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  1. Career cut short, what a pity. How these retirings make me feel old. One of my favourites. As a Canada support, thank you Mr. Edgar. Now off you duff and go teach these kids how to play.
  2. And drew bottom of group, Celtic 2-2. LOL, of course David wears a big part of that one. Still have another go at the Bhoys so maybe they can be a little more convincing. I actually hope so.
  3. Echo that. Liking Bamba, you take the good with the bad. You can have Ikone. Please. Overall impression remains the same. So far as I'm concerned the success they've enjoyed this far is wallpapering over cracks. Or is good enough for Ligue 1, not to sound harsh.
  4. This can be a difficult "team" to watch. It must be a difficult team to coach. It feels like half the team can't recognize a movement three passes into the future and don't look as though they really care about it either. And Galtier has a real problem, a growing problem I'm sure he's recognizes by now, and it isn't that he's paid 30 millions for David. Frustration is growing amongst the ranks me-thinks, along with the other negative energies that travel with it. That can't happen because it's hard work turning that around once it sets in.
  5. Good on him! All a bit sloppy but job done. Well done, laddie.
  6. Tough night, some days go like that. Nashville earned it to be sure but I'm quite sure everyone at TFC would love to have another go at Nashville. Pity they didn't show up on the night.
  7. Hammed that one up a bit. Worth the try I guess
  8. Might feel hard done by but offside is offside is offside. Ha!. I made a funny.
  9. Pozuelo? Is he hurt, high or drunk? Nashville's best defensive move is to let the man have the ball. He's been absolutely dreadful.
  10. I think (hope) we're going to see a very much more normal summer/fall 2021. Graduating fans back into the stands as the season gets on. It's going to feel weird but it's going to happen if the vaccinations make their way into the general public sooner rather than later. And there's the tough part for the league planners, how soon will vaccinations become available and how widespread will they be accepted? BTW, Wanderers supporters have to be the 2nd happiest people in CanPLdom if this Quebec news proves true.
  11. "I'm sorry, narduch. The correct answer would be "What is watching Jonathon David's inaugural season at Lille of Ligue 1. What is. That incorrect answer costs you $200 and control of the board passes to cheeta." "Let's continue with Canadian soccer fan torture porn For $300, Alex." "He took control of The Golden Generation and Canada's Mens National Team without any previous experience managing mens international soccer or coaching a professional mens side." "Who is John Herdman?" "Correct." "Canadian soccer fan torture porn for $400, Alex." "While coaching, a
  12. Kept my seasons for 2020, which were defered to 2021 of course, and as I understand it now the OneSoccer subscription which came along with the seasons was also derered to 2021. So I'm good for next year already. Also notice the Lille matches coming up next week are still on the OneSoccer schedule. Could change between now and Sunday but so far the renegotiating tactics with Ligue 1 haven't reached the point where padlocks are being applied.
  13. I think we all know here are A LOT of things to read from that statistic but I have to say, I like the cut of your jib, sir.
  14. Eh? So what? Good luck talking your way out of this one Ollie. Say it out loud. The Canadian Premier League will have an "international player quota" for the 2021 season. So we'll have a league bylaw specifically denying roster positions to Canadians will we? Oh that's nice. Is that even legal? Has anyone actually checked? I understand this is a revenue scheme. Another attempt to further encourage speculation on the potential of sell-ons because its a serious part of the leagues business model, however... who the Hell is getting together in these meetings and how th
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