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  1. It's certainly not a league that promotes player freedom. In comparison to other American leagues it's not out of line but compared to basically every other football league in the world the rules are absolutely ridiculous
  2. Really good pregame talk with Liam. Mentions his struggles with defenders adjusting to his game this season and what he's doing to be better
  3. Diop from what I remember took the starting spot at the end of the season so it makes sense
  4. He just needs to play somewhere. He seems like a good kid but I also refuse to believe that he's gone through multiple teams and multiple coaches and it's only been from misunderstanding his introverted personality and they just didn't get him. He just needs to play and he's only hurting his own career if he doesn't work hard enough to see the field. I don't know him personally and I don't want to infer anything but maybe he needs to meet with sports psychologist and work through some things. The talent is there and that always makes it more disappointing. Look at someone like Bojan of the impact. He dealt with the anxiety and pressure of playing for Barcelona at a young age and being compared with Messi. Refused call ups to Spain because he didn't want to deal with pressure. Moved to many different teams in search of playing time because he felt his talent warranted it only to be pushed out by most. Again I'm no professional and I don't know Ballou but maybe the pressure of being the next big thing, being compared with and given the weight of Drogba and being linked with a bunch of big teams before moving to Barcelona just came at him a little too quick
  5. We also have to consider Chile isn't, to put it lightly, the most stable right now. Especially Santiago. Were not even sure when the league will resume. Who knows how everything will play out down there. If he had opportunities to move i'm sure he will take them considering. I'm sure our boy Juan Cordova is also looking at a move as we know he was considering it previously
  6. I mean Lewandowski is pretty good too. He doesn't discriminate. Bad defence or good defence he will score
  7. Canada probably not. Too much responsibility going forward to worry about defensive assignments as much. As shown in previous examples in the US game and the Haiti game where he's trying to do too many things and ends up succeeding in none of them Doesn't have to worry about offence for Bayern very much at all. Just worry about shutting down the winger, get the ball and distribute. I don't think he'll be a permanent LB for either Canada or Bayern in the end. Bayern has no choice but to play him there and he's been so good that they have no reason to stop.
  8. With the way Cav played last game and if we insist on having a traditional 9 Larin is my choice to start. Cavallini off the bench is a much better option
  9. I understand where you are coming from but we're going into the leagues second season and it has to be sustainable. Personally I don't think there should be a salary cap at all but we can't have clubs bleeding money so early into a new league.
  10. Man MLS rules suck. American sports league rules are almost all ridiculous and needlessly complicated but they mostly make sense because the best players in those sports want to play in those leagues and that's why these silly rules just don't make sense in the MLS
  11. Henry was hurt, Cavallini playing like trash, and Kaye isn't 100%
  12. The entire backline. Also Cavallini hasn't been good enough on or off the ball yet they keep trying to force it to him
  13. If they scored to make it 4-0 it would be way over but I'm not willing to call it. If we don't make changes though it's already over
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