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  1. The csa tweeted he now has 20 clean sheets and is 2nd all time. Does anyone have an all time list like we have for caps and goal scorers?
  2. In my opinion it has to be: Davies and Hoilett on the wings, David and Cavallini up front then Arfield and one of Osorio/Kaye/Piette in the middle.
  3. Everyone has been so spoiled lately with all the goal scoring and that was nice to see. We won 1-0 against Cuba who isn’t a terrible team historically. It’s okay. Relax.
  4. Don’t count on El Salvador running the table at 6-0. They only beat st Lucia (the weakest team of the 4) 3-0 at home and it was 1-0 into the 70th minute. I expect Montserrat and Dominican Republic to be tougher tests.
  5. 8.5 years Binky. I’ve been waiting so long for someone to finally ask me how I’m doing. Thank you for that.
  6. Does anyone think that this format got passed and (I assume) accepted by all 35 countries due to the fact that the 7-35 nations don’t have to face anyone in the top 6? What I’m asking is, was the temptation of not playing a top 6 team so great everyone overlooked the fact that you get a 0.5 in 29 shot rather than a 3.5 in 6 shot?
  7. We get it, you’re not a fan of Vic.
  8. I remember the last couple World Cup preliminary draws. They had an actual draw for the intercontinental playoff. It was televised.
  9. They changed the formula. It was simpler before to calculate.
  10. Yes for sure, you’re right. So if we get the Oceania winner or a team like Bahrain in an interconfederation playoff everyone on here will be licking their lips. The 5 and 6th place hex team will be complaining we had the easiest path of all time.
  11. Or how about we go back to the semi final round and play Mexico, Trinidad and panama like in 2000. And lose. or we go there and play Guatemala, Costa Rica and Honduras and lose again. Like in 2004. what about playing jamaica, Mexico and Honduras like in 2008. Ahh we lost again! Maybe we would have better luck in 2012. Cuba, Panama and Honduras. Nope we lost. 2016 was our year right? Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras, I mean we beat them at home! Nope still lost. My point is we lost every semi final round since qualifying for the 98 hex. Sure we might go all the way and lose to Brazil. I’d take that over the last 5 nightmarish early exits I had to witness.
  12. There’s a scenario where we could only have to beat the following teams and make the World Cup: 3 minnows, curaçao, El Salvador, Haiti, Panama, New Zealand. I get the format is weird but that’s a pretty easy path.
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