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  1. I need some help. I’ve been scouring twitter and found myself reading comments on the USMNT twitter page when all of a sudden I got the urge to bust open my baking cupboard. Can somebody tell me if it takes 90 minutes to bake humble pie in the oven?
  2. https://www.prosoccerusa.com/mls/canada-usmnt-preview-nations-league-john-herdman-interview/ Herdman states Larin was picked for the squad but has genuine personal reasons why he can’t be there. Also, Hutchinson has been in regular contact with Herdman and he hasn’t closed the door on Canada yet but he’s no spring chicken so his minutes have to be managed.
  3. Teibert and Cordova out. Zator and Wotherspoon in. Also, no Hutchinson or Larin. Other than that this is what we want I think!
  4. The best thing is Tim Ream is there. He didn’t look good last game, Aaron long played much better.
  5. It makes you wonder if someone is on the fence on coming or is there a question mark with an injury?
  6. MLS then usl then cpl. For me the gap is much greater between mls and usl versus usl and cpl
  7. Last month it was released exactly 2 weeks before the game. Tomorrow is 2 weeks
  8. I feel like the loss to Haiti wasn’t the worse thing that could have happened. We were getting cocky. Admittedly, prior to the USA game players and staff said it opened their eyes a bit and kept them more focused.
  9. Lol these guys are so full of it. Gomez says nations league is a joke. Then the host chimes in and suggests our guys don’t play anywhere and some aren’t even signed!!! They are pushing Pulisic and his flu like symptoms and lack of desire like crazy. We need to put that humble pie back in the oven and get ready to serve it.
  10. It was one of the worst performances because we simply made them look bad
  11. Only French overseas territories aren’t fifa members for some reason (mostly)
  12. It looks like st kitts picked up a couple English born lower league players. They did something last night we couldn’t do. They went into Belize and won 4-0.
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