ffs. You had one job Red Star.
  16. Borjan with a bit if a howler (slip?) right now. Hope it doesn’t end up costing red star qualification.
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