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  1. Seen the feature on DAZN?
  2. “It’s funny, like, I’m going here, I’m going there, I’m going everywhere,” Bustos said. “I remember reading that I was spotted in Victoria (while) I was at the gym in Winnipeg at the same time.” LOL. Go figure. Any-who, may be a bit late in the game but CPL/OneSoccer could have done a bit more to drive this story in the media. Go a little tabloid with it, stretch it out and build it up just in an effort to generate some media content for the league if nothing else. Pretty sure neither either one wants to go that route (even if they have the creative talent what could pull something like that off) but still, my point stands. There's no such thing as bad publicity and NEVER let the facts get in the way of a good story. See? Easy! The CanPL site should have be having fun with this for weeks.
  3. Don't think it needs to be overly complicated creating terms which discourage a large number of loans occuring, especially from MLS sides. Require the loan to be until the end of the CPL season and require the player's actual salary to count against the teams salary cap. The 1st discourages the appearance of CPL being used as a reserve league, the 2nd mitigates the advantages of player subsidies coming down from above as it were, creating that parent/dependent dynamic.
  4. Sacramento, LBG, Paolucci and Petrasso out the door and Bustos still a question mark. Have I got that right? Appologies lads, I must have mixed up the lists I placed in the "Must Keep" with the "Ditch Now" envelopes that I planted on Gales desk October last. I know I keep preaching patience, things can turn 180 degrees seemingly out of the blue but geez, getting a bit nervy here.
  5. shrug. So a player puts it out there what he'll need to come to Canada to play. Big deal. Hi, Reggie from Kingston here. Just wanted everyone to know I'm interested in giving the Canadian Premier League a go. Really exited about the potential of your league and thinking my talents would be a great fit up there but just so I'm not wasting anybodies precious time a couple of things. Going to need a $40K to relocate, plus of course coverage for all reasonable relocation costs to Canada and from Canada at seasons end (if necessary). All other non-monetary intangibles negotiable. Anyone interested? Thanking you in advance Reggie P.S. As you'll have been made aware by CPL HQ as a good faith measure I have pre-signed the above mentioned compensation requirement but would just like to remind everyone concerned this offer expires 14 Feb. so act fast!
  6. I don't know. Of two minds but generally think if The Guz gets the gig in Ottawa past comments won't be so overshadowing as to not quickly become water under the bridge. It will have to be.
  7. I'm not a dickhead and resent anyone who refers to me as one. I identify as a twat.
  8. ^ When the NHL returned to Winnipeg the franchise wasn't going to be nicknamed the Jets. Was of course the overwhelming support for "Jets" which eventually produced 1st an eraser and then a pencil so there it is. Point being that although time is short its surprising how quickly a little idea can turn into a brilliant strategy. Like the nickname for a sports team.
  9. Seems like Clanachan & Co. are on something of a winning streak no? The whole season one launch was at every layer all helter-skelter with a lot of stumbles, bumbles, trips & falls HOWEVER, at the end, as a whole, they managed to pull it all off rather successfully I thought. And we are getting a feeling that so far this close season the powers that be are, behind the curtain, hard at work making the improvements that are necessary. You can narrow your focus onto any small degree of the CPL horizon as much as you like to find faults and shortcomings, but the broad sweep of that vista is looking very attractive. I think so and at least one of the giants of European football is thinking so as well. Patiently awaiting for this along with the other expansion announcements which are rapidly coming. Cheeta P.S. Scotiabank Canadian Premier League dose have a ring to it, doesn't it?
  10. I'd just like to point out that on a personal level it's only the 15th of January and I'm already done with 2020. DONE. I thought it was going to be a grand year but only two weeks in I find myself wondering "what the Hell was I thinking?" But now there is all this thick, black, smoke, seeming to indicate that quite the fire is burning in the Ottawa Valley. There might yet be hope for 2020 after all. Even if there isn't a team in Ottawa for the 2020 season if this all comes off even HALF as good as its sounding this will be a defining event for the young Canadian Premier League. One of those battlefield victories that really changes everything that comes afterwards. It's all still wait and see but Geezus, a lot of eyes wll be waiting to have that look see over the next few weeks. And maybe 10X as many afterwards.
  11. Not sure Gale is the villian here. Valour are set up as a not-for-profit and there are some pretty strick stipulations as to what that allows for and what that doesn't allow for when it comes to monetary stewardship and the liabilities that board members could potentially expose themselves to otherwise. So in a way, Valour are financially handicapped by their structure regardless of how optimistic those involved may feel about their future potential. They have to live in knowns and in the CPL of 2019 there were very few knowns. . There are advantages as well to be sure, but...it's a bit more complicated than just blaming an owner, or that owner's agents, for trying to do something on the cheap. Now all that being said, note my post above. It speaks to the importance of your priorities within whatever your determined player budget is. There, clear as mud.
  12. Bustos is an impact player, is a domestic, and potentially has the best years of his career ahead of him. The optics of losing that type of local product BECAUSE Valour do not value his as much as a rival CPL team cannot be painted in any way, shape or form, as a positive. At either the managmentl or corporate level. But I'd like to see you try. NO ONE will ever take anything that dribbles out of your mouth seriously again. Everyone basically understands what CPL is. It's a stepping stone on to grreater things. Losing your key players to better opportunities is an accepted part of that reality. It is what it is and will become a source of pride for the various organizations. But losing key players to CPL rivals is not. That is quite another thing.
  13. Owundi is interesting. If I were Gayle I'd be giving it a think.
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