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  1. This was bad coaching first but there were also some shocking performances. Priestman took way too long to make her subs and when she did they didnt really make sense. Like Quinn for Rose when we're leading while Fleming plays 90 minutes that were so tame Sinc had to create everything herself. Prince was gassed at the hour mark and should have come off for Leon or Rose then and not 20 mins later. Beckie looking slow and floating all but one corner (that one hit the side netting) at their keeper even though by the end of the game that had been scouted out. Buchanan caught out multiple times. Sheridan with some truly baffling positioning on their goal. And an anemic attack absolutely terrified of making any kind of incisive movement or actually take a shot. I think we have to give Herdman his due - he seems to know how to make national teams capable if scoring. The best the women have ever looked in attack was under him around the Brazil Olympics and the best the men have ever looked in attack, even without the best two players, is under him now. Both Priestman and Heiner Moller have us playing terrified. This was a game we absolutely should have closed out but we found a way to shank it. I'm under no illusions about how good this team is compared to the US and the Euro sides. I figure the only way we're going to challenge for a medal, let alone gold, is by bunkering. But that means the forwards and attacking mids have to actually have decent patterns of play when they get the chance, and there's no evidence we have that any more. I don't see a path beyond the quarters unless something drastic changes.
  2. Weird, he seemed to be doing well there early in the year
  3. I know they were playing down a man but CR look very beatable At the very least, I'm glad we're finally playing a Central American country Also not thrilled about Kemar being injured
  4. Great shout. They might not have settled for bunkerball so early on if Zimmerman was still there to put out fire, that's how good he is. Either way, looks like Berhalter bet on us not being able to score against a deep, set defense and it paid off. He's exposed a weakness of ours, because a team capable of beating a bunker would have created far more than just the one biggish chance Tajon had in the second half. This is the least important game we're going to have against a big CONCACAF team for at least a year, so it was good to learn some stuff today. Also encouraging to see Hoilett and Cavallini look at their brightest in a long time. Was tough to see Akinola go down in tears just when he was finally hitting the form he showed last year, hope he isn't out too long for club and country
  5. I honestly think this is the worst Wheeler-Dunfield broadcast I've ever listened to so I'll try to watch on fox if we get a game covered by them again. I've always liked John Strong as a commentator a lot and I can just skip the studio shows so I don't have to listen to Lalas
  6. No threat when we actually get close to the penalty area. No width with Hoilett and Laryea always cutting inside and also nobody really capable or willing to play the final pass. Kaye should at least help with the latter and hopefully Pasher does with the former
  7. Lol terry doubling down on his "Canada has more depth than the US" and then realizing mid sentence how bad a take it was
  8. I'm encouraged that Herdman at least saw that the formation wasn't working and adapted albeit maybe a bit late. Need to do something about the slow starts though because this is becoming a pattern
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