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  1. From what I remember, the talk around Laryea when he was in college was that he was obviously a quality player, but nobody had any idea what his best position was - he could and did play everywhere in midfield, including wide, and did the same in Orlando, but I don't think anyone ever actually tried him at full-back until Vanney
  2. A lot of our players had subpar games (Borjan, Vitoria, Eustaquio, Hoilett, Larin, maybe Atiba the exceptions) so I'm frankly relieved with the draw because we did not look ready for how much more intense concacaf gets for quals and could easily have lost. Also some baffling tactical decisions by Herdman. There's no point having wingers switch sides (and stay on those opposite sides for half an hour) when they're better in their original positions. We are generally much more connected with a midfield three and despite Stache and Atiba's best efforts, it was tough to get a lot going. Also if you're gonna do the Kennedy for Miller sub do it at HT when Miller is obviously struggling, not with 5 mins left once he actually looks good. I'm hopeful everyone can use this as a wake up call for what to expect during the Oct and I'm encouraged that as bad as I think we were today we still got a result and looked like a constant threat. I think we will get better. If we get a result in Nashville and then beat El Salvador that's an ok window. Crowd sounded phenomenal - wish I could have made the time/money effort to be there. Nice to see BMO Field have a home side who look like they can actually win for the first time in a while.
  3. Sweden has the advantage if this goes to penalties as they haven't been in a shootout yet this tournament. Canada has. Italy did it last month though so we could still do it especially with a very good pen stopping keeper in Labbe
  4. Yeah I was thinking before the game I'd be ok with bev throwing a curveball and starting Viens and bringing in Sinc at HT but it's probably better to have younger legs come on (and Huitema has looked more sharp and positive than earlier games so far)
  5. Even outside the penalties, Fleming has been very good these last two games after struggling earlier in the tournament
  6. Just once I want to see Priestman be brave with her subs. Beckie has looked completely out of sorts all game. Bring on Leon or Rose at the half Sweden are good and efficient but if we beat the press in midfield they're vulnerable
  7. Fleming's best game of the tourney even before the perfect penalty Vanessa Gilles outstanding I'm too exhausted to fully celebrate but what a thrill
  8. I agree re: the usa. But we've been good. Tired as the half went on but we looked at our sharpest in the tournament so far. Beckie has to do better on corners but we look a legitimate threat. Defensively superb, Gilles especially. I take back saying Zadorsky should start, this pairing is more awkward but definitely on much better form I think we need to attack and score early in the second half
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