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  1. I think its difficult when comparing wages from country to country making it into apples to apples. Housing, transport and per diem details and sometimes the crazy variety in tax laws can be huge. Am I remembering this correct? Hutch on 500K Euros in Copenhaggen as a foreign national was tax exempt for 5 years? When Jim Brennan came back to Canada after a career in England those pounds sterling he brought back with him became CAD and grew by 30% overnight. (Off track but...can't remeber who it was but recall one of the UK based players basically doubling their money in a coulpe of years on the house they bought and then sold when they moved on. Made as much money on the house as their contract! Score.) Sorry for the interruption. As you were.
  2. " What have I got myself into?" Romeo texted his agent from the pitch with the ball still in play.
  3. Okay, okay. Let's just call it a draw then shall we?
  4. That was painfull to watch. Really, really painfull.
  5. Helter skelter but they'll settle into it. Still not sure about Aleman. Just feels like he spends a lot of every match on his own page, as it were.
  6. Caught the US-Qatar match and came away still wondering what some people are complaining about. Ho boy. Watched our match at the pub so didn't notice the commentary.
  7. Quietly and not so quietly Miller has done the job. Not a perfect tournie for anyone but he's in my lineup going forward.
  8. Was going to write, prior to the unavoidable penalty call, that this is looking a lot like it's going to be a "polite" loss by Qatar, graceful guests that they are, and well, now here we are.
  9. You need VAR to call that? You're 10 feet away!
  10. Bit nervy out there. Could easily be 1 all. Me thinks if Qatar could find a period of "better than THAT.", and I sure they will, it's going to get fun. USA 45 away from losing this unless they sharpen up.
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