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  1. Speaking of which, what's the deal with Elva?
  2. I want Hutch to be the first Canadian to crack 100 caps!
  3. He hasn't played a part yet in WCQ and never took part in Gold Cup 21, but he still has as many caps as Johnston, a player who's been there every step of the way. So if we can get him going it's pretty significant.
  4. Yup, you nailed it. Players who can play both FB and CB are ideal for LCB or RCB. What makes Johnston interesting is because he never had much (any?) experience at CB previously, but he did play CM in League 1 Ontario and also in NCAA div 1. Shows it's more about the players attributes than prior experience.
  5. I think Herdman likes Johnston at RCB because he can fluidly shift to a FB mid game. I don’t think Henry can do that, but Waterman probably can.
  6. tests seem to be going pretty well....
  7. 2:27 receives the ball on the half turn between the lines, then dribbles past a few players and gets a crack on target from outside the box - very impressive. I think his ability in the middle of the park goes somewhat underrated.
  8. I like the idea of him starring for his hometown, but the money isn't right. Even if he could get close to 6 figures in Halifax, he's better off in Toronto in my opinion. He's getting more chances and doing well with them, why drop down a level if you're Jacob? From a CPL perspective and wanting that league to grow and flourish, yes I would love him to be playing in Halifax and starring in that league, maybe even gaining the attention of a European club (say for example OHL), who could then turn around and loan him back after he fails to break into the team! Wouldn't that be lovely? (sorry I couldn't help myself at the end - in all seriousness though I do see your point)
  9. The left thigh issue started at Gold Cup, didn't it? Didn't he strain it again during the last window?
  10. Just saying I would take the tact of quickly moving on without the history lesson. I appreciate what you are trying to do, but it's more damaging in my opinion. If I were a new poster I would see your post as a negative. Even my own post is verging on the same thing the longer it gets, so I will digress now. Cheers
  11. I was thinking a permanent stadium at that location instead of a temporary one, but yeah I guess if it ain't broke don't fix it.
  12. Halifax deserve a permanant stadium. Fan support last night was incredible.
  13. @Unnamed Trialist you are perputuating everything you denounce in that post. I think you should delete it and move on, just like Kent has.
  14. .....football endzones still on the field, that’s so Chicago to be doing that in 2021.
  15. That clears it up for me. I figured you were just curious in an innocent sort of way, which comes across in your explaination, so thanks. Others may still want you to remove it and it may be a good idea for the peace of the board, but I am fine either way. Cheers
  16. Americans are speculating that Reyna won't recover in time from his injury suffered last window. Dortmund supposedly pushed back his Sept 25 return. More relevant to us is that Bailey came off injured last match. Not sure if it was serious or not, I don't think it was.
  17. I guess in retrospect it reads badly, but I am sure it was innocent enough. Kent is a pretty good poster, give him the benefit of the doubt guys.
  18. I don't see an argument for anyone else right now.
  19. Not sure it says as much as you think. Back in spring Sturing was a new Dutch recruit playing in the 2nd divison and Waterman was coming off his first MLS season where he only played a handful of games. Since then he's gone on to have a very respectable second season with a pretty good MTL side, probably on pace to double his minutes and appearances if he hasn't already. His actual play has improved too, so it's not just minutes. Sturing was called for June but didn't play, so he was just a warm body. He was clubless so it made sense. It made less sense to pluck Waterman away from MTL while he's settling nicely if you're not going to play him like you're not going to play Sturing. That's my read on it. Just based on how things have changed since spring, I would wager that Waterman is closer to another cap than Sturing is right now, but if he's having a very good season in Austria and Waterman is out of action in January it could swing things in Frank's favour.
  20. He's a better player than Sturing in my eyes, that one is easy. I think right now he's playing at a better club in a better league than James, and is playing more often if I am not mistaken. Cornelius is arguably better, but I would call Waterman ahead of him because he can play the RCB spot using his right-foot, which brings balance to the team. It gives us a back up to Johnston, which we desperetly need because I don't trust Henry there. Doniel needs to be the alternative to Vitoria in the middle, that's it.
  21. Getting ahead of Russia would certainly take a lot of blue out of that map and make for a much more powerful visual.
  22. lol at Zimmerman getting caught in the netting at 1:02
  23. I think this is the right call. While I like Fraser and happy he's cemented himself as a utility sub for Columbus, Arfield is a vastly more experienced utility sub at Rangers, a team that's much deeper than the Crew, especially in midfield. No doubt that these national camps have allowed Fraser to grow, but Arfield is a dependable player we can plug into the line up without having to worry about him being overwhelmed. Fraser has done well in his chances, but it's simply not the same. Furthermore, Arfield gives us a more attacking option, and while it may be true that Wotherspoon gives you the same look, I would take having a second player of that profile over Fraser being glued to our bench, at least for the next window.
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