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  1. Yeah. But your favs are all captured in a moment of time and we have a whack of players who were brilliant (in their way) this season or that season before coming back down to Earth but left a deep imprint in the mind. Still, 1st draft. ---- Radz Gerba ---- Davies Arfield Jr. -- Hutch The Guz -- Brennon deVos McKenna Diesel Forrest Bench; David, Samuel, Dasovic, The Duz, Bircham, Borjan. Injury reserve; Alex, Watson, Friend, Cavalini, Edgar, Pesch, Mobilio and Simpson. Missed out by a whisker; Too many to mention.
  2. You know what? This is really, really hard.
  3. Echo that. Was thinking at some point in June, so long as things don't go too badly up here. Not sure how the economy rebounds after all this is said and done. It's not as though bad weather has forced people indoors creating pent up demand for down the road. Millions of paychecks have disappeared and tens of millions more will be a lot lighter for a while. Think the entertainment budget in a lot (most) households is shrinking by the hour.
  4. Don't know why it came up but there was an extended highlight reel on YouTube of the '86 FA Cup Final, a final I vividly remember. Saturday (?) AM, the television cranked, me on maybe 2 hours sleep and still buzzing and the Old Man hung over and as sour as lemons bleating at me about all this soccer nonsense. Liverpool-Everton. Rush & Dagleish vs Lineker & Sharp and Grobbulaar at his flakiest (as I remember it anyway). All sort of came apart for Everton as the match got on but recall coming away with my impressions of Rush and Lineker being affirmed. Quite the year '86. Celtic took the league at the death if I recall, Liverpool with the double and best of all Canada off to the World Cup Finals that summer. Applogies if I got that wrong but that's how it all comes to mind. Quite the year. Have some CPL matches on disc that redhat gave me. Need to dig those out.
  5. Yeah......hard to say no to a sexy trip to Spain for preseason whilst carry a sexy Atletico badge, and for sure any other year it would have been a great opportunity for a bit of exicting media, however, not so much in 2020.
  6. DANZ has been down for me much of the evening.
  7. Booooo!!!!!! I say a-gin. Boooooo!!!!!
  8. Injured, apparently. Busted fingers last year wasn't it? Or maybe his wrist? Don't remember. Wee Elf was out for a couple of months with smashed fingers a few years ago. Was more the cords and not the bones that kept her out that long. We'd tape our fingers pretty heavy in gridiron after they'd get mangled, not really on option for a 'keepers though.
  9. Farago had a tough one last year, think he might be the one of the 1st to admit that. Any 'keeper was in for troubling times if they were with Valour last season. Ug. If Pantemis brings some consistant quality and the last line can act reasonably stable that will go a long way towards, improvement if nothing else does. Of course if the opposition learns that they can attack without fear any improvements on the defensive side of the ledger could be scrubbed out of the balance sheet by increased aggression from the other side of the field.
  10. Tough to gauge. Not seeing anything special (or at all) in the way of a marketing push yet. Maybe that's coming, maybe its not, just have to wait and see. It does feel like the organization is leaving it to the teams supporters to sell the product. Think a lot are trying to. Use it or lose it. Just ask Gary Bettman. My two season passes became four for 2020 and I have a half dozen pledges for the 2nd May launch and the Canada Day fixture so better this year at my end. Friend of the family went to a few matches last year and will be buying seasons in the cheap seats so improving there, but still, tough to tell. Absolutely believe there is a vast untapped market out there. Loads of potential.
  11. If Paolucci and Galan are willing to share some of the considerble knowledge and experience they both clearly have with the Winnipeg footie community then the CanPL has scored another off-field victory. One that I hope, that I expect, is being repeated across the country
  12. Can't remember why but I came into a 12 panel match ball a few years ago (the style with the long panels, sort of looks like a volley ball). Bought it, wasn't cheap, $100 at the time I think. In the 30 years I've been kicking leather it was the truest ball I've ever owned. By truest I mean most consistant/predictable. The action (english) was just so consistant, with all the variables in mind of course. Took some getting used to but became a favourate on my rec team quite quickly. When we were kids we'd use the old 12 panel that my Mum came up when we'd visit my old Gido (her Dad). Leather thing with the finish wore off, bough at Eaton's during a trip to Winnipeg in the '40s. Not the same thing at all. Might as well have been kicking a soggy, rolled up beach towel. Forty years old at the time but could still hold air! Might buy one of the CPL models. Just 'cause. Hung the boots up a few years ago now.
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