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  1. Here is Herdman's full response on Akinola. Starts at the 7:20 mark with a question from Neil Davidson
  2. I'm getting skeptical of the March window. These travel restrictions don't look to be ending anytime soon. I'm even more certain the Gold Cup will be delayed a year. There is no way CONCACAF would hold it without full stadiums. They need the money
  3. I admire that he's now kissing the badge after most of his goals for a club that was trying to get rid of him for so long
  4. Completely agree with this. I think a better way to understand it is to look at English born players who are making career sacrifices for far less glamorous Caribbean sides than Jamaica. At least with Jamaica there's a shot at the World Cup and some glory. But look at the guys playing Championship level football in England willing to sacrifice and play for Montserrat, St Kitts and various other sides with no real shot at doing anything. Nobody would do that unless it meant something in their heart to them and their families. Ultimately, I think it's a good thing for football in CONCA
  5. Call me tinfoil hat but that was some "suspicious" defending
  6. The part I find most interesting is that this is a total reversal from that "One CONCACAF" mission that Vic came in to the presidency with. The idea of "One CONCACAF" was there would no longer be a Central American faction and a Caribbean faction in both a competitive and political context. The proposed format is even more similar to the pre-2008 CONCACAF Champions Cup where there were club championships for Central America and the Caribbean feeding into the Champions Cup knockout stages.
  7. The national team games are what was publicly disclosed in the press but they were fixing CCL games as well. The most infamous national team game was this game from the 2011 Gold Cup. Unlike Declan Hill's book, this book is a memoir of convicted match fixer Wilson Raj Perumal that came out 6 years ago. He was part of the fixing syndicate of Dan Tan operating out of Singapore. He went around the world fixing games at the Olympics, AFCON, world cup qualifiers, and even the infamous fake national team match involving a Sierra Leone team of hired mercenaries. He details how he fixed
  8. Rumours that Mexican clubs will return to Libertadores https://www.mediotiempo.com/futbol/copa-libertadores/mexico-vuelta-copa-libertadores-plan-regreso
  9. It might be more interesting if they go down the route UEFA is considering where instead of "groups", they put everyone in a single table and draw for fixtures. It would work like the Nations League qualifiers from 2018. I did like the ambition of the group stage when it was first started in 2008 but in practice it was a disaster. This doesn't get publicized much but the early years of the CCL group stage resembled the old CSL with the level of match fixing going on. There were so many dead rubbers and mismatches that it got out of control quickly. El Salvador were the worst culprits a
  10. Who would wear the away kit in the FIFA club world cup final between Atletico Madrid and Atletico Ottawa?😂
  11. I hear you. My feelings are all about the bigger picture of CCL. I really want this competition to grow and become something much bigger. That can't happen without a variety of winners.
  12. @dalglish07 The one player who didn't go along with the Merlion Cup fix was Paul James. He wrote a book 8 years ago with a large section on that scandal. However, it's hard to trust everything he says. He's been addicted to crack cocaine for decades and it was mentioned on this board that he is now homeless. On that NIagara CSL game, Vice published a story on it back in 2015 that's a must read https://www.vice.com/en/article/nzxwzb/soccer-match-fixing-has-infiltrated-canada
  13. Is it just me or do a number of the forge players look like they've gained weight? I wouldn't blame them living in hotels for a few months.
  14. The travel schedule for January and March is insane!
  15. This was my big takeaway. It puts the TSN relationship in a new light. If the end game is really to sell all of their rights back to a network like TSN for an inflated price then TSN's seemingly malicious refusal to acknowledge the CPL's existence can be understood through the lens of hostile negotiation.
  16. Listen to this to understand Mediapro's "strategy". I fear this could end in tears here in Canada
  17. But he's already my favourite rapper for this line: I released a teaser clip and mispronounced the Greek word 'squad' and ended up saying 'p*nis'. I was trying to say my 'squad goes hard!' But it has turned into a serious, quality song."
  18. There's a deep dive in the Financial Times on Mediapro's rather aggressive tactics in France. Turns out they're owned by a Private Equity group from China. They're using dubious covid legal protections to prevent Ligue 1 from being able to hold them to the terms of the contract. This has forced Ligue 1 to go through mediation where Mediapro is making the case that the value of the rights are impaired regardless of whether the games have returned because the lack of fans hurts the product. Sounds more like buyer's remorse after overpaying. Ligue 1 describes Mediapro as "Pirates" Also
  19. The Whitecaps seeing a 180M valuation and looking at their sell-on clause
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