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  1. And he's getting service. Rewarded by his teammates for getting into these positions
  2. Anyone know what the percentage of games he wins man of the match? It feels like it's over 50%
  3. I think I saw Botman linked with a move to Liverpool as early as this window. He's very good
  4. Hey this is exactly what the CPL was intended to be. Give Canadians the chance to play while getting paid at least something. Hopefully that something they get paid is more in the future but for now the CPL is functioning as advertised
  5. He just whiffed a last second header so there's that at least
  6. They could also put someone in to lock it down. Hope I'm wrong though
  7. Yeah Traore without Jota and Raul is not the same player. He's better suited as a super sub running at tired defenders at this point
  8. I think we're all expecting a loan for Liam in January meaning he won't be able to attend this camp
  9. He's quite good too. The US is developing an embarrassment of riches in Europe. But yeah different type of player in a different position at a different stage of development
  10. I'm pretty sure it's a back 4 now with Traore on the wing
  11. Adama and Fabio Silva about to come on. Theo not warming up so I doubt he comes on
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