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  1. Yeah, that was seriously rough from T&T I sort of have a soft spot for Guyana due to the Canadians but realistically they're lucky to be here. They were awarded a 3-0 nations league win after Barbados fielded a suspended player in a 2-2 draw. This really should be Montserrat playing tonight.
  2. In spite of the goal I think Honduras is looking superior
  3. Feels like an out of body experience when Curacao is playing El Salvador on TSN2. I'm sure Sportscentre will lead with highlights before getting to minor events like the Raptors parade coverage later tonight.
  4. Interesting watching the Group B games today. Bermuda was surprisingly good. They had a ton of great chances from open play in the first half and took the lead off a corner. Haiti came back in the 2nd to win but Bermuda showed some game today. Costa Rica featuring an ageing squad but they still look good (or maybe Nicaragua stinks)
  5. Sounds like a Garth Brooks concert tore it up on the weekend
  6. The pitch in Denver is being re-laid with a week to go.
  7. To be fair, they had to play 60 minutes with 10 men
  8. On the subject of all the Mexican players skipping the tournament, there is a thinly veiled strike action happening against the Mexican Federation that has been brewing for a while. The players have recently woken up to how much their federation is financially exploiting them. Their players are only paid $2K per game with no win bonus, appearance bonus, or share of image rights. They also spend huge amounts of the international breaks doing unpaid promotional work for the FMF's commercial partners. For a team that generates millions per game filling NFL stadiums for friendlies with tens of millions of TV viewers that is absolutely staggering. Hear more about if from the 39 minute mark of this podcast https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/espn-fc-podcast/e/61461853
  9. This x1000 Share all of his articles on social media wherever you can. The web hits make a big difference on content decisions
  10. Watching the Leafs game right now and seeing LOTS of CPL promotion.
  11. Does anyone else think he needs to slim down a bit?
  12. InsideWorldFootball.com writer Paul Nicholson published several hit pieces on Montagliani in the past but appears to have totally changed his tune. This article has good info on CONCACAF's finances and the possibility of non-FIFA members gaining membership at the next congress. http://www.insideworldfootball.com/2019/03/29/montagliani-returned-new-term-concacaf-finds-happy-place/
  13. Even though Vic was unopposed it's telling that nobody ran against him. I think the Caribbean nations that control the vote clearly see this guy is doing good things for them. Expanding the Gold Cup and creating the Nations League has expanded the horizons of Caribbean football far more than Jack Warner and Jeffrey Webb ever did. Jason Roberts' opening speech last night dwelling on the fact he only got 12 caps for Grenada due to lack of playing opportunities just about sums it up.
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