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  1. Going to hear a lot of moaning about it if true but really don't have a problem with that. Come on down! Bit cynical though, even if they set up for broadcasting from the main 'stand (I'm sure there'll be plenty of elbow room for both fans and broadcast platforms) issues raised with IGF didn't have anything to do so much with the social distancing part of seating spectators as much as the costs associated with security (which is based in part on footprint created by usage) and logistics, ie moving people into and out of the venue, concorse congession, blah, blah, blah. Everyone (most everyone) is still hyper alert to crowding out here, at least in Winnipeg. Was in rural Manitoba last week and you'd barely know anything was amiss.
  2. Was thinking the same thing myself. If given the choice you have to believe WFC's focus as a host hub would be for the CFL. I'd like to offer the opion that if IGF, the various amenities, and action plans for hosting the CFL's return to play are viewed as being sufficient they'd most certainly have to be sufficient for anything the CPL would require. The number of players, coaches, support staff and officials CFL will bring to a tourney would be AT LEAST double anything CPL would require.
  3. With Nations League and what not we aren't going to be in circumstances where we're aren't playing the barest min. in any given year anymore. Still, not every player is going to be available for every moment of their career for NT duty either. One of the D's just for the simple fact they both have a healthy start and A LOT of years in front of them. Sounds funny measuring Piette's days already, and I do rate him, but...
  4. I'll play. No great amount of nastiness in there but still a couple of gooders, eh? I always appreciate a 'keeper rushing out of their area for an enthusiastic, full throttle slide, studs 1st of course, and get the ball. And the on-rushing striker. And the pursuing defender. And just for good measure the badly trailing-the-play ref... as well. You have to know your appeals to consult the linesman for an opinion on the legallity of your challenge isn't going to go especially well when you observe the linesman laughing into this headset whilst being consulted. Well, I'll just be on my way then. Wow, did Wheeldon get away with murder. Someone call the cops. Umm, or maybe don't. I kid... I kid. FCE had a couple of moments of infamy, you knew they would. I'd also say its safe to assume they're not upset about it either. Joseph with a fine martial arts tackle that only attacking players ever seem to "get right" and I have to admit this, I found Esua's forearm absolutely hockey worthy. Still, both better than Mitter's hand ball on the line as he tumbled backwards into the goal. In hindsight the most disappointing part of that match for me was how Novak neglected to smash the ball right at Mitter as he flopped in the goal. Oh, well. Maybe next season.
  5. https://www.bbc.com/sport/53119479 Provincial responsability here, and as has been mentioned there are unique issues at every CPL venue, security, concessions, just getting people in and out of the venue in a responsible manner. Not to mention the biggy, inter city travel, but I have to say, knock-on-wood, for most of the CPL locations things are looking promising. Could get a shortened season with an in stadium experience for the supporters yet this year. How awesome would that be? Just keep that US border closed for now, please & thank you.
  6. What? No love for Aston Villa around here?
  7. Great news as he'll be on DAZN every week, but can't say I'm finding myself exactly tickled by the prospect. Not put off by the idea either, just questioning if this may be the best place, or league for the man.
  8. Yeah, it's all just a bit of fun at this point. Kinda of like the Spring Season in 2019. Just a warm up for the seriousness that will follow. This year that'll be a fall V's Cup Tourney. OHHHH. Boyohboyohboy.
  9. Just an incredible player. One of Canada's living treasures. Mark my words, they'll be naming high schools after him. "We got Jacked!!"
  10. If it does turn into a stand-alone tourney that is very cool. Is that possible with the MLS is Back tourney? Bloody well hope so. They'll be done in August no? That leaves lots of time and all the pro teams would certainly be in their best form by that point for a fall competition. V's Cup tourney to see out the 2020 playing season would be wicked fun. Could go a long way to saving something of the footie season in this country. Knock out tournies are always exciting, especially if they involve inter-league fixtures. Got to make this work somehow.
