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  1. Well using Europe as an example teams do have lower attendance when they relegate. And get less TV money.
  2. The rumours are if the Olympics are canceled they are canceled for good. They won't try again in 2022. Tokyo is hoping to be given the 2032 games without having to bid. One of the big issues the Olympics is facing is that for a lot of sports qualifying has not been completed.
  3. He probably wouldn't even resign with the current management
  4. I heard this rumor earlier but it appears to be picking up steam.
  5. Charlton take on MK Dons today at 2pm ET. Not sure if there are viewing options.
  6. How are their chances not realistic? TFC have a new coach. They will probably have big roster turn over. They will also have not played a competitive match at that point. Hell we are only 2 years removed from TFC being knocked out of the Champions League by a lowly Panamanian side. I just don't understand this mentality. The football mentality of being a billionaire bootlicker essentially.
  7. For the Asian Champions League the Group Stage will be played in a bubble. They haven't said anything about WCQ though
  8. Concacaf could cancel the Gold Cup and use that window if they are desperate. By the way there is already talk of UEFA making contingency plans to host this year's Euro in one country.
  9. Wonder if there will be issues with the England based players coming over.
  10. I like the Australian model for their 2nd Division. Its actually a Regional League and at the end they have a tournament for an overall Champion. Some of those Regional Leagues have Promotion/Relegation too. I think that's the best model for Canada's 2nd tier. I also don't think its a bad thing if CPL is only ever 10 or 12 teams. Some of the best soccer nations in the World have small 1st Divisions. Croatia for example is only a 10 team league.
  11. He'll get lots of practice than. LOL.
  12. The Greek League v. The Danish League is a literal toss-up in terms of which is better. Although historically I would say the Greek league is. Even if you look at the UEFA Club Coefficients Denmark is 13 and Greece is 18. But a year ago Greece was ahead. But even that is skewed because all it takes is one team to make a bit of a run in Europa League and you can shoot up the rankings.
  13. You could probably do the same exercise with even soccer power house nations and have similar results, relatively speaking.
  14. You do realize there's a pandemic right? Think you might be a bit over the top.
  15. Rennes finished 1 spot ahead of Lille last season
  16. Sort of just proves that there is no linear path to making it.
  17. Follow this twitter account. @CanadaMatchDay
  18. I saw that their is a Manic youth club in Montreal now. Would that be a cool name for the CPL club?
  19. I understand why fans are pissed. But it gets me thinking about TFC. A team that has only existing since 2007. I cringe a little when the supporter's sing about their undying loyalty to a football team that is essentially just another brand for a sports conglomerate. A team that often treated its supporter's like shit. These aren't teams that have been around since 1896.
  20. Lille take on Rennes tomorrow at 11am ET. They need a win to keep pace with PSG.
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