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  1. Odd that he puts up these highlight reels of himself so quickly after every single match. Have no idea what Herdman is thinking but for me I start Stephen over Sam as long as he’s fit...Sam is a nice sub option if we’re protecting a lead
  2. Not to say he doesn’t deserve a call up because of this but all I remember of Froese was his performance against the US in that 1-0 loss (that could have easily been 5-0). He was terrible, as was the entire squad in fairness, but hard to forget that
  3. If he becomes a regular rotational player in LigaNOS he’s automatically in play for us as a potential starter...it’s very possible as mentioned above that he wants nothing to do with international play given his calamitous injury history
  4. Zardes didnt even play that match...Sapong maybe?
  5. Looked much better in the second half. tbh it was a pretty ugly match so hard to take too much from it
  6. I actually thought of this one play when I was writing that. I also seem to remember another gaffe in our loss in WCQ at Honduras. clearly he’s not perfect - far from it. But his competition, namely Henry, could fill a blooper reel with ease.
  7. I’ve always thought he was the best of our CBs when wearing the Canadian shirt - steady, solid all around skills and no glaring weaknesses like the others. Shame his club career hasn’t progressed.
  8. I’ve asked him on Instagram about his eligibility for Canada he responded “I’m Swiss and Congolese not Canadian 😊”
  9. I just looked at his twitter and don’t see any retweets or likes of the CA tweet.
  10. The only one two that I’ve seen display really high quality for their age groups are Okello and Habibullah. I certainly wouldn’t expect them to become superstars though.
  11. The Golden Cock is a good nickname for JD maybe Gent wants to keep him another year and thinks that once things return to normal his price will soar
  12. English Championship would be best case scenario IMO and would tell us a lot about his level.
  13. CKSA is a very good club but this would be a tough place for a young (black) male to play. Hope he could maintain his focus and drive
  14. If he’s regularly in the staring XI of an MLS squad I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. Maybe he can aim higher but let’s not act like MLS is beneath him
  15. I don’t really see how a compressed format would help us in any way. If anything, i would assume it will squeeze out the 2nd / 3rd tier squads even more.
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