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  1. This game should be 3-0. There's literally no chance that it was a handball and the goal that got called back also should have counted. The idea of VAR is great but the execution is hard to apologize for
  2. He's not even moving that well in the second half. This is the first time i've been legitimately concerned
  3. Knife in the heart. That one hurt
  4. From his Punditry days he came across as very pleasant but definitely not as a manager. He just seems to get upset often and to be honest players don't seem to respond to his methods. This is why he didn't last at Monaco and probably won't last at Montreal. Frankly he isn't much of a tactician either
  5. I see. You learn something new every day. Thanks
  6. Yeah it's normally for youth but it's just a reserve squad. As far as I know
  7. I know I said bench would be the time to panic but this is how he broke into the Gent lineup. Lots of second half substitutes and he kept scoring until they couldn't justify not starting him. He's playing well until he has the open net
  8. A sidenote to the sidenote Mesut Ozil will likely be playing for the Arsenal u-23s at 350k a week. Now that's crazy
  9. Let's hope he makes it 5 on November 3rd in Panama
  10. If there is any good to come of this is he is not playing like absolute garbage off the ball. It's when he gets in it his feet he forgets how to play
  11. This is very much a must win opponent as well. It's a tough group and these are the points you can't drop
  12. Yeah he's really not that good and is like 35
  13. He's not a millennial but that's besides the point. I'm sure he was brought on for one specific reason to get his legs moving at the very end of the game. He was probably given clear instructions by Henry to link up with ZBG and get moving up the pitch he didn't do that and Henry is not known to keep his composure on the sidelines so he let him know he didn't appreciate the lack if effort. If you come in with 5 minutes left in the game and aren't giving it your all then there is an issue. Although I will say Henry has not shown himself to be a very good manager whether it be tactically or personally so maybe you're right it might not have been the best thing to do
  14. When he gets benched. Luckily he'll be given every opportunity. As long as they keep winning he has time
  15. This is very true. He's doing everything right he just doesn't have that ice cold demeanor in front of the net. For Gent and Canada his biggest asset was and is his ability to finish under pressure. The Iceman would have 2 goals in this game
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