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  1. The dynamic duo got seperated as the season got on, go figure. Up and down campaign for both men to my eye but yeah, found money as far as I'm concerned if you could sell either one, or better still both of them, for that sort of clink. Not sure Yilmaz has another season like that in him for no other reason then his age. Things could turn on a dime for him. And not for the better. I really rate Maignan but as UT mentioned above, he may be a luxury on this team at this time. Don't think he'd be easy to replace but the drop off doesn't necesarily have to be so great as to not ju
  2. Or maims you for life.... I kid, I kid...
  3. ^ Don't really think Moncton would have the weight Red Bull branding would looking for. Even on a CPL scale. Not trying to offend anyone, just saying. If Red Bull wanted to explore CPL Montreal I have to find myself saying "Wow.". For too many reasons, wow. Fun to speculate.
  4. Seems like something is a-foot but I'd guess its really early days yet. Resources are being coming to looking at RAP as a future site though, doesn't mean it'll ever happen but time is money so a little more serious here than just some people and pub talk. If Langford cannot be brought up to broadcast standards, for whatever reasons, and the deal was it needed to meet broadcast standards in a certain time frame it's down to Langford to keep the deal or not. LOL. Not quite NFL level but more than once the threat of a move got a team an improved venue. Good on Pacific for looking at opt
  5. Not really adverse to corporate club ownership for no other reason than if feels like that practice has existed for as long as I can remember. And, so far as CPL is concerned, its not as if a corporate entity would be displacing an existing club ownership structure which has been in place since who knows when. Buying the pedigree as it were. They'd be starting from scratch and building their own thing. Same as if an amateur athletic club did it, or a labour union, or any other individual or organization.
  6. Help me here, people. See if my memmory isn't as wretched as I think or maybe I missed something. So, the CPL included a OneSoccer subscription with each 2020 season ticket renewal. Wonderful marketing scheme I think everyone agreed. Then Covid hit and everything went wonky. CPL puts together the Island Games, best they could do given the circumstances it's generally agreed but you needed a subscription to watch the thing. And you couldn't use the OneSoccer subscription which you received with your season ticket renewals because that subscription was going to be deferred t
  7. Here's a thought for a Tuesday morning. Two years on as it were. Looking back to the 2019 launch, all sort of Wild West as it was in a lot of ways, where would we be today if the CPL partnership hadn't gone all in but instead waited another year to try and get together a more perfect launch? We'd be repacing anxiety about what sort of season the league will have this year and when we can get our asses back into the grandstands with a project that died a COVID death. Ha! The gods love a lucky fool. Seems to me there is quite a gang of them over at CPL HQ.
  8. Changing to an England address puts the man on TV every week. Just saying.
  9. I was speaking in broad strokes people! If you're an athletic trainer I'm not trying to adversley effect your livelyhood! Hmmm. With all due respect to the professional trainers and sports medicine people who are a well established part of the modern footballing world. Maybe for better context. So should I assume that Alphonso Davies received some sort of secret training in Vancouver that Jonathan David couldn't get in Gent? Because I wasn't. You can't teach speed. You either got or you don't.
  10. I know what you're saying, however... You can't teach speed. You can't teach height. You either have it or you don't.
  11. Well that was fun. Few thoughts. Nice are playing for keeps. There are goals to come. Yilmaz has to be the best bargain in a major European league. How can you not love this guy?
  12. LOL. Right on cue.. LOL. It just looks better and better the more you see it. Youch. Almost feel sorry for all the nice things I've said about Bamba this season.
  13. Geez, these kids need to take it easy on the Old Man.
  14. Larin standing on a hat-trick (and counting?). Mr. David, do you accept this challenge?
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