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  1. Might want to slow the hype train.
  2. Pasher looking good so far. Created a goal called back on an offside and taking the corners. If I heard right he may be taking set pieces as well. Good speed and perhaps another piece for our Gold Cup team this summer.
  3. Bradley played very well and he has the heart of a champion. He will slow down but I think he will still be a big contributor this year. Doesn’t bode well for Fraser who will likely get sparse minutes which is a shame. He needs to play and probably should leave.
  4. I agree Canada Fan, Dorsey played timidly and that won’t work with this team’s make up. Maybe down to TFC 2 and let a young hard nosed Canadian get on the pitch.
  5. An exciting year ahead. The kids are alright and when TFC get healthy they should be able to press for 90 and if Leon can’t handle it, the rest of MLS must be nervous as hell. This team will be very entertaining and it will be a pleasure watching a good mix of young Canadians playing. Can’t wait!
  6. Just made it 4. Thanks for organizing!
  7. The ELO ratings have us 4th in the region and trailing Costa Rica by only 3 spots. We are 55th in the rankings and I think when we made the World Cup we were about 40th. Things looking up. Also they anticipate game results and we are overwhelming favourites for the two games in June. I realize Suriname has changed but I think our boys should be favoured and are truly in the mix for 3rd in the region.
  8. Have same issue. Chrome casting to the TV throws the sound off slightly.
  9. The fastest anyone in red tonight will run will be at the final whistle to trade jerseys with Phonzie.
  10. Maybe less about the record and more about the differential. The record will come most likely but want to be above Suriname after tonight.
  11. Letting the young guns run wild. Guess it’s ok and if we haven’t piled in the goals we can put 5 studs on in the second half when the opposition is gassed.
  12. Man if these kids pull this off it will be a banner night for Canadian soccer. The positive fall out from a victory would be gargantuan for the program. Hopefully we can keep it 0-0 into the second half and Mexican sphincters will start to tighten.
  13. Un f’n believable. Except of course it is during the current situation and it is Concacaf. Really hope we are playing this game at some point and not being given a meaningless 3-0 victory.
  14. We need to pound CI by about 10-0 and put goal differential out of play in the final game. Start a very similar line up and if/when we are up 5,6 to nothing at half then we can sub in 4 or 5 guys so players get an opportunity and we have fresh legs to run at defenders and score another bagful in the second half. It’s game day boys!!
  15. They will blow by 25 if we have to keep qualifying like this. I guess when we solidify our position in the top 4 and only play meaningful games it will slow down a tad but you still get some blowouts in the Gold Cup. Like 2 hatties vs Cuba.
  16. Maybe we were saving Dias for the semi. Avoid the second yellow and screw up the Mexican scouting. He has skills most of our team does not and if we are trying to get him to think Canada he should have played more. Even though he is young he has physical size and superior skills so hopefully he starts the Semi.
  17. Pandemics (Pantemis) Christ. He would have gotten that ball at his shoulder if he touched it.
  18. Solid. Should have been 8-0 but for the first game in 16 months and some of the squad being months out of season not too bad. Should be a blood bath Sunday even with rotation.
  19. One soccer today on in a minute. 7:30 for the pregame. 8 and 10 for the Canadian Soccerapalooza! Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years all in one day in March.
  20. Love this starting 11. Really think this is the best we could put on the field right now. Stoked for Adekugbe who has been hard done by. Stoked for Eustaquio who will be one of our best players. Stoked for Davies up top. Stoked for Larin on the wing. Stoked for Junior getting a well deserved start. In general I am stoked!!!
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