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  1. When he first got minutes with TFC he was a breath of fresh air because he was so fast and direct when no other attacker on the team really was but he found playing time harder to come by later and especially last year since the rest of the league had figured out he was basically a one-trick pony - run fast to the endline and cross. What impressed me about the Leon game and the clips I saw of him with Canada is he seems willing and able to cut inside and combine/pass/shoot now. So I'm much higher on him as a winger especially than I was last year
  2. This is it. It's only the first leg, not worth going all out attack when you're the main option to recover defensively
  3. He better start the second leg. Definitely one of Bayern's better players today. REALLY good game to watch
  4. Bayern's ceiling is just so much higher when Davies plays. More dangerous going forward and less vulnerable defensively due to his exceptional recovery speed That said this could easily be 2-2. PSG look more dangerous when they're in Bayern's half but they don't look capable of creating chances on their own other than finding Mbappe/Neymar on the counter Still they were much better when Davies was on
  5. Was going to say Hasal should be there but I guess he hasn't been called up to the seniors/U23's recently so nevermind! He's the only real snub who isn't a dual-nat and even then he would have only been 19th on my list
  6. Yeah what a letdown, scoring what may end up being Lille's most important goal of the season
  7. Djalo has been so good today
  8. lol big game Neymar strikes (wide) again
  9. It's far more enjoyable to watch Lille when you know they're expected to mostly defend all game
  10. Also we should count ourselves lucky we stayed at 11 men yesterday, there were some real horror tackles out there
  11. I think this is the most accurate description of them. With Baldi in the squad Fraser was pretty much the TFC player I was least concerned to be missing out on
  12. Stock up: Metcalfe, Godinho, Buchanan, Pantemis Stock down: Bair, Brym, Brault-Guillard, Raposo Based on the squads and the last few U23 concacaf tournaments, this all went exactly as planned really Hopefully there isn't a plague during the next olympic qualifiers
  13. Didnt watch the game. Is Cornelius actually injured? Please tell me he'll be fine for Mexico. Same with Montgomery actually even though Ive liked Norman in this tournament
  14. It was so surreal hearing Edgar call him out on the broadcast. Not that down on Hoilett I thought he was rusty but still useful tough for Bermuda to handle. Like pretty much everyone else on our team really. Same with Cav - got into some good positions and I think when he's in season he'll start scoring. I'll try not to get carried away with 20 minutes from Corbeanu in a basically done game but he was awesome and I can't wait to see more of him. Clearly in the mood to make an impression! I actually was impressed by how Adekugbe played last night. I think he can fit in well if hi
  15. Who? He seems generally well liked on this board
  16. Good to see us back and winning even if we do look clunky. Davies seems to be trying to force things a lot (and can we please not put him on set piece duty?)
  17. St Clair Laryea-Vitoria-Miller-Adekugbe Hutchinson-Eustaquio-Kaye Davies-Larin-Hoilett Give em hell
  18. Not sure what Biello's talking about with the long balls. All I saw during that game in terms of buildup was players having the chance to go forward but instead pass it back to the goalkeeper or CB's and then try to slowly build through the CB's and DM's once Haiti had 10 behind the ball. Baldisimo is a good passer (yeah he had some giveaways but he also started some of our most promising moves) but they were trying to set up to build through him slowly when they should have tried taking advantage of the times when Haiti were more open. That's been the biggest issue with our overall style
  19. No idea what Biello was trying to do with those formations (Dias on the wing with Tajon/Raposo at forward??) but I guess that's what happens when you don't have a real striker on the team
  20. This is my main concern with this squad and this game has done nothing to convince me otherwise
  21. Sadly I think this might be it. Can only hope I'm wrong
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