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  1. Honestly this is how I expected us to look against Mexico
  2. This tournament is going to get ugly if Henry doesn't come back
  3. The game happening during hurricane season a concern for anyone?
  4. I recently watched an interview with Sardar Azmoun of Iran and he attributed Iran's(who were favourites to win the tournament) disappointing Asian cup to the lack of friendlies against quality competition. It's not the end of world but it's beyond frustrating when Nicaragua can get a game against Argentina or when Haiti can get in a game against Chile but all we can get is a scrimmage that they don't even acknowledge until 10 minutes before.
  5. This is kind of what I was thinking as well. His physical attributes really lean quite heavily toward being a great wing back. As a 16 and 17 year old he was making tight and difficult tackles calmly. Him being more versatile only helps his case to play more minutes with Bayern.
  6. Is there anywhere you can get clearance Umbro kits? I'm assuming no but I figured I'd ask because like many here I'm not going to pay that much for such a bland Nike Canada shirt.
  7. This would be incredible. Ajax are some of the best when it comes to development while also serving as a gateway to the best of the best. Ajax does the work so the worlds richest clubs don't have to
  8. Watching the US playing Jamaica right now and the commentators have talked extensively about how important these friendlies and training camps are for their future and preparation. Why are we allergic to scheduling actual friendlies? Especially friendlies in Canada
  9. It's honestly absurd. I'm new around these parts but is this how it always is?
  10. I think he's incredibly flexible and has the talent, physical ability and room to grow into quite a few positions. Whatever Bayern and Davies decides is best for him will hopefully be best
  11. He's starting on the left for Bayern in a club friendly https://twitter.com/FCBayernEN/status/1133034222384492544
  12. Don't forget Sancho as well
  13. Agreed. I'm hoping the Gold Cup can be the tournament that kick starts his rise or perhaps prompts a move that is better suited to him. He'll have his chances and hopefully he can take them. Regardless of how poor he was today or whether he was played out of position I'm very happy he got some game time in before the tournament.
  14. He's really blowing his opportunity Played the full 90. Looked like he hadn't played in a while. Was out wide for most of the match but moved more central with about 25 minutes left. Was looking kind of gassed by the 60th minute and then missed a clear chance that he should have realistically got on net and definitely should have scored. Quote from Besiktas reddit: Larin şu ana kadar gördüğüm en kötü Beşiktaş oyuncusu olabilir. Which translates to: Larin may be the worst Besiktas player I've ever seen Also another quote which referred to Larin as an absolute joke of a footballer. I like the guy but he probably shouldn't be at Besiktas anymore.
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