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  1. Milan the hero for red star. What a penalty shootout performance. So happy for him.
  2. Mexico making all these back passes to Ochoa is giving me flashbacks
  3. No way we would have been able to defend like Haïti have done but i’m still shocked Mexico didn’t win 3 or 4-0
  4. I'm going to feel slightly better once Mexico beat Haiti 4-0 , which let's be real would be a shock if it didn't happen. But as of right now i'm still pretty damn annoyed at this team.
  5. I’m going to get absurdly tilted if Costa Rica beat Mexico.
  6. I'm gonna sound salty but Haiti are still absolute ****. We let them win this game.
  7. Can't even beat a team who's best player plays in ligue 2 ffs. watch Costa Rica beat Mexico just to troll us even more now.
  8. Borjan my dude you're an amazing shot stopper but the brain farts are still there.
  9. what should I expect as substitutions? I'm assuming Hutchinson for Piette. Morgan for Godinho maybe? And Cavallini for Larin? I have no idea.
  10. You know, Vic Rauter is still better than all those options so I just deal with it normally.
  11. Anyone know if Luke Wileman will be back to commentate tonights game? Vic Rauter is painful to listen to.
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