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  1. https://www.tfcrepublic.ca/octavio-zambrano-canmnt-canada-soccer/ Haven’t seen it posted anywhere else yet. Not modest when it comes to players he recruited to the program that’s for sure.
  2. https://www.tsn.ca/canadian-jonathan-david-running-changing-directions-as-he-works-his-way-back-from-ankle-injury-1.1621303
  3. I’m starting to feel he will sit out this whole cycle and focus on his club football and this will heat back up again in 2023.
  4. At 42:10 I think Peter said “he’s willing to go”, but might be if he’s willing to go. Haha
  5. Did I hear right on the latest Northern Futbol podcast that they said Dias said on social media he would take a call up to the senior team in June if offered? I might have misheard.
  6. Looks like he is going to be right on the cusp of coming back at the June camp, which means he won’t be in his finest form. Herdman should really be pressuring Akinola to make a decision for the June window.
  7. I wonder what the allowable roster sides will be in June given the potential four game window. Will they expand from 23 or will teams that will likely play game 3 and 4 just call more players into camp? I believe the 5 sub rule is in place until atleast August.
  8. It’s amazing that only Borjan had to leave today and this one makes sense given he wasn’t going to play. I would have bet we would have lost 5-6 guys. These guys want to be here and I really believe they have bought into Herdman’s system.
  9. I don’t think anyone is questioning him on the ball, it’s his speed and movement that is the unknown.
  10. Cav was actually good making sure he was out of the way against Bermuda. Not sure what happened there.
  11. Not sure that the COVID reality will be different enough in two months time to guarantee a ‘full strength’ Bermuda squad. Especially given the fact they are all but eliminated.
  12. Do you really see Wotherspoon as squad depth throughout this whole WCQ campaign? I know you have mentioned you rate him in the past.
  13. Understand that Herdman wants to see everyone on the field, but wish we didn’t have so many changes from game 1 with GD being a factor.
  14. Not surprised, he’s been doing that the whole tournament. Way overconfident with that ball at his feet.
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