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  1. Whoscored has has him as the 5th highest player on the team so far https://www.whoscored.com/Teams/108/Show/Portugal-Moreirense
  2. How was that penalty not called 😂 El Salvador got Conacaf’d hard core
  3. WTF happened there? God this backline is just terrible
  4. Again - I don’t see us having a chance in hell of getting a top 6 slot. what I am hoping for is Panama passing El Salvador. That will give us a better chance at being the number 4 qualifier and getting that playoff spot.
  5. No disrespect to Liam, he’s a nice young player who I hope continues to develop! But I have to think that if Junior was in playing in the Scottish premiership he would be banging in goals on a regular basis.
  6. We have essentially a 0% chance to make the top 6. I’m amazed it’s still a topic of conversation.
  7. His first goal was an absolutely fantastic header. What a goal scoring touch he has https://streamable.com/ber0e
  8. Chelsea fans very pleased with his performance and saying he’s “starting caliber”.
  9. http://www.record.com.mx/columnistas-francotirador/martin-cauteruccio-borrado-de-los-planes-de-cruz-azul?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app apparently whitecaps made $5M offer for cavalini which was rejected
  10. Gets the assist on the first goal of match
  11. Good move. Important season for Liam. Prove he can score some goals in a solid league and see where that takes him next year.
  12. Was never a huge fan of tesho but I think he offers more than Larin now and is a better fit with the squad so hopefully he gets called up for LoN matches.
  13. No, he didn’t. He had - what- 10 substitute appearances for Killie? Its going to take way more than that to prove he can be a regular for Liverpool
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