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  1. Precisely what happened at the same stage a year ago when the fans launched a firework on to the pitch and a piece of it hit an opposing player in the face. They received a stadium ban. Incident happens at the 9:38 mark of video
  2. With respect to the geo-blocking, there's a million VPN providers offering free 7 day trials. You can watch all CONCACAF League games for free on the Yahoo sports website as long as you set your VPN country to the United States. Just cancel the VPN trial after the game.
  3. Exactly. Vic kept saying on the record that Nations League would seed WCQ. He clearly didn't know the FIFA rules at the time. That is shameful for a FIFA VP
  4. Steve Goff of the Washington Post said it's likely Florida or New York area.
  5. They've had some close calls over the years. However, it's a totally different ball game when you're seeded. You can make mistakes and get away with it (losing to Guatemala). They finished behind Mexico and Honduras in the last hex just as we finished behind those same two teams in the semi-final round. They likely don't make the hex if they had our draw.
  6. The weirdest part is that Qatar is included even though they're already qualified. That totally skews Group E if their results don't count. India actually has a chance of making the final round
  7. Started to get in the World Cup mood when I realized Qatar is already nearing completion of its stadiums. The first two have fully retractable roofs with air conditioning and one of them happens to look like the world's largest vagina.
  8. That's what they should've done but instead just made up their own ranking called the CONCACAF Ranking Index. We curiously have heard nothing of this since it was used to seed Nations League qualifying. https://www.concacafnationsleague.com/en/article/concacaf-launches-new-ranking-index I have a feeling that Vic's original intent was to have Nations League results seed WCQ because he said it on the record many times. I always found that curious, knowing that the rule about FIFA rankings existed. I suspect he just didn't know at the time and was forced into the change by FIFA. See what Asia has done in comparison. They fuse WCQ and Asian Cup qualifying into one streamlined process seeded using FIFA rankings. CONCACAF should've fused Nations League, Gold Cup qualifying and WCQ into one streamlined competition from the start of the quadrennial using FIFA rankings and then let the teams sort it out over the 4 years.
  9. Nobody disagrees. The problem is FIFA has a rule that only FIFA rankings can be used to seed WCQ.
  10. Yes and no. The fact Infantino wants a neutral site playoff for future tournaments just indicates to me he would be open to it for this one as well. Politically, it would be a smart move. Whichever team draws CONMEBOL will be whining in his ear about fairness but a 4 team group lets the teams sort it out themselves. The only issue would be ensuring the "neutral" venue is actually neutral. I'm picturing Mexico finishing 4th in the hex and then playing a "neutral" site playoff in Houston and the Rose Bowl.
  11. The way FIFA seems to make things up as they go along these days, Infantino may change things up for the Intercontinental playoff. FIFA already announced that the 2026 Intercontinental playoff will be at a neutral site involving all competitors. For 2022, the most fair thing to do would be to delay the World Cup draw (scheduled for April) and get all 4 teams at a neutral site in June. Play 3 games and the top two teams qualify. I also wouldn't mind if it was a 4 team home and away group played over March and June. There are 4 FIFA dates in June of 2022. Would be massive travel but nobody could complain about drawing CONMEBOL.
  12. With respect to the "giving minnows more games" part there is a solution to this. It's called Gold Cup qualifying. Give the minnows an extended campaign in that, a competition they actually have a faint hope of qualifying for. This is how Asia does it and it keeps everyone active throughout the 4 year cycle in spite of them only having one Asian Cup every 4 years. With a Gold Cup every 2 years the possibilities are endless. The lesson is that this whole Nations League was the wrong solution to the problem of minnow inactivity. Now it's eating up all the match days needed for the one thing that truly matters, World Cup Qualifying. To me, it's like the head of the Premier League saying "Well, we have to shorten the Premier League to only 4 months because we need to make room for 6 months of League Cup, preseason tours, and overseas friendlies ($hit that doesn't matter).
  13. According to this it was approved at the 2017 CONCACAF Congress. How the hell did nobody leak this to the press for two whole years??? This is what happens when you have no journalists covering these events.
  14. But it's NOT. Everybody says this when it's not true. There's 26 matchdays between now and November 2021 and most of them are being wasted on the stupid Nations League or being left unused altogether for no f###ing reason. You could double the size of the hex and still have 4 matchdays to spare. If the minnows want more games then give them a marathon Gold Cup qualifying campaign.
  15. Dino Rossi indicating the CSA knew about this for a while.
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