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  1. Thank God because I don't think I could stomach any more of watching that. How the hell do you guys watch this team play every week?
  2. I feel like their first choice midfield now would be Piette-Wanyama-Taider. So far from what I've heard (haven't actually watched them yet so Impact fans feel free to chime in) Mtl have been almost exclusively a counter attacking side so far this year. I'm guessing they'll keep the midfield deep and let Wanyama and Taider hit any of their gazillion wingers in space
  3. RB have a VERY good track record of developing young players. If course, it's RB. Would be weird to root for David to score goals while also wanting him to lose games
  4. Fair point actually, Henry seems to be the only one in the last decade or so to really become starter level quality. I think that has more to do with Canada just not having quality center backs vs the US who have had tons of NT-level CB's come through MLS, not to mention players like Marshall and Hedges who have barely had a sniff at the international level despite being two of the best CB's of the last decade We've been pretty good at getting DM's to MLS starter/all-star level though (Will J, Kaye, Piette, hell even Osorio is more a CM than an AM)
  5. I actually think it's easier for domestic defenders/mids to break through as starters in a way since MLS teams tend to spend big on attacking players, making it near impossible for domestic forwards and playmakers to make the step from substitute to starter
  6. Not a great game by his standards but agreed that his teammates didn't do enough to find him. Fair to say Roma defended him well too, though they're definitely beatable in the return leg
  7. Yeah Odjidja to Depoitre both times, wrong option. You can tell Depoitre is coming back from an injury, he looks off the pace Gent have seen more of the ball than I thought they would, and that must be partly due to Roma going ahread so early, but David hasn't been all that involved. Whenever he has though Gent generally look more dangerous
  8. If (big if) we qualify for the olympics he has to be the first overage player called. Deserves to appear in a major global tournament for Canada
  9. Agree with obinna but this formation does make sense on paper and I'd still like to see them experiment with it in the coming year
  10. I always got the impression his troubles started when he moved to Barca
  11. Just fyi his edited post now shows just his int'l performance rankings. My guess is that's his final ballot
  12. I'm more interested about this Mickey Dash guy, he sounds great!
  13. I find it hilarious that while everyone else in the world who saw the recovery run is praising Davies, a handful of voyageurs are doing a frame by frame critique of his positioning
  14. Amazing. I hate resorting to just flat out blaming the CSA because it feels kind of lazy, but this is unacceptable. How far do they really expect the NT to develop in this country if they don't allocate any of their budget to playing as many games as possible? Is there a single other country in the world with serious WC aspirations that doesn't play friendlies? Would be cool if there was anyone in mainstream Canadian media who would call them out on this, but then they probably wouldn't be invited onto Herdman's bench
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