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  1. I really hope they dont plan to play the entire season in one sitting. I think half or 3/4 and then re assess is a better plan. So much positive information coming in by the day. It would be terrible to fully commit the calendar now
  2. I think his brother use to play for the Caps. Also a good player
  3. I think TSN was busy producing a documentary about the life and times of Jozy Altidore. The first professional sports league to restart in Canada meh.. no biggey
  4. Your correct but I believe TSN has fifa and I think based on them jumping on the Davies train. I'm pretty confident you will see them buy the rights to show world cup qualifying from Onesoccer But technically yes your right, I stand corrected
  5. At this point Vancouver Island has gotta be the right choice. I think the venue is great and optics for the league without fans it would be much better. I doubt a quarantine would be needed either
  6. Politics, business.. call it what you want but we dont need to be naive here
  7. Because MLSE doesn't like people eating their market share. Why wouldn't they want it to go away. All the way in Vancouver the media tries to convince us to cheer on the Raptors and Blue Jays. Why wouldn't they think people in Ottawa, Hamilton, Winnipeg focus their attention and money on TFC
  8. They have Canadian soccer rights so pumping up Davies plays in to that property. So in this case we benefit
  9. Wait and see = wait and hopefully it goes away. If it happens to survive swimming upstream, we'll begrudgingly get on board
  10. I disagree. Soccer is the most participated sport in Canada and by many metrics in the under 30 demo the most popular sport. Starting a brand new league is pretty amazing and doesn't happen much. XFL got more coverage on tsn and that had zero interest and folded almost immediately. Isn't even Canadian. If your point is it doesn't have much interest how do you explain not covering the launch or first game? You dont know the interest yet? It's like putting on your jacket and then taking it off before leaving the house because you said it got dirty outside. It comes down to a simple thing. TSN only pushes properties they've invested in. They're half owned by the same people who own MLSE and the other half is ESPN an American company. Its simple dont try and argue it. The CPL deals with it and moves forward
  11. I'm sure he'll go to Germany because clearly the new Bundesliga business model is.. send your young players here and in a few years we'll fleece some English team and we'll all get stupid paid
  12. I wonder if with the new news and statistics that came out today if there will be a consideration for fans to attend games in some capacity on July 1? I'm not a big fan of the PEI location
  13. The name says it all. Onesoccer Just because TSN plays politics doesn't mean Onesoccer needs to. I think its great. Landon Donovan was great. It also lends credibility to the platform and CPL to the general soccer public. Very important. I'm a soccer fan I like it all
  14. I have once. I really liked it. The entire area around the stadium is really cool I wasnt saying I dont like TDPlace. I'm saying the concept of leaving that empty end zone yet practical, I'm not such a fan. I think a fully enclosed 360 creates a better environment But TD Place and Ottawa gets a thumbs up from me. Visited for the 1st time last year. Really enjoyed
  15. I'm not a fan either but yah it's for expanded seating
  16. The Lyon chairman said they're scheduled to play Juventus on August 7th in Turin. Round of 16
  17. You could see the step up in quality as Dortmund really pressed Bayern much quicker that other teams. Davies lost possession more than usual but he was testing people and it puts them under pressure. So it's part of the game and I thought considering the quality on the pitch he looked great I cannot wait for Champions league. Davies v PSG or Barcelona or Madrid will be amazing
  18. Its amazing to see the clear step up in quality when 2 top 10 teams in the world play for so much. Even without fans you can feel the intensity and tempo
  19. Yup.. it's all politics. Your that guy, I'm this guy. Very sad but in the internet age that's our reality
  20. Many people have gone back and forth about how many people is needed to put on a professional soccer match. According to Serie A, its 300. Here are Italy's guidelines https://sempreinter.com/2020/05/23/italian-report-reveals-some-guidelines-thatll-have-to-be-followed-at-matches-if-serie-a-season-resumes/
  21. I just asked a simple question on a football soccer forum about playing soccer during the covid outbreak. We have many samples of places that continued playing soccer or have started playing soccer. What can we draw from that and what affect has it had on the health and wellbeing of those communities? Its a simple question. Anyone willing to take a stab at it? And remember, there are other ways to die and get sick. Not just the new and exciting one
  22. To keep it focused on football. You can believe whatever you want to believe but at a certain point you need to put that aside and just deal in facts and reality. Sweden has not played pro football but it is my understanding that they have allowed recreational football and youth football the entire time. Everyone made fun of Belarus for continuing to play their league with fans even. It's been 2 months, what has been the result? Nicaragua kept playing with no fans. It's been 2 months, what can we pull from that? Bundesliga has been playing for 2 weeks but training (which is probably worse) for 1 month. What results or what has happened there? Korea? It's not like there isnt a growing sample size here. People need to pause, park their personal perspective and just analyze it for a moment. Imagine if they would have started behind closed doors like on Jan 1? We would likely already be back to fans without any stop of play. It's ok to be wrong, just think of people who were so scared they stopped going to work at care homes. Look at those results it's just sad all around. Here your just wrong about playing soccer. It's no biggey. It's not personal. We're all a Canadian family. Im not keeping score
  23. I would take some of this with a grain of salt.
  24. I want nothing. Played soccer this morning. It was a blast. Between 3 groups that showed there was over 60 people at the field. The largest group ended up leaving for another field. They had coaches and everything. Not sure what they're gearing up for? Beautiful day. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday morning.
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