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  1. Great goal : https://www.sportal.bg/video.php?video=140517 if this doesn’t work in Canada let me know I’ll try and find a different link.
  2. I live in Bulgaria and follow their team quite closely. I think if we played with both our strongest lineups we would 100% win.
  3. He scored the third goal today in a 3-1 Vratsa win. If you guys want a link to the goal let me know.
  4. Borjan has stepped up to the team whenever called upon I don't think he would reject this chance.
  5. I hope we play a friendly vs Bulgaria. I've been there living her for 4 years and the banter between me and my friends would be great. Also because they are absolutely SHITE at the moment and I'm confident we could beat them. We played them 6 or 7 years ago IIRC and we drew 0-0. Winner keeps Yankov maybe ?
  6. Honduras #2 essentially. Why do I do this to myself. Obviously not quite as devastating but **** this. It’s always one step forward then two steps back.
  7. Anyone got updated number on the amount of tickets sold? I'm trying to check on the website where you buy tickets but it's blocked for me.
  8. We haven't played a good team in a non Friendly or Gold cup away match in over three years. Our home form is amazing but we need to step it up away from home for once.
  9. Anyone have information on tickets sold? The fewer the better
  10. Need Cuba to pull us a solid and play the best they can in their home game vs USA. Surely they'll know their result can impact USA not finishing first and that should be at least some motivation to them.
  11. After that half I'm much more confident in our ability to go play them away and get a result.
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