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  1. https://twitter.com/100_Soccer/status/1220508897821319170?s=20 75k + % of sale is what this says but who knows. Really good deal for the Impact if true. Also from what i've seen they are still trying to bring back Sagna which is a little concerning
  2. If they win the second half of the season which is entirely possible they get automatically promoted as well
  3. There are also just more MLS teams that need to fill squads
  4. Yeah even a guy like Juan Cordova who is barely connected to Canada says he feels Canadian and would be proud to represent us and that's a guy who is not very close to the national team. Cavallini is an automatic call and is an important player to this team. It'd be nice if he at least acted like he cared about Canada
  5. Easily the most frustrating part of the game. In the second half especially we had very good consistent possession with good build up only to lead nowhere in the box or a missed opportunity on a cross. Just have a go
  6. Trying to rob them blind if true. That offer had no chance of being accepted
  7. I would love a friendly against Jamaica in Toronto in March. Tougher but not unbeatable, people might show up, and it'll be chilly
  8. It's for the best honestly. Kilmarnock has been playing terrible football with basically every single player behind the ball and hanging on for dear life. They don't score goals because it doesn't seem like their manager wants them to. They had Liam playing in the wide midfield position of a 4-4-2 if i'm not mistaken
  9. Do we think that these games will be available to watch in full afterwards?
  10. Akindele can play wing or centrally but does his damage up the middle
  11. https://twitter.com/BarryAnderson_/status/1211661174116376577?s=20
  12. 1. David 2. Davies 3. Cornelius HMs to Atiba, Cavallini, Arfield, Borjan, Vitoria and Layrea. All the boys really. We had an incredible year despite the setbacks
  13. See this also makes it difficult right? This'll be the third manager he's had in a single year of a loan
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