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  1. Just saw the Thomas goal on the Sportsnet hilight show, right after Whitecaps match hilights
  2. Its gross hot today. I wouldn't bring a kid to a game in that heat
  3. LOL this is why I don't gamble. Attardo pulls one back for Valour
  4. Think Forge might have a chance for biggest win in league history. Currently 3-0 is the score to beat.
  5. Both clubs have a mid-week Voyageur Cup game coming up. Probably would have benefited from playing this match on Saturday.
  6. Match is at 1:30pm MT (3:30pm ET) on One Soccer. Cavalry has won both previous meetings.
  7. Match is at 3pm MT (6pm ET) on One Soccer. The season series is split at a win a piece.
  8. I sort of meant Mainstream media coverage. But that isn't really something the league can control. In the Toronto area York9 are nearly non-existent.
  9. I would add media coverage as well to your last point.
  10. A fee ensures that the owners are serious.
  11. Not really sure where to post this, but there is a rumour out there that USL is planning to kick the MLS reserve teams out of its top flight by 2021. Further proof that the CPL was correct to not accept MLS B teams in.
  12. Wheeldon is more likely to get hired away to a higher league.
  13. Aparicio's goal made the ESPN Sport Centre top 10 last night, and we can't even get highlights on TSN or Sportsnet!
  14. Whitecaps are on a really bad streak right now. Might be the opportune time for a CPL upset in the Cup.
  15. Shot from distance by Aparicio to make it 1-0 for York9 He then takes his jersey off to celebrate to let us all know he wears a man-zere
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