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  1. https://twitter.com/noob_fcb/status/1332042073709678592?s=21 If you missed it here’s the goal
  2. https://www.lavoixdunord.fr/846024/article/2020-07-31/football-mercato-le-losc-prepare-une-offre-30-millions-pour-jonathan-david?amp&__twitter_impression=true
  3. He’s in Orlando with the team. I’ve seen a couple photos of him training on their Instagram.
  4. Nations league matches have a coefficient of 25 as they are qualification matches for the Gold Cup. https://www.concacafnationsleague.com/en/article/concacaf-nations-league-to-serve-as-pathway-for-2021-gold-cup
  5. His tackle and subsequent outlet pass to Piatti to initiate the Impact’s first goal yesterday were both superb.
  6. Jonathan David starts for Gent in a must win game vs Oostende.
  7. Sanches comes in for the final substitution of the day. No phonzy today.
  8. Goal and an assist for him today. 3 goals and 3 assists in his last 6 matches.
  9. Galindo reiterating the the opinion of a fanblog's most fickle poster is incredibly irresponsible journalism.
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