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  1. It is, but they really need to have a full season, because playing 10 games or whatever it was in PEI just won't cut it. If the bubble is in Newfoundland they can play on Turf relatively late into the year. It should be fine. Would be harder to do in a place like Winnipeg.
  2. That's not being a selfish prick. That's just being a normal human being. You should be able to responsibly play a round of golf in your retirement.
  3. Yeah I agree he had the best tournament of the 3. I think Raposo had the worst tournament, but he's played the more minutes than Metcalfe since, and those minutes have been at a higher level than what Daniels is playing at. I imagine he's at least being considered and if he is, it's hard to imagine the other two players who had stronger Olympic qualifying tournaments than him wouldn't be. But yeah as you said, the picture will become more clear when the WCQ squad is out.
  4. In a society governed by rationality we'd look at the USA returning to "normal", then we'd look at ourselves and give our collective heads a shake in a sort of Taylor Twellman styled "WHAT ARE WE DOING" fashion. However, any society that deems it worthwhile to walk to your restaurant table in a mask, sit down at your table without your mask, then put your mask back on to go to the bathroom, while walking past tables of unmasked patrons, yeah that's a society that's not governed by rationality. We take the effort to mask up to go on a plane, then we undo whatever safety that provides by un
  5. Considering the minutes Raposo is getting I think it's more likely he gets called into the Gold cup than defects to the Philippines. Aiden Daniels just had a pretty decent U-23 tournament so he may at least be in consideration for the GC roster too. Ditto for Metcalfe and he's still in the mix for the Whitecaps, albeit far down the midfield depth chart. He also just made his Canadian debut at any level ever, so considering that and his situation at the Whitecaps he probably won't be in a rush to leave the Canadian program.
  6. One of my favorite plays by Cavallini was in the 2019 Gold Cup against Mexico. There was a pass made into space out wide that he got onto, and he took the ball from the middle third all the way into the box, holding off Mexican center back Moreno the entire way, then in stride while holding him off he laced a shot on frame that Ochoa stopped, but the rebound came back to him, which he one-time volleyed towards goal, but a defender blocked it. What I loved about that play was how Cavallini was clearly a slower player than Moreno, but you could just tell he was stretching every sinew in his
  7. Good catch! I skipped a match day by mistake. This weekend won't be the dramatic final weekend I thought, that will be the following weekend. Ingolstadt have to play MSV Duisburg on this Saturday. https://us.soccerway.com/teams/germany/fc-ingolstadt-04/5476/matches/
  8. Interesting final matchday in the 3.Liga Ingolstadt are currently level (65pts) with 1860 Munich for the promotion playoff spot, but 1860 have a superior goal difference so they very comfortably hold the tiebreaker (it's like a +20 goal difference). What's intriguing is not only do they play each other on Saturday, but Hansa Rostock, who sit in second, are only on 67 points, meaning their automatic promotion spot will be in jeopardy with anything but a win on Saturday, against the only team in the division already officially relegated. Should they lose and Elva and Ingolstadt wi
  9. Do you share my opinion that Kennedy will probably start against Aruba in an attempt to get him acclimatized in a low risk game? Because to me this seems likely-to-guaranteed. And here's the thing, if Kennedy starts that game, plays well, and trains well at camp, it's not so hard for me to see Herdman rolling him out against Suriname. I definitely wouldn't bet on it, because the other perspective is that playing Kennedy against Aruba allows Herdman to keep Miller or Henry fresh. Speaking of Henry, allow me to answer my own question from a few posts above... Sturing, Cayman Islands
  10. Assuming we play Henry as a LCB, then yes. Not sure that happens though. When was the last time we had a right footer there?
  11. Yeah and that's if we're lucky. Perhaps 2022 will be the year fans are allowed to return, but even then the CPL is going to have even more trouble making up lost revenue if they artificially limit capacity in any way. I know there was a 10 year financial commitment to the league, but 2022 will be year 4/10, so unfortunately we'll be almost the halfway point by then. They won't be able to afford to not open up fully, I am afraid.
  12. The best chance the CPL has is for all provinces to allow butts in seats without any vaccine segregation or testing weirdness, like in Florida and Texas, but there's a snowball's chance in hell of that happening, even in Alberta. Hopefully I am wrong.
  13. Washington state doing something similar: https://www.q13fox.com/news/washington-to-allow-vaccinated-sections-increasing-capacity-at-sports-arenas-and-other-facilities
  14. Yes it is and yes they are, especially New York. I would be surprised if we don't see something like that in at least 1 Canadian province.
  15. I presume this would also apply to NYCFC https://www.wktv.com/content/news/New-York-announces-plans-for-vaccinated-unvaccinated-sections-at-outdoor-venues-574357481.html Cases going to zero and staying there is a fantasy.
  16. Very true. It's no worse than requiring proof of vaccination though, for the same reason. Sectioning off the unvaccinated is equally dumb for obvious reasons.
  17. I don't think it's a given things return to normal once everyone is vaccinated. Once controls are put in place they don't tend to be revoked so easily. 2001 was a long time ago, but to this day we still go through rigerous security checks when entering stadium. Once fans return to stadiums there will probably be some form of vaccine criteria whereby the unvaccinated are segregated into their own section or barred from attending altogether, which is not only "not normal" but also unhelpful to a league like the CPL which is in its infancy and trying to grow its fanbase. If we're lucky
  18. He seemed to be a little more dynamic at Puebla and it seemed like they played on the counter, because several of his goals were break aways against the keeper. I don't think he's scored any goals like that for Vancouver yet.
  19. This feels like splitting hairs between Miller, Cornelius and Kennedy. If we want to defer to national team experience, it should probably be Cornelius spot to lose, but Miller seems to have the inside track at the moment, so it's likely his spot to lose. I wouldn't say he has a firm grip on that LCB spot though, and it wouldn't surprise me whatsoever to see Kennedy come into next camp and come out as first choice. His speed and ability in the air will be assets to the team, plus I haven't seen many instances of him being rash and giving up fouls in dangerous areas, which we saw recently from
  20. Let's remember that Minnesota won't forget what St. Clair did for them last season and let's keep in mind that his success is their success. I expect them to ride Miller now in the short term, but I don't expect them to give up on Dane in the medium and long term. If the team was playing well and it was just St. Clair playing poorly, I would be more concerned, but that's not what happened. The Loons need results now and the best players in the moment will play.
  21. So what I gather here is that Corbeanu needs a loan to Sheffield United....
  22. I really dig this line up. We were discussing in another thread how a Larin-David-Cavallini frontline may not work, but if you drop David back to connect things I see it clicking. The other thing is about Kennedy. Although part of me would prefer Miller or Cornelius, there's enough experience around Scott that I think I would feel comfortable, even in a do-or-die game against Suriname. Alternatively, you could bring him off the bench into that role if the game is going well. Also, he'll almost certainly start against Aruba prior to this. I know that'll basically be a training exerci
  23. If he's cast aside from Rangers I still don't see a move to MLS. I see him riding off into the sunset at Rangers, but if not perhaps some other SPL club that's at least moderately competitive. I wonder if returning to the English Championship or League One would be on the table if he were to leave.
  24. For those interested: Rostov has a transfermarkt value of 47.15M euros Ferencvarosi has a value of 31.25M euros Valerenga meanwhile has a value of 8.10M euros
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