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  1. Yeah, that's what I was thinking too.
  2. Courtinho's first Bayern training session from yesterday was uploaded on Youtube. Davies was notably absent.
  3. Agreed. It should definitely be the winner of the longer season. That said, I kinda like the two-legged format. Leaves a little more room for error. A little more drama. I just want to see the qualification change. You win the spring and the fall? You are champion. Anyone know how they handle it in Liga MX if a team wins the Apatura and Clausura?
  4. The thing I like about Davies at LB is that if we are chasing the game, we can withdraw a tiring Hoilett, push Davies upfield, and bring on someone like Miller to lock down the LB spot. I think we'll see a more defensively cognizant Davies in the fall. He'll improve with more reps ar Bayern.
  5. Not sure about Cordova yet, we have to call him first to see what he's made of, but this is probably our best team in the formation we are most likely to play. Sorry @BrennanFan, but I don't think we'll see David in the CAM spot. I would like to see it, personally, but so far there's no indication we're going to line up like that, unfortunately. Hoilett is with two "t"s, btw
  6. The thing is, if he forms a habit of scoring off the bench for Cardiff, perhaps he can do so for Canada. He doesn't have to start every game off the bench for us, but if we can bring on a dependable creator and proven goal scorer that would be great, wouldn't it? Meanwhile, it would alleviate the log jam in the wide forward area if someone is willing to come on from the bench. As time goes on, that'll increasingly be Junior, not David or Davies. Unless of course Davies plays LB...
  7. Can't remember if I said it in this thread or another, but I'll say it again: he should join Arfield at Rangers when his contract expires. He'll get to remain in Britian and will rack up a bunch of SPL goals, but with the added benefit of playing in European competition, something he's yet to experience thus far in his career.
  8. Guys, it was clearly my comment that motivated him.😎
  9. Very astute observation. I think their end game is to merge with Liga MX. Whether that's in the form of the leagues cup or an official merger remains to be seen. Either way, MLS is probably in a bubble dependent on expansion fees propping it up.
  10. Not a rule per se, but they need to change the criteria for qualifying for the Championship. If you win the spring and fall, you should be CPL champion. Plain and simple. Cavalry have nothing to play for at this point. It's a real shame and I am definitely not paying as much attention to the CPL as I would have otherwise. Really hope the change that for next season.
  11. Starting from the bench again? Not a good trend...
  12. Stupid MLS rules. Why is everything so convoluted in this league?
  13. Replaced with Cabrera who was just fired in Houston. I wonder how this affects Ballou?
  14. Funny enough, Ranjitsingh is not a player I care too much about. If we can cap him too, that'd be great, but I would much rather cap Telfer if I had to choose. First of all, he is a keeper and keepers can literally only play 1 position. True we have less depth at goalkeeper than winger, but Telfer can also play fullback and possibly (though unlikely) inside as well. Therefore, Telfer has much more potential impact to Canada than Ranjitsingh, who at best may find himself as the 3rd string Canadian keeper. Even if he got that far the impact of a 3rd string keeper is very small compared to an outfield player, generally speaking. Secondly, I see Telfer getting more T&T caps, which means more of a chance to face us and being an offensive player there's more of a chance he can score on us or making a play to impact the game and make it difficult for us. That is more likely than Ranjitsingh actually playing in a game against us and shutting us out with all the attacking weapons we have.
  15. The article makes it sound like Canada has reached out to him, which I would find surprisingly. I would be happy if that was the case. I never knew his TFC contract expires this year. Looks like he has more than one tough decision on the horizon.
  16. The percentage of domestic to international players in MLS is close to 50%. Of those domestic players, I am sure the majority of them are not starters. So you can say the development of US players is well below it's potential, and with 28 clubs, that potential is vast. Contrast that with the CPL, where the percentage of domestic players is closer to 80 or 90%. Much better for development. Furthermore, with a CPL team getting a concacaf league spot every season, young canadians are going to end up playing more in concacaf than Americans. Perhaps not in terms of absolute numbers, but we'll be more efficient when it comes to giving our players concacaf games. I think our young players may become better equipped for concacaf as a result.
  17. I would like to see a couple players get an opportunity, perhaps even earn a cap. However, we shouldn't go full-on experimental mode, in my humble opinion. We need to win both games and cream Cuba. If we can rack up the goals and split with the US, they'll be under pressure to match it when they play Cuba.
  18. The annoying thing is that we could have capped him last year and his call would have been based on merit at that time. He was deserving in the opinion of myself and others. Now we may lose him to Trinidad, which is probably the team where Telfer can have a longer international career, but it is a direct rival. Guyana is not really in the same class, so Welshman and Roberts joining them shouldn't come back to bite us. On the other hand, Telfer makes the T&T squad more dangerous. Say what you want about Telfer's consistency, he is capable of popping up with a moment of brilliance. Such moments can define world cup qualifying campaigns. And it's not just about keeping him out of the hands of T&T - I genuinely believe we could use him. He may never earn 30, 40 or 50 caps for Canada, but should we need to plug a gap, he's there waiting in the wings. His athleticism is evident and could be useful and perhaps it is under appreciated. He's a left-footed player too, which are harder to come by. And he's got a good left foot, the guy can play. He is not just an athlete. Anyways, should he not wish to wait, that is totally cool. It's his career. We just shouldn't brush it off in my opinion. It should be considered a missed opportunity. Not the end of the world, mind you, but a missed opportunity nonetheless.
  19. I like how the clubs at this level are almost exclusively domestic. Every win is a testament to Canadian players and the Canadian system.
  20. Goal by larin in the 48th minute to make it 2-0 Edit: spoke too soon. Goal given to Bernahino
  21. Larin scored!! Edit: sorry guys, I think it is being given to Bernahino, but it looks like he got the assist.
  22. Yeah I think Davies is going to see minutes at LM and RM along with LB. There will be a lot of games and all will be needed. The way pre-season has went, I will be surprised if Davies doesn't exceed 20 games this season. His athleticism is world class and we can see how the other facets of his game are already improving at Bayern. That's why I don't want him loaned out.
  23. It remains to be seen where Hernandez will play. Like Pavard, he can operate at CB or FB. I expect him to see time at both, but we won't know for sure until he earns some minutes (he made the bench last game). Sule, Boetang, Pavard have played at CB, so Hernandez can find a path to the team there, or he can battle Alaba and Davies for LB. Davies himself must battle those two and hope for chances on either wing. Gnabry, Coman, Perisic, occasionally Muller and maybe Courtinho are his competition, though I think he'll play centrally a la James Rodriguez: RB- Kimmich (Pavard) CB - Pavard (Boetang/Martinez) CB - Sule (Hernandez) LB - Alaba (Davies/Hernandez) --------------------- LM - Coman (Perisic/Davies) RM - Gnabry (Muller/Davies) --------------------- DCM - Thiago (Martinez) CM - Goretzka (Sanchez/Kimmich) ACM - Coutinho(Goretzka/Muller/Singh)
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