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  1. Random afternoon thought. De Rosario has 22 goals for country, with 7 penalties, therefore 15 net. I think cava only has one from the spot, therefore two away from the Canada record at 13 net. I think this would also make Ricketts the Canada leader of non-penalty goals (I can’t remember him taking any). Potentially spoken about before and apologies for the randomness but thought it was interesting!
  2. Anyone watch the game tonight? I’m curious how he did.
  3. Any initial thoughts as to when they will release the roster? Do we think it will be a few days before the game again, like March, therefore approx. June 1?
  4. Not a good game today. I really wish Cornelius was getting more minutes.
  5. Ahh didn’t even notice, thanks for that. Sorry folks.
  6. Thomas Nef interviews Doneil: https://worldfootballindex.com/2020/07/doneil-henry-canada-centre-back-suwon-bluewings-vancouver-toronto/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  7. I’m surprised the guys on the Northern Futbol keep talking about the need to cap-tie him in relation to the CI game. Unless I’m mistaken, one-time switch means that he plays for Canada.
  8. Not sure I get why he is rated above Cornelius (with the exception of fitness)
  9. It’s wild how little chatter there is about Ayo in reference to TFC recently, barely mentioned with all the talk about TFC injury issues, who is coming back to availability, etc
  10. https://www.tfcrepublic.ca/octavio-zambrano-canmnt-canada-soccer/ Haven’t seen it posted anywhere else yet. Not modest when it comes to players he recruited to the program that’s for sure.
  11. https://www.tsn.ca/canadian-jonathan-david-running-changing-directions-as-he-works-his-way-back-from-ankle-injury-1.1621303
  12. I’m starting to feel he will sit out this whole cycle and focus on his club football and this will heat back up again in 2023.
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