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  1. Because El Salvador is not "arranging" the friendlies. Match promoters are. El Salvador is attractive to these middlemen because they consistently sell 20K tickets in the US.
  2. Richardson Stadium in Kingston Ontario Canada
  3. The relevant part starts at the 5 minute mark and lasts about 10 minutes. Big takeaway is that they were not allowed to combine Nations League with WCQ because the commercial rights were already sold off before Vic was even in office. These rights were were not centralized like UEFA so individual countries were free to sell them way in advance. He also indicates he's not happy with the format and would have preferred to do it differently. It's pretty clear he doesn't have absolute power and must herd some cats at board level.
  4. Montagliani interviewed about the format. https://www.stitcher.com/s?eid=65730363&refid=asa
  5. Jim Brennan told his version of the story on this podcast https://www.stitcher.com/s?eid=64484955&refid=asa
  6. The team to play in March is Jamaica. With their inflated ranking, a win is worth 6 points. Ideally play them twice. We've hosted them before so the CSA can clearly afford them.
  7. Costa Rica lost to Haiti just days before we did
  8. I always enjoy this. For the 90 to 95% of footballers that start to decline in their 30s and are completely finished at 34/35, there are weird exceptions like Hutch and Ryan Giggs. Nobody is denying their individual longevity but it is simply NOT the norm. A 31 year old showing a decline is the norm.
  9. He is 31. Not ancient but for the vast majority of footballers it's the beginning of the end.
  10. Step 1: January camp with MLS/CPL players. If we can even get 3 or 4 games against some minnows with a 5 multiplier that could get us to 1335 heading into March. Step 2: getting 10 points in March. We could get 6 points from Jamaica and nearly 4 points from a Trinidad. Jamaica has an inflated ranking and would likely field a weakened side. That gets us nearly level with El Salvador. Step 3: El Salvador loses in March on their European tour. This could bring them back to the 1340 range. Step 4: If we're approximately level, we may be able to get El Salvador to play in June and decide this on the pitch.
  11. After taking 30 minutes to cool the f#ck down, I've gone straight back to straw clutching and math scenarios. We're not quite as "out of it" as I thought. A win against Jamaica with a 10 multiplier is worth 6 points. Win just two of those and we're three points back. If El Salvador really is playing Iceland in January and travelling to Europe in March then their 1346 is not safe. They'll likely be playing middling opponents in Europe (no giant would play them) so each loss would likely drop them 4 to 5 points. They could be back below 1340 by the end of March. This is not done!!
  12. Video from the Montserrat vs ES game on Saturday. This is what happens when you try to watch the game without wearing the right colours
  13. Montserrat leading so a draw would be bad for both DR and ES
  14. CONMEBOL has their first two rounds of WCQ in March and then they're holding yet another Copa America in June so I doubt any of them will be available.
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