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  1. Agreed. They probably determine he's not yet at the level to compete for a Belgian First Division A club right now, but they're not prepared to toss away their investment, which makes sense.
  2. When did he last score with the second team? Feels like it's been a while.
  3. I'm with you on that. I would consider driving, but I wouldn't even think about flying to watch a game, even within this country, let alone flying to Orlando. Hopefully 2022 will be a better year.
  4. Saskatchewan is next in size, but it boarders a much more heavily populated Alberta. Manitoba boarders a relatively unpopulated Northern Ontario.
  5. It's not necessary, but it helps. What also helps is an Atlantic bubble, which is easy to establish when 2 of the 4 members are islands. Kind of a harder sell in Western Canada. You have to consider population size as well. The four smallest provinces by population are PEI, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Manitoba. No surprise if the same provinces became covid-free first.
  6. It's an aside that's not completely irrelevant in my opinion. The country is clearly shifting in that direction. You brought up politicians giving the masses what they want, which is government spending on public healthcare. You said you can see how the (political) forces at work are softening the stance towards hosting the WC, since the optics are this will draw away from public healthcare spending. I am not saying the world cup wouldn't be in jeopardy if we had private healthcare. I am not advocating for private healthcare or shitting on public healthcare. Just an interesting thoug
  7. Nothing. I made a joke to @narduch (in jest) that Newfoundland should be included in a covid-7, which was in response to his comment that Premiers of the Covid-6 should be held accountable. It was a joke because Newfoundland doesn't really have a bad situation (despite what you'd think if you talked to some of them). He mentioned in his response that Newfoundland had an outbreak and crushed it far more quickly than some Covid-6 provinces would have done, to which I pointed out that Newfoundland (along with PEI) has natural boundaries that are no problem to enforce, while Manitoba for inst
  8. What do you call a political force that discourages privatization?
  9. I get what you are saying, but the WC bid doesn't interfere with investment in healthcare. You can do both. It's not as if the government is going to take money out of the healthcare pot and put it in the WC pot. That's not how it works. Governments are going in debt to satisfy the longstanding appetite for investment in healthcare (to use your words) and they will/would go in debt for investment in the World Cup. Either way they are going into debt to spend. The difference is the World Cup is a luxury and healthcare is not. Here's the thing, the optics are such that we shouldn't go
  10. Because you cannot drive across the Atlantic Ocean? You know, that big wet thing separating Newfoundland from the rest of Canada?
  11. Sure, but it's not unrelated, is it? Just because it didn't originate from COVID doesn't mean COVID isn't now a significant consideration, right? Sure, but healthcare would be more of an issue now because of COVID, right? Fair enough to clear up where you stand on it personally. Curious to know that you mean specifically by "the forces at work".
  12. On the other hand, the argument seems to be about tax dollars, but more games would require more tax dollars. So not convinced that's the main reason....
  13. And by the way the scrutiny placed on our healthcare system is a good thing. What isn't good is foregoing the opportunity to host the World Cup. It would be a shame. And let me be more precise, I realize nobody here is saying that is good. I am just fascinated at the attitude towards it, but it is what it is!
  14. I realize everyone wants life to get back to normal. To be more precise, there's a segment of the population who wants to get back to normal by getting back to normal.
  15. Are you suggesting the Canada Health Transfer won't be used in part to address the COVID situation in Health care? Is it a mistake on my part to assume COVID has influenced the asking of additional funds? Furthermore, isn't Healthcare the top political issue for most Canadians because of COVID? I don't disagree that things like Olympics and World Cup bids will suffer if we continue down this road. I just think that's a shame, whereas others seem to shrug their shoulders at it. I mean, if that's what people want then fair enough, and the fact that several Voyageurs (i.e. who th
  16. Do you think this has more to do with governments being in debt or governments creating a situation where freedom of travel is unreliable?
  17. Everyone wants better healthcare. What I am saying, which is not even debatable, is that a portion of the population is over covid-19. They just want life to return to normal. So while the appetite to spend tax dollars on sport has been diminished for some in the general public, the appetite to spend tax dollars on sport hasn't been diminished for all in the general public. Are we discounting or downplaying this segment of the population?
  18. The operative word here is "geographic". Sure, you could turn Manitoba to a functional island if you put checkpoints at every road entry into the province, but that's a much, much, much, harder sell in a supposedly free country like Canada. The Atlantic Ocean on the other hand is a natural checkpoint. It's comparing apples and oranges.
  19. Do you think this is a Canadian phenomena specifically?
  20. Yeah maybe healthcare is a priority for the subset of the general public who are still engaged with this stuff. However, a lot of people have already moved on and are just waiting for the politicians and governments to just get over it and return life to normal. So don't discount or underestimate that part of the general population!
  21. Newfoundland, PEI and North West Territories are all geographically isolated. Pretty easy to crush it when you are working with that advantage. At any rate, I was being facetious and just having a little fun. You're right the situation there isn't that bad, but you wouldn't know it if you talked to the people living there. A school teacher on my Instagram feed was wearing a mask, behind a face shield, with a caption saying "ready for school". Seems very excessive for a place that is reportedly doing so well, but maybe that attitude is more responsible than the fact it's an isol
  22. Isn't this large coin a drop in the bucket compared to everything else public money is being spent on? Like what? Not trying to be snide here. I am genuinely am curious what you mean by that.
  23. Agreed. I guess some have been convinced that throwing around money was unavoidable and necessary, while throwing around a small fraction of that is considered waste on a luxury we don't need, which is shocking to hear on a Canadian soccer forum, where you'd expect us to unanimously be in support of the World Cup. Whatever strange voodoo is causing some diehard Canadian soccer supporters to shrug their shoulders at hosting the World Cup must truly a force to be reckoned with!
  24. Hosting the World Cup without taking advantage of the opportunity to improve soccer infrastructure, or infrastructure in general, is a complete waste. Should we add Newfoundland to the list and make it a Covid-7? It's getting pretty scary there... https://vocm.com/2021/03/02/covid-update-march-2/
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