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  1. So Patti didn't play at all in pre season and is set to miss the first 2 League matches. Altidore is also out injured but no idea for how long.
  2. Canada wins 2-0. Guatemala up in 2 days.
  3. I'm a little bit sad that the only day with a quadruple-header is Canada Day. 😃 Nice touch to have the final match of the season at the same time. But will it matter?
  4. Chatter on Twitter is 3 team playoffs. Which makes it sound like single table
  5. I don't. I just wanted to highlight that their set up is wack.
  6. York U. probably doesn't have classes on Easter Monday.
  7. Whatever you do, don't copy Belgium.
  8. Cross posting this from the V Cup forum. Sounds like Ottawa will play Masters in a play in game. Winner would face York9 I'm happy they have been added to the tournament. Although I had assumed they would play Blainville.
  9. On the other hand if Ottawa can get by Masters and York9 we will get the Mista returns to BMO Field story line
  10. Kurt Larson tweeted that Ottawa is likely to play Masters in a play-in game. Meaning the rest of the tournament format would stay the same. So I guess the winner would take on York9. I was kind of hoping to get TFC v. York9 but that may be in doubt now if Atletico Ottawa can get their **** together.
  11. I agree. I was hoping that one of the benefits of the CPL would be that our players no longer had to go to these far flung lower divisions. Looks like we aren't there yet.
  12. I don't get that at all. To me when I think of split season, I think of Latin American leagues.
  13. Saw on twitter that the Final for this stupid event is a conflict with the V's Cup finals.
  14. I wonder if York9 will be having Friday home games. The CPL article today mentioned more Friday games this year. TFC has removed their Friday games this season.
  15. If its true they should announce the 2nd match asap.
  16. Probably don't want to play a game in Manitoba before May due to weather. And to give Ottawa more time to sell tickets.
  17. And they still seem to want to slight nearby communities that have supported them from the start.
  18. Looks like TFC plays on the Saturday. So they at least avoided that.
  19. A lot of people don't work that day though. The schools are closed.
  20. I think I like kicking off with a Final re-match. I didn't catch if there was any mention of a split season or different playoff structure.
  21. My argument is that they play more matches and have greater fixture congestion worries. Especially the team that is in the CCL. We can't lie to ourselves that there is not a league hierarchy. We also don't want the better teams pummeling the lower league teams all the time. How many other nations use a coefficient system to seed their domestic Cup? My guess is barely any. Most nations seed based on the previous domestic season, with provisions for teams involved in Continental Cups.
  22. Canada v. Italy would be unbearable in Toronto.
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