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  1. Would add that the fact those 10 matches would in all likelihood be relocated to the USA isn't especially troubling to most on here. Convenient time zones for viewing, more convenient for traveling fans that jetting off to Arabia as an example. Still think this is happening. Dept financing happens out of sight. Those fussing will quickly become background noise joining the chorus of already existing complaints about this government or that.
  2. Sometimes you do things entirely out of pride. And you shouldn't feel like you need to apologize for that no matter how stupid that thing was. It's a measure of how you feel about you and yours and the doing let's the whole damned planet know it. So do it. Or don't. Either way you're wearing the decision. For a long, long, time.
  3. That's exactly the sort of thing which, in some establishments I know of which will remain un-named here, will get you pelted with popcorn, beer coasters and crumpled up napkins covered in chicken finger sause as you try to make your way toward the exit to the jeers of "BEAT...THE TRAFFIC." And you would deserve it.
  4. Disagree. Strongly. Unless this is a very different team going into next season I will be disappointed in the man is he stays put. And his agent should be saying so in no uncertain terms.
  5. Long thought a flatlander "regional elite league" is viable. You wouldn't need a crazy number of teams to make it work. Couple in Winnipeg, couple in Edmonchuk and Calgary and one or two in Sask-a-bush and you're good to go. Can't speak for elsewhere but I promise you there would be interest amongst monied parties in Winnipeg for such a venture, if other regional partners come forward. Not sure adding BC into the equation is viable. They could probably go it alone and the geographical footprint of that sort of venture may be inhibitive.
  6. Hard to see where a goal is going to come from. To a man Lille looks fatigued, mentally, physically, the lot. Subs coming not a minute too soon.
  7. At what point do you get ripped into by your team mates? At what point does the assistant take you aside after practice and tell you it's OK to rip into certain someone's, in match, if they keep being stupid?
  8. LOL. THAT will be the day. Eat my hat... The current Premier of Manitoba, if you're lucky enough to have never heard the man speak about anything and so wouldn't know better, is a right peice of work. There will be no provincial funds for anything Winnipeg. The city is seen as a revenue source the revenue source for provincial coffers, nothing else. Besides a few exception the private sector Big Fish out here are only Big Fish because they've kept to a very Small Pond and avoided the scarey outside world beyond the frontiers of our isolated little portion of this planet. I
  9. Just finished watching the match. Despite their best efforts to the contary Ajax are through. Even having said that it's still actually quite satisfying watching the two teams play together. Makes me feel sort of smug about all my dumping on Lille this campaign. Why the Hell did it take VAR to determine that penalty? I'm guessing the BoD at Lille may have suggested to Galtier to focus on league play and earning a Champions League group stage spot this fall. Fans in the stands, wheel barrels of broadcast money, you know? The usual. Europa League just doesn't have that kind o
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