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  1. Cyle had an ok performance in the Beşiktaş v Dortmund match. He started off well, playing with high tempo (Beşiktaş started off really nicely). He looked somewhat dangerous at times but fizzled out after Dortmund scored their first and then second. Looking forward to seeing what he can do against Sporting and Ajax.
  2. Watching Dortmund v Beşiktaş Atiba covered a load of ground and I thought got better as the game progressed. He did indeed have a few sloppy and careless passes (especially in the first half), but as did many Beşiktaş players. Felt he really grew into the match though and demanded the ball. He also found himself quite high up the pitch alongside Batshuayi on many occasions. Once made a magnificent run and took down a difficult ball, only to lose his footing a bit as the defender recovered. Unbelievable that he’s doing this at 38 years young.
  3. I ultimately think it’s wishful thinking that the US crash and burn. I believe they are too deep with too much talent this window. I’m under the impression we would gladly want Mexico to run away with everything (this is obvious and obviously not against our squad) and that US gets results as well. All we need is the 3rd spot and their success means good things for Canada (as long as we take care of our business, which I hope and believe we will). And the final thought is, I get that we all love seeing US fall flat on their face in many things because of their overconfidence and overhype in essentially everything they do (I think a lot of their players are overhyped and are bought by big clubs because of the marketability of being American). With that said, when it comes to football in this region, I’d prefer the US to have success in comparison to any of the Central American countries. Like basically everyone else on this board, I cannot stand the theatrics and the bullshit. The integrity of the game is ruined with how these countries approach the game IMO. Also, it’s debatable but the Americans having success creates positive ripple effects on Canada’s long term success (growth and popularity of MLS, etc).
  4. Laughed to myself in “USMNT Earns Road Point in ES” at 3:36, McKennie only one I can spot not wearing a mask. (Not here for a mask debate just found it too perfect)
  5. Don’t know if these were posted but always find this stuff fascinating. Wish we had more behind the scenes stuff for our squad (but perhaps best not to regarding competitive advantage) BEHIND THE CREST: USA SOCCER
  6. Brilliant. Now let’s hope Jamaica somehow manages to level and keep it that way.
  7. I have been very critical about his decision making. And I believe deservedly so. But credit where credit is due and he played a very solid game vs the US. Hoping for more powerful performances from him in the future. We will definitely need them if we want to see our boys in Qatar.
  8. Lots of Canadian content in there. Only shows fence-sitters, the rest of the world and inspiring players that putting on a Canadian shirt can get you places.
  9. nolbertos has been a member since 2006. I am sure he is allowed an opinion, especially in the heat of the moment (and I am Team Herman).
  10. Only caught a portion of the match but looked high energy. Appeared like a good level for him.
  11. Currently in Northern Cyprus which is a Turkish Republic (only recognized by Turkey). Was so great to randomly switch on the Turkish television last night and see Gala vs Hatayspor and Adekugbe feature. Canadian players are spreading across Europe like wildfire.
  12. “Debatable penalty”. It was clear and obvious. I was mainly kidding and should have added a “haha” so you didnt feel the need to be facetious. I made the username in 2003 when I was 17. Silly teenager fanboying Ronaldo. I get it, we do not have depth back there so I will see Henry whether I like it or not. In my opinion, the negatives (the consistent poor decision-making that we have seen throughout the years) outweigh the positives.
  13. Absolute masochistic behaviour preferring Henry as a starter. You’ve been a Canadian football fan for too long, perhaps.
  14. Had the highest rating on his team according to WhoScored at 7.2
  15. Keep in mind, JDG is probably more likely to pick guys he’s friendlier with, like Henry and Hoilett (still think ideally Junior comes on as an impact sub). Arfield not mentioned is probably insider information and as most of us are assuming means Scotty ain’t coming back.
  16. Attended my first CPL match tonight (was out of country in the inaugural season). Was pleasantly surprised with the atmosphere, decent turnout for the match. Reminded me a little of the early TFC days.
  17. Felt like a loan to the Championship may have been a stretch and was wishful thinking. He’s still very young and League One will be competitive enough for him. Prove what you got at this level and Championship football/Premiership appearances will follow.
  18. These look great. I’ve been a major proponent of Kennedy ever since the qualifiers (played very well, very clean, strong, intelligent) but Miller really did have some fantastic performances against tough opposition. I still think I go with Kennedy but Miller is right there competing for that spot. Great problem to have. We finally have quality depth and not just some warm bodies waiting to fill in.
  19. What a surprise Ali has been to the program. Absolutely love what he brings in a defensive role (not convinced when he’s playing higher up on the pitch but that can develop). The tenacity he brings, his decision making, and his overall attitude is on point. RCB is high spot to lose.
  20. After a phenomenal tournament we did see he’s human last night with some misplays but that doesn’t take away the tenacity and heart he brought. Lots of clever tactical fouls etc. He’s the kind of guy I want on the back of my Canadian national team jersey.
  21. I’ve completely bought-in as Max as our #1. I know many on this board were giving it a shout for a while and I was a bit ignorant to believe that Borjan was our clear #1. But after his display this tournament (good shot stopping, good with his feet, leader, etc) I’m very confident in him. That’s what the Gold Cup can do.
  22. My gut tells me he isn’t coming back. They are big on culture and brotherhood in that locker room. I feel like the Hoilett tweet speaks volumes.
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