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  1. Great to see this guy playing football again, and looked to be loving it again!
  2. His trajectory looks very similar to Victor Osimhen who went for 70m
  3. I feel like that's how I would have tried to stop that lol
  4. What is up with the New West Salmonbellies logo infringement on those shorts?!?
  5. You can't say St. Gallen without mentioning the legend Daniel Imhof.
  6. I agree and, as the CPL raises its standard, the door will open for the Leagues Cup.
  7. Shit, yes, it's true. Google should fix that tho. Like I gotta convert feet to meters in my search? I guess you don't know everything about me after all Google.
  8. Hard to know who to leave out but it would be nice to have young Liam Millar pressing the Mexicans. I won't bother trying to explain the rabbit hole I went down on elevation to justify this, but fun fact that Denver is more than double the elevation of Mexico City. Get ready MAK.
  9. So, I know we have an election and all but is it October yet? Make your actions match your ambitions to survive. You need to get ready like we are. That means being in shape. That means being in touch with your ancestors and your spirituality, you feel me?What’s gon’ come to pass is what’s gon’ come to pass. All that voting and all that shit—you can do that, that’s cool, but that ain’t gon’ stop it. It’s—It’s already on the way, you know what I’m saying? Just buckle up. Have a good time, you know? Security is largely a superstition. It does not exist in natureLife is either a grand adventure or nothing, baby. Go have your adventure, 'cause I’m having mineBig Sen, peace out, one love
  10. You think about as Bailey as an exception, but he's probably more the rule. International football doesn't mean as much to everyone. I think if I were to boil down the Herdman effect is it's simply that he has everyone relishing the opportunity to play internationally.
  11. Fans and vanity projects described 99% of all football owners including Man City and PSG. Even the American businessmen behind Arsenal, Liverpool, and Man U would be lost without TV money -arguably even they aren't doing great if you ask the supporters. I don't know who the top businessperson in the world would be, but insert that person without TV money and their club is going to be shit/league. If you have enough capital, you might aspire to be the Belgium of the Americas, human trafficking footballers from poor countries, but that capital is going to come from your pocket. And you will need to really beat the odds to make money long-term on the buy/sell game. Develop and sell also seems like a bit of a fool's errand from my year's of observing the Whitecaps -even $20m for Davies can pay for all the youth investment over the years. Give me wealthy idiots who want to waste money in football. I'll take it! I would argue the current CPL bunch are not idiots and have tried to deal with the TV angle in the most realistic manner possible to allow the league to survive for 10 years. But make a buck from the league? I guess so if it goes back into infrastructure, but I don't want any owners taking money out. If you want that, go buy a utility or a bank.
  12. I would like to see Jay Wheeldon on the list.
  13. I would definitely have sent him to his room and followed up with a few muffled f-bombs whilst taking out the trash.
  14. Someone should draft him to take the piss...
  15. Looks like Coyne came in the match in the 86th minute. Playing for Ruud van Nistelrooy. I wonder if a 19 year-old really knows who is?
  16. Apparently the women's 2015 WC QF got almost 3m: https://www.statista.com/statistics/616465/most-watched-sports-tv-broadcasts-in-canada/ I think we will be at 1m by the end of the Ocho. Sunday, Jan 30 against the US or March 27 when we clinch at home against Jamaica.
  17. Unlikely. Footballers are the only one who make money in Football. Fans put it in, and owners swirl it around.
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