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  1. Big game this Friday! With the full strength roster out I believe this will be one for the ages. What I hope to see: david - Cavallini Davies- Arfield - Hutchinson - Hoilett piette cornelius - Vitoria- cordova borjan With the inclusion of Hutchinson I really hope he can make a push for 90 caps now. David has been on a tear in Belgium in the last couple weeks as we know, and Davies has really been pouring it on in champions league. I can see Millar getting solid minutes after seeing first team action with Liverpool last week. 3-0 will be the final. David with the hat trick. Rob Friend will come on as a late sub. Reports are he’s recovered from his concussion issues and is chomping at the bit to go. Please post your thoughts here. 🤷‍♂️ Sorry, couldn’t help myself
  2. There’s no reason to change anything because nothing has been affected.... yet. We will see if there are June friendlies or not. I suspect maybe a possibility (and this is just me thinking out loud) is that fifa could make up the missed March dates in July. *im just making this up out of nowhere*
  3. I read on Twitter the csa has put the roster release on hold again and will not release it today
  4. Wouldn’t that be a punch to the gut. So many failed attempts at the hex, now this year we don’t have to worry about missing the hex due to legitimate sporting reasons (semi final group of 4) but we miss it because the corona cancelled our friendlies.
  5. I feel as though the over reaction to corona virus has been more dangerous in Canada than the virus itself.
  6. Yes, there is lol https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montréal,_Aude
  7. Are we certain that the 7-35 path will be broken down like this? I’m sure it is and you’re right, I just haven’t seen the evidence.
  8. ^^^ I feel like people lately have forgotten that an in form junior hoilett is still on this team.
  9. Tickets for game 2 are going on sale March 4! According to csa twitter.
  10. I could see the following: david cavallini davies- Arfield- hoilett kaye zbg - Vitoria- waterman - Cordova borjan centrebacks could also be Henry, didic, James, you, me, etc
  11. And here I was immediately thinking Robert was back
  12. The bayern fans insulted the hoffenheim billionaire owner who apparently is very disliked in Germany. The last 10 minutes was the players just kicking the ball amongst themselves. It appears to be a show of solidarity, I just wish the same thing happened for racism.
  13. They are up 6-0 and have made all substitutions, I’m not watching the game but I’m assuming it’s just because they are cruising.
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