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  1. Liverpool is out of the Champions League. Atletico beat them. Also out of the FA Cup. Only the league matches left.
  2. The Nations League Finals is not necessarily an obstacle if the first few windows of qualifiers are knockout rounds among the minnows. The format out of Panama had the top 6 entering qualifying after 2 preliminary knockout rounds so the Final 4 participants would be available. Gold Cup qualifying can be played outside of the FIFA window in January if necessary. There's plenty of precedent for this. The defunct UNCAF Championship, which used to be the Gold Cup qualifier for Central America was held every two years in January before the Gold Cup. The final qualifying round for the Copa America Centenario 2016 was also held in January 2016 in single leg ties at a neutral venue. Unlike with World Cup qualifying, CONCACAF can do whatever it wants with its own competitions. It doesn't need FIFA to approve the Gold Cup qualifying format. It only needs agreement from CONCACAF membership so there is more wiggle room.
  3. CONCACAF just gave official confirmation that the old format is 100% dead. The wording is interesting. The reason given is the integrity issue due to the ranking cycle. It does not mention a lack of dates. https://www.concacaf.com/en/article/concacaf-welcomes-update-provided-by-fifa-on-international-match-calendars The challenges presented by postponements to the football calendar, and the incomplete FIFA rankings cycle in our confederation, means our current World Cup Qualifying process has been compromised and will be changed. We will now work with the new framework provided and liaise with FIFA to finalize a new World Cup Qualification format for the Concacaf region. We will also work with our stakeholders to reorganize the Concacaf Road to Gold Cup Qualifiers (originally scheduled for March and June 2020), the Concacaf Nations League Finals (originally scheduled for June 2020) and a range of other suspended competitions. A further update on World Cup Qualifying and other Concacaf men’s international competitions will be provided in the coming weeks. We will also continue to work with FIFA and the other Confederations on the international match calendar process for women’s football to ensure we are well placed to support the return of the international women’s game as soon as possible.
  4. Also note that the June 2022 window was already scheduled for 4 match days instead of 2. This raises the possibility that they could squeeze in 2 more games in June 2022 with the #4 team playing the Intercontinental playoff right afterwards. The Panama journalist claimed the rumoured Octagonal would end in June 2022. This reported calendar change meshes with his reported format The three KO rounds would be Oct 2020, Nov 2020, and Mar 2021. The octagonal would be June 2021 to June 2022 (14 match days) with team #4 playing the Intercontinental immediately after.
  5. FIFA Council is meeting on Thursday. There should be a decision on the FIFA calendar from that.
  6. Of all the things FIFA can easily afford to push back, this is it. The World Cup is in December. Pushing the draw back to the end of June still leaves 5 months before the tournament starts.
  7. Gold Cup is scheduled for July 2021. There are FIFA dates in early June 2021. You can see everything here in the FIFA calendar linked below. You can bet the World Cup draw will be moved back to after June 2022 https://resources.fifa.com/image/upload/international-match-calendar-2018-2024-x4858.pdf?cloudid=s1a1uo8jtuyu23wxuq6j
  8. The reports from Panama are that it's an octagonal ending June 2022. They could use this winter window to weed it down to the 8. Then the Octagonal could take place in March, June, Sep, Oct, Nov, Mar 2022, and June 2022 for all 14 match days (7 windows). The June 2022 window is slated for 4 matches instead of just 2 so you can finish the Octagonal and still squeeze in the intercontinental playoff after in June 2022. Alternatively they could play the intercontinental playoff in the September 2022 window.
  9. This mega window in the winter was first rumoured by the Daily Mail a few months ago. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8312961/England-bonanza-FIFA-planning-radical-overhaul-international-football-calendar.html The journalist from Panama mentioned games being played in January so I think this has legs
  10. I wonder what would have happened if he never went to Mexico. At the end of 2018 he was linked with Sporting, Betis, Man City, and even Barcelona. Then the Portuguese coach at Cruz Azul snagged him and his knee snaps in game 1.
  11. Amazing to think that 4 years ago we had only two games left in our 2018 WCQ campaign.
  12. I doubt it. Seeding only 6 of 16 teams makes no sense for a draw. It will likely be a seeded bracket with the top 6 getting byes to the last KO round.
  13. The guy who broke the story is speaking here in detail about it in the tweet below. In spite of my unbelievable 15 day streak on Duolingo my Spanish proficiency is still about 14 decades away. Any Spanish speakers here care to translate or at least summarize? Much appreciated @xabuep2
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