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  1. We need 57 more people to visit page 97 of “The road to Qatar” thread from June 16th and like @Kyle_The_Hills post. Peggy/Roberto/Robert/neuker, etc said he will never come back under any name if that post gets 100 “blue hearts”
  2. Would it be easier to play in Europe with a European squad?
  3. So they reduced the number of qualification spots from 4 to 3 with the addition of Qatar, I just hope Montserrat doesn’t get screwed again, I could see them finishing fourth! They lost out of the gold cup on goal differential the first time after Barbados had to forfeit a game 3-0.
  4. It’s begs the question as to why concacaf created a format with very little room for error during a pandemic.
  5. On Instagram it’s posted they are in Ibiza
  6. All I want is to see is us inside the octagon 😁 so Davies can “Barcelona” Honduras.
  7. Whoah. That’s considered Europe no? What about Guadeloupe and Martinique??
  8. Let’s look at Germany, France and the UK. I’m assuming the problem here is the Canadian government. Davies, David, Hoilett and Arfield can all come overseas but need to quarantine for 2 weeks in Canada correct? Do they need to do it when they return from to Europe from Canada? The question is if we play our “home game” vs Bermuda in the Caribbean somewhere can we avoid Canada and therefore they don’t need to quarantine at all? Then the Cayman Islands game can be there if they change their stance or at a neutral Caribbean site.
  9. If a vaccine is approved and released in Canada I guarantee they took all the proper precautions to make sure it’s safe. I have faith in our ability as people to figure out how to overcome this adversity. We will figure it out. I also have faith these games will be played, maybe not with fans but there’s many people behind the scenes and too much on the line to have it fail.
  10. Yes, Nicaragua beat Haiti in a gold cup qualifying playoff recently.
  11. When nhl teams arrived in Toronto and Edmonton they did not arrive and quarantine in Canada 2 weeks prior to playing. They had to test negative a certain amount of times before they got here.
  12. Bold strategy on their part.... 😂😉
  13. Good news is that Bermuda and Suriname can take points from each other
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