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  1. Good news for Cornelius...hopefully this is a decent club move for henry though
  2. Have to say curaçao probably deserved more than that CR looks very beatable though.
  3. Costa Rica is getting bossed right now..barely hanging on to this draw
  4. Costa Rica goes down to 10 men...yikes edit: soft second yellow to my eyes
  5. True, forgot about that. Generally I havent really liked him there based on what I've seen though. The thing is the US will come out with a high line and press our back line unlike last match. We need composure and the ability to play out of the back. Just not sure if Miller is the one we want back there under these circumstances. We'll see what Herdman goes with though.
  6. I think some here have way more faith in Miller than I do. All credit to him for working hard and learning a new position but he was clear weak link last match and I thought we were kind of lucky to get away with him. We don’t have many options though - it’s either Davies, Adekugbe or Miller.
  7. I would still be extremely pleased with a draw but I think the fact that US is missing their two best players (Adams and Pulisic) plus their best striker (Altidore) and keeper (Steffen) changes the expectations.
  8. Says that CA have already informed Eustaquio that he won’t be back.
  9. That’s a pretty anemic attack the US has now - no Pulisic or even Altidore. Wonder how that will change our tactics
  10. ...Have to wonder if that’s why the US roster announcement is so delayed ?
  11. That was kicked right into his gut though . Guzan, or any semi professional keeper, would have stopped that IMO
  12. How so? At most Steffen stopped David's once great chance (although I would say that was more on David then Steffen). So 3-0 maybe, not sure where the other goal or two would have come from though
  13. Like physically he’s there?? Because he’s not in the 18
  14. Excellent first half for Phonzie. Should have taken his chance instead of the dummie but outside of that he’s been good
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