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  1. It was a funny feeling when Panama went up early, I didn’t worry at all. Felt fairly neutral. Knew this Canadian team would create a bunch of chances with their offensive firepower. We are spoilt with the football we are watching. Makes me laugh to think of all the years of watching Canada MAYBE creating a couple of half-chances. This team is built completely different.
  2. Incredible performance. Almost makes me a bit sad they won’t play in Toronto next window after what we just witnessed. They’ve played 5.5 out of 6 incredible halves of football this WCQ campaign at home. Don’t really want anything messing with that (I get the cold factor but not like our boys necessarily want their nuts frozen either).
  3. Expecting a big half from Canada. That was underwhelming but not awful. No flow in the match, players keep going down and of course, field is awful. It's 0-0 at half. It could be worse. We need a scrappy goal.
  4. El Salvador snatching 3 would be huge. Things are playing out very well so far *knock on wood*
  5. Any thoughts on which Euro leagues track the CPL? Genuinely curious. I guess basing it off Borges, Zator, etc I’d have something close to the answer I’m looking for. I’m just wondering if any others have proper intel.
  6. Assume his price-tag has gone way up over the last few months (after winning the league + the start he’s having). 45 mill? 50 mill?
  7. I love that his friends and family are on here supporting him it’s great and thanks for sharing more information about him. I understand the desire to pump his tires since he’s a relative unknown but as many reiterate on this board; he will play a significant role for the CANMNT if and when he’s “deserved it”. That generally translates to his club success. He is currently playing at a low level (albeit, apparently dominating) and seems likely that he’ll make the jump to the first team. Once he’s proven himself against stiffer competition, then we can start talking more seriously about how impactful he will be for the national team.
  8. I think Herdman has shown strategic acumen regarding team selection. I believe he’s treating these 3-game windows like mini-tournaments and I suspect he will not go all out with our best 11 vs Mexico, in Mexico. We’ve seen it in the Gold Cup and the first window. His starting sides’ having been chosen very methodically.
  9. Yes and once he moves up and performs at a reasonable level (such as B2), we will have data and not speculation. We are all rooting for him to succeed and it appears like you are too
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