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  1. Need Cuba to pull us a solid and play the best they can in their home game vs USA. Surely they'll know their result can impact USA not finishing first and that should be at least some motivation to them.
  2. After that half I'm much more confident in our ability to go play them away and get a result.
  3. I'm one of Borjans biggest fans but he worries me everytime he touches the ball and his distribution is super poor.
  4. If this is the turn out then then next couple games need to not be in Toronto. Embarassing.
  5. So we need a win today and at least a draw in the US ? Wont be easy but definitely possible! Need Borjan to be on his A game today.
  6. edit : sorry for some reason the thread didn't update at first and didn't see his tweet had already been posted.
  7. Tomori is absolute class. He bosses the defense for Chelsea. Even once Rudiger comes back he's a 100% guaranteed starter imo.
  8. Milan the hero for red star. What a penalty shootout performance. So happy for him.
  9. Mexico making all these back passes to Ochoa is giving me flashbacks
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