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  1. Hold on a second. Is red card Totera?
  2. Zero creativity. All too predictable in every attack. Sinclair, Schmidt, Zadorsky, Beckie, Fleming totally pedestrian. Underwhelming to say the least. H-M poor, predictable substitutions. I did not see any special players out there today. I expected more. They knew how to neutralize us.
  3. 4 years ago we played Costa Rica, El Salvador and Jamaica in the group stage. Yes we have improved but let's keep some perspective. The Gold Cup's expansion to 16 has made our road to the knockouts much easier. I like where we are headed but we have not really proven anything yet. Will be interesting to see how we perform in the pressure of a knockout match against an experienced opponent.
  4. You need Hoilett's experience on the wing. Hutchinson takes over for Piette at D Mid. He needs to influence the game from midfield. I trust Henry and Corny at CB. Davies at LB makes sense given our roster. Hoilett - Cavallini - David Oso - Hutch - Arfield Davies - Cornelius - Henry - Godinho Borjan
  5. Besiktas is a tough, tough place to be for your first European contract, especially as a striker. He should have been loaned out from the start. Good luck to Cyle.
  6. Results have not been better. Yet. Let's see how the quarterfinal goes and also how the USA games in the fall go before we judge Herdman one way or the other.
  7. I thought this twitter commentary was notable:
  8. I don't mind resting players against Mex, but if that's what you're gonna do then actually rest your best players. Those 3 subs one after another reeked of amateur hour, Herdman threw his plans out the window to make some sort of unnecessary statement. We can and should continue to rest players against Cuba. A CPL club could beat Cuba. ZBG was a disappointment going forward and defending. MAK is the real deal. Hutch still has speed in those old legs. Overall, this was a meaningless game. Re,member this was a B- Mexico side, with their full line up, they would romp us. Our back line is not good enough at this level and Herdman's poor defense selections are our biggest obstacles in going far in this tournament.
  9. Remember when 'See thee Rise' was our slogan? Ah, the bad old days...
  10. https://www.ojogo.pt/futebol/1a-liga/braga/noticias/interior/braga-desmente-ricardo-ferreira-sempre-teve-total-apoio-e-solidariedade-10994259.html About a week ago, Ferreira gave an interview where he spoke about his future and his "dream of returning to the Portuguese national team". Disappointing. His recovery must be going well because Braga recently made an offer to extend his contract, which he rejected, blaming the club for his injury problems.
  11. He says he'll be ready for September. https://vamoscruzazul.bolavip.com/noticias/En-este-inicio-realice-movimientos-de-campo-no-futbol-nada-mas-estare-para-Septiembre-Stephen-Eustaqui-20190616-0005.html
  12. Godinho really impressed me the few times I saw him play for Hearts this year, so I favour him, but theyre both at (approximately) the same level and I hope they both get time in this gold cup. Cordova is a more polished RB than both of them in my opinion.
  13. As far as Im concerned, these next 2 games are simply prep games for the only real test in this tournament, the quarter final against costa rica. realistically, we were always going to get out of this relatively easy group. anything we do in a possible semi final and beyond is just gravy. The quarter final though, is the first real high pressure test for this group. I would treat tomorrow's game against mexico as an opportunity for our young players to get used to the speed and quality of the game at that level. ----------------------Cavallini Davies-------------Osorio------------David ----------------Kaye----------Piette Morgan--Cornelius--Miller--Godinho --------------------------Borjan I would conserve Henry as much as possible to make sure he is 100% for the quarter final. We also have to reconsider whether we are stronger as a team with Davies at left back. I don't think Kaye or Morgan are strong enough in that position. They will be exploited. Davies is probably our best left back at the moment, certainly on this roster, and David, Hoilett and Millar can get the job done on the wings. Conversely, we also need to face the reality that perhaps Hutchinson is no longer physically able to give us 60-75+ minutes in the midfield against Concacaf's best. Hutchinson is my hero, but Piette and Kaye are faster and stronger and can run for days. Atiba's best role now may be as a substitute to relieve pressure and lock down a lead. We need to start adjusting for a future without Atiba. Hoilett is in a similar situation. I think he is less useful on the right compared to the left, and the left is Davies flank now. I think everyone knows that our attacking trio of the future is Davies---Cavallini---David. My anticipated lineup for the Quarter Final: Hoilett-----------Cavallini-------------David -------------Osorio------------Arfield -------------------------Piette Davies---Cornelius---Henry---Godinho ---------------------Borjan
  14. And behold, a possible solution to the Ottawa CPL mess:
  15. Good list @SpecialK. Real question is can THIS team qualify: -----------------------Bair Reid------------Choiniere------------Zajac -----------Baldisimo----Okello Chung----M.-Giguere---Dunn-----Bayiha ---------------------Pantemis
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