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  1. Be interesting to see where the frontiers exist between the catagories you've mentioned. I know it will vary from market to market, and date to date within that market, but I think the impression that there are discrepenacies between turnstile numbers and distributed numbers is getting somewhat exaggerated around here. If CPL clubs are devaluing their ticktes by flocking them for free this perception has to have a greater chance of being true, but aside from the CPL kickoff match in Hamilton I haven't heard of any club practicing this. It's certainly not happening in Winnipeg, On the worst night possible I couldn't imagine 10-15% of paid tickets going unused. Not in this town. Unused corporate tickets I could see inflating the no-show numbers but I'm not sure a significant number of those have been sold to effect the overal percentages to any great extent. In other markets corporate tickets could be quite a bit larger and good or bad, will reflect that. Don't know.
  2. One then the other towards seasons end (Vs Cup final?). If two for QC is a done deal it'll be the worst kept secret ever but think if you can get two quality headlines in the media it's not a bad idea to spread then around a little. Get as much good press as you can.
  3. Looking backwards had you said in 2018 that at this point Halifax will be putting 6,000 throught the turnstiles for their league fixtures, Valour's worst crowd was 4 1/2 thousands and both Cavalry & Pacific were drawing north of 3K you would likely have come in for some sharp words from more than one of your fellow Vs. Very encouraging but a long season ahead of us yet so plenty of work still to do. Looking forwards I expect some actual marketing will at worst maintain those number and at best exaggerate them. In a few markets anyway. And I can only imagine how a successful Gold Cup is going to help this league, a lack of CPL players on the squad notwithstanding. Hell, a successful WWC even. Anything that shines a positive light on Canadian football, if only by deflection, is helpful. Wishfull thinking, if Valour can build up the 1st of July fixture against York enough their venue has capacity to bring in season topping numbers for the league along with season topping revenue. Just saying, the potential is there, but they'll need to work for it and have 5 weeks to do it. Here's to The Ladies conquering France, the laddies scarring the Hell out of CONCACAF and CPL grabbing a firm hold of seven markets from coast to bloody coast. Cheers.
  4. If you polled 100 Vs I think for 99 of those polled you wouldn't see more than 26-28 different names from that 40 man roster in their final 23 selections. With much of the differences being down to depth selection by positon as anything else. An honour to be included for sure, but the "bottom" dozen on that list is an honourable mention. That it doesn't include any CPL players is neither here nor there. They're not going to the Gold Cup either. At least this year anyway.
  5. Whoah. Maybe sounds funny but it's amazing what 15-20 feet of field width can do to change the game. Anyone who's played knows how true that is. One of the fortunate things about sharing the CFL grindiron is that you're always playing on a 65 x 110 yard field. Sure, 70 would be nicer but I'm good with 65. Maybe playing footie on a CFL field 25,000 times has conditioned me. But 62 sound uncomfortably narrow. The penalty area is 44 yards wide. The defending players for a corner kick would have to be INSIDE their own penalty area! One of the unfortunate things about sharing the CFL gridiron is those deep endzones. No end stands hugging the goal line there. ☹️
  6. ^ We're in 104. Like I wrote before I don't think there are even 20 season pass holders in the top 14 rows so most everyone who fills up that part of the section will be day tickets. Got to keep a sharp eye on the tourists! Ha! Never mind the tourists, just look at that hooli. Trouble maker if there ever was one. Just ask my Mum.
  7. ^ Was decent up on the northern side of the stand. The upper rows of my section didn't sell for season passes but were still maybe a little less than half occupied so overall, 2/3 fullish in 104? To our left 105 is solid and the sections between us and the supporters sections sparser. People are starting to migrate into those sections from other sections I think though, but that's a ballon effect. Squeeze here, expand there sort of thing. Would have thought 4 grand and change myself but again, hard to tell what's going on elsewhere in the stadium. Problem with IGF is everyone knows there'll always be able to get tickets which creates more of an impulse market than a season ticket/pack market. On the plus side that means the potential (very real potential) for some big turn outs is there but on the negative side I think it also decreases your base somewhat.
  8. When I'm feeling less aggrieved I'm going to have to watch the broadcast because I thought the man was a complete waste. That being said, bloody effing Hell. 8 of the 11 out there tonight were rubbish so it doesn't matter what 9,10 or 11 brings to the pitch if they're hopelessy surrounded by crack heads. And no disrespect to Forge but Valour were THAT BAD. Unforced errors, how many wayward passes!, isolated movements, confused movements, was all just a shambles. Or it felt that way from my section. I know the lads are exhausted, it's showing, but GAWD DAMIT. Only positive was I was pleasantly surprised with the crowd, mid 4K I'd guess, and increasingly involved with each passing match. That's grand, even if they're heading for the exits with 10 minutes to play. P.S. Triston Henry is a twat. Great for a laugh like many other clowns, he had the whole north side of the grandstand giggling there towards the end, but a twat all the same.
  9. ^ Had to go look. Yikes. My section is maybe 1/2 full though I've noticed the upper rows havent' been picked up by seasons so they'll be available for general all year anyway but yeah, lots to choose from. No idea how many mini-packs were sold. Do know more than a couple of people who've booked Friday off to get the extra long weekend. Most not doing anything in particular but a couple heading out to open the cottage. It's a diverse crowd at Valour matches from what I can tell. There's going to be some impact on attendance as we get into competting against summer but I'm not sure how much. I blame Forge. **** weather follows them around like a storm cloud over their head.
  10. We've all been there, struggling for field time but I can't help but wonder why this is even a problem. And maybe it's not a problem. Maybe most of Valour's fixtures don't conflict with youth amateur dates but somehow I doubt it. This year anyway. Maybe in 2010 and beyond off nights will be Valour nights. We'll see. But they should be.
  11. Like what I saw of a 4 man back line the other day but with both Golubar and Mitter out I'm not sure you manage that. Sacramento can play that left wing if Bustos stays infield I guess, with three across the back but I'm not a big fan of Murrell at center half especially if Bustos will need to take on the additional defensive duties he'd need to. Already trust Golubar for that, not yet for Bustos. Maybe he'll be fine with it if required, don't know enough yet to say. Petrasso can't be starting. If Hoyle does I'm not sure who else. Guteirrez and Sacramento will help support the attacking movements, you can count on that so do you give Ferguson another go up top with Musse or Carreiro the trailing support? Think either one of them enjoys the extra 1/2 second and 1/2 yard that can be found being off the front line.
  12. You know what? It's actually kinda fun watching this league and the all the things associated with it bumble and stumble and figure it all out as they get on with it. Venue logistics, the clubs themselves, at CPL HQ, and because it's right in your face, the broadcast providers (OneSoccer of course and CBC to a lesser extent). I really am becoming convinced that this whole "Spring Season" is just glorified sea-trials with the real season, the real product, coming after 1st of July. Seriously, by the end of the season as everyone looks back a lot of people are going to have a sheepish little laugh and marvel at how they ever managed to get from what they were in May/June to what they are in September/October. That includes the OneSoccer administrative, technical and on-screen teams.
  13. I see your agwaarena-uffalufagis and raise you a Galveez and a MoonCat.
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