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  1. Well, 33 years young and still chasing the dream. Have to wonder who scouted this guy, how they scouted this guy and what exactly he's expected to bring that will improve the current roster. We do seem to have a lot of what I'd suspect are opportunity signings when maybe we should be more focused on a specific type of player/role/function. Speaking of 33... I forget, have we started talking about the number of injuries Valour have endured this maiden season and the playing surface at IG Field yet?
  2. ☹️ I hope this year has been worse than past years (for whatever reasons) because as a bit of stand alone data its kind of depressing. I'm going to guess there are encouraging details in there. Some of the names on that table are quite young, their whole future lays ahead of them. Nice find all the same.
  3. 1st, congrats. 2nd. With Skuseis on this one. Everything else being equal he isn't going to find a better fit for his development outside of the UK if his intent is to make his living in the UK. And even at that, as with all players, time and place matter. Has to find the right place for him if he's to be loaned out and isn't that the most stressful time of any players career? Has to be. You have a say of course, but you don't really have a say if you follow me. 3rd. Hope he isn't loaned out!
  4. Yup. Off of Yorks upright then off of Edmonton's upright for the goal. Had to have been all of 70 yards. Yikes!
  5. Wow. There's one from the past. Simon Keith. Heart transplant. Victoria Vistas. Hard fellow to forget. Looks good! Especially for a guy working with his third ticker.
  6. Really good day. Twice today ran into aquaintances who were at the Canada Day fixture against York, their 1st match of the season and said they're coming back and wanted to know where we perch in the 'stands. Pity they have to wait to the end of the month but damn, that feels encouraging.
  7. 9 goals scored on the night and I'd rank the MLS goals 8th and 9th. The runt of the litter and it's ugly twin.
  8. ^ That missed penalty is criminal. That play will come up during the officiating reviews (I assume they do that regularily in CPL, just like everywhere else). Small consolation in that the event might be reviewed by disciplinary committee, a retroactive caution adjudged, guess we'll see.
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