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  1. Read up on a latest thread about them. Recently it was said their best potential players of Dutch descent are not eligible to play. Ryan Donk is one of those players.
  2. If anyone comes across the highlights post them 😁. It seems like he’s had several shots on goal too
  3. After a quick count of the available match dates between now and June 2022 we seem to be short 2 games. We need to get 20 qualifying games in and we can’t unless the intercontinental playoffs are pushed back until September 2022.
  4. It doesn’t sound as bad if you also said we’ve only played them 12 times since 1996. 3 wins, 8 draws and only 1 loss.
  5. Did he miss the net? Saved by the keeper? What happened?
  6. I looked at a map. The Caribbean islands are more convenient to get to for these nations than most of South America is. Also, the reality is these South American nations play in concacaf. You’re right though the football federations are based on continents. Oh wait, unless you live in Australia or Israel or Azerbaijan or Kazakhstan (which is smack in the middle of Central Asia) you play in a confederation that’s different from the continent your country is in.
  7. I don’t make the rules, but that’s why they are in concacaf. If you look at a map it’s also easier for them to travel to many Caribbean islands than to Chile for example.
  8. Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana are more closely connected to Caribbean culture that’s why they are in concacaf and have been for decades.
  9. I don’t hate the idea of him coming off the bench, that’s how he started at Gent and he really took off immediately.
  10. They have made all 5 subs, is he playing up front?
  11. I’m inclined to think this means there will be a friendly announcement.
  12. Yes, the supporters shield champion get the CCL spot only if they are American. This isn’t new and was determined in 2017 when TFC won. By the way the decision to forgo handing out the supporters shield trophy this year is the most idiotic and asinine thing I have ever heard.
  13. I slightly regretted posting that when I did. You’re right
  14. If nations league didnt didn’t exist we would have played friendlies during this time. I’m ok with never playing one ever again if we have nations league, gold cup and World Cup qualifying fill the schedule with meaningful games.
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