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  1. If i'm being honest as much as I like Piette i'd rather see our CDMs be Atiba and Eustáquio
  2. From every single interview where Herdman mentions our great young core he groups Cornelius in with the bunch and almost always specifically takes time to note him. Also someone can correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure Cornelius has started basically every game since Herdman took over. He clearly rates him and he's also a left footed defender. If Herdman is looking toward the future and he wants to keep continuity within the squad I think Cornelius will start. Although it will be a tough choice I, like many here were I'm sure, was very concerned when the lineup came out on Tuesday but we were all proven wrong and for the time being I have the confidence that whoever John chooses to play will be the right choice. 3 at the back would honestly be a nice idea.
  3. I love how their fans think we don't belong at the same table as Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, but yet they deserve to be at the table with Mexico? Yeah it's only one game we won but maybe they should stop thinking and comparing the USMNT to Mexico and European squads and good South American squads after all of their awful performances over the last 2-3 years. Canada is way closer to the quality of the USMNT than the US is to Mexico. Their cognitive dissonance is astonishing
  4. I think it's a tough question. Is Davies our best left back? Depends on who you ask. But I think then it becomes Davies vs Junior on the left wing and I think Davies is an automatic starter and it would be awfully difficult to sit Hoilett the way he has played for us recently. I'd much rather have Davies and Hoilett on the left than have Adekugbe and one of Davies or Junior sit on the bench. Unless of course Cav starts on the bench and you have Alphonso and Junior flank with David at striker. In my opinion I don't think we'll be seeing any new formations with David in the midfield. Also imo we would have called Larin if we were planning on playing David at CAM.
  5. They basically have no choice. Hernandez is out again and Alaba is back this game after not playing for Bayern all of September if I'm not mistaken. They're like one wrong step/bad tackle away from Davies being their starting LB
  6. Toronto has a very large Jamaican population that I'm sure boosted that friendly as well
  7. Is this the third time he has drawn a red this season? His pace is killer
  8. He's played every single minute for his club and has directly contributed on 50% of their goals. Seems pretty good to me
  9. Alphonso in the golden boy top 40 I'm a little upset that David isn't there considering there are Jupiler pro league players on this list that are not as good as him. Happy for Davies regardless
  10. Edit: nevermind they've fixed it
  11. I honestly can't even tell what is happening
  12. Ehhhh Larin gets one! He's had a really good game and deserves it. Great header. Climbed the ladder to get it
  13. David's playmaking skills on display pushing defender back with his dribbling and then ripping a pass through 3 pairs of the other teams legs setting up a great shot and forcing a good save. Another cheeky pass a few minutes later! Slick backheel to Yaremchuk after drawing the defenders onto him. Yaremchuk then draws the penalty and scores. 1-1
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