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  1. That's weird. Why would your best stand be on one of the ends?
  2. They play Metz today. Wonder if David can recover by the 25th for the Lyon game
  3. Seriously Rogers doesn't even offer it as part of their basic package anymore.
  4. Perhaps he will be ready for the knock out round after we finish the group.
  5. He isn't. They play a 19 year old England youth keeper. Who often has bad ratings when I check their scores.
  6. They have PSG in Champions League on Wednesday. Assume Davies would start.
  7. David starts with Ikone up top.
  8. Monaco is headed for a win right now and it puts them back in the title race. Especially if the Lille match ends in a tie.
  9. Most likely Haiti. These are the4 teams vying for that last spot.
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