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  1. I remember the last couple World Cup preliminary draws. They had an actual draw for the intercontinental playoff. It was televised.
  2. They changed the formula. It was simpler before to calculate.
  3. Yes for sure, you’re right. So if we get the Oceania winner or a team like Bahrain in an interconfederation playoff everyone on here will be licking their lips. The 5 and 6th place hex team will be complaining we had the easiest path of all time.
  4. Or how about we go back to the semi final round and play Mexico, Trinidad and panama like in 2000. And lose. or we go there and play Guatemala, Costa Rica and Honduras and lose again. Like in 2004. what about playing jamaica, Mexico and Honduras like in 2008. Ahh we lost again! Maybe we would have better luck in 2012. Cuba, Panama and Honduras. Nope we lost. 2016 was our year right? Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras, I mean we beat them at home! Nope still lost. My point is we lost every semi final round since qualifying for the 98 hex. Sure we might go all the way and lose to Brazil. I’d take that over the last 5 nightmarish early exits I had to witness.
  5. There’s a scenario where we could only have to beat the following teams and make the World Cup: 3 minnows, curaçao, El Salvador, Haiti, Panama, New Zealand. I get the format is weird but that’s a pretty easy path.
  6. Or better yet just make them fifa members
  7. With everything I’ve read over the last few years I can almost guarantee this IS the format. Vic wants more members to play more games and this ensures it (and not be eliminated early). He also wants to cut down the number of qualifying games due to nations league and keep the hex because of the USA- Mexico cash cow games. This accomplishes all of the above. Look at the different formats concacaf has toyed with for u20, etc. This isn’t surprising, everything was pointing to a vastly different format but on the other hand they kept the hex.
  8. We need to avoid South America. If this is the format our qualifying hopes rest on one ping pong ball. That ball is the one that determines whether concacaf plays ofc, afc or conmebol. I say this because I doubt we make the hex top 6.
  9. So there’s a preliminary round to get 29 down to 8. Simultaneously there’s a hex going on. Then those 8 play down to get to 4, then 2, then the winner plays the hex 4th place? Has this turned into concacaf champions league now?
  10. Therefore, because of the tight schedule it’s likely several big teams get a bye to the later stages of qualifying. This can happen and look more legitimate with the invention of nations league justifying the byes.
  11. I take this as “the top six get a bye to the final hexagonal.” With something getting lost in translation. So there’s probably 12 teams in 2 hex’s. We will have some sort of preliminary round before hand. I’ve stated before that there’s not a lot of fifa dates available for wcq. With nations league going until next March (maybe minnows can play then) and the next nations league starting in the fall of 2021 (didn’t concacaf state its every 2 years?) it leaves little room for qualifiers for Qatar.
  12. If you get tsn direct, (I have it) they have the games available to watch afterwards. For example I can still watch Canada vs Cuba on there.
  13. Don’t apologize for the long post, it was a great one! Thank you. I really feel like if we take them seriously we have a great chance of winning. We haven’t played Haiti since 2007 so it’s time haha. Remember this is a team that beat the same Cuba team 2-1 in March at home. So let’s take them seriously but at the same time realize we have a favourable matchup for sure.
  14. Our 12 goals is most all time for us in one gold cup. In 2007 we hit 9, in 5 games.
  15. Sources: Two other Cuban soccer players, Reinaldo Pérez "El Piolo" and Luismel Morris, have defected from the national team of #Cuba who participates in the @GoldCup . After that, there are already four team casualties towards the last match of the tournament
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