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  1. https://m.elsalvador.com/deportes/selecciones/fesfut-gestiona-nacionalizacion-de-bryan-gil/660004/2019/ Per this article El Salvador is playing the US on Feb. 1. They want out of the Hex....
  2. Someone noted this on quote from Cornelius on reddit. I thought it was interested: We tried playing a style today which was different from what we did in Toronto, but it felt a bit forced,” said Derek Cornelius, who came on for the injured Doneil Henry in the second half. “I think that’s what played into their hands in the first half. A lot of what we wanted to do, we tried to force it when it wasn’t on and just gave them opportunities from nothing.” https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/11/15/canada-admit-early-usmnt-goal-loss-was-worst-thing-could-have-happened
  3. Plane lands and I immediately search for the results of a Montserrat football game.....
  4. Gents - very sad about the loss, but great to finally meet a lot of you. Until next time!
  5. 5 hours after I post my question I walk by Borjan in the Marriott lobby. Pretty hilarious.
  6. Sorry to keep harping on this but tons of Crepeau in the Canada Soccer build up but no Borjan. Has anyone heard anything about him?
  7. Has there been confirmation everyone has shown up for camp? I haven’t seen a few guys in the Canada Soccer videos (Borjan, etc.), but they may be from early in the week.
  8. I see that the ticket link is now posted on FB in the Voyageurs group. I bought two tickets through this, row R.
  9. Sorry, when Jaime wrote ‘no, this will work’. I thought ‘this’ was the ticketmaster option. Misread it.
  10. So we should just buy from that section on ticketmaster? Section 10 - rows F to K?
  11. Checked view from my seat on that section. Check out that jersey, it’s a sign! https://aviewfrommyseat.com/venue/Exploria+Stadium/138/
  12. Flight is booked! Looking forward to it boys. After a bunch of BMO games over the past 10 years this is my first away game! I imagine we just keep an eye on this thread to see when the Voyageurs ticket section gets released?
  13. Does anyone have the video of Herdman’s post game conference? The one soccer version I saw cuts off after one question.
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