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  1. I really just hope we go to Qatar
  2. Admittedly I didn’t watch any of this game but it is funny how El Salvador has looked very beatable while playing Montserrat and other lightweights but then seems to really give Mexico a hard time.
  3. https://issuu.com/canadasoccer/docs/20191231_canada_records_results Every year the csa releases a new document. It has every stat you can imagine.
  4. Our longest winning streak before this tournament was 6.
  5. We don’t play Mexico’s group in the quarter final anyway. We would play Jamaica, Costa Rica, Suriname or Guadeloupe in the quarter final.
  6. This is the event we should all be paying attention to.
  7. The upside of being without the Daves is that the USA can’t claim we are only good because of the Daves if we get a result against them.
  8. For what it’s worth “tactical manager” on YouTube picked us to win the group with the US finishing second. US gets eliminated in the quarter finals and we lose to Mexico in the final after beating Suriname and Curaçao.
  9. It’s a British territory.
  10. I have wondered why French Guiana, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Bonaire, sint and Saint Martin aren’t fifa members also and the only conclusion I can come up with is that they don’t want to be.
  11. Bermuda isn’t an independent country either. Neither is New Caledonia which is also a French overseas department.
  12. Just throwing this out there, looking at the USA roster does anybody agree with the possibility of them not getting out of the group stage. I don’t think it will happen but it’s more possible than any other year.
  13. I don’t think it’s obvious at all. Bermuda could win this for sure.
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