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  1. Ucello was a second half substitute as Memphis fell to in USOC play 3-1 to Orlando. Akindele started the game for the lions and played the full match. Earlier in the week, Sacramento dropped a 4-3 decision to San Jose, though there was no sign of Aleman. Missed opportunity to impress against MLS competition.
  2. I would love to see Millar prove himself against Mexico. Like many have already stated, if he can put in an eye catching performance against Celtic, he can potentially do so against this particular Mexico side. Not to heap pressure on the young man, but I fully expect him to give Mexico something to think about on the defensive end, at the very least. Not many are talking about it, but it should be a big test for one of Cornelius or Miller. It will probably be Cornelius, and it would arguably be the toughest opponent he has defended against to date in his young career.
  3. Less convenient for me personally, but it definitely is the best choice in my opinion, so I can't complain.
  4. I love Ian Hume, but after seeing how Issey and Haber are panning out, I am not sure he'd be a target for many teams, much less the star player we'd all expect him to be. His experience could be invaluable, especially for an expansion club, but the league in its early stage seems to be dominated by the younger players. I haven't kept tabs on him for a few seasons, so no idea how he is doing in India, but when I was following him he was still scoring loads of goals. It would be interesting to see him in the CanPL!
  5. Why would I take offense? I'm not a York 9 fan.
  6. They are overdoing it on MAK because he's doing well for the top MLS team. They rate him more than we do, but they are pushing an agenda. It is their job to pump up MLS players. I get it. Adams is no longer an MLS player though, so I don't get their prolonged infatuation with him. Furthermore, he is a very high level role player (like jdg), who was going to play right back for them (which nobody wanted). The kid wasn't even going to play in his best position and they are still freaking out down there. Someone in the comments section rightly pointed out how the fanbase was annoying and act as if they were France or something. I hope we meet them in the final and blow them out! Maybe then they'll finally eat some humble pie and starting acting in congruence with their true level. If I am being greedy, I also want Bradley and Altidore to not play, just so they don't pin it on them (like they do for everything).
  7. The crisis in American confidence ahead of the Gold Cup continues unabated. Instead of viewing the Reggie Cannon call up as an opportunity for a promising player to gain Gold Cup experience, the focus is squarely on the absence of Tyler Adams and what it means. I'm not saying they should celebrate the loss of Adams, but where's the "next man up" mentality? Their reaction is surprisingly considering their superior depth, but unsurprising considering how irrate they get at every little setback since their WCQ failure. A look at the Mlssoccer.com headlines kinda sums up their desperation. There is the reggie cannon headline, then a few headlines above that is an article how julian gressel is considering joining the usmnt. No offense to julian gressel, but is that a dual national worth getting out of your seat for? I guess so if you got tickets to the American soccer circus!
  8. David is certainly an attacking mid, but he is doing it from the wing. Same goes for Hoilett. Both have the freedom to drift inside and find the game. This is working for us right now and is probably why we don't see David lining up directly under Cav at the kick off. The team plays with 3 center midfielders, but none of them is tasked as the primary creator. The creation mostly comes from the flanks. Davies and Millar are more apt at using their pace to get in behind and whip in crosses. Junior and David can beat men in the same way, but both are quite intelligent and can drift inside to combine with the midfielders and/or target man. I really like the balance of our 4 wide attackers. 2 are more pure and the others are more hybrid. Therefore, I expect to see 1 of Davies/Millar and 1 of Junior/David. That gives us one "field stretching" option and one "playmaking" option on the other flank. The exception to that would be Hoilett and David at the same time with Davies at LB.
  9. Perhaps Herdman can get more from David off the bench than Hoilett. Forget Arfield and Davies because one is not playing the same position and the other is, for all intense and purposes, undropable. For me it comes down to David versus Hoilett. You honestly can't go wrong with either. Is there any argument that David deserves a start over Hoilett? Possibly. That said, Junior is in his prime and has seniority on the squad and I suspect we can get more from David off the bench than Hoilett, because that's a different (probably more difficult) conversation if you are explaining to Hoilett why you want to start him from the bench, right? David is the talented rookie here, starting him from the bench is probably more managable, if you know what I mean.
  10. This was my suspicion. Ironically, every other province plays in summer like the PCSL does. As far as I know, BC is the only province that plays on a European calendar (since they have the climate to pull it off). Every other province crowns their champion in late summer/early fall, which is probably why nationals take place in October, but BC is unique (if not out-of-sync) because they crown their champion in spring. The summer season is thus rendered to be of little importance (at least it seems that way from the outside looking in). @Kent I am sure Ted could elaborate further and/or clarify for us, but I think that's basically why PCSL plays "second-fiddle". It's not for a lack of talent, it is just how soccer is structured in British Columbia. In fact, (Correct me if I am wrong Ted) I think there are players who play PCSL in the summer and then go and back to play with their VMSL team from fall to spring.
