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  1. Top story on TSN.ca right now That single result may have ended the days of the CSA having to pay these networks to show games. They'll be desperate to get the return game in Orlando
  2. I saw the same reaction when the US struggled with Curacao. They reacted as if these were part time barbers and plumbers from the island. Nobody seemed to be interested in the fact that whole squad was from the Netherlands and played in strong European leagues.
  3. Pitch looks like it was laid 5 minutes ago. Coming up everywhere
  4. "The hate that we have toward the Americans is just natural – even if you don't like soccer." - Piette https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/10/12/samuel-piette-canada-holds-natural-hate-us-mens-national-team I appreciate how much he cares but why on earth would you give the opponent any bulletin board material. This is one of those things you think but don't say to a journalist.
  5. Hondurans going down like it's a school nuclear drill
  6. Makes it highly unlikely Honduras will slip back into the fight for the hex. TnT away was the one realistic banana peel where they could drop big points.
  7. No Lyle Taylor for Montserrat. Sustained knee ligament damage last month. https://www.londonnewsonline.co.uk/exclusive-charlton-striker-lyle-taylor-on-why-montserrat-fa-deserve-no-blame-for-his-knee-injury-his-latest-fundraising-push-for-cancer-research-uk/
  8. I chuckled when Honigstein mentioned what a big step up it is "from Toronto to Bayern". Vancouver fans can add him to the wall of hate next to Duane Trollins
  9. Agree. It needs to be competitive to be taken seriously. 16 teams is a recipe for B squads and apathy.
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