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  1. I would be flabbergasted if Concacaf lifted a finger to address this. The terrible qualifying format was to blame in the first place and they didn’t care. In the end it’s a choice between El Salvador and Canada. We’re not talking major players here.
  2. Sports illustrated has just reported an indefinite suspension of the season
  3. Ultimately I agree - I mean realistically outside of us who cares about whether Canada or El Salvador gets last hex spot anyway
  4. Realistically this is very low on their list of priorities (who gets the last hex spot). if the curve is flattened over the next month or two (after cancelled games in the upcoming windows). Would be interesting if they would put on a head to head or even a mini 4 team tourney with us Panama, EL Salvador and curaçao.
  5. For a “B” squad it’s pretty good - and certainly quite a bit stronger than ours
  6. Had a really terrible performance against Philly last night. His start to the year has been atrocious - just looks so slow and lacking any sort of quality. It's weird. Most LAFC supporters seem to be calling for him to be taken out of starting 11. I'm assuming Bradley will give him a bit more leeway than that but here's hoping he can turn things around in a hurry.
  7. I don’t see how this makes sense for Leeds - they’re going to go to the Premier League with Larin as their lead striker ?? Probably not. They’re going to pay 10m+ transfer fee for a backup??
  8. Laryea comes in for Shaffelburg at half time and scores. Shaff was pretty poor IMO
  9. Unbelievable miss there - hopefully he can put it behind quickly.
  10. Great run and cross there for what should have been the lead
  11. Amazing win for LAFC beating Leon - huge accomplishment. Jakovic was massive last night. MAK really struggled in both matches. Hopefully just a little rust.
  12. They need to accumulate points but all they “need” is to beat some minnows. if they were to play 4 minnows over the next two windows and pick up ~8points that would put us 22 back. Maybe they have more confidence in their squad than I do but it’s a bizarre strategy IMO
  13. Are we sure ES won’t try to make these “training matches” again? their strategy of playing such losable matches doesn’t make a lick of sense.
  14. To me Kaye has always been very inconsistent. I’ve watched many LAFC matches and more than you would expect he has awful performances like tonight
  15. I’m amazed it took ES this long to realize the optimal strategy. I’m guessing they were balancing that against stronger revenue matches but it’s been painfully obvious since the qualification format was announced that all they have to do is beat a bunch of minnows to hold us off.
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