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  1. I think with the two games against Cuba we should look to be calling some CPL players regardless. I think it would be silly to ignore
  2. He really does everything. Just such an impressive young player.
  3. Just made a great turn on a defender up the wing then moved the ball to the centre right on the mark for a Gent player who rocked the shot off the post. Really great play. Should've been an assist Just assisted on Gent's goal at the start of the second half. 1-0 And he scores with another slick finish! 2-0
  4. I bought a couple of tickets for both games but I'm just wondering how I would go about buying more tickets if I needed to? Would they be added to my current order or would they be a separate order?
  5. Yeah there's no way he shouldn't get a call up if he keeps starting. He can play both sides as well. It's almost too good of a fit
  6. Davies on the bench to start according to the Bundesliga app. Game starts in 45 minutes
  7. I mean I don't think this thread would be active if there wasn't at least a little hope
  8. We just need defenders period
  9. Came on in the UEFA super cup around the 80th minute. Going into extra time 1-1
  10. I think a lot of people forget when criticizing Alphonso about his defensive play that he is only 18 and is already very capable 1 on 1 against good opposition. He may not be our best full back option at this very moment but he has so much room to grow and If multiple clubs see him as a left back including one of the biggest clubs in the world he might just be a good left back. In the end playing time and versatility is key. If Davies can play both wings and left back that's great. If Miller can play centre back and left back that's also great. Versatility is never a bad thing especially if you can become very good at multiple positions.
  11. I don't even think it has to go as far as making it out of the group stage but just winning big games. I don't think their fans will forget that Liverpool game or just being back in champions league really
  12. I agree. We had shaky defensive moment in every gold cup match but have had almost no trouble scoring goals. As far as I'm concerned sacrificing a little bit going forward for having sound defenders at every position in the back line is very important. Especially considering we can't afford to be any worse defensively as we(hopefully) move into playing better teams and playing bigger games
  13. Milan is a legend for red star already. So cool
  14. This is definitely it. Have to keep fresh if they want to stay in Europe
  15. I'd love it if a French team was interested a big enough but not impossible jump, popular league with some of the best players in the world and there wouldn't be any language issues
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