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  1. One of these days just for giggles I'm going to figure out the ratio of cup/can holders to cup/can non-holders you see in those supporter section shots. I'd bet its a pretty consistant 5 or 6:1 ration across the board. Well maybe not across the board. Might be a couple of venues bringing up the average (looking at you Valour Army, Privateers)
  2. Him and Sharman were on TheScore there for a while, entertaining if not especially insightful but well worth the watch. I think of Budgie I think of someone hamming it up for the camera. Could be great stuff but sometimes got out there into "Drunk Uncle" territory, at which point it got fantastic. Or cringe worthy. It's a fine line between genius and madness Budgie would not be offended by that analysis.
  3. Everyone stays healthy between now and November we'll never have a better chance. Would feel 300% better coming out of 2021 with 16 points, but 14 still puts us on schedule as far as I'm concerned.
  4. No clue whatsoever. I suspect not because from Dos Santos' own words this all came together rather quickly, literally over a matter of days. But would you accept as your very 1st managing gig the one that's already engineered to fail? That doesn't sound like very good career planning for anyone wanting to stay in their chosen field of employement.
  5. At close to half a million views, that highlight clip of Phonzie's goal has introduced the Wheeler / Dunfield broadcast personalities to Planet Earth. I'm good with that.
  6. ^ The province by association slipped Valour a pile of cash through financing The Kickoff. Small crowds or no I don't believe Valour is going to be especially hurt by 2021. I'd be surprised if Dos Santos signed without there being a clear understanding around responsibilities and budget, Valour's budget handicap being the worst kept secret in the CPL. So great hope for 2022. On all footie fronts.🙂
  7. I will out of my own pocket cover the cost of admission for any and all MNT players or staff that wish to join us at Clarke for some Saturday afternoon festivities (if I can get up that early). Few heroes might help sales. Just a thought.
  8. Echo that. Why don't you just tell everyone to stop watching? Endless practiced phrases to politely acknowledge the obvious without telling people they've probably just wasting their time continuing to watch. "It's over. They're done." isn't one of them.
  9. Perfect timing on a great leap and then just relaxed the ball into the far corner. One word. Sexy.
  10. Seriously. In any other federation in FIFA would that rubbish be tolerated? What do you need? A player/offical to get hurt? Amazing. What year is it?
  11. I thank Gawd that we've finally reached the point in this region where we've outgrown all the CONCACRAPing that's be allowed to go on in CONCACRAP for too long. If that's sounds harsh it's because you're on the wrong side of progress. I just can't find a way to be nice about this. It's overdue and will be to the benefit of every, single, nation in this region., included those who've benefited by the practice in the past.
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