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  1. What about groups of 10 or so. I have some buddies interested and some are asking about going to the Oanama game. Thanks for all of your efforts.
  2. For sure. And it may be a quick descent which is why I was speaking in the present. And for that matter if he is not playing in Europe and getting solid results and performances than his yime may not last past next window. But if his decline is closer to Atiba’s then I am happy with him being part of the squad.
  3. Like him or not, at the time being he is one of our most talented box to box midfielders. I am not going to be distraught if he doesn’t come next window as we have solid talent and depth, I will be happier if he is part of the squad.
  4. One hundred percent. Crappy cap tie, no interest currently in spite of playing for Italian giant, and a chance to start for one of the home nations in the 2026 World Cup. Yeah he’s thought about it, and I can’t wait til the next time he is invited to an England team as we will know not only whether he thought about it but if he is gonna join us.
  5. Of course it does. Many people appreciate the math that goes into the ELO rankings and it shows how Canada is gaining ground. You can’t game these standings like you used to be able to do with FIFA. Allez Les Rouges!
  6. Do you mean casual Canada supporters? The people that I know don’t miss a game, regardless of who we play. We need to recruit more of the casuals and Sportsnet needs to get some advertising out for these coming games. Someone mentioned getting Ryan Reynolds on board.
  7. He would be our best CB by a landslide. I bet the boys would be unhappy about the reduction in their playing time but they would get over it as it would give us a better chance to be competitive.
  8. Just rode the subway with a family who were at the 2 games in El Salvador and their kids were born in Canada. I told them it was time to start wearing red.
  9. Richie creates silo much. He is brilliant going forward!
  10. @gator and @Club Linesman are at Liberty Commons Big Rock Brewery and we have 2 seats at our table for any V’s looking for a pint pre game. Allez lesRouges!
  11. Would be brilliant if he lined up to start tomorrow.
  12. I still disagree but I am obviously in the extreme minority here. That being said Davies should be cutting into his defender every time he gets into the box and try drawing a penalty instead of a hopeful cross. He burned the H right back on three occasions in the first half and using the example of the call against Tajon, would have earned at least one penalty. Maybe we need more Concacaf in our squad.
  13. He grabbed at his ankle at least three times and was limping that many times as well. That may have impacted his ability to play significantly and if so I wouldn’t expect to see him play much if at all Sunday.
  14. Just rewatched the first half. That was not a penalty as I was screaming from 113 last night. The Honduran player went directly sideways into Tajon (who admittedly put himself in this poor position) to initiate the contact. Watch the direction of the ball on the replay. It’s travelling toward the touch line at about 11 o’clock but the player is moving at 9. There was no way he had any control of the ball when he initiated the contact.
  15. At the game directly in line with the play from the south end, the H player came across at least 2 feet to initiate contact. I was arguing with people on 113 that the ref must have been pointing for a Canada free kick. Unbelievable. I need to watch the replay as far as other lower body contact goes but the contact was initiated by the Honduran.
  16. Our chances of getting in to Big Rock are slim and none, so we will most likely wander Atlantic Ave looking for any establishment that serves nice cold beer. Gator and/or I will be at Big Rock by 5:50 if some fellow V’s want to meet up! Allez Les Rouges!! Unbelievably pumped for tonight’s game, just need to avoid the personal excessive inebriation that marked the historic win over the US in 2019!
  17. You seriously think there will be more than 7500 El Salvadorians in BMO?!? Highly doubt that. We will be in strong voice in the South end so even if there are a couple thousand of them we will drown them out!
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