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  1. I have doubts it's that simple. There's a 4 date FIFA window in June and the Gold Cup takes place afterward in July. The Gold Cup is outside the FIFA window and can only mandate player release due to its status as a Confederation Championship. Think of AFCON that's played in January outside of FIFA dates but player release is still mandated. If the Gold Cup is replaced with more qualifiers, would the same player release rules apply? I'm not certain they would because now you're talking about qualifiers played outside of a FIFA window as opposed to a Confederation Championship with ma
  2. The last card FIFA has to clear calendar space is to move the Intercontinental playoff back to September 2022. That is the last window before the start of the World Cup. That would give CONCACAF 4 more dates in June 2022. Remember, it's not just CONCACAF that is pressed. Asia has no room left to budge either. This March window coming up is a breaking point. Given the rumours of an Olympic cancellation, I won't be surprised if there are more dominoes left to fall in football. Will UEFA be willing to sacrifice ticket revenue this summer and hold the Euro behind closed doors? Or maybe t
  3. Maybe the sarcasm would make sense to you if you listen to the clip. Bircham thought it was hilarious.
  4. Given the background of him being a prankster (the snake story etc.) and the way he tells the story, my theory is that it was probably sent as a prank by other members of the team and got intercepted in the mail by official authorities who took it deadly seriously and acted accordingly. I mean, it's not like Neil Lennon playing for Northern Ireland. Unless there's a militant wing of the Voyageurs that only posts on Parler that we're not aware of.
  5. On the recommendation of @The Real Marc I listened to Marc Bircham tell stories for a few hours on this podcast. On the second episode he claims he got a bullet in the post from some deranged Canada fan (Robert?) and he had to be guarded by armed security around the clock. Has anyone heard this before??? Starts at the 15:45 mark of the second video below. Edit: In case anyone was unclear, the "Robert?" part is sarcasm. You'll see from the clip, Bircham laughs about the whole thing. If the mods are as offended as @Unnamed Trialist then feel free to take it down.
  6. We always complain that athletes don't speak honestly so I find it refreshing that he has the guts to say what's on his mind. However I do agree that a lot of what he said doesn't come off very well. I found his take on Stephen Hart refreshing. He's taken so much abuse for 8-1 but to hear Hume's respect for a guy who was criticised for a lack of pro coaching experience (Donair etc.) is interesting.
  7. They held the Winter Olympics two years apart in 92 and 94 so I don't see why they can't have them in 2022 and 2024. World Cup is in the Winter anyway so it's not like there is a conflict.
  8. Here is Herdman's full response on Akinola. Starts at the 7:20 mark with a question from Neil Davidson
  9. I'm getting skeptical of the March window. These travel restrictions don't look to be ending anytime soon. I'm even more certain the Gold Cup will be delayed a year. There is no way CONCACAF would hold it without full stadiums. They need the money
  10. I admire that he's now kissing the badge after most of his goals for a club that was trying to get rid of him for so long
  11. Completely agree with this. I think a better way to understand it is to look at English born players who are making career sacrifices for far less glamorous Caribbean sides than Jamaica. At least with Jamaica there's a shot at the World Cup and some glory. But look at the guys playing Championship level football in England willing to sacrifice and play for Montserrat, St Kitts and various other sides with no real shot at doing anything. Nobody would do that unless it meant something in their heart to them and their families. Ultimately, I think it's a good thing for football in CONCA
  12. Call me tinfoil hat but that was some "suspicious" defending
  13. The part I find most interesting is that this is a total reversal from that "One CONCACAF" mission that Vic came in to the presidency with. The idea of "One CONCACAF" was there would no longer be a Central American faction and a Caribbean faction in both a competitive and political context. The proposed format is even more similar to the pre-2008 CONCACAF Champions Cup where there were club championships for Central America and the Caribbean feeding into the Champions Cup knockout stages.
  14. The national team games are what was publicly disclosed in the press but they were fixing CCL games as well. The most infamous national team game was this game from the 2011 Gold Cup. Unlike Declan Hill's book, this book is a memoir of convicted match fixer Wilson Raj Perumal that came out 6 years ago. He was part of the fixing syndicate of Dan Tan operating out of Singapore. He went around the world fixing games at the Olympics, AFCON, world cup qualifiers, and even the infamous fake national team match involving a Sierra Leone team of hired mercenaries. He details how he fixed
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