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  1. The other factor is climate. If a team from the Middle East is involved then June temperatures would make their playoff home game a challenge. Qatar may be possible for a neutral site because several of the new stadiums are retractable roofs with air conditioning.
  2. I've said this before but the most fair way to do the Intercontinental playoff is to have all 4 teams play a neutral site round robin. It will be in June so there is time for 3 matches. Far more fair than a random draw.
  3. I enjoy the fact that a lot of Anglo media call it "the ocho" and Spanish speaking media are calling it "el octagonal"
  4. Please re-read the last sentence I wrote. "If it was only about punishing the federation then I would totally agree with you." You are 100% correct that a crowd ban at the Gold Cup does not hurt the federation. If the WCQ-specific punishment is only about hurting the federation then I agree with absolutely everything you've written in this thread. The issue I have is whether this is supposed to be a punishment for the "fans". The fans are not the federation, nor do they belong to any one promoter or entity. The fans are the people who shouted the abuse at Cowboys Stadium last month
  5. You're ignoring the elephant in the room which is the unique context of the Mexican team's status in the United States as the unofficial home team in every game they play there regardless of whether it is a CONCACAF competition or their own friendly. This is not the same context as a World Cup game in Russia where there's collateral damage to other fans. Their first Gold Cup game will be against one of TnT/Cuba/French Guiana/Montserrat in the exact same stadium where the Iceland game occurred. This will be a 100% Mexican crowd. You said it yourself in your last line about fans being denied
  6. From everything I've read, the meaning is somewhat different in Mexico than other Spanish speaking countries. The best comparison is f@ggot.
  7. Where the chants occur and where the punishment gets applied are connected or at least they should be. The CONCACAF Nations League semis and finals were both marred by the chant and had stoppages due to the chant and these punishments are coming out after those events. Yet it's all a bit too convenient that the events being cited for the punishment are the Olympic qualifiers from months ago and a neutral site friendly (no mention of Nations League). If CONCACAF had to punish them for actions in a CONCACAF competition like Nations League then it would make sense for Mexico to lose their
  8. FIFA's statement says they have another investigation into the chant at the Mexico vs Iceland game in Dallas. If they eventually add further punishment stemming from a neutral site game then the logic will fall apart. https://www.espn.com/soccer/mexico-mex/story/4413264/mexico-sanctioned-by-fifa-for-recurrence-of-fans-anti-gay-chant?platform=amp
  9. There's a conflict of interest because CONCACAF would never make them play Gold Cup matches behind closed doors for obvious reasons.
  10. The US team flies charter to these games so they won't be concerned about airports. I think this will come down to where they have the best home advantage. For that reason I doubt Miami, Houston, and Dallas. More likely Florida location is Orlando. They packed it against Panama last campaign
  11. I'm predicting the US will play us in Austin. Guaranteed packed house with all the MLS expansion hype and the shortest travel for them to and from their away games in Central America before and after. This would also make it a tough ticket with only 20K seats. Hopefully I'm wrong and they choose an NFL stadium
  12. I'm starting to think about away games. Anyone else starting to book time off? Saturday Sept 5 @ USA. Likely in the south because this game is sandwiched between two US games in Central America. Definitely going to this one even if it's a flight. Wednesday Oct 7 @ Mexico. This one might be played outside of the Azteca because they have two consecutive home games. Saturday Oct 10 @ Jamaica. I'll pass on that one Wednesday Jan 27 @ Honduras. Don't have the balls Tuesday Feb 2 @ El Salvador. See above Wednesday Mar 24 @ Costa Rica: Could be the first of a two
  13. I think the Phonzie question still depends on the opponent. Against Mexico we'll be on the back foot so much that it becomes a back 5. I like 3-5-2 against the middle tier teams but not against the best.
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