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  1. To be honest nobody from the league is going to be on the final team at this point, I’ve always liked Petrasso but he’s bounced around from striker to RB to mid in his career where do you put him?
  2. The front 6 has to be Cavallini, David, Hutchinson, Arfield, Hoilett, Davies. Any order, any combo and I don’t care about anyone else, just start with these 6 on the field.
  3. Trinidad are in japan 5 days earlier too
  4. 4 now for me: Costa Rica at bmo in 2007 jamaica at bmo in 2008 Honduras at bmo in 2012 and Dominica at bmo in 2018.
  5. I’m just here waiting for us to announce a pre gold cup friendly. It looks like it won’t happen 😞
  6. Put the hammer down. Our best lineup can have several variations. Insert Larin for Cavallini, switch out a centre back, start Osorio instead of Hutchinson, etc. Several lineups can still be our A squad, that shows our depth. There’s no reason why we can’t draw México. Even if we finish second, there’s no guarantee Costa Rica win their group, Haiti could and we draw them in the quarters. This year will be exciting with the schedule so far, I just want some friendlies in June and I’ll be on cloud 9!
  7. It’s crazy how concacaf made a group of Jamaica, El Salvador, Honduras and curaçao and another with both Nicaragua and Bermuda. But if you think of it the so called group of death has the fewest number of nations league A teams in it versus any other gold cup group.
  8. Yeah that 2000 gold cup victory was a very small blip on the radar because we crashed out of Korea/japan qualifying so quickly.
  9. Quoting a wiki entry is not confirmation.
  10. If you want to predict the future, look at the past. There’s only ever 2 games per window. Either we will play twice in 2 windows or twice in one window and once in the other two.
  11. Alex

    19 Years

    This is the greatest response of all time, thank you.
  12. Remember we called our best vs the Virgin Islands, you bet were calling the best for Cuba.
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