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  1. 100% agree. I would love for Hutchinson to remain in the pool though. If he is up for it, then we should be selecting him, because he is still good enough to get selected. He has a ton of experience and if he is still playing at Besiktas, he is in the conversation. However, as for next match, I would roll out Piette. Really hard not to after a game like that. He is precisely the type of DM we need against a team like the USA. Perhaps Eustaquio will be better suited for other opponents, but for next game Piette is our man, with a choice of Hutchinson or Eustaquio next in line.
  2. No friendlies in November! We need a single-minded focus on winning in Orlando. We don't need any distractions. No what-ifs. Just need to be on a mission to get that W at all costs. All or nothing mindset is required! Win lose or draw, we can game plan for possible friendlies afterwards, depending on where the chips fall, but not before.
  3. I am use to watching Bradley for TFC, but watching him as the opponent last night gave me perspective on what he is good at. Everytime we allowed Bradley time and space, he was able to pick his head up and play some long, dangerous passes. It made me nervous to be honest and I can now better appreciate how MLS opponents must feel about that threat. In the international game he no longer has the legs to get around the park and break up plays like Piette did last night. However in MLS, where the speed of play is a few notches lower than what we saw last night, Bradley can and will get that space to hit those passes. That alone is worth keeping him around if you are TFC. Definitely not on a DP contract, but Bradley is definitely worth tam in my opinion. I know, you never said he wasn't worth keeping around, but I took it as such, since you were critical of one of the few things Bradley still does well
  4. If anyone should make room for Fraser it is Marky Delgado, not Bradley. Yes Liam can play as a 6, but he doesn't have to. TFC should consider moving Delgado for assets, since his value is high enough to get a decent return. The best case for Liam, TFC and (probably) Bradley is to resign the TFC captain to a TAM contract and ship out Delgado (possibly for some TAM) and give Fraser some of Delgado's minutes. When the time comes that Bradley is done, Liam can become the dedicated 6 and Osorio should still be around as the 8, with Pozuelo as the 10. Lose Delgado and gain a DP spot.
  5. I may actually be more nervous about Mckennie than Pulisic. The latter is obviously the key attacker, but he really didn't impress against Cuba.
  6. I guess you meant Miller? Point taken, our backline is "bad" compared to theirs. Let's see how their backline does tonight. Miazga is a Champo, Ream is a Champo+, and I have never been impressed by Long. Gonzalez is a rich man's Vitoria, but none of the yanks fancy him to start. Yedlin is good, but Lima/Lovitz are no better than Laryea. More experienced at full back yes, but one could argue he's been the same calibar of player as those two all season.
  7. Yeah, I believe you are correct. Breaking the press would leave our defenders isolated against them in space. Vitoria's lack of pace could be an issue in such a situation, but Adekugbe, Miller, Layrea and Cornelius are all fast enough to deal with that, I hope. Again, maybe I am just being a homer, but when I look at our backline options I don't see a terrible defense. Weaker than our midfield and forwards? Absolutely. Terrible? Not really. Richie Layrea has been good at right back for TFC, Cornelius has made some mistakes for Vancouver, but he was also voted in the Group Stage Gold Cup team, plus he has never made any fatal errors for Canada. Cornelius nor Layrea belong in the "terrible" category IMO. Vitoria definitely has weaknesses, but he is also in good form, and Adekugbe is more-or-less an everyday starter in Norway who has done alright with Canada. Miller has done alright with Canada too, and was one of the better rookies in MLS. I bring this up as Andrew Gosse called our defense terrible at one point during that podcast, did he not?
  8. I think the Americans may be sleeping on Arfield. They rarely seem to mention him, but looking at Scott's resume and where he's played, you'd think their fans and media would circle him as a potential threat. Listening to the total soccer show on youtube right now and to their credit they identified Arfield, but admitted they never knew he existed until they looked him up. Once they did their research, they came to the conclusion that Arfield is a player to be wary of due to his long, passing, short passing and ability to play thru balls.
  9. If we play Honduras and beat them in the semi final, they would lose points also. They can't take points from Martinique either. Is there a chance we catch Honduras (friendlies aside)? Also, anyone know the tie-breaker if teams are tied for FIFA points (ridiculous, but possible nonetheless)?
