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  1. I could see Hoilett playing in both wcq and the gold cup due to his lack of playing time, especially if he’s without a club for a little bit.
  2. The venue for the Suriname match should be announced shortly. This is due one month before the game starts as that is what was stated before the March window. My guess is it will be played in Orlando again. Fingers crossed this will be last time we have to play home games in the states.
  3. When I read that mls article the question for me is where would David, Larin and Cavallini rank amongst Dike, Sargent, Zardes, Jozy, etc.
  4. I’m not sure how many people are aware of this link: https://issuu.com/canadasoccer/docs/20191231_canada_records_results/2?ff Every year the CSA updates this document and it has broken down records and information for both the men and women, truly a fantastic source.
  5. I remember mark watson slipping which resulted in Amado Guevara getting a penalty at the death.
  6. As of this point I’ll bet we don’t play in Canada, but I don’t think it would be a single elimination match if Haiti can’t play at home either. The format has already been decided and it’s started.
  7. I really hope Bermuda has a good showing so they are motivated going into their game versus Suriname.
  8. Imagine a June home and home of St Kitts vs Antigua/Montserrat for a spot inside the octagon?!?!?
  9. If montserrat get a result here it *almost* makes up for Canada’s postponement. 😂
  10. The problem is that Suriname already played them. Maybe the solution is to disregard the Suriname - Cayman result and only count games versus Bermuda and Aruba? Assuming Canada and Suriname remain tied before the last match.
  11. I don’t see how they can cancel it, it must be played, hopefully it’s only delayed a couple hours or they can play tomorrow or Tuesday.
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