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  1. Didn’t ES try to move their games to the US when there were fan restrictions and get denied by FIFA or CONCACAF?
  2. You also need to consider players on yellows and whether you want to make sure they are in the Jamaica or Panama game, therefore not worth risking them the game before: Buchanan Adekugbe Kaye Laryea Vitoria
  3. Am I missing something? Why do people care about tiebreakers one window in?
  4. If you think we are overreacting I’d be scared for you to see how JH is reacting to this right now haha
  5. I’m going to assume you are kidding.
  6. Have you played on a team before where the best player missed a game and said to the rest of the team essentially ‘good luck without me’. Not a morale booster. I’m hopeful he is referring to BM calling him back.
  7. It’s literally the opposite mantra that JH is projecting that no one is bigger than the team. And to release this literally hours before a huge game is odd.
  8. Maybe he is referencing getting called back to BM for a minor knock and that BM missed him?
  9. I’m already starting to think how this impacts BM releasing him for October, even if minor. They can argue he’s not 100%.
  10. I also noted it looked like the whole stadium stood the entire game - pretty wild.
  11. I wish Cav got 10-15 minutes yesterday. I imagine he will play on Weds (maybe even start) and would have loved to get some potential rust off today. Alittle concerned about a rusty Cav in probably the biggest game of the window. I wonder if the plan was to put him in at some point yesterday before we burned a sub replacing Kennedy because of his injury.
  12. Anyone watch the Honduras-ES game and can summarize how they played given we now have both played Honduras and got the same result?
  13. I’m with Platt and KJ - hope I’m wrong and he is a-ok, but also hope we don’t start him if that sours on relationship with BM and impacts them releasing him for future windows (blaming a small injury for example)
  14. Doubling down on my no Davies on Wednesday (for sure no start). Is that also a Weston McKennie call out I hear? Haha
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