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  1. It’s scary how much this goal reminded me of Hoilett’s goal at the 2017 Gold Cup. Down 2-0, late in the game, screamer from deep, against Andre Blake and the exact same goal celebration (let’s get back and get another). If only this was Tajon’s first goal for the team haha!
  2. I’m concerned that this hasn’t been corrected or confirmed.....
  3. Wasn’t everyone more worried about Guatemala a few days ago? Given one team moves on I think a worse possible draw would involve one other relatively good team. As someone else noted, Suriname and Bermuda will share points, which will be helpful if only one team moves on.
  4. This is the most exciting news since I was biting my nails watching a fanless friendly with our C squad against Iceland in January.... I missed you guys.
  5. Apologies for my ignorance here, does this mean that CONCACAF could simply push everything back? In other words, the June cut-off for the Hex could become September or December?
  6. Did they just mention that Cornelius is heading to the u23 camp on the Whitecaps broadcast? Did I hear that right?
  7. I had the same feeling but it’s also pretty risky for them to not try to accumulate any points in this window.
  8. This is obviously all of our preference but somewhat a no lose both ways for our morale as Canada soccer fans. If El Salvador somehow manages to win both games, including an away at CR, I think there is a strong argument they deserve 6th place at this point (assuming no shocking changes in the June window). That being said, if they get two wins I’d be shocked.
  9. Robert are you the guy from Toronto who was SCREAMING at the TV at Duke when Canada blew the lead against Haiti? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a human being more mad haha.
  10. Someone earlier suggested that this might be a request from T&T in order to not be subject to two home games in a row as a closed door match is more like playing of neutral grounds. I feel like this might make sense. Other potential reason is they are scared if the open up both games that they will split the crowd therefore they will focus on a sellout for the first game before opening up the second.
  11. To the points guys on the board - should we be happy or sad about this? Panama making a real run means they will bring a good squad and be looking for the win away in El Salvador. On the other hand, should we be concerned if they win all four matches?
  12. Exactly - if El Savaldor had any concern that they couldn’t change the match status they would have agreed to allow more than 6 subs with Iceland pre-game, which it’s not clear that they did. I’m not saying they should just try to sneak a seventh sub on the field. ES only used 5 subs.
  13. Not shady - my point is that training matches usually involve both teams agreeing to more than 6 subs (the friendly limit). I’m assume they didn’t allow unlimited subs (completely an assumption on my end), which Iceland and El Salvador would have agreed to pre-game as part of the training match prep.
  14. According to the game long El Salvador used 5 subs and and Iceland 6 subs, under the friendly limit of 6 subs. You think it would have been a smart thing for El Salvador to agree to the use of and use more subs during the game, which would immediately void the game.
  15. Can someone actually translate? I missed this follow-up tweet: https://mobile.twitter.com/El_gringoFutbol/status/1218223662601469957
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