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  1. Do people really think we will have friendlies?
  2. Basically 6 decent countries will battle for a quarter World Cup Spot. All so that some Caribbean minnows can be guaranteed 4 matches and so that Mexico and USA done have to take part in the semi round of the old system.
  3. Competitive matches against Belize and Dominica won't move the needle in this country. These are essentially WCQ 'friendlies' God I hate this format.
  4. We are ******. We can't even go back to the previous format because it would already had to have started. This stupid format is locked in now.
  5. Thanks for this. This is my thinking as well. Remember the clue is they seem to have stadiums lined up.
  6. I don't even have Ozzie on ignore but I'm probably going to put all these Don Cherry supporters on there. **** Don Cherry.
  7. Anybody get this to work on Rogers Ignite? I cant some stupid comedy special
  8. They also have a shot at a Champions League spot.
  9. While I agree that they should qualify from MLS I wouldn't want them to stop being in the Voyageurs Cup. As for who would replace Impact if there is a strike? It's CONCACAF, who knows?
  10. People just want MLS's discriminatory rule for Canadians to end. We aren't asking for Canadian players to be gifted roster spots. It's ******** to defend MLS's policy on this.
  11. Again, that's not the CSA's problem. The Voyageurs Cup shouldn't be altered for a joke tournament.
  12. Curacao v Costa Rica is live on One Soccer in about half an hour
  13. This is definitely Paul Bierne's influence on the CPL. Early years TFC used to host post season Meet the Players pub nights. Great to see from CPL clubs.
  14. Yes. All that proves is that soccer is more popular in Canada than it is in the US. Which is one of the good reasons why we should have our own league, and its future should be bright. However the ratings are still pretty pathetic.
  15. Ya, if he can attract better players it may not matter if he sucks as a coach. MLS is more and more becoming a league where teams with high paid offensive players do better than the other teams.
  16. How bad is the New Zealand League when they aren't even repping Oceania in the Club World Cup.
  17. Impact have hired Thierry Henry as coach.
  18. TFC's regular season ratings are still pretty crappy though. And TSN has essentially shunned the Impact. The rarely ever show them.
  19. I blame MLS for that though, based on their contract structure policy
  20. Club is run by a Canadian. Niki Budalic. Ex Toronto Lynx and USL Impact
  21. Are you implying that he s failing upwards lol? I think he was the assistant GM in Orlando
  22. Had to check, they are being run by Canadian Niki Budalic
  23. Miami now has 2 Canadian players. David Norman being the other. Had no idea Ex Toronto Lynx Nik Budalic was running Miami on the soccer side.
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