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  1. Remember all this happened very quickly. He hasn’t had much of a preseason and it’s only 2 games into the season... But I do agree that LOSC are not clicking and have been frustrating to watch. It may take him a while to find his footing. But we know David has a strong head on his shoulders and a killer instinct mentality so I am sure he will find a way to succeed. He doesn’t seem like the type to lose confidence quickly.
  2. I see Drake giving him shoutouts etc I think for athletes that is always a massive deal and many idolize their favourite artists (while artists often idolize their favourite athletes) I always remember one of the selling points for Defoe to come to TFC all the years back was Drake calling up and telling him to come lol (atleast that’s what was speculated). Don’t tell me guys like Tomori don’t look at something like that (being shouted out by the arguably the biggest artist on the planet) and think that’s appealing and exciting. Making Canadian football “cool/sexy” is something we’ve never really experienced before and it is very fkn exciting.
  3. Understood that there are some teams that pose a threat but we need to change our mentality. I know we don’t have the results to completely justify that but this is a new generation of players that are doing big things. As fans, let’s get excited and believe. It is good to be prepared, it will not be a walk in the park by any means. But to fear these nations is a different story. We will not fear anyone in Concacaf except for the teams that have truly deserved that respect and that’s Mexico and the Americans (and we just happened to play them off the park at home). I think the boys mentality is right and that’s thanks to Herdman. He brought a confidence and a swagger to the program. Let’s just hope he gets his tactics right, that’s truly the only thing that frightens me (oh, and our defence). Pumped for this. An absolute great opportunity for our program. A few solid and consistent performances and we will firmly be in contention for Qatar.
  4. He hardly put a foot wrong all game and was dangerous on the attack. Heres some highlights.. https://mobile.twitter.com/BnsComps/status/1294399315042021377
  5. First one isn’t actually Martial. But nice to see praise from Robertson. I do tend to twitter search Davies (like many of our players, to try to find some real fan opinions) but the most frustrating thing is sorting through all the “OMG Robertson > Davies”, “noooo Davies>Robertson” tweets.. which I’m assuming are just 17 year old boys that are Bayern/Liverpool/FIFA2020 fans. Although it is quite nice to see the appreciation of our boy Alphonso
  6. I’ve always been high on Liam and as someone who has played football, you can see the potential he has. I think nowadays, a lot of supporters opinions are rather cheap and lazy. Easy to look at someone’s Wikipedia page, observe “data” and create some surface opinion. But in current times, that is the way of the world. He clearly has a lot of quality and there’s a reason he’s on the books of arguably the best team on the planet. Hoping Liam crushes his next loan. I am sure he will turn heads.
  7. If no Kaye then where do you put him? Who do you take out? Who do you like at LB?
  8. Davids’ move to Lille just reinforced to me how good our squad looks on paper. Made this just to get a visual. This to me, is our starting 11. Had a hard time putting Kaye LB here as he’s probably our best player in the pivot. But at the same time, the defence doesn’t instill any confidence in me and adding another weak-ish link to our starting 11 feels a bit counter-intuitive. I am also in the camp of Davies being one of our best attacking options and sticking him in the LB position just doesn’t feel right (clearly his role at Bayern is far different). I am also under the assumption that Atiba wouldn’t be around. Hard to leave Osorio out and not sure about that. I like the mentality and determination Arfield brings. I’m also high on Eustaquio. I thought of adding in Vitoria or Jakovic but we saw Henry playing fullback a few years ago which was disastrous and I read Vancouver fans thought the same about Cornelius when he shifted out there. Added in their transfermarket value for fun
  9. Yeah, I am a fan of Hoilett, of course but you do tend to find when he is “off” he really hurts the rhythm of a team as he does try to do quite a lot. From my limited time watching him with the Nats/some of his career in English football, you can understand why he’s a bit of a polarizing player amongst the fans.
  10. Always appreciate these well thought-out opinions. Thanks 🙏🏽
  11. Alphonso had a solid game and Bayern were all around brilliant vs Chelsea. Next up is Bayern vs Barcelona in the Quarter Finals. Game is Friday in Lisbon.
  12. Ahh not liking the idea of Leeds. I could be biased as I am an EPL fan but just doesn’t feel like the right jump. EPL is a choppy, fight for everything type of league with insane pressure. Particularly if you’re a mid to bottom table club. The potential to flop is extraordinarily high (I know this is a bit pessimistic) and in turn, if you have some success, yes a team like Chelsea or United may snatch you up. Feels like the more logical route is somewhere like Lille or any of the German teams that were interested. Coincidentally, you perform at a high level (kind of like he’s expected to) and you do indeed generate the interest from those “top clubs” that I mentioned above (yes, I know those aren’t the best examples, trying to be reasonable 😁)
  13. Never been sold on Turkey. Especially in such a different culture for a young Canadian. Would have loved to see him staying in Belgium or move to somewhere like the Netherlands. Bang in some goals and play well and maybe in the last leg of your career (28 to 32) move to a mid table German team. Yes, I am kind of predicting Larin’s ceiling is something like “the main striker” for someone like Unión Berlin or Werder Bremen.
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