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  1. Nelson looked better than I expected to be fair. with Ricketts and Tesho up front it was going to be tough sledding against a well organized side. We had two very good chances (tesho and Miller) and blew them. Had to put at least one of those away.
  2. There was a 2% chance before the match of catching El Salvador now there’s a 1% chance. in before “wElL AkShuaLLy iF wE BeAT FraNCe 4 TiMEs AnD ElSlvdR LosEs tWiCe to SuRinAme we’re In”!!
  3. I don’t think most people realize how bad the bottom table of Portugal is.
  4. Fraser was pretty good..osorio and Brym had moments. Otherwise pretty dreary
  5. This “speculation” seems to be entirely based on MAK starting to follow those clubs on Insta
  6. Weird here they seem to be saying that they will compensate the promoter for lost ticket sales..but tickets are still being sold https://elmundo.sv/si-no-jugabamos-contra-islandia-indemnizariamos-al-promotor/ not sure what’s going on. And it’s even more strange that they’re going these lengths to avoid Iceland while trying to schedule Euro matches in March ? Very confused strategy
  7. Wouldn’t these be training matches again? They have no incentive to risk points official matches against equal or superior teams. I would think their best strategy is to do nothing or play a few friendlies against minnows. Playing a Swiss- level team makes no sense.
  8. We’re really really not around the level of any of those teams tbh.
  9. Almost impossible = extremely unlikely. I stand by that. who are these teams we’re going to have friendlies against in the last two windows? Qualifiers will be happening all over - our options will be quite limited. I’m very skeptical we will be able to line up big point matches AND win them all AND El Salvador doesn’t pick up any points.
  10. A complaint ?! On what grounds. El Salvador is under no obligation to play matches for our benefit lol
  11. Umm it’s 5.36 points - not 6. good luck scheduling multiple teams in our ranking range in those windows (and winning every match too). If you think that’s a realistic road to the hex then I’m happy and sure hope it happens.
  12. Well ya but they’re not playing Iceland and USA though.
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