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  1. Still think I would prefer Cornelius over Henry. I was never a big fan of either but Cornelius has hardly put a foot wrong every time I’ve watched him a Canadian jersey, albeit usually vs very weak competition. But his distribution has been good and I’ve hardly noticed him, which is a very good thing as a CB. Henry on the other hand scares the sh*t outta me with his recklessness. Always feels like he’s one play away from changing the makeup of the game. Not a huge fan of the switch.
  2. I'm in the camp of seeing him at a club like Hoffenheim, Schalke, Bayer Leverkusen, etc. A team where he is guaranteed (almost anyways) minutes and has a chance to play Champions League football. Impressing at a club like that which is a very real outcome can see him make the next step to a legit top club in world football. But I do agree with others that being bought by a team like Bayern isn't impossible. While I do mainly follow the Premiership in Europe, I'd prefer to see him in the Bundesliga. Not only for the level and style of play but the idea of getting see Davies vs David is just a fantastic thought. Followed this team for 66% of my life (22 years) and can safely say this is the most exciting time to be a Canadian football supporter. It's been a long time coming but the actual joy (sometimes feels so irrational) I get from watching one of our guys do well has been worth all suffering, annoyance, heartbreak, apathy, and everything else that has come along with being a Canadian football supporter for all these years.
  3. Disagree. It was a great build-up by Frankfurt and there was a wicked deflection straight to the Frankfurt player at the backpost. I wouldn't call that losing your man.
  4. Ok apparently the higher the grade, the worse the performance haha, oops. Some Bayern fans not happy with Bild ratings Davies 5 (6 is the worst grade). Seems like whoever gave the ratings didn’t watch the match, just looked at the game sheet and saw the OG. https://mobile.twitter.com/iMiaSanMia/status/1189310582949928960 Discuss here.
  5. Watched the entire Bayern match and Davies hardly put a foot wrong all match, of course the OG was very unfortunate and his positioning could have been a bit better but these things happen in football. The commentators thought it was very unlucky, and was a very difficult ball to defend. Bayern as a whole were quite dreadful all night. Gnarby had a stinker until the last 15 minutes, Boteng with a lot of mis-passes out of the back, Perišić struggled and Coman was inefficient for the most part. Mueller came on as a sub and was totally out of sync with his teammates. But this is what makes these guys world class, Gnarby and Mueller both had their big moments and were clinical. Davies was rated highest on the team, along with Perišić (questionable) according to Bild. He had some very positive moments going forward in the first half and was great to see him rebound after the OG as you could see who was stunned and upset. These are the learning experiences that’ll help him develop into a true professional at the highest level.
  6. Watched the entire match closely and thought he had a strong game. He made a couple of early errors but gained confidence as the match went on. Thought his first touch was good, and opened his body up well to execute accurate passes which aren’t as easy as they look. People seem to forget that he’s playing for Bayern in the Bundesligs and not in the MLS. Tactics and structure are completely different so as I’m sure we’d love to see him gallop down the field taking people on, that’d likely be the quickest way he can find himself planted on the bench. He is also playing with many demanding players (who happen to be some of the best on the planet) who demand the ball, accurately, quickly and often. His time will come. He is 18 years old playing for a giant of world football beside some of the best players to have ever played. Think about that. I expect to see massive things from Alphonso. Let’s sit patiently and watch.
  7. Really enjoyed Vitoria presences back there. He has to keep his place.
  8. Incredible. We knew it could be done but there was always doubt. Amazing. Let’s enjoy this!
  9. Just a feeling but I think he’ll maximize the money he can earn in his upcoming years and play for another Championship side (or a comparable league). If he gets a big offer from TFC or something then it’s a different story.
  10. Great run from him the second half to set up Berahino who should have done better. And then sadly missed an absolute sitter. Looked fit and confident from the highlights though. Can only imagine he starts banging in some goals soon.
  11. Sounds like he’s heading on the right path. And we are here supporting him every step of the way!
  12. Been following CPL by watching all the OneSoccer game highlights but admittedly haven’t watched a full match (seen a couple second half’s here and there type of thing). Out of curiosity from the guys who have followed very closely, what’s an All CPL Starting 11 look like? What about a All- Canadian CPL Starting 11 look like? Know enough about the guys who have really stood like Borges, Campbell, Pasquotti, Camargo, etc Apologies in advance if this has been talked about which I’m sure it has but too lazy rummage through the thread
  13. If he’s going to continually be playing at the highest level out of all our CBs, then of course, no-brainer to have him in the mix. We need as much help as we can get back there.
  14. Loving his trajectory. With the head he has on his shoulders, the sky’s the limit.
  15. And does anyone know what the reason why these boys aren’t playing for Canada is?
  16. Sounds like he impressed!
  17. Incredible matches. Very happy for the performance the CPL teams put in. Hoping for some upsets in the 2nd leg.
  18. I agree with this and figured this would be the big issue with this format. 😕
  19. *ignorant North American sports fan* So what does Calvary play for now?
  20. Was at the game tonight. Definitely played well, had a lot of positive touches, drove the touchline and put in some dangerous balls. Def lots to improve upon but great to see overall and lots to be excited about. Fraser also impressed me. Loads of composure, demanded the ball, and succeeded with a lot of high risk passes. Looked well beyond his years and I liked how he made an assertive gesture towards Pozuelo at one point demanding Poz to give him a better option.
  21. I really do think Oso's TFC experience playing in the CCL was absolutely invaluable. To go down to Mexico, play in hostile atmospheres, being the underdog and to shine/outperform the "better" opposition, that's something that has clearly given him confidence and an undeniable swagger. To rise above the old-adage and prove that it is possible; I'm sure he has lots to share with his new and younger Canadian teammates.
  22. Just all the years of cheering for a Canadian team that couldn’t score, even against weak opposition. Feels. good.
  23. Feel like this is spot on. I am a fan of Piette, I like his football IQ and I feel like he is a solid member of our National Team. But he plays an integral position where you have a lot of important touches and you need a lot of trust in a player playing as the #6. I still feel like he’s a little shaky with his decision-making and the thought of him playing against a pressing team like Mexican frightened me. My gut tells me that Kaye is the better choice at this very moment (behind Atiba).
  24. I would imagine Borjan gets to decide whether he would like to start or not.
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