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  1. Good experience for him - has to take this. Canada doesn’t play enough for him to not grab this opportunity.
  2. Man, what a bust David’s been wonder how much longer until Lile writes him off
  3. Have to agree with all of this. Laryea had his second consecutive poor performance I thought. Fraser was solid shaffelburg was an unfortunate sub...in retrospect Marshall-Rutty should have been the one brought on
  4. Watched him again last night and he was pretty solid - he’s a very good passer with nice vision. He’s only 20 too. Will be interesting to see how he develops. he’s by far the best passer in Vancouver’s squad.
  5. Is twardek playing as a winger in Poland? He was abysmal in that role for Canada and am surprised if so.
  6. Henry might be a terrible manager. Doesn’t change the fact that Tabla clearly has a bad attitude and acts / plays with a sense of entitlement. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the CPL soon unless he gets his act together
  7. That’s the only highlight he would have - nice attempt and strike but right at the keeper
  8. Hard to disagree with this from Lille’s perspective. David played himself out of the starting 11 - hopefully he does better as a sub and plays himself back in.
  9. my god david is awful..how can he be so inaccurate in front of the goal every time?
  10. I don’t see why. He’s playing at a higher level / more consistently / more minutes than either of them. Why would past invites to a camp supersede that. If I’m playing a match tomorrow I take Buchanan over either of them regardless of the history with the CanMNT.
  11. Great strike. Hopefully the goals start coming now - that’s his first in over 800 minutes of play. He seemed on the brink of scoring the last few matches and was increasingly active.
  12. Outside of Flores (who seems only likely to rep us if his other plans fall apart) I would not use the term "wonderkid" to describe any of our prospects.
  13. Man, you guys need to stop blaming everyone else other than him. He’s not playing well and he’s not pulling his weight. Blame Ikone or Bamba all you want but if someone is going to see the bench soon it’s going to be David.
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