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  1. Friends of the family went there a few years back IN JULY. I **** you not, fu'king July. I don't know why either. Anyway, they loved it. Looked at buying down there but never did. She had her handbag stolen by some racoon thingy. Just snatched it off the ground by her chair and took off into the jungle. Crazy. Ohhhh.... tomorrow is just a perfect storm of counter-productivity at work. Friday, short-handed, Canada match. Might as well just turn off the lights and go home at lunch. No? Was worth a try. ☹️
  2. All the usual suspects. Don't think the in-laws and nephew are coming tomorrow but we'll see. Straight to from work for me. Think the wee elf & Carol have been working on your Trace.
  3. Here's a thought. If it wasn't for CPL would a player like Sacramento ever have thought about playing in NZ? Going on a footballing adventure overseas? I fully expect him to return to Valour for the 2020 season, and better from the experience.
  4. Just in case. For those not in the know. Nicolino's is going to be busy Friday with the after-work crowd of course. Popular place and always one of the regulars are booking some sort of event or other so could get real cozy in there really quickly. For those who haven't been, the louge is obviously to your left when you walk in, the restaurant to your right. If you see a bunch of Canada supports to your left we're in the lounge (or at least starting there). If you don't you'll find the private room tucked away at the back of the restaurant. Cozy Think you can legally hold about a dozen in there. Been standing room only in there once or twice. Which is fine. I like to stand and if you like noisey.... King's Head is on the west side of King just north of Bannatyne across from Old Market Square. (For those who confuse the two King is the north bound one-way and Princess the south bound one-way). It's going to be BUSY. It's Friday, the after-work crowd will be out and of course, there's no sidewalk patio in November to help spread that crowd around. Parking in the Exchange is a ***** but there's a car park just south of Bannatyne which usually has a few spots, or the garage next door if you're lucky, give them a try. If you prefer street level you might score a spot further up King. Don't know what they've got planned there for viewing. All the TVs are on the bar level (as far as I know) so unless they've set something up downstairs that'll be the place to be. Which is fine. Seatings limited but plenty of room to mingle, bump elbows and there's lots of tele's. You know, because it's a pub. Either way, don't be shy, or loiter around the perimeter. Whatever's your flavour. Both venues allow for kids (until 9 PM at King's Head?). Allez les Rouges!
  5. Academic exercise but there's a very big difference between MLS not being able to participate in the federations club tournies because of a strike (job action by their employees) and a union lock-out (a business decision by MLS). One is directly not within the control of MLS and the other is 100% theirs to own. I only mention this because I feel that should MLS choose not to be part of CONCACAF's club tournaments in 2020 they shouldn't be part of the tournaments in 2021 either. I doubt being left out of the tournies will exactly upset MLS, quite the opposite, and if that were the reality I don't think it would weigh on MLS decisions on how to handle this coming labour dispute at all, but still, there it is.
  6. It is shaping up to be one of those games that could be about so much more than just Friday's results. They always are but this contest feels different. About setting the pychology between these two teams going into next year. Seriously. Make it all go from bad to worse for them and their program. If they're down kick 'em. Kick 'em long and kick 'em hard. Every hoof and stomp is an investment in future contests. Put a licking into them so bad they won't even THINK about getting back up until well into the later half of '22. And then, maybe. If the coast is clear. Don't even have to run up the score. Just need to show them who's the boss. A-gin.
  7. ^ That you even know that sort of frightens me.
  8. Same issue in Canada today as always, venues. Too big, too small, or not practical to get built in less than a decade. Some surprisingly inventive solutions can happen some times but you have to be willing to make nobody happen to do it. Recognize dollars and cents is allways a factor but I'm surprised at how a newer venue like IGF isn't more adaptable for something like soccer. Don't get me wrong, it's actually a pretty good host it's just that it wouldn't have taken much to make it a really great building for Valour if it had a more soccer friendly configuration available. But again, dollars and cents and plain and simple practical sense. A soccer friendly configuration for Valour and a soccer friendly configuration for the WWC are not the same thing.
  9. Learned long ago when business is involved to never say never. Before that learned to never, ever, bluff. Assume whatever confrontation you're involving yourself in is going to arrive at the worst and if you weren't willing to go there, then don't. With those two thoughts in mind, I somehow find myselft recalling how Saputo didn't think he should be paying a $35M expansion fee to join MLS and held out. And then paid it. Because he realised MLS called his bluff and that soccer world was just going to keep on moving forward with or without him. I think OSEG just learned a lesson in recognizing a bluff. I also HOPE they've learned a lesson in how their soccer world will just keep moving forward. With or without them. Speaking of bluffs, anyone doubt that under the right circumstances Bob Young wouldn't be willing to spread around a little bit of seed money to get potential partners over the hump in Ottawa and into the CPL? I don't.
  10. I'm not sure how CONCACAF could have made themselves any clearer than they already had last year. It's all well and good that Canada Soccer and the USSF are cool with Ottawa playing in USL but it isn't just down to them. For their own reasons CONCACAF doesn't want cross-border leagues if an alternative exists. Period. The cynic in me suspects Canada Soccer approved Ottawa's application knowing exactly what was coming from CONCACAF. And why wouldn't they? Let someone else wear this.
  11. If the City of Ottawa wants a footie team in TD there will be a team in TD regardless of what OSEG would rather. At a reasonable rent to-boot. Still, really good time to be exploring alternatives. Think IGF is a good building for footie but with the right alternatives would swap some of a modern CFL's stadium luxuries for a cozier home. In a heartbeat.
  12. Weren't run out of town. Bloody well RAN out of town on your own two feet. Bydie-bye.
  13. So USL is done in Canada? Outstanding. Pity for the footie fans in Ottawa. Couldn't care less what OSEG does with their USL franchise and very much doubt any of their previous supporters do either. They won't be playing in Canada.
  14. If true, can't say anyone saw that coming. /sarcasm
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