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  1. MAK started against NYFC and was substituted off at half. I didnt watch, but according to LAFC supporters he was the worst player on the pitch. The online LAFC community is definitely not pro MAK at this point
  2. Thats definitely a good level. Here is is club - not many attacking options. Im sure they will be bringing others in. https://www.transfermarkt.com/sk-austria-klagenfurt/startseite/verein/28760
  3. Started for TFCII tonight and got his first professional goal as well as an assist before being subbed out at the 68th minute. Hope they keep him at TFCII for awhile and don’t call him back up to the first team any time soon.
  4. Won’t happen for many reasons but he would be a great fit at TFC and would be awesome to see him playing in Toronto edit; also seeing a lot of chatter that Besikstas is offering him another year.
  5. I’ve asked the same question and have gotten different answers. My sense is that this is as much a “realistic wish list” as anything. I.e. the CSA has had conversations with Flores / Jebbison at some point but it certainly does not guarantee that if called they will accept
  6. This is the one relic that is really bizarre to me...keeping a running clock makes zero sense. It just boggles my mind that they’re still leaving it up to the total randomness and judgement of the referee instead is just stopping the clock for when play isn’t going on.
  7. Does a player have to consent to be added to this list or can CSA put whoever they want in the list? I.e. does this list mean that these players, if ultimately called, will attend? Seems unlikely with Arfield being included for example
  8. The USA will also be sending a B team to the gold cup. Would assume Theo Euro strikers wouldn’t get called so that would like Dike as the probable #1 , but with room to call Akinola if they want to cap tie him.
  9. Rotation - we’re going to need lots of it. Neither arfield or hutch will be playing all three matches in the window. Maybe they each start one and are options of bench for other two. Eustaqiuo, Osorio and Mak start two etc we’re not going to be playing the absolute best 11 for every match. We need this depth
  10. With the US’s depth and youth I think this format favours them. I would expect they would be the toughest team in the octagonal. Mexico next just due to their quality. After that it’s pretty wide open amongst CR, Honduras, Jamaica and Canada..potentially even Panama. I hope Hutch and Arfield come back into the mix. We need more midfield depth in quality as squad rotation will be huge.
  11. That schedule is insane. Depth will make such a huge difference. US and Mexico are at a huge advantage
  12. I hope we score a true goal..would almost be embarassing to win that way
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