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  1. I mean it worked out well for player development but he also decided to not play for Canada so...
  2. I understand your point but there are a lot of countries where the most popular sport is not the "national sport". Hockey is the national sport in more than one nation though including: Canada, Russia, and Czech Republic. You might even find more countries who have the national sport of Baseball and Cricket popping up just as frequently as football. I understand where you are coming from though
  3. I was going to mention cricket based on numbers alone
  4. Have they changed sporting directors recently?
  5. And they just confirmed the games this weekend are still happening... players from other teams are being quarantined right now. This is absurd how they can go through with playing Edit: They now say they are rethinking having match days this weekend
  6. Much more effective when opponents are playing back or straight up parking the bus
  7. I very much doubt we'll win every game though. There will more than likely be rough games in central America. We may be better but central America is always going to be tough.
  8. David himself would cause headaches. David behind Haaland would cause nightmares
  9. For some reason he went from the person I would think about first when mocking up a roster to someone I easily forget about
  10. https://twitter.com/tristandamours/status/1235264368281104389?s=20
  11. I'm thinking they'll want to move to a 4-2-3-1 with Wanyama and Taider running the midfield and moving Bojan to his more natural 10 spot. In this scenario Piette remains on the bench but i'm sure he'll get his his minutes. With Waterman, Binks, Taider, and Wanyama they'll have little to no trouble getting the ball up the pitch which is definitely one of Piettes major weaknesses
  12. A lot of fans seem to think you can't talk about your best players without putting down another teams best players. It's like this in every sport. Pulisic is a great player when healthy and will continue to get better. David is a great player and will continue to get better. There's no sense in comparing them since they are very different players.
  13. Vanney doesn't get everything right but I love the way he uses Layrea. He is incredibly dangerous running at tired defenders. Definitely a super sub.
  14. At this point I wouldn't even call him for the U-23s when you consider how little he has played and the other options we have
  15. I have the same feeling as well. Going to save up for a big away trip(or 2) in WCQ or a couple home games that are not in Toronto
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