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  1. Sounds like there is a great base for them to build chemistry. The prospect of David linking up with an in-form Sanches is very exciting. Vadis Odjija is a decent player, but that extra quality you get with Renato Sanches should translate into passes getting to David earlier and more often. Unlike Davies, who will shine regardless of who is next to him, David can really use good players to combine with.
  2. I just want this deal to get over the line already.
  3. Excited to see the Impact this evening! So... much.. Canadian content.
  4. I actually thought the level of play was pretty good for a preseason game, which is essentially what this tournament is - a glorified preseason (among other things). Pandemic or not, I can see MLS making this an ongoing thing. Late January have the teams gather in Florida for a "competitive" preseason tournament that counts towards the regular season and more importantly, gives the Champions League teams a much needed early start with the benefit of warm weather training ahead of the CCL. Furthermore, an annual MLSisBACK tournament gives MLS the opportunity to be innovative and different, which clearly it prides itself on. Awarding a Champions League spot to the winner also gets rid of the awkward "best non-supporters shield team from the opposite conference" CCL birth.
  5. I hope it's not a sign of things to come for Miller this season. I think he has his work cut out for him getting regular minutes this season.
  6. Looks like no Akindele for Orlando
  7. Yeah I have seen subs wear mask, but not players walking out with them. Also, this black panther fist and commentary is a little over the top. I shouldn't have been so surprised lol
  8. So far, so cringe. I don't think they walk out with masks on in Germany or any other Euro league I have watched since the restart.
  9. The club played poorly, but I am not sure it is a weak side. If I recall correctly they have some internationals there, not sure if any were playing fullback however. Edit: they have 3 fringe internationals who rep Congo, Japan and Bosnia, but none of them play fullback. I do see however they picked up a 26 year old left back from K.V. Mechelen who also previously played with Antwerp and Lokeren, so looks like Cercle Brugges wanted a more proven option, and with their finish last year it is hard to blame them.
  10. I don't think we'll see Pulisic drop further the way he is playing right now.
  11. Disappointing, but not surprising. He needs to go somewhere to get minutes. I am not sure that is MLS and CPL is kinda unnecessary when he can probably get a contract in the Belgian First Division B off the strength of his resume. OH Leuven?
  12. @El Hombre Yes I realize you find it confusing that he was provoked by something so innocuous. I am sure you are not alone.
  13. pro·voke verb stimulate or give rise to (a reaction or emotion, typically a strong or unwelcome one) in someone
  14. I was thinking more along the lines of simply getting them back to playing games and scoring goals. Cavallini in particular is an important player and with his MLS move it has been a while since he's had a run of competitive games. There is still some time before world cup qualifying begins, but 2021 will be here before you know it. It would be nice for him to start getting into a groove sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I am very happy for some of his minutes to go to young Canadians who probably need it more, such as Bair (and the Raposos)
  15. I don't think he came here today to threaten people. He probably came here to talk a little soccer to take a break from his situation, but he was provoked (as usual), which triggered him to make his "threat". Even Wiley Coyote knew when to give it a rest and clock out.
  16. This whole thing is such a mess. I mean, I get it, they are acting out of an abundance of caution, but when you end up postponing and rescheduling games you start to make a mockery of the "competitive" billing which was given to the tournament. It really gives it a pre-season feel, which they have been trying to avoid. I really do not envy the position MLS finds itself. With such differences in attitudes and approaches across the states, playing a regular season was never realistic. This was suppose to be a solution, but it's turning into a joke. What's interesting to me is that other countries have figured it out, but not the USA. Other countries are playing their regular seasons, or completing them in many cases, I should say. I put the blame on politics. The handling of Covid-19 has been politicized. The Americans are in an election year. Go figure. Without politics, the response across the USA may have been more uniform and MLS may have been able to restart the season, just as other countries have successfully done.
  17. No new information here, but it is cool to see TSN and NBC sports latch on to the developments... https://www.tsn.ca/report-lille-make-25-million-offer-for-cmnt-forward-jonathan-david-1.1492929 https://soccer.nbcsports.com/2020/07/07/canada-jonathan-david-to-lille-transfer-news-gent/
  18. There is a lot I don't like about this tournament, but the silver-lining will be minutes for a lot of young Canadians. I think I read somewhere that TFC are expected to "use their squad", so I expect minutes for Fraser, Shaffleburg, Nelsen and maybe even Okello, not to mention Laryea and Osorio who are core regulars. For the Impact, Tabla, ZBG, Waterman, Piette and Jackson-Hamel should all get minutes, with Chionaire and Bayhia hopefully playing a role too. From a Canadian perspective, it is disappointing we can't get Cavallini and Ricketts going, but family/health comes first. I do not fault them, but as mentioned there will be players like Bair who will get more chances because of it!
  19. Should David make this move, he may outgrow that group before long, knowing the talent he has. On paper, they seem to be stronger than Gent, but not by a great deal. Like Gent, their defense is relatively unimpressive. Again, I stress the "on paper" part, as I haven't watched Lille at all recently. Long time Portuguese international Jose Fonte, (who is ex-Southampton) is the Captain, but he is also 36. After that, you have a bunch of guys who are much less noteworthy on the backline, which is why I draw the comparison with Gent.
  20. Lille last won the title in 2010-11. They actually did the double that year, winning the Coupe de France. They were also runners-up (in the league) as recently as 2018-19.
  21. Anyone else use this board as a form of escapism? I know I do. Talking about soccer with like-minded people can be an effective way to take a break from life, which is what TGAA seems to be doing. I can sympathize with him this time around.
  22. Some noteworthy teammates David would have at Lille: Timothy Weah - US international, forward/winger, same birth year as David. Renato Sanches - Portuguese international, former teammate of Davies at Bayern Munich. Nicolas Gaitan - ex-Argentina international, former Chicago Fire TAM player during 2019 MLS season.
  23. Which Raposo do you think will get more playing time?
  24. I am kinda iffy on it. Part of me feels like he has what it takes, so good to go over there early and take the chance while it's there. I have a gut feeling he can especially do well in Holland for some reason. I don't know why exactly, I can just see his talents getting nurtured there. The other part of me sees a clear path for him to continue his development in Vancouver. I think he'd get solid minutes this year and can improve on his goal tally. The league is growing and getting better with each year, so I don't think he loses anything by sticking around. I guess it depends on how strongly he wants to go to Europe. I personally think a player of his ability does not HAVE to go to Europe. He can achieve success here in Major League Soccer and grow into a National Team regular. This is different from Alphonso Davies, who absolutely HAD to get out of Major League Soccer. His ceiling was WAY too high to stick around here. That is not the case with Theo, with all due respect to him, know what I mean?
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