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  1. I always find it funny, one month a player is in a league like mls, then the moment he gets signed for a top tier team he’s all of a sudden better.
  2. I feel like he’s been waiting for this moment when he made the account 😆
  3. Last night a thought came to me, it was one I also had a few years ago…. Tell me if I’m crazy, but part of me back then was worried about this team getting big, going more mainstream. It brings out all kinds of levels of stupidity.
  4. It also shows the 3 oldest teams are in our group.
  5. I will give you the definition of the word but I will be repeating said word half a dozen times in the definition.
  6. All time wins vs UEFA competition: Austria Belarus Cyprus Faroe Islands Luxembourg Northern Ireland (2) *2-0 victory at commonwealth in 1995. North Macedonia *1-0 victory at varsity in 1998. Switzerland Wales *2-0 victory at varsity in 1986. * all wins were in Europe apart from ones stated.
  7. When we beat Mexico at the 2000 gold cup they were ranked 10th. I think this is the highest ranked team we have ever beat?
  8. Waking up this morning, like I do every June 6th, I took a minute to reflect on what the day means. I don’t know if this game was scheduled for today purposely or it just worked out this way, but playing on the 80th anniversary of D day and knowing what Canada did for Holland in 1945 is really something special for both countries.
  9. He was just added to the roster
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