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  1. Honestly, before the pandemic I would have said Atiba. I really thought he may have played in the games leading up to wcq and then the qualifiers, now it has to be Phonzie.
  2. You make an excellent point here that I haven’t thought of.
  3. What concacaf want to do (and will do) is play the 2021 gold cup qualifiers, the 2021 gold cup and the nations league finals. There’s an interview by Gareth wheeler with Vic from several weeks ago where he states explicitly, they are intending on playing all of the above and the hex is scrapped due to integrity, because it didn’t give teams a fair shot at trying to gain fifa points. What I'm saying is I expect a format which will be a maximum of 14 games total. If we have 18 games available to play between now and June 2022, 4 of those dates are taken up by nations league finals and gold cup qualifying, assuming they are played at the same time.
  4. So by my count between now and June 2022 there are 18 available matches. October, November 2020: 4 games March 2021: 2 games June 2021: 4 games September, October, November 2021: 6 games March 2022: 2 games
  5. I think the formation of the nations league was supposed to fix the problem of teams only having 2 competitive games every 4 years.
  6. Sure, he could accept a deal for $1 million and he would be on the squad. But if they feel they are worth more (and will get more) it’s not stupidity now is it?
  7. https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&nv=1&pto=aue&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=auto&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=https://futbolcentroamerica.com/amp/noticias/Concacaf-analiza-eliminatoria-relampago-rumbo-a-Qatar-2022-20200620-0007.html%3F__twitter_impression%3Dtrue&usg=ALkJrhhtY52N7z4TEdFNnGe9neCiJbqyOQ This article is translated to English, it mentions having games at a single site and playing a hex but only playing each team once. This idea contradicts what was said before that 3 groups of 4 wasn’t enough games so take it as you will.
  8. There’s a guy in high school somewhere in the gta all pissed off that he can’t play this summer. That’s the next superstar.
  9. Brogan, crepeau, leutwiler adekugbe, Cornelius, Henry, Vitória, Cordova, zbg, Miller Hutchinson, Eustáquio, Piette, Kaye, Wotherspoon Arfield, Osorio, Hoilett, David, Davies, Cavallini, Larin, Millar
  10. I can’t take you seriously when you leave Hoilett off.
  11. The intercontinental playoff is scheduled for March 2022 though. If the World Cup goes as scheduled they will want to know the teams by then.
  12. Millar also played right back for Canada, albeit against usvi, but he played there. I think maybe against Dominica too. With him and Davies on the wings, Arfield, Hutchinson, Kaye/Eustáquio in the middle then David, Hoilett and Cavallini up top, we just need 2 decent centre backs. Thats a lot of firepower.
  13. The federal government just announced that Vancouver, Edmonton or Toronto can be an NHL hub city and all players and staff will be exempt from the mandatory 14 day quarantine period. Local health authorities have said they will keep everyone separate from the teams. A similar situation can take place for other sports id assume.
  14. I don’t understand how this format will work. If it is in fact correct and there’s a possibility we can play 18 games why aren’t they just keeping the original format but obviously start it later??
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