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  1. I sort of predicted this would happen. Probably lessens the chances of Forge hosting any games.
  2. Lille play Celtic today at 155 ET. Should be on DAZN.
  3. Its also due to competitive reasons. Those nations would get trounced by the other 10 South American nations. Plus I think Conmebol likes its 10 team WCQ. Australia plays in Asia and Israel plays in Europe. So its not unheard of for teams to play in a different continent.
  4. Sure. If all the chances land on Morrow.
  5. This game looks like it could be 3-3 when its over
  6. Alajuelense v Cibao has been rescheduled for Nov 4. Its the reason they moved the Forge match time. Verdes dropped out so Arcahaie advance.
  7. Forge's match against Tauro has been moved to 8pm ET. Will be a nice distraction from the shitshow happening down south.
  8. Forge's next match has been moved to 8pm ET. CONCACAF made its ruling on the 2 canceled matches. Too much detail to type on my phone. https://www.concacafleague.com/en/article/update-on-postponed-matches-and-confirmed-schedule-for-round-of-16
  9. These guys are just soccer hipsters. This is the soccer equivalent of buying the CD at the merch table from the opening band that will never make it big.
  10. I've been thinking about his a bit more and once the next round is over they may as well finish the tournament off in one location. Similar to how the UEFA Champions League ended.
  11. Canada might have rapid testing in place by then. We know Air Canada is pushing for that. I also think CONCACAF will eventually switch the later rounds to single knock-out matches too. If you can't have fans what's the point of travelling to play a team twice?
  12. Don't think you will ever see Larson or Platt criticize Bradley or Vanney.
  13. The worst part of Bradley these days is that he is basically a 3rd CB when he plays. And really that is an old tactic that teams don't really use anymore. I'm not sure if that is on Vanney or Bradley though.
  14. Imagine watching TFC get scored on twice by 17 year old kids this season but continue to perpetuate the myth that TFC doesn't play kids because they dont merit the game time.
  15. Good point about the squad rotation. They face Celtic on Thursday in Europe League
  16. Yilmaz just scored a sweet goal to tie it.
  17. Thats another good point. Why does TFC always have so many injuries?
  18. Nice are 5th in the table. They won't be a pushover.
  19. It was kind of half joking. But for me it's an indictment on how bad TFC is at turning prospects into first team players
  20. The LA derby in MLS at 330pm ET today will be broadcast on ABC for those with out TSN
  21. The LA derby in MLS at 330pm ET today will be broadcast on ABC for those with out TSN.
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