  11. Ha! And look what I found whilst doing some prep work for a home project this fine Sunday. A 33 year newspaper clipping. For those not in the know, and a bit of fun, a walk down memmory lane. Newspapers were these publications people once used to purchase in order to get information and entertainment. News, sports, adverts, personal, that sort of thing. This particular clipping is from the Winnipeg Sun I believe, sharing space with an Army Surplus add. In those days you advertised in The Sun for no other reason than that you couldn't afford to advert in the Free Press. Funny how some things never change. Pan Am Stadium is the athletics venue between IGF and WSF South and yes, it was a **** hole even back then. In those days the concrete stand along the west touch line was winged by wooden bleachers so you could get probably 7K in the joint. More than once they had people camped up on the burms at the south end of the playing field. Those were good days... Select-a-Seat was a ticket vendor. Think Ticketmaster but you actually had to go to one of their locations to pick up tickets. I **** you not. The tickets were pre-printed so you had to choose seats from whatever they had left and they kept the inventory in either a sort of photo album under the counter or in this "ticket holding" sort of shelving on the wall. It was totally bizare. A season or two later everything went computerized so they joined the 20th century. The Vancouver 86's were the team which took up residence in Vancouver when the CSL launched and would over the decades eventually evolve into the Vancouver Whitecaps of MLS, the 1st edition of the Whitecaps having folded with the NASL a few years before the CSL came along. You'll notice adult tickets were $7 back then. For perspective a pack of smokes was $3ish, a case of beer $8 or $9 I think and half-a-quarter (1/8th ounce) was definitely $15 for something solid. 😈 I now return you to 2020. Like it or not.
  12. ^ They REALLY need to get into this, by that I mean the league collectively. Hard to imagine patience isn't wearing just a little thin by now with the ticket buying public and harder still to imagine CPL HQ isn't fully aware of that. Yes, everyone understands these are unique times. Yes, everyone also understands its extremely difficult to construct something, anything, resembling a season for 2020 with everything still so uncertain. But understanting is only going to get you so far.
  13. The man has received more coverage in the mainstream media than any other Canadian player that I know of and I've been at this a long time. Excepting "Man United's Canadian born Englishman." LOL. I love that phrase.
  14. What? No do over? Have to wonder how expensive it feels now. Anybody who thinks they have something to complain about when it comes to the management and ownership in their league, whether its CPL or MLS, needs to spend about 2 minutes of their life being exposed to the collective brain trust which has levitated to the heights of Scottish football to appreciate just how good they really have it. I'm convinced every single SPFL board meeting ends the same way. After a long, hard, day of heated discussions a bunch of businessmen emerge each thinking the exact same 2 things, 1). That they were the smartest person in that room. And 2). They are surrounded by azzholes. Funny thing is while only one of them got the 1st part right they all managed to nail the other one. Sorry to interupt. As you were.
  15. Rant Alert. Just to borrow something Wallace tweeted. Testing protocols vary from province to province. #CanPL won't specify those protocols until a site has been agreed upon and the provincial rules can be followed. Sounds reasonable enough doesn't it? And it is. From one perspective. From another perspective, say.... oh I don't know, lets go with "the players" while everything in that statement still remains true, it also says CPL has no covid protocals in place to protect their employees other then whatever provincial requirements are stipulated at that time. In other words they're going to do THE BARE MINIMUM that's required of them BY LAW in their attempts to keep their employees safe during this very unusual venture. Oh, goodie. Isn't that what they were doing at that slaughterhouse in Alberta? So you see the statement remains true for both perspectives but the take away is something entirely different. Totally avoidable error. Especially given the hyper sensitivity which has to be out there given the times. Just for appearances and the peace of mind of your players state that while complying with all provincial regulations that you're going to echo the protocals in place for Bundesliga if they are more stringent. Or EPL. Whichever. If it's good enough for the millionare footballers, it's good enough for our lads. How fu'king hard was that? Nothing to see here. Move along. Lets speculate about the structure of the tourney and keep the conversations positive going into this as yet unannouced event. But nooooo.. Couldn't do it. I know things have to be stretched at CPL HQ, there will continue to be growing pains, but this is an unforced error. One that will hopefully be put to bed very quickly because this tourney is a grand idea that could turn into a great success.
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