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  1. Well Besiktas has some games left here maybe he'll get in and impress who knows
  2. Anyone know where I can watch today's match against Porto?
  3. From what i've seen no matter how poor the team performs he is always looked at as a highlight. Even if he doesn't have a great game it's okay they want to build his statue
  4. Imagine him scoring a goal like that against the US or Mexico or, with any sort of luck, at the world cup. We can dream I guess. Bangers only this guy
  5. They were cash strapped pre pandemic. I remember reports of some players not getting paid
  6. It is the daily mail though so i'm assuming they'll lean towards the news of English teams
  7. I mean this was just one game against one of the worst teams in the tournament not to mention the first game of the your home tournament in front of Putin himself. I won't say they definitely weren't using because I wouldn't put it past any Russian team but this is not good evidence
  8. Also Sergei Ignashevich for Russia was 38 and postponed retirement at the 2018 world cup and was an important piece in what was Russia's weakest position. They were very close to beating Croatia in that Quarter final and it still upsets me to think about it.
  9. I think it's tough with Atiba because the travel is definitely hard on him. It gets harder and harder to recover as you get older and travel straight up multiplies that fatigue. I don't think it's a coincidence he started playing some of his best football in years after the gold cup was over and he could focus on his own health and playing for Besiktas
  10. I don't think Turkey is exactly a walk in the park for black players either depending on where you're playing
  11. If she wins on Saturday she will be big news in the mma world because not a single person is giving her a chance at all
  12. I watch quite a bit of RPL and it's decent quality football at the top half. They stream free matches on YouTube. I support Zenit but I follow most of the Russian teams in Europe as well. It wasn't a good year for Russian football in Europe but like I said the top half of the table has some quality squads
  13. He could be part of the new big money Newcastle that becomes a new premier league power
  14. It's because we need that 4th defender constantly defending. Alphonso definitely tried to do way to much in that last game against the USA offensively and defensively at the same time
  15. https://streamable.com/2d6seh Davies fast
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