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  1. No, he didn’t. He had - what- 10 substitute appearances for Killie? Its going to take way more than that to prove he can be a regular for Liverpool
  2. I don’t think breaking into the first team is realistic. Obviously we all hope for that and it should be Liam’s aim but I think he needs to go on loan and prove he can be a regular at a good level
  3. I didn’t watch but Liam receiving high praise online from Liverpool fans!
  4. Honestly, a 1% chance sounds pretty accurate.
  5. The larin miss I get since it was a classic blooper. ”Canada loses to Haiti” as a story that garners any sort of interest internationally does surprise me though.
  6. I would say the new system makes it notably more difficult for us. Not like we had a great chance either way but now I’m pretty pessimistic
  7. International media cared about one minnow losing to another minnow ?!
  8. I didnt watch all the US matches but Bradley was very poor against mexico. Not sure why Ochoa made this team either
  9. Good move for Godinho. Thats the level he should be playing at and it will ensure he gets enough minutes to develop
  10. Well if we advance without 4 wins that’s all that matters. also, I don’t think a win vs USA is “what’s expected” by most neutral / impartial observers. A win against USA would be our best result in a really long time.
  11. In don’t think he should be fired but I also don’t think he should have ever been hired in the first place and he’s done nothing to change my mind on that yet
  12. Juan was very disappointed to be left off the gold cup cup roster. Still not sure what Herdman’s rationale was for that
  13. I won’t grade everyone but Osorio, David, Arfield were my best three. Henry and Cornelius were surprisingly solid. Davies had his moments but he just doesn’t have the defensive accumen yet. wont bother calling anyone out but we struggled where I anticipated we would. and yes this has to be nothing but a fail on Herdman’s resume - it was his first test and he didn’t show well IMO. Odd selections and substitutions.
  14. Until we prove it on the pitch I pay zero attention to the rhetoric. Half the posters here already has us as #2 in CONCACAF - we haven’t beaten ANYONE. Full stop.
  15. obviously the selections at back,as everyone predicted at the time, bit us in the ass. no adekugbe, Cordova, James, etc. Just made no sense at the time and we paid for it.
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