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  1. Arfield turns 32 in less than 2 months. The clock is certainly ticking
  2. Jonathan David is trending on twitter. No shortage of mainstream Canadian sports fans downright confused. Asking questions like "what is Gent and Lille?" and "what sport is this?"
  3. There's seemingly no way back now with the signing of Leroy Sane. If he wants to escape the backline he'll need to leave Bayern
  4. The Portuguese manager that brought him to Mexico just took a job in Saudi Arabia. Hopefully he doesn't try to sign him again.
  5. Barca and PSG both made late offers but it was already too late https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/how-english-football-missed-out-on-alphonso-davies-the-bundesligas-breakout-star-vrr953702
  6. In a clear attempt by CONCACAF to prove to El Salvador that the confederation isn't totally beholden to rigging it all for Canada, it would appear they have ordered their social media intern at gunpoint to troll us all on twitter.
  7. "The Importance of JDG3" thread incoming
  8. While all the players tribune articles are ghost written, I do find it particularly annoying how this writer clearly edits out all of the pesky stuff about playing for Canada that might annoy American readers and inserts a transparently bogus line about "North America" being his home followed by an Audi plug.
  9. There's a possibility that Trinidad may be suspended from FIFA for government interference. This could eliminate them from WCQ. http://www.insideworldfootball.com/2020/07/30/comment-world-cup-will-trinidad-left-playing-tobago/ It is important to note this FIFA rule on government interference is only ever applied to small countries or those with no power in the world. If this suspension happens then I presume Antigua would take their place as the last seeded team and potentially face El Salvador, although El Salvador will still find a way to complain.
  10. Good old Gol TV. Always enjoyed those awkward daily training ground shows where the hosts were scraping for anything to talk about.
  11. I've been looking around today to see the reaction from each country and El Salvador is the only one that's angry. Even the salvadoran news site El Grafico gathered reaction from all the other central american countries plus Curacao and they were all very happy with the changes. Even the Americans and Mexicans are happy with it. Everyone's happy but one. To conclude, lots of teams hated the old format and only one team hates the new format. Progress!
  12. Plus a bonus playoff spot for the host confederation.
  13. If we have to play behind closed doors, it will be interesting to see how everyone on this board will go about the "my city deserves home games because" arguments without slinging mud over crowd support.
  14. The Onesoccer pundits and hosts are all saying on twitter that they have all the games
  15. This is only partially accurate. There is a guaranteed 6 with a possibility of 2 more through a playoff. This is in official FIFA documentation. Vic could've clarified a little better when he spoke so I'm not surprised they're taking it the wrong way. He was clearly trying to say we need to raise the level of all teams if we're going to get the maximum number of CONCACAF teams qualified which is indeed 8.
  16. No idea but Duane Rollins said he heard some of the viewership numbers for CPL games were "disturbing".
  17. People are already complaining on twitter about WCQ being on OneSoccer. If Canada makes the Octagon and gets close to the World Cup this could be the springboard for Onesoccer to actually get some decent subscriber numbers. It may even force TSN to awkwardly acknowledge the CPL and Onesoccer's mere existence
  18. I don't want to get into the nuances of said "points system" but it excessively rewarded them for racking up 5 wins against League B minnows with the maximum allowable ranking multiplier. They got 6-8 points each for beating minnows while Canada, Panama, and Curacao were heavily punished for losses to the US, Mexico, and Costa Rica.
  19. Define "screwed over". It's akin to having a load of money mysteriously show up in your bank account and then you get a tap on the shoulder telling you that you have to give it back. They've done nothing to deserve a direct place in the hex and were given a ridiculously undeserved advantage. Now they're asked to actually earn it against the weakest possible opponent (Trinidad).
  20. El Salvador is pissed. They sent an open letter to Vic complaining that they deserve to go straight to the octagonal. Cry me a f***ing river. You lost to the Dominicans and Bermuda before needing an offside winner to beat Montserrat at home. https://www.elgrafico.com/futbol/FESFUT-pide-a-CONCACAF-reconsiderar-formato-de-eliminatoria-20200727-0006.html
  21. Perfect. Our two home games will be against the two best teams.
  22. Vic says teams will be free to play with fans as long as it is permitted by their local authorities. He calls it a "domestic decision". Says they have contingencies in place if Covid strikes in the fall.
  23. The crazy thing is they'll play 4 octagonal matches in June and then hold a Gold Cup in July. That'll be a youth tournament
  24. It is home and away. The press release lays out the match days.
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