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  1. Feels like it’s going to be a big Gold Cup for some of our boys. Bunch of guys in their primes/entering their primes and all at reasonable clubs in good leagues. If someone like Cavallini has a big Gold Cup, the sky’s the limit (ie. La Liga)
  2. Wouldn’t be surprised seeing him in something like the 2nd division in Portugal. I still feel like he has stronger ties to Portugal than Canada and would be pretty shocked to see him in the CPL, although it’s a nice thought.
  3. Looked fast and dangerous in those highlights. Love this kids swag 😁
  4. Awaiting spitfires games analysis! Congrats to Liam on his first professional start
  5. Alphonso on the bench for Bayern as they play Stalteri's old team, Werder Bremen. Lets hope he finds the pitch.
  6. Good for Jayson! Getting some games in a very competitive and tough league. Can only be good for his experience, confidence and resume. I'm sure he's earned these matches one way or another.
  7. As I live in Finland for portions of the year, I’m sitting here with my father-in-law watching the end of the Inter Turku vs SJK match. I mentioned that a Canadian is playing for Inter and my father-in-law pulls out his Finnish Veikkausliiga magazine and explains , “he is a Canadian youth player, who played in the Finnish 2nd Division for EIF. He’s struggled with injuries in the past but this preseason he’s played quite well. But he must keep it up as he competes with Albion Ademi for a place” From the limited amount I watched, he played fine but had some poor crosses from the wing. Figured I’d share. Cheers
  8. Happy with the result, team looked comfortable and played a lot of good combinations. Got sloppy near the end which was a bit of a shame. Personally not a fan of Teibert coming in although he was fine; would have really liked to see Millar instead. Don't think Teibert really belongs in this midfield with the vets/guys in their prime/youngsters coming up.
  9. As mentioned from some above, the high school coach really is apparent in some of the stuff Herdman is spouting out. I do believe in some of the angles he’s pulling when it comes to having a drastic change in mentality and having our players believing that they can achieve big results. With that said, I think he’d be better off saying less in a lot of scenarios.
  10. Just finished watching the 30 minutes he was on the pitch. As someone mentioned above, he didn't put a foot wrong. He also took a bunch of risks and they worked out brilliantly (had a lovely nutmeg on the touchline, a great looping overhead ball that was not easy to take and his finish was very well taken and not easy). You could kind of see it coming, he had a bit of swagger in his body language after coming on and making some positive plays. I still have a bit of a theory that some of the Bayerns regulars are absolute pricks by their body language. I've been worried a bit for Alphonso as I can imagine the environment hasn't been entirely pleasant this season at Bayern and likely tense. Nonetheless, super happy for him. Could almost cry. There's going to be many ups and downs in his young career at such a massive and established club, so lets enjoy this amazing moment.
  11. Someone needs to buy spitfire a beer (or two, or three) for all the juicy posts.
  12. I use to play head to head against him in the OYSL when we were 16 (I think he was actually 15 and playing a year up). He was a winger, I was a winger and he’d always just blast by me with his pace. It was one of the reasons I joined the Voyageurs all those years ago (2003, although I think I had an account even earlier than that). I still remember playing against his team (CS Azzuri) and I believe Colin Miller was there scouting our game. I was always interested in where his career was heading and of course I admired him as it was my dream to go play in a pro league in Europe as well. Happy to see he’s still playing.
  13. I like the roster. Just remember how many head scratchers we’ve had over the years regarding selection from past coaches. I can see Herdman focusing on our young crop of talent and is trying to surround them with good pros; I like it. We’re thinking big picture here. And as many people have pointed out, there are loads of things that go on behind the scenes that we have no clue about. The Edgar addition seems exactly what it looks like and maybe his ability to bond with the younger players has added something very valuable. Perhaps Herdman doesn’t want to mess that up by recalling Straith or Hainault over Edgar (to be fair, lots of respect to both Straith/Hainault who have made respectable careers out of professional football but both seem far from being important pieces to our program moving forward. I hope both prove me wrong)
  14. That was #10 with the assist on the first goal. Looked like a solid outing from Davies with Salihamidzic in the stands watching.
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