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  1. Can someone actually translate? I missed this follow-up tweet: https://mobile.twitter.com/El_gringoFutbol/status/1218223662601469957
  2. I’m always on pins and needles with this guy. I think he has the attitude that will lead him to once again completely abandon the national team if it ever takes a really bad turn again.
  3. For those who can translate, is this a fair translation? https://mobile.twitter.com/El_gringoFutbol/status/1217942610175778817
  4. 60th minute why don’t we have fresh forwards in? We have 5 subs left to use. there is the confirmation about the training match game tomorrow.
  5. I had the same question the Olympique de Marseille educated me that we couldn’t play an international friendly in the same city that was hosting a major CONCACAF tournament without their approval (to do with galvanizing revenue). Therefore it wasn’t really the choice of Canada Soccer, given they had no idea a friendly was su important at that point (worth getting approval from CONCACAF for).
  6. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/01/13/how-canada-can-reach-hexagonal-concacaf-world-cup-qualifying?amp&__twitter_impression=true Are we sure that the El Salvador vs. Iceland game is a training match? Squizz - who has been as close to the madness we call the CMNT for a number of years is still noting the game as a point of interest. Yes - I’m grasping at straws.
  7. I believe they were talking about not all 3 being streamed, not wins.
  8. Which one of you beauties is the Wikipedia updater? Bassong and Brym now have a nice little international section, which they didn’t have a week ago.
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