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  1. He would be in there for me as well but I won't begrudge Mista the nomination. If you are going to have 3 candidates Hart & Smyniotis are the locks so if it's not Kah.... it's Mista. Ottawa surprised me. It was quite rightly brought up on One Soccer how Smyrniotis doesn't seem to get a lot of acknowledgment. Maybe because in some part he'd brought some of his pre-CanPL work into CPL? Don't know, but Forge has shown itself to be, to my mind, the best club in this league for a number of reasons and that has to come down to Bobby S. See that Paulus is out in Edmonton, not that he was up for the nomination, just saying. Don't see Gale or Brennan going anywhere until after the results of the 2021 campaign either. Again, just saying.
  2. Can't complain about his movements today. He's doing what he's supposed to do, adjusting his runs and timing and creating/supporting whatever the play is in the moment by that movement. Even if he is ignored, or doing a decoy, it's important and with benefit. Again every player is supposed to do that, but just maybe he's being a bit abused by his teammates currently in that regard. Familiarity? Hopefully that's all it is.
  3. Teams are looking rusty no? Lille has got to maybe force the half opportunities some more. They're there but yeesh, not looking too sharp so far.
  4. Good on Babouli, everything else on the play was rubbish from HFX. Oxner went for a ball he wasn't going to get and ended up on his arse and Garcia left his stick, on top of a lot of ball watching by a lot of black shirts within arms length of the goal scorer. Terrible.
  5. Congrats. Well organized team and well played today against a Wanderers side who're full marks for reaching the final.
  6. Think the half time break will do these teams, and this match, a world of good. Think it's been decent so far, Wanderers seem more game than Forge so far though. Best yet to come!
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