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  1. It’s not just the difference in leagues - it’s the fact that he’s going to the worst team in the league. Sure, the Greek league is a solid level for James but the club he’s going to has 7 points in 16 matches.
  2. I mean Vitoria was defending against LAFC, Columbus, Seattle a few years ago and it’s not like he lit the league on fire or anything. He was a solid MLS starter and that’s pretty much it.
  3. Vitoria really struggles against pace at this point of his career. I do like his ability on set pieces but he scares me defensively
  4. Damn - that’s disappointing. Surprised he couldn’t have done better after a solid champions league showing....Even mid to lower table Danish team
  5. I would say you guys are being way too harsh on Sargent. He’s a 20 year old two year starter in the Bundesliga. Sure he only has two goals and two assists in 17 matches this year - isn’t that pretty much the same as David? All the excuses for David should work for Sargent too. WB are an awful team to watch and have only averaged 1.1 goals per match this year. I’ve watched them a few times and Sargent gets zero service at all. He’s also one of their highest rated players on whoscored. I think we would need to see him with a bit of quality around him to really conclude on him. sure Hoppe ha
  6. Not watching the match but the Charlton forum is extremely complimentary of his performance today. Several have said he’s clearly a level above.
  7. Was wondering what ever happened to him. Hopefully he can stick on the roster
  8. Absolute nightmare of a transfer. His options are probably very limited at this point. Think he’s likely to be back in CPL this season
  9. The difference is the US will be playing a friendly against Serbia end of month which will be televised. These dumb scrimmages are all we’ve got.
  10. Can’t he still choose to go with the US for Olympic qualifiers and then ultimately with Canada for the senior national team ?
  11. The US is not going to call Pulisic, Reyna, Dest or any other potential senior players to this IMO. They also have a packed 2021 and have more than enough youth talent to compete with Mexico without calling those big names.
  12. Johnston is in the original video where they’re getting off the bus and getting Covid tests
  13. Huh? He needs to at least play at the Championship level to prove he’s “at the very least championship level.”
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