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  1. you buy a very big t-shirt and put it over your jacket lol
  2. There’s no scenario imo where the Jamaica match isn’t at BMO
  3. Would be cruel imo to not give it back to Borjan. Crepeau didn't make any saves that I think Borjan wouldn't make. He was there and did his job.
  4. Just saw for Panama- El Salvador that Panama wont be allowed to have fans. Big chance for ES to do us a favour.
  5. Mexico playing USA away right before us with their key players on a yellow card is massive for us. I hope it's a rough game.
  6. Borjan right back in next window? What are you guys thinking?
  7. It’s good we play Honduras in the third match next window.
  8. Panama are legitimately shocking. If we don’t win we don’t deserve Qatar plain and simple.
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