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  1. This is a true story: sometimes when my wife can’t fall asleep I tell her how the qualifying system works and how El Salvador are trying to take advantage of how screwed up and dumb it is and she just passes right out.
  2. I came across this the other day regarding the thought that we can only play 2 games per window. Antigua and Barbuda played in the nations league on November 15 (lost to Jamaica), November 18 (beat Aruba) then they played a friendly vs Guatemala November 21st. It looks as though the Guatemala game was outside the window. So if we played 2 friendlies during the official window in March and/or June and then tried to play a game a few days later we would be screwed because everyone would have to go back to their clubs.
  3. Those things happen in sport, plus we beat the USA which we hoped for but nobody honestly expected. That result made up for the bad Haiti game. What we should all be more pissed about is the fact that we soundly beat both French Guiana and Martinique (2 decent teams) in OFFICIAL competition and have nothing to show for it. It’s completely unfair having non fifa members mixed in to tournaments where you’re obligated to play them and in the end it’s a detriment to you.
  4. I believe we have only lost once at BMO. 2-0 versus Peru in 2010.
  5. But that's against 4 teams!!!! ;)
  6. I respectfully disagree. Now is the time to go for it. I’m not saying play Mexico or even the US, but we need to play better teams to pass El Salvador. As it stands now all they have to do is schedule one friendly against a terrible team and get a couple points to keep us at bay. We can’t make up 15 points by just playing minnows in March and June. El Salvador have already shown their hand by changing their friendly to a training match. They want to hide under a rock and hope we didn’t make up enough points come the end of June.
  7. We should play Honduras in March. Two reasons: when we smoke them it will be worth a lot of points. I hate them.
  8. All I have to say is if we finally get to Qatar and trump ***** **** up I’m gonna be pretty pissed off
  9. Ricketts catches Dale Mitchell before the week is out... 😲
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