  11. I like your line-up. In theory it looks great. Problem is that David has yet to line up centrally for Canada, it's not going to begin against Martinique. The time to experiment was on Monday. Sorry but this won't happen I am afraid. I am fine with David starting, but Herdman is not going to drop Hoilett or Davies to make it happen. Now, if Davies starts at left back then I would expect David in the starting 11, but that's a different conversation. I get that you want the best line up out there. Well all want to see the strongest team for the opener. Osorio for all his strengths is not a better player than David, but the team is probably better with Osorio in the middle. At least the coaches seem to think so. I'll trust their judgement and I will look at the bright side if David starts from the bench. We should consider ourselves lucky we have the depth to bring on a 19 year old attacker who has scored 4 goals in his first 4 caps. This could be an advantage, not a disadvantage.
  12. I agree with this take. Mexico is the game to rotate and rest those who need it. This is definitely the game I would use to start Millar or at least give him ample time to run at tiring Mexican defenders. Davies is another one with speed who could really hurt Mexico. We could bring him off the bench, but I think he'll probably start if he's fit. He's a young man and I doubt he's burnt out from the European season. As I mentioned before, Mexico is probably the game you want to use to rest Hutchinson and swap Henry into his place in the backline. As for Osorio and Cavallini, I hope they play against Mexico, just because I think both would thrive against El Tri, but if it is wise to rest them, so be it.
  13. I wouldn't be upset to see the same starting 11 against Martinique. No need to rush Henry back. Give Hutchinson another game to get familiar in the CB role, then rest him in Mexico and get Henry back there. From there, asses the fitness of both and take appropriate action. We need to come out with a win against Martinique. No excuses. T&T should be good preparation. One Caribbean team for another. I predict we come out again 2-0 winners in this one. Goals from Osorio and Hoilett this time. Davies and David assisting.
  14. Looks like they have 4 or 5 quality players, just based on the clubs they are attached to. The domestic players can be hit or miss, so we would be wise not to overlook them.
  15. I would have said the same thing, but now I am considering who has the bigger impact off the bench? Surely it is David, right? Does he deserve to start based on talent? No doubt! However, it may be more advantageous to keep him in reserve in order to surprise teams later on in a match. Just a thought.
  16. Not too fussed about this T&T keeper deflecting from Canada. He probably wouldn't get much chance to play right now and Trinidad are giving him that opportunity, so good for him and them.
  17. He has 5 caps for the Chile U20 team, though I don't know how many of those were official. You'd have to assume at least 1 though.
  18. $50 Cdn for an English Championship game versus $80 for a Canadian Premier League game? Obviously, I am far more invested in Canadian soccer and couldn't really care less about the Championship (unless there are Canadians in it), but as far as quality of soccer goes, I would expect to pay no more than $30 if QPR are charging $50. I know it is a business and this is Calgary. Fair play to them for trying to charge as much as possible straight out of the gate. Easier to lower your prices afterwards than raise them. As a consumer though, I am happy to watch from home if I can't find cheaper tickets than +$80. I will still support the league with my Onesoccer subscription.
  19. I know the difference, it was just a typo. Thanks for the rest. Had just saw that on Mlssoccer.com as well.
  20. Yeah, no kidding. I assume Godino came in for Brault-Guillard. Him and Miller looked to he involved in the build up to the second goal down the right hand side. It didn't look like Kaye was on the field, so perhaps it was Miller who came on for him with Davies dropping to LB. No. 7 looked like Johnson and he likely came on for Osorio and David must have come on for Hoilett. Not sure who No. 5 was, but my guess is that it was Straith in for Cornelius. Don't recall seeing Larin, but I am sure he came on for Cavallini at some point.
  21. Just saw the highlights I hope Arfield saves some of that magic for the tournament, because both of those goals were absolutely filthy. The second was a very high level team goal as well. The guys looked very high on confidence. Jonathan David's composure to wiggle away and then later in the move he has the awareness to tee-up Arfield with a header in the box. Just sublime. It's not hard to see why he had so many assists in Belgium. That guy is just an all around smart player with the ability to pull it off. There had to be at least 10 players touching the ball. I gotta go back and check and watch it again. Thing of beauty! Edit: 11. There were 11 passes on that goal between at least 6 different players.
  22. Yeah, he's probably just the odd man out. Try as he might, Herdman won't be able to get every one of our best players on at once when many of them play the same position.
  23. Hmm...no David eh? Hope he didn't pick up a knock. Have to assume Hutchinson is playing CB.
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