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  1. Lets just turn our minds to that fateful day in 2012 that shall not be named. Simpson injured. Occean suspended. DeRosario injured. **** happened x 3. Our first choice front 3 were out. If the same **** happened again this cycle, would Telfer be called up? Would he be called upon to play a crucial role in a deciding game? Its possible. In a couple years, he could easily be a goal scoring winger in MLS. Ballou, Millar could be below him. Borges may not develop. Akindele's form may drop, and with a 30+ Hoilett, who knows. We are as deep as we have ever been right now, but we still cannot afford to let Telfer go so easily. I say at least offer him a cap. If he accepts, so be it. We can afford a roster spot for him against Cuba.
  2. So, we could have Davies, David, Millar for the decisive final group stage game, as well as the semi final which determines qualification to Tokyo. We would have to play with a short bench for the first 2 group stage games, but still, it is definitely do-able.
  3. F: Cavallini, David, Hoilett, Akindele, Borges M: Hutchinson, Arfield, Kaye, Piette, Osorio FB: Davies, Adekugbe, Cordova, Laryea, ZBG CB: Henry, James, Cornelius, Miller, Vitoria K: Borjan, Crepeau, Carducci Out from GC Squad: Leutwiler, Morgan, Godinho, Johnson, Tiebert, Okello, Larin, Millar IN: Akindele, Borges, Adekugbe, Cordova, Laryea, James, Vitoria, Carducci
  4. Leading scorer on his team. Tesho has definitely fought for his place and right now, for me, is only behind Cav, David and Hoilett for a place in our front 3 (assuming Davies is a left back).
  5. Instead of pointing out how and why you are wrong, I will just agree with your last paragraph, while inviting you to assume the rest of what you wrote is wrong. I trust this is satisfactory.
  6. I think it's harsh to say Telfer drifts out of games at MLS level, last year the team was a joke and Vanney remains a joke in and of himself. Is Shaff a better winger or is he just fast as F? Tough to say. Bottom line is I don't think we can trust any decisions TFC makes with respect to the local talent pool. Their track record speaks for itself, as you will no doubt agree.
  7. Both leagues are ****. Playing time is what matters and good on Adekugbe for finding a good fit. I still remember the U20s when he got ripped a new one and then went nuts on twitter, then not getting a decent opportunity with the Caps, and still he persevered. That's the mentality we need on the CMNT.
  8. If Davies gets serious minutes at LB with Bayern we would be stupid to not play him there. Similar situation to Stalteri, who went to Bremen as a forward originally. It will sting less because we still do have Hoilett at left wing. And if we are being honest with ourselves, David is and will be the goal scoring star of this team, not Phonzie. Not the end of the world.
  9. Our best keeper since Forrest. By far.
  10. I have no idea why Shaffelburg is starting for Toronto and Telfer is loaned to CPL. Should be the other way around. Telfer is on the same level as Hamilton, AHJ, Edwards, and Petrasso. We are only 2 injuries away from having to rely on players of this caliber. Of course we should cap him but he has strong ties to TnT so I wouldn't be upset if he went with them. He could help them immediately.
  11. With each passing week Kaye makes a stronger claim to be a starter in our midfield.
  12. Thoughts on Laryea: Overall he has been good to very good this year in his role for TFC and has more than earned a call up. I think he has looked better in MLS than ZBG. He's fast, he can beat a man 1 on 1, he has a mindset that looks to get into the box whenever he can, he can cross and he can shoot the ball. However. Most if not all of his bright moments with TFC have been going forward. Ive not seen him have his hands full for 90 minutes against a skilled attacker. With the CMNT, especially against the better teams in qualifying, he's going to be pinned back, mostly defending. This is a guy who needs to be slowly integrated into the program over the next 12-18 months, and not thrown to the wolves this fall. Its no secret we have weak fullbacks. Laryea will be isolated and targeted, just like Godinho was by Haiti. Cordova I think is the sole contender for RB right now, but Laryea has become my pick for the future.
  13. Happy for Tos but I've no idea what MDS is trying to accomplish on a team/ strategy/ style level.
  14. I don't think the upcoming games this year are the time to try new CBs. If we are knocked out of CNL, we will have 2 friendly windows in March and June next year for that. For now, we are stuck with James, Henry, Cornelius and Miller, with Straith and Edgar as veteran options. To be fair, Henry and Cornelius did ok at the Gold Cup. Regardless of playing time, James is one of our best, that's why he's in a European first division. Playing time is important, but when youre as thin as we are, you make compromises. Full back is a different story. Adekugbe, Cordova, Laryea and Morgan all need to be given a chance asap.
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