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  1. I wasn't suggesting Tajon gets dropped i was reacting to someone saying its Liam Millar or Fraser. Totally different positions and needs. I was saying in order for Liam Millar to get back in to the squad he likely needs to leap frog Tajon. To me our attacking depth chart goes of all the players in the last window Tajon sits behind everyone, except maybe if you throw Osorio in that group maybe he's ahead of him. Maybe Tajon ahead of Cavallini but Cavallini is unique to all our other attacking players
  2. I would say Liam or Tajon is the real question
  3. What about the millions of fans they have in America? By some estimates there are over 60 million people of Mexican heritage living in America. By proof last time I checked LigaMX had better ratings than even the epl in the US. Also, as someone who follows the Copa Libertadores and South American football, its really turning in to a 1 horse race down there. Argentina club football has really dipped. Some of the traditional big clubs aren't much of a factor. Its kinda just Brazil dominating across the board
  4. I'm not sure if being in Copa Libertadores is bigger than a dream scenario with MLS and the US. Yes its a bigger competition but Mexican teams are only respected in South America but not really an opportunity to grow the brand. The American market is wealthy with state of the art facilities and a sympatico culture. They can really make an impact both culturally and fiscally in the US market. Tigress can play intense games against Boca and Flamengo and thats fun but nobody in Argentina or Brazil are gonna give a crap about them once they get on a plane and fly back to Mexico
  5. This kinda feels like a fun game of Risk. Hopefully this one doesn't end with a drunk friend flipping over the board in frustration at 3am
  6. No idea.. Likely a bunch of groups of either 3 4 or 5 that funnel to a 16 team knockout stage
  7. I think the Leagues Cup is so unique its hard to predict how it will go down. One thought is, since its only 2 Leagues and both leagues come to a halt. What's it going to feel like if all the MLS are done and its all Mexican teams remaining? Everyone just sits and watches what amounts to a Mexican Cup for a few weeks? I think the big winner are Central American teams. They have a 20 team tournament, short distances, built in rivalries and likely much needed revenue
  8. I think this was a compromise between ligaMX/MLS and CONCACAF. I think the League Cup is intriguing for sure. The risk for me is the Leagues Cup is such an undertaking and should get so much attention because its such a unique thing... it could over shadow Champions League
  9. This is not correct.. actually maybe it is. It mentions an expanded Leagues Cup but doesn't talk details. Ok that is confirmed I've watched the video a few times and it seems pretty much what was already announced The one confusing thing is... It seems there will be a regional cup between Can, US & Mexico but that doesn't qualify teams to Champions League. Am I right? Its a bit confusing Seems to me after digesting everything CPL gets kinda screwed. Mentions a regional NA cup but it doesn't fit in anywhere. Plus with a huge Leagues Cup without CPL, I cant see how it happens
  10. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/m.lance.com.br/palmeiras/sub-sub-vencem-fecham-turno-campeonato-paulista-invictos.html.amp Apparently this kid is making an impact. A Palmeiras supporter was telling me he recently scored 2 goals for the U17 team and there is a buzz around him. What more is they refer to him as just "Canada". As most people know in Brazil your nickname becomes your name. So yes, we might have a player named... Canada. In this article he's referred to as Canada Here is scoring some goals. Wearing 11
  11. I personally am not attending Whitecaps games because the corona pass. I had a blast at the first game back. Reluctantly went to the 2nd once they re instated the mask thing. Even though few observed that rule including myself, it dampened the atmosphere. Now with corona pass even though I'm vaccinated I won't be attending anymore games. Its against my values and just the overall atmosphere is a downer. I'd rather just go play soccer. Just my perspective and I'm sure I'm not the only one even if some are not exactly able to identify the reason going to a football match doesn't appeal to them at the moment I know its likely easy to say tfc suck so.. but the Caps have been decent and I'm still not at all motivated to go to a game. This is coming from a die hard who always considered sitting in the Southside at a Caps game his favorite thing to do
  12. Don't forget to look up Davies, David and Eustaquio's player rankings from that game
  13. I have a question What is the largest increase ever in rankings by one country from one world cup to another? This isn't a pop quiz, im just curious to know
  14. Guys this is a ridiculous comparison. Students are back on campus. The entire area all around the UVic campus is filled with student housing etc. Its like a homecoming thing and the stadium is stumbling distance between beer pong and keg stands. Let's get real I feel like the whole world nowadays just stares at a coloring book and never thinks to pick up a pack of colored pens to fill it in
  15. I thought they looked pretty good in the 2nd half of the Costa Rica game
  16. I dont understand the anxiety? If there were an cmnt announcement in Vancouver BC Place would sell out within 5 days. If England played Poland at Wembley 1/3 of the stadium would be Polish. Thats just the reality of planet earth. Are we supposed to impose a lockdown on Mexicans when we play them in Canada? And if Canadians don't want to watch soccer, who cares, let them suck. They're a minority of people now anyways. All is good. Canadians love soccer and if we keep winning, life will be beautiful
  17. I think people like a winner. I was out with a group of "latinos" stupid term but whatever. Of course I forced the topic to cmnt team. Most them watched the US game but didnt realize Canada had just played. They were pumped for Canada and as I showed them the standings and everything they were fully invested. 100% were in to go to whatever game eventually comes to Vancouver. I think people are proud to be Canadian why wouldn't they be but like every sort of person people like winners and truthfully we've sucked in the past. Thats just the truth I dont think it takes much selling to get people behind this team
  18. Wow I thought I had opinions. If this guy really likes Tuppa, I want to know what he thinks of someone he doesn't like Does make sense
  19. We'll El Salvador fans out Mexicoed Mexico in Texas so don't take it personal Toronto. Im sure if there wasn't a capacity cap a bunch of late comers would have been reshing to buy tickets this past week
  20. I'm with Weston's Dad on this one. He for sure should be punished by whatever criteria usmnt has in place but that doesn't make him any kinda bad person. People build people up too much and vice versa. He's just a kid doing dumb kid stuff. It's a bunch of whatever plus lets be real, this bubble stuff and covid stuff is stupid. 24hrs later he's playing a soccer game in a stadium packed with 40k people and hundreds of staff. Lets get real for 1 second
  21. I think the "Jamaican" guys are a little too English in that they likely thought Concacaf is a Mikey Mouse joke and they could just turn up and win games. I expect them to wake up and start to pour it on later in the qualification. Or just quit
  22. I think Canada Soccer wants that Canadiana image to really draw in all Canadians. I think with the Alphonso homecoming it will he a pretty cool thing. Hopefully it doesn't back fire
  23. Someone on some thread in here posted an article from Edmonton speculating that Elks games were moved to accommodate Canada playing both games in Nov. I also heard that in the broadcast
  24. I'm stealing someone else's thunder on here but until further notice, my policy is ... Mexico win, everyone else tie
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