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  1. For a paywalled service? Zero chance
  2. From what he wrote about the move, he really missed his old job covering TFC. I applaud the guts to try this but I doubt this is going to work. At $50/year, he needs 1K subscribers to make a livable income. I won't be subscribing but I'll keep an eye out if there's something that's a must read and I must pay for. I came to like John as the years passed and he matured/mellowed. Much more so than his early days when he was an insufferable eurosnob who could barely contain his disdain for Canadian soccer even though he was employed to cover it. He just loved it when Canada slipp
  3. He has one year left on his contract in the prime of his career. I can't see him taking the risk of playing out the final year, nor do I see Besiktas want to let him leave for free in 2022. This is a chance for Cyle to get a life changing amount of money.
  4. The Turkish commentator calling Atiba "Benjamin Buttoneh" 😂
  5. It's not so much the 2 years, but the knock-on effect of one of those tournaments happening in the middle of something else that is a higher priority (WCQ). This an unpopular opinion but the 4 year cycle of the World Cup is a relic of the steamship era that nobody dares to step back and ask the question "do we still we need a 4 year gap in 21st century?" With a 48 team World Cup and 24 team Euro there is no longer any need for these marathon qualifying campaigns over multiple years. Things like Nations League, friendlies and unnecessarily long qualifying campaigns are byproducts of t
  6. ESPN's 1/3 ownership of TSN plays a big part in this. They just show everything ESPN has already produced rather than producing anything themselves that's not a guaranteed ratings win. That's why TSN airs so much garbage like mid-major college football, bowling, NCAA hockey, even Korean baseball.
  7. The tweet says they had to be "convinced" of the north to south orientation. Pretty clear that you can't have a keeper staring into a setting sun. The new stands look like a copy from the modular structures Phoenix Rising built
  8. Watson was 36 and only playing because he was Yallop's buddy. He got torched by Carlos Ruiz of Guatemala in the group opener
  9. I'm seeing reports in my feed this morning that MLSE is the driving force on XFL. Reminder that Bill Manning is also president of the Argos, the same guy who moved the TFC youth teams out of Canada into USSDA.
  10. The CONCACAF ranking looks a lot more accurate than the FIFA ranking of CONCACAF teams. Other than Curacao being too low, I have a hard time finding much wrong with it.
  11. That's the official account from the police and CP eye witnesses. But please do enlighten us with the account from the ultra-reliable Chilean press where I'm sure the players did nothing wrong and the police went on an unprovoked malicious attacking spree on a team of athletes at a major sporting event. Totally plausible. Even though they had to be physically restrained from attacking the referee minutes earlier at the end of the game, I'm sure they had calmed down to a very peaceful state and were totally innocent victims.
  12. Attacking the police doesn't tend to end well, even in Toronto.
  13. Ironic that Orlando is both the club Larin left and the club that tossed Laryea in the bin.
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