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  1. I still think Davies should play higher up. Our best front 4 are Davies, Larin, David and Buchanan, all legitimate scoring threats. Liam less so, although his workrate and maturity on the ball does add balance to the squad. When healthy and in game shape, Laryea is a starter for me at LB. He brings something extra and we saw a glimpse of his old self against France. I think we have enough quality with Laryea or Adekugbe at LB to push Davies forward and sit Millar, but perhaps with those 2 coming off injuries we stick with Liam for the time being.
  2. Chilean Gary Medel (Sevilla, Inter, Besiktas) is 5'7.
  3. And here I thought irrelevant arguing was the point of this forum.
  4. For whatever reason, he definitely looks and seems older than he did much earlier in his career.
  5. Realistically he's the best coach we could afford, and we needed help to afford him. We gotta live with that. Looking forward to seeing what he can do. 2 goals and 1 point at the Copa would be an achievement for Marsch in my books.
  6. Millar is undoubtedly a better player overall, but Shaff seems to have that clutch magic in him. The maritime messi is his name, his mullet is his shame.
  7. Will be a good test for James. Kaye starting for NE as well.
  8. Randy Samuel was technically a more well rounded CB. Vitoria, given he anchored us to a world cup, I'd put second all time, above deVos and McKenna. Those 2 built their reputations on being passionate vocal leaders and captains, but they both had their limitations and Vitoria is/was simply better on the ball and in the air than they were. Jakovic, Edgar, Menezes, Watson would be third tier for us - and they'd all be starters for us today easily.
  9. Cav is a starter on his team and has 2 goals in 8 matches so far this year, he's in form, or at least where we'd expect him to be form wise. Ugbo is getting hot tho, let's hope he keeps this up.
  10. Thierry Henry individually embraced every Canada player after Belgium's World Cup win (sportbible.com) I'd take TH over Biello.
  11. Millar will see more time with the CanMNT in the absence of Hoilett. He'll get his fair share of starts this summer depending on what formation we use.
  12. Good for him. I think his reputation as a CMNT level player took a hit not so much because of his poor play, but because he opted to see out his contract in Denmark and cash in when he could, as opposed to move to a club where he'd see more of the field. I think that's where his falling out with Herdman stemmed from, but that's just speculation. He's only 30 years old. Doing well for Alajuelense puts him right back into contention for starting CB spot. Plenty of players at that club have done well at the international level. We specifically need a right footed CB like him.
  13. Early post of the year candidate.
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