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  1. Borjan has said he will retire in the next few years. You don’t think Oso can play the next cycle?
  2. Never had a better chance is not expected to win. Mexico is the 9th ranked best team in the world. A win would still be a significant upset, and it’s possible but being dejected with less than is ignorant.
  3. I’m sure both you and I agree that we are happy that Mexico is the second game this window.
  4. More jersey chasing than bandwagoning. That whole thing was orchestrated yesterday so he could get Davies game jersey.
  5. This is an unpopular opinion? Such an insult to mix ZBG up with Brym! Haha
  6. May not be fair to Crepeau from a saves to allowed goals perspective, but I also value the much taller keeper in Borjan.
  7. I think that people are discounting Zambrano because he has shown his true level of professionalism with his Twitter posts in the 3.5 years post dismissal. He needs to move on.
  8. The only downside is that I spent the first 35 minutes of the game in line to get in after getting there at 6:45. I know I was pre-warned but do better BMO.
  9. I realllly screwed up only coming half an hour before. At the rate this line is going I’ll be in there at halftime.
  10. I’m worried if they put in Brym too early his tireless running towards the ball will gas him too early. As many have been noting, he looked relentless in his press from what we saw in Mexico.....
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