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  1. OK. Analysis in brief. Decent crowd about average so far for 2021 I'd say. As lovely a September after as you could excpect but the sunshine did drive quite a few to the concorse to watch, which was very common in 2019 but not so much this year. Mason making a nusance of himself all match. Ledgerwood's goal. WTF? Carducci doing his job. Maybe saved Cavalry a point on the day. Aleman, who I'm no great fan of for a variety of reasons, props today. Was waaaay more alert and as always willing to take responsibility and got the honours for doing so. Keep it up. Akio an absolute soldier out there today. Did everything he needed to and more and all of it thankless but necessary work. Well done. Shout out to Galhardo and Silva for entirely different reasons but absolutely worth noting. Match could have gone either way today. Draw maybe being the most just result.
  2. We didn't lose. We didn't lose. How shit are you? We didn't lose.
  3. And so awesome to see a packed venue.
  4. What a business. I'd increase our chances of a loss against Mexico in Mexico if it would increase our chances to scoop wins against Jamaica and Panama in October. Like I wrote, what a business.
  5. I'd take the lot and gift them to Valour in a heartbeat. Just need to score on that lotto.
  6. GAWD DAMIT. You're not going to win shit playing only 1 half. That's no great discovery. That "theroy" is as old as Netwton's theroy on gravity, 1687. Try to keep up, lads. Minor cardiac moment with Ricci there. Hoooo boy. Someone explain to me again how Henry is on that team. In truth not really feeling like Gale & Co. put stock into this match. Silva put to work. Certainly pulled his weight tonight. Certainly needed to. Might be exactly the sort of test Forge needed at this point. Bit of work but never any doubt about the outcome if they wanted to put the effort in. Having a hard time seeing a way forward for Gale after this season. To be fair he's been handicapped by Valour's structure but that doesn't change matters.
  7. Oi. Higgins probably not wanting to watch that one in the film session tommorow. No, sir.
  8. Halifax-Montreal next up for the winner of this one, no? Nervy. Nervy about all Valour's matched lately but this one...ug.
  9. Every sports league on this planet were, and are, terrified that the general public has learned to live without them. It's a reasonable concern I'd say. Things were going good for the sports/entertainment industry for a long, long, time. It realy does feel like people have relearned their social priorities, and for some those priorities have become less abstract than the collective experience of sport. Have become closer to home as it were. However.. None of the investing partners in this league expected to make money on this venture any time soon. I'm also very sure they didn't expect a pandemic to pound their other interests either. Big picture, everybody is financialy hurting after COVID. Whether your name is Bob Young, or Winnipeg Football Club, or Atletico Madrid. All the above being said, the league looks like it'll be expanding, and I doubt that's happening because there are sooo many stupid business people out there who have endured the hardships of this pandemic and are just waiting to be taken advantage of. Oh, and the Bombers have drawn over 30K for two of their home fixtures this season already. It might not feel like it just now, DELTA varient be damned, but maybe things may be turning back to normal sooner rather than later. And that has to be good news for the CPL. That and the CMNT lighting it up in WCQing. 😊
  10. His sister lives in Turkey? That's kinda cool.
  11. Yeah, he could have done a graceful pass on the invite, endless number of off-the-shelf polite excuses available for that but he didn't. He came to camp. Honestly don't know if he cares one way or the other if he plays for the USMNT. At this point things may have gone on to grow into a life of their own, gotten away on both parties and we're into what is effectively a pissing match, but it is what it is. He won't be the 1st player to take a holiday from international duty because he thought the boss was a prick who wasn't going anywhere and would just wait out that tenure. And he won't be the last. Speaking academically, and this particular instance may be a bad example but sometimes those "bad apples" are not bad apples at all. They're the "canary in the coal mine" you'd be wise to pay attention to. Spare me the pillary! I wrote this particular case may be bad example of that.
  12. 1 win - 3 draws - 36 losses when trailing at half time. USA international record.
  13. So Jack Warner was booted from CONCACRAP IN 2015 and we're in a 2nd round of World Cup Qualifies with the USA already on the outside looking in. Odd....
  14. Bless you but no, Sargent is a project to my mind but one worth investing in, but I'll give you the Pulisic question. Never got it. Maybe those who've folllowed him more could give you a more educated opinion but honestly, from what I've seen over the last few years I'm not getting it. Can be a great player, but overhyped at this point (its possible to be both those things). Match isn't done yet. See what comes out at the half, USA could use the interruption.
  15. Tight pitch down there, smallish. I have to admit there are a few American players I like and will be sorry to see them abused by this tourney, however, better you than me, pal. It's amazing how so much comes down to the mental side of things at his level. Waaaay to early to panic in the US camp so far as I'm concerned but won't complain about whatever troubles they burden themselves with. And just like that, 1-nil Honduras. Ha ha ha ha.
  16. By the way, props to the Canada supports tonight, AGAIN. Stealing the show you lot are, and all you people who are migrating from you seats into the end stand breaking COVID protocals (you know who you are), God Bless. Allez les Rouges.
  17. I've penciled in 4 points from that window. Seriously think this 5 plus those 4 will get us half way to the finals. Still tough sledding after that but if we can poach 1 more in Mexico...
  18. Have to believe some video is going to CONCACAF. If not someone isn't doing their job at CanadaSoccer HQ. You knew El Salvador's luck was going to run it. I have a hard, hard time believing they don't finished Dead Fu'king Last in this tourney and I'll be shocked if they score goals, (goals?) A GOAL in more than 3-4 matches. An absolute delight to see all those Salvadorians spending money to come up here to see their team lose. Badly. Love it.
  19. This is why the sell beer at football matches. Ug. 😟
  20. Keep the trickery out of it for now, I'd be happy with a body or two obstructing the keeper and a ball in that's worth a damn.
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