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  1. Yeah I saw Kamal walking towards us and the kid was in front of me so I knew I had no chance 😂 He traded the kid one of the pvc pipe Canada flags for the jersey
  2. Herdman I love you buddy and I know the bench is thin but let's get some fresh legs going. Hope the guy in your earpiece is reading the forum
  3. Well they never said it was easy to win on the road in concacaf. This next half will be one of those make or break halves for both teams
  4. So does Brym start against Mexico? Hope he can put in some good hard runs for 60+ minutes and hope we aren't losing to bring on some big guns for a strong finish maybe?
  5. He rated Cornelius quite highly when he was playing regularly. Started most if not all games we played in 2019 including every gold cup game if i'm remembering correctly. Wouldn't be shocked to see Cornelius getting called more frequently with consistent club play
  6. It just keeps getting worse for Baltimore too. After they won the first game it was just looking a little concerning for the blue jays is all
  7. The way the Blue Jays are playing against the Orioles it feels like we might not have to worry about them
  8. Is it possible the game is earlier so they don't have to directly compete with the leafs? Maybe selfish/wishful thinking on my part but i'd love to see both games if I can be in Toronto
  9. Might be time to switch the entire formation. Bring in midfielders. Davies looks tired, Adekugbe struggling, having trouble in the middle of the park again
  10. So sorry if I missed this but when was the last time we beat the US in the US? I thought I saw it somewhere but I can't remember
  11. Sorry if this has already been asked but is there VAR for this game and for qualifying in general?
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