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  1. Yes, halfway neutral ground friendlies are fine, as long as the air travel between cities is less than 5 hours for each team. Halfway between Orlando and Syria (where China is playing in Nov) is Ireland. 8 hour flight. Halfway between Orlando and Hanoi Vietnam (where UAE are playing in Nov) is basically the North Pole (I guess the earth is round after all). A straight line across the pacific ocean gets you close to Hawaii, which is a 10 hour flight.
  2. Rules are broken all the time. FIFA does not usually step in unless an official complaint is filed by a national federation, and it can be any federation affected, not just the teams playing. I went through this last cycle when Bolivia fielded an ineligible player against Peru. It was Chile who ended up making the official complaint to FIFA.
  3. The quickest flight I can find from Panama City to La Paz is 7 hours. Unless Panama charters a plane, the CSA may be in a position to make a complaint to FIFA to challenge the match.
  4. FIFA Regulations regarding the release of players: "Representative teams shall play the two matches within an international window on the territory of the same confederation, with the only exception of inter-continental play-off matches. If at least one of the two matches is a friendly, they can be played in two different confederations only if the distance between the venues does not exceed a total of five flight hours, according to the official schedule of the airline, and two time-zones." (as noted above by @Olympique_de_Marseille) According to this, we cannot play China as they play Syria in the UAE on Nov 14 - the flight time to North America would be over 5 hours. For the same reason, Panama cannot play the UAE. The UAE play in Hanoi on Nov 14, the flight time is more than 5 hours to Panama. EDIT: Olympique, you beat me to it. The rule is what it is. It really limits our options.
  5. Herdman has called Henry his best defender and has said many times Henry is in the leadership group of the team. For better or worse, you gotta think Henry will play. Vitoria plays as the left CB at his club. Henry plays on the right with the 'Caps. It's fine. Cornelius is the most likely to sit.
  6. I get your position, and it's reasonable. A CSA staffer personally told me the CSA was looking for friendlies in November and March. Take it for what it's worth. Who knows what will happen and our track record at finding friendlies is garbage. Still, I just don't see a situation where we are neck and neck with Panama, El Salvador and Curacao, and they all play friendlies in March while we do not. I don't see the CSA being that incompetent. I'm not overly concerned about El Salvador and Panama since they're not in good form and they cant make the CNL finals. On the other hand, Curacao are in my view favourites to beat Costa Rica at home, and if they do, they have everything to play for in June. This thing will go down to the wire. May the soccer Gods have mercy on us all.
  7. A draw is the most likely outcome for us, and we can qualify with a draw. Mexico is +6 right now (3 goals ahead of Honduras), and they have 2 games to play including a home game against Bermuda. That goal differential is going to go through the roof. If we make it to the CNL finals, we can count on playing Honduras. El Salvador is not a good side. They're not going to beat any good team in a friendly. Even if they earn 15 points through friendlies in March and June (which is insane), for a total of 1361 points, we can still catch them. Assume we win 2 reasonably easy friendlies in March. That's 6 points. 1350 total. Beating Honduras in the CNL semi is worth 12 points. 1362 total. Neutral venue against Honduras is totally winnable. AND. Even if we lose to Honduras, we get a second crack at a big 12+ points in the 3rd place game against Costa Rica or Curacao. And remember a loss in the CNL finals does not cost us any points. 2 kicks at the can. Almost too good to be true. Conclusion: A draw against the states is a good result for us and leaves us in a position to qualify.
  8. Yes, but to be precise, De Los Cobos (ELS coach) says he will be asking the El Salvador Federation to schedule 2-3 friendlies against high ranked teams in order to catch us. He says "Canada is doing their work and they're affecting us".
  9. Not sure how I feel about social media statements like this. He's right, of course. Good to know the locker room is fired up.
  10. Good tactics breakdown: https://spielverlagerung.com/2019/10/18/canada-stuns-stagnant-usa/
  11. His team just had a huge 5-2 win against Club America in the Azteca. They are now just 2 points out of the Liguilla (playoffs) with 5 games to go. Lots of pressure on Cruz Azul who made big off season moves and were supposed to challenge for the championship. Not the easiest time to try to break into a lineup while coming off a long term injury. I would not be surprised if doesn't get a real chance to play until the clausura season begins in January.
  12. All of this is true, and it's still not Godinho's fault. I'm sure he gave maximum effort. It's on Herdman's squad selections. Godinho wasn't ready and Herdman put him out there. Error, yes, but we need to step back and look at the big picture. Herdman has put his faith in our youth and that is where our success has come from. He called Millar in on day one. He called David before he was anything. Cornelius, Miller, Laryea - all winners. And it continues with Liam Fraser. When we think about why a team plays like more than the sum of its parts, it comes down to trust. Coach trusting players, players trusting coach and each other. Herdman believes in our young Canadian players. And the players are dying to pay him back and do well for him. It's an amazing thing that is happening here. Even with Godinho's failure, Herdman's trust in the youth has been a huge net gain for the team. And he hasn't given Godinho a pity feel better recall as well. Herdman definitely has a ruthless streak to him that we don't see in his media hits. Not recalling Godinho or ZBG and replacing both immediately. Not calling Akindele despite his goal scoring. Tabla. Manjrekar James. Cyle Larin. Not calling Vitoria when he wasn't playing, even when were short on CBs at the Gold Cup, and then calling him as soon as he's doing well. These are all big decisions. Herdman has definitely taken full control of this team. He is the boss and he has the respect of his players. Comparing Herdman to Berhalter, it's really no comparison. Herdman is still learning and that is almost ridiculous to say at this level. But at least he has proven to be a quick learner and he is correcting his errors as he goes. Let's hope it continues.
  13. Re. a November friendly: St. Kitts, Grenada and Belize all play their second CNL game on sunday the 17th. I wonder if we could convince any of them to play a third game against us two days later on tuesday the 19th. Other than that, if we cant play British Virgin Islands, not playing a friendly at all is a reasonable option in the circumstances.
  14. I have to disagree. We need to be absolutely pragmatic about FIFA points until we make the Hex. If we win in Orlando, we will be in the driver's seat, and depending on our lead we might decide not to play friendlies at all in March. If we tie, we should look for weaker teams and play at home. Nicaragua is a good option. Trinidad is on a decline. If we lose, we will need to risk points playing Mexico, Chile, Czech Rep, anyone in the top 40 willing to play us really. Unfortunately this means we will have no proper friendlies for experimentation at all in 2020. The Hex starts the very next FIFA window, Sept 2020.
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