  10. Matt Doyle and co. are on ETR saying that it would be unwise for Canada to press the USA. His comment was (I am paraphrasing) that Mexico pressed us and it hurt us, but Canada are not Mexico. Is he saying that Mexico press particularly well and there's no evidence our press would be as effective? I guess you guys can decide, but either way that lot seem to think the US will play through our press with ease. I think they are overeating themselves. They also repeatedly say they expect the US to win the possession battle, or say that Canada won't have most of the ball, as if this was some forgone conclusion. Perhaps I am being a homer, but when I look at both teams there is nothing to suggest we cannot match them in posession. Whether we do is another thing, but if they are expecting to out-posess us 70/30, on the road away from home, they are dreaming. Mckennie, Bradley, Roldan, Lleget, Yueill, Trapp...whoever they go with is not going to pass circles around Arfield, Kaye, Osorio or Piette. They may win the possession battle because of how they want to play, but I can see us winning the ball in key areas (Piette & Kaye esp) and putting them under pressure, leading to a lot of frantic moments, which should hopefully scramble their offensive patterns. This won't be the same as parking the bus against Mexico, but their media seems to think we are going to sit back and hit them on the counter. No, I think we are going to play an open game against them and try to play them off the park. We have the players to do it, if everyone has a good game. If our lads aren't focused and dialed in, the Americans can hurt us just as easily. I think it's going to come down to who wants it more, especially in the midfield.
  11. Maybe it is just me, but I don't recall Cuba being this bad against us...
  12. Last night I stumbled upon a Nations League A review show and the moment I tuned in was the moment the panel was doing an analysis of the Cuba matches and teeing up the USA match next week I cannot overrstate how happy, thankful and appreciative I am to just stumble upon such a thing. One Soccer is basically Canadian soccer porn... After the review show was over, I then was able to find the Puebla-Toluca replay and fast forward to the second half to watch Cavallini. That's right, I was able to watch a Canadian NT player's club match on replay. This is truly a golden era! If you are not subscribed to One Soccer you are missing out.
  13. He left when he was 7 and yet he still wants to play for Canada, even being gone for so many years.... If anything that makes him more Canadian!
  14. I have heard Vancouverites described in this way, for what it's worth.
  15. I am excited to see if De Jong can fight his way back into the NT picture. However, the CPL season is drawing to a close, which works against him for the November window. I really hope De Jong can give us another year or two. He was good for the Whitecaps last year and great at the GC in 2017.
  16. This does not surprise me. I have always gotten the impression that the English are quicker to turn on their NT than most other countries. I don't know why that is. Perhaps it comes down to the popularity and money in the EPL, combined with the lack of success for the England NT. Consider the big 4 leagues and the success of each national team: La Liga - Spain NT won WC in 2010 (sandwiched between 2 Euro wins) Bundesliga - German NT won the WC in 2014 Serie A - Italian NT won the WC in 2006 EPL - England NT won the WC in 1966...
  17. Panama and Curacao play today in a friendly, I believe. Both teams are vying with Canada for the Hex. What are the implications regarding FIFA points?
  18. Good for us. Bad for the USA and the marketers. Altidore must be gutted.
  19. Thanks for that breakdown, I haven't watched him with Portugal U21 or with Chaves, so I really appreciate that analysis from someone more familiar with him. That is very encouraging to read. Can you speculate as to what you think his chances are at Cruz Azul and how you think an ACL injury will affect him, given what type of player he is? We know for example that wide players who rely on pace are more negatively affected than central or defensive midfielders. Is that the case here?
  20. I haven't even seen him on the Cruz Azul bench. Even before his injury he wasn't guaranteed anything, coming from a low-table Portugese side. Furthermore, the Portugese manager who brought him in is now gone. I too am guilty of pegging him as a proper Liga MX player, but it remains to be seen just how good he is. Yotun, formerly of malmo and Orlando City, is a starting centre midfielder for Cruz Azul right now. He is a good player, underrated even, but Eustaquio is going to have a real fight to win a spot from him. If he does, we know we have added a real quality midfielder to our pool.
  21. I think Hoilett can evolve into a no. 10. He has good vision, close control, high soccer IQ, etc.
  22. To bring it back to Millar, I would say that in his situation a loan is far better. Perhaps he would have made his competitve Liverpool debut with the other youngsters in that cup game, but playing time would otherwise be hard to come by. He is getting great minutes now at Kilmarnock, an above average SPL club. He could have a few more goal contributions, but I think it's only a matter of time before that happens. Funny, speaking of Liam I heard today on one soccer this that some people are suggesting Tristen Borges should perhaps have his spot in this camp, as Millar is not filling the net at a level only "slightly" above the CPL. This is obviously way off, as much as I like the CPL and as much as our league has surpassed expectations. All 3 analysts on the panel said as much - they were in agreement that SPL is a few levels above the Canadian Premier League and thus they supported Liam being in the team ahead of Borges.
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