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  1. I think our best 11 is becoming clearer: ---------------David - Hoilett Davies - Osorio - Eustaquio - Hutchinson - Laryea ------------Miller - Vitoria - Johnston --------------------Borjan Hoilett and Laryea have to play, so Larin and Buchanan become the game changers off the bench.
  2. Another thing, where I was (123), Canadian fans were few and far between, surrounded by El Salvadorans, but it was amazing and cathartic seeing their energy fade away. Loved celebrating in their faces! There were a few chants where the Canadian contingent in the section really joined the south end and got loud, especially the 'This Is Our House'. The south end led the way and was loud all game, very proud, well done. Loved the Jarrek sign. Respect.
  3. Dominant and deserved win. However. This was El Salvador and we have had their number for a few years now when playing at home, so more of an expected result than a step up in my view. Removing Larin and adding Osorio in the middle had a huge impact on our ability to combine and make plays. David felt more dangerous and paired well with Tajon up top in the second half. Larin and David are just too similar and Herdman is going to have a tough decision having to sit a excellent forward in the next games. On to the next one.
  4. Of course we're better than El Sal but they will park the bus and defend with their lives. We will have to be at our best to pop one in. But as has been said above, once we score, it's over.
  5. Davies David Buchanan Osorio Eustaquio Hutchinson Laryea Kennedy Vitoria Johnston Borjan This formation morphs into a 3-5-2 with Davies and Laryea as wingbacks quite easily. Larin, Hoilett, Kaye sit. Tough to sit Larin but I think he is the natural sub for David, and Buchanan is our most in form player. We need Laryea's toughness and Concacafyness out there and Buchanan scores when he plays closer to goal. Osorio always does well for Canada at BMO, he will be a beast out there. Borjan has the experience to get the job done. Wouldn't be surprised if Crepeau gets a game this window.
  6. I don't believe this for a second. Whatever the reason, Arfield is done with us. So be it.
  7. He transferred to Club Brugge in 2005 and played there for 5 years.
  8. This is an interesting player, but the September window is too soon to bring him in. If he produces for his club, there is every opportunity to bring him in for October or November.
  9. I would add Akindele. He did well enough at the Gold Cup, and we may need a physical presence up top to finish games in the absence of Cavallini.
  10. I think an appearance in one game is all we can ask from 38 year old Hutchinson. He'll probably start the first game and if he gives us an hour, I'm happy.
  11. I'll always remember Redondo over the controversy about his hair. The Argentina coach in the 90s, Passarella, refused to call Redondo in unless he cut his hair. Redondo stuck to his principles, that his hair had nothing to do with football, and so he missed World Cup 98. Argentina had a hell of a team that year, and could've gone all the way with Redondo.
  12. No. Objectively, he had a great tournament. The numbers don't lie.
  13. MOTM in the first game of the season today.
  14. Gold. Amazing performance. Labbe has a stone cold heart and ice in her veins. Winning is infectious. Let's keep this going.
  15. Superliga. Danish top flight.
  16. I expect the amount and level of ridiculous posts and subsequent infighting to increase exponentially as we approach WCQ due the stress and anxiety we will collectively experience. Let's accept it and enjoy the ride.
  17. Brief interview with Richie here: Good stuff.
  18. Without MAKs vision and passing, we don't score against Mexico. That was a world class assist to Tajon. Kaye is first to sit if Hutchinson or Arfield are available, otherwise I think he did enough to earn a place in our 11 in September.
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