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  1. Thought he was probably one of our better players tonight, though he was also pretty clearly gassed. He's still constantly making direct, dangerous goalscoring runs off the ball though not quite as sharply as he did last year. That's somewhat due to playing at Azteca and somewhat due to playing for just the third time this year, though I still wonder if he's lost speed, or if he never really had as much as I remember him having
  2. Not sure why you're saying this when it seems we're both making kinda the same point
  3. Ayo had injury problems himself last season but when he played he was generally much more useful and dangerous than Jozy was. Not hyperactive by any means but still regularly found good spots and scored goals, including multiple match winners. He hasn't looked in shape this year and hasn't even played his natural position, but I'm confident he'll come around
  4. The CPL off-season tracker shows like 10 Edmonton players who haven't been re-signed but also haven't left. I'm assuming they were all released and it was never made official or even updated (Duran Lee is one of those listed even though he's already signed for Pacific) but are there any that could have a shot at being back?
  5. I like them having venues closer together overall this tournament than in the past. I know it's mostly due to COVID but I hope they keep that model in future tournaments. I don't see this tournament being primarily hosted by anyone outside the USA, so might as well try to regionalize it each time and give each tournament a different feel in that way - we all know they have enough usable stadiums. It would also cut down on travel time. The sticking point for CONCACAF is they're probably going to want regular games in SoCal and Texas for Mexico and possibly also Florida for C.A./Carribean
  6. I'm just imagining him scrolling up and down the page frantically looking for a single post about him and not the Super League
  7. Telfer signing is official now. Are they even going to remain Athletico Ott due to the fallout from this SuperLeague bullshit from their Madrid overlords
  8. Elijah Adekugbe is done for the year https://canpl.ca/article/cavalry-fcs-elijah-adekugbe-out-for-2021-cpl-season-with-achilles-injury HUGE loss
  9. I forget do they still do that weird thing that doesn't happen in any other FIFA tournament where you're allowed to sub out some of the players on your rosters for the knock out stages?
  10. I really think the "he isn't a fullback" talk is ridiculous after one bad match. He's got clear holes in his game but he's more often than not been a plus defensively and offensively for Bayern whenever I've watched him (let's not forget him literally playing Sancho out of the game last year). I don't want to see him at FB for us because he's clearly our best attacking player and isn't a good enough defender to be expected to do that alongside a frankly weak defensive corps while also being one of our main creative players. But Bayern are broadly speaking a well organized, well structured team
  11. Not a great game but it happens. It's not like he directly cost them tonight, though he easily could have if Neymar finished that breakaway. I do think Di Maria exposes his weaknesses defensively. Phonzie can't be beaten for pace but he can for guile as Di Maria repeatedly did today and as he did a few times in the Lisbon final. Something to keep an eye on Edit: to add, he wasn't the only BM player that got outplayed by Di Maria and Neymar so not a great game from him but not awful either
  12. Got embarassed by Di Maria tonight tbh
  13. Yeah Davies was really slow to spot and close down Neymar for the breakaway chance off the post. He's had some good moments as well going forward at least edit: he's just slipped for the second time this game
  14. When he first got minutes with TFC he was a breath of fresh air because he was so fast and direct when no other attacker on the team really was but he found playing time harder to come by later and especially last year since the rest of the league had figured out he was basically a one-trick pony - run fast to the endline and cross. What impressed me about the Leon game and the clips I saw of him with Canada is he seems willing and able to cut inside and combine/pass/shoot now. So I'm much higher on him as a winger especially than I was last year
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