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  1. Michail Antonio set to declare for Jamaica. That makes them quite a lot scarier.
  2. I've been out of the loop recently but are Suriname a legitimate threat? Looking at their 'recent' call ups list on Wikipedia and damn they are almost all European clubs.
  3. Three subs at half and David not one of them..
  4. Anyone know wbat this controversy involving Borjan in Serbia is about? Something about his kids but I haven’t gotten to google translating the articles yet.
  5. Yankov starts for the U21 edit : my bad guys I actually somehow didn't know they brought him on vs Hungary since I turned it off at 2-0....Well on the bright side he is probably regretting his decision as Bulgaria is almost guaranteed to be falling to group D. Enjoy Faroe Islands away.
  6. Thankfully Dermendzhiev is absolutely clueless and will keep playing useless 30+ year old player over the young talents that are better than them.
  7. He should be starting over Ivanov imo. Ivanov is shit. They will 100% cap him in one of the next few games.
  8. Yankov gets the start in what is Ludogorets most important game of the season.
  9. Welp Borjan guessed wrong every time and his team missed twice.
  10. 18 year old Filip Krustev was called up and even played in Bulgarias last set of matches so the coach will imo definitely think about calling Yankov up next set of fixtures if Yankov is fit.
  11. Red Star about to go to Pens. Hopefully he can repeat his performance vs Copenhagen last year!
  12. Damn I had to dig for this thread to find it lol. Red star into the third round of CL qualifying!
  13. No surprising but still worth mentioning Yankov not selected in the 25 man roster for the Bulgarian national team for their matches vs Ireland and Wales. edit : sorry didn't see the above was already posted I thought they released it today.
  14. They won 4-1 so not winning goal but that’s not really the point of the post 😁
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