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  1. It also looks like they plan to start the World Cup a week earlier and finish by the turn of the month. The last World Cup didn't finish until July 15th. The 25 day break is a very eurocentric talking point but that is the opposition they have to placate. In practice, I don't see how it can be enforced for other confederations.
  2. Wenger said in other interviews it would only be 6-7 games with groups of 4. Option 1 is they would play all games in one block in October the autumn before the World Cup. Option 2 is the games would be broken up into 2 windows (one in October and one in March). The cycle would repeat the following year for the confederation championships. Nations Leagues would be scrapped. No mention of the intercontinental playoffs but I suspect those would have to be scrapped due to logistics with each confederation having no half-berths. Taking a step back, a lot of the current qualifying procedures across the world are unnecessarily bloated just to fill time in the calendar. Up until the 1980s, qualifying in South America was only 4 games with a playoff. With 48 berths, most confederations can streamline things substantially. CONCACAF would probably resemble something like we saw in the preliminary rounds this year where we went from 30 prelim teams to 3 Octagonal participants in just 6 matches. Confederations have a lot more berths to work with going forward so it's easier to cut down the matches.
  3. The details and schedule are all in the presentation Alexi Lalas linked to
  4. The statement is very carefully worded. Paragraphs 4 and 5 are passive aggressive shots at Ceferin. Vic is basically saying to Ceferin: "I backed you against the super League in support of your interests so show some f*cking gratitude and return the favour and stop being an arrogant isolationist prick looking down your nose on the interests of the rest of the world."
  5. Alexi Lalas was one of the 80 former players in Doha for the consultation. He speaks here about the case FIFA made in their presentations to the players.
  6. CONCACAF just released a statement with some passive aggressive barbs at UEFA. https://www.concacaf.com/news/concacaf-statement-fifa-consultation-regarding-the-international-match-calendar/ Concacaf Statement – FIFA consultation regarding the International Match Calendar Published on 13 Sep 2021 / Updated on 13 Sep 2021 at 19:40 The current men’s FIFA International Match Calendar ends in 2024 and Concacaf has been requested by FIFA to formally take part in its consultation process to help shape a new calendar. Meetings between FIFA officials and the Confederation and, separately, Concacaf Member Associations, will take place in the coming weeks. Our initial analysis is that we recognize the merits of creating entirely new international men’s, women’s, and youth football calendars which are underpinned by fewer international windows, reduced travel for players, friendlies being replaced by meaningful matches, and a more balanced structure for the overall benefit of football development globally. We will continue to look at these proposals constructively, with an open mind, and in the spirit of positive engagement. Concacaf welcomes the fact that FIFA’s Chief of Football Development, Mr. Arsène Wenger, has been transparent in sharing his vision and we are currently studying how the proposed changes would impact football in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. While Concacaf’s immediate focus is on its own region, we also believe in the importance of being part of the global football family and we will listen to the views of football stakeholders in all parts of the world. It was in this spirit that Concacaf was supportive of UEFA and its European football stakeholders when recent threats to their own club competitions structures were explored. Football in all parts of the world should be given an equal opportunity to play a part in the development of what is a FIFA international football calendar. Now is not the time for fearmongering and neither is it right that this process should be dominated by the interests of a few, or that more weight should be given to one particular region over others. We encourage not only our fellow Confederations but also all members of the global football family to come together and work collaboratively to create FIFA calendars and competitions that have benefits for the development of the game in all regions across the world.
  7. The problem is not that he's a USMNT fan. The problem is that they're hiring a USMNT fan. This isn't some high IQ job. Nobody making the hiring decisions cares if their twitter Admin is out there trolling Canadians on twitter.
  8. The twitter admin is Eric Giacometti, a USMNT fan (not even kidding). He tweeted back in the summer from his own account how hard it was to see Akinola switch. He posted this before the game in Nashville last week
  9. TFC lost me when it turned into some fantasy draft collection of washed up USMNT players. Seeing guys like Hercules Gomez and Robbie Findley getting signed while Atiba wanted to come home but was ignored.
  10. Amazing that we will play 19 competitive games this year. Number feels unreal
  11. Looks like we're 51. 2nd biggest mover in the rankings. Just one spot away from automatic UK work permit eligibility. http://www.football-rankings.info/2021/09/fifa-ranking-september-2021-final.html
  12. Honduras keeping the weeds/grass long so the Americans will struggle to pass the ball
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