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  1. And here I thought it was a funny.
  2. All good. The subject is going to dominate everything footie for a long time going forward. Oh, and there's not a thing ridiculous about supporting the only model of local football you have. It's going nuclear. Certain organizations/owners want a closed league, a private club, they're allowed to spend their money any way they want. Even if that takes them, and their employees, outside of the FIFA family. And that's exactly what will happen. About time. This is going to get fun. The super rich taking advantage of the footballing leagues during the hardships of a pandemi
  3. That was a gooder, nice outside in-curl. Arse defending. Surprised to be sure but...wow.
  4. As much as OneSoccer Today has become part of my after work routine (beer, TV, OneSoccer, shower) I think the twice weekly slotting will be "best practice". The hour time slot is more flexible for adding guests as well.
  5. So well below the EPL median average wage? Any multi year deal, if that becomes a reality, would have to be tempting.
  6. LOL. Besiktas' Benjamin Button. Benji.. OK. That's it. I surrender. I'm jumping on that band wagon. Where's my wallet, I'm buying a kit.
  7. New to me. For those who don't get to the CPL site very often. https://valourfc.canpl.ca/video/the-valour-hour-podcast-episode-one
  8. Yup. That's the one. My bad. For some reason my default Ugly American is always Dempsey (who I quite liked actually). Don't know why? Oh, wait. Thought about if for a second.
  9. LOL. That's a gooder. And so what? Reminds me of Dempsey on The Guz at that one Gold Cup. CONCACRAP will respect the refs judgment and has already forgotten about it. Move on.
  10. Have to be pleased with the result. Pretty hairy at the end there but still got the goods.
  11. Not great, but not terrible either. Have to see how the legs hold up in the heat, and the altitude, in their 1st match of 2021.
  12. Guess he was surprised it got through. Still, harsh miss.
  13. Just wondering who is this Davis fellow?
  14. Exact opposite out here. It's three down craddle to grave. Unless things have changed in the last decade (kids are all grown up) it was three down at all minor levels. NFL very popular out here as well. Don't know anyone who's strictly a CFL fan.
  15. Don't know. Have it in my head a few years ago that CFL TV numbers were driven by the Ontario based viewership, surprisingly. Having 1/3 of all of Canada living in that province will do that even if what they're watching is proportionately less popular than in other regions. Also have no idea how they calculate TV numbers anymore. Way more complicated than it used to be.
  16. I'll play. General thoughts. On the one hand....we've been hearing the CFL business model hasen't worked in Ontario for what now? 40 years? Say this or say that, it's still here and the TV numbers in Ontario are still strong. Guess the dinosaurs must be hanging in there. On the other hand....If the NFL ever grows CLF sized balls and expands into Toronto, and they won't because whoever would do that is going to have to pay every last cent to build a $500,000,000 dollar stadium to do so, that would finally kill the CFL in that city. And while a lot of Toronto won't care about that
  17. And there goes the title. Interesting to see how Lille will respond. Adversity is sometimes a bitter but necessary medicine. Lille did look better for a few spells the other night but could have just as easily dropped the points. The back half on 2021 will be better for David. I promise!
  18. Thought a number of Lille players were at their best today. That it happened collectively on an evening when it needed to is very welcoming. Djalo and Sanches looked sharper than usual, or at least more effective. Have come to expect good things from Soumare and Andre and for sure they delivered in spades. And today Maignan is where he should be. Keeping goal for a title challenger. Solid tests coming up the next few weeks, especially against Lyon of course, so no time to let down their guard. Dropping points with so few matches left could be very, very, costly. Hopefully we're
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