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  1. Definitely one advantage for fringey dual-nationals. There are some good opportunities here when compared to hyper-competitive Europe.
  2. That was the first "big name" European jersey Alphonso got. He had mentioned it in an interview. Cool.
  3. Whoscored rated him 10/10 💪🏽 Superb performance and a sign of things to come.
  4. He was a professor and ran the faculty. We were playing recreational football within the school. I'd assume he was in his 40's at that time.
  5. I know Nick from my time at McMaster (I was a Commerce student, he was head of the Commerce Faculty). This was about 14 years ago. We played intramural soccer together as well. He was highly competitive and had an incredible amount of energy. Just a great guy all around and I think we’re getting a guy with lots of charisma and enthusiasm.
  6. As much of us expected, Davies is starting in the league vs Frankfurt. Let’s hope he kills it today 💪🏽
  7. I guess he’s “been out of form” in training. The game they lost to Hoffenheim, the entire team was dreadful. Other than that, he’s been fine and was very strong vs Dortmund in the Super Cup. I have a feeling this has more to do with Hernandez (never been a fan) causing a fuss that he hasn’t been getting playing time. Which is fair, I suppose. But Davies was an instrumental part of the team winning a treble. So he kinda earned it, no? No matter his age. Being out form is kind of a joke since they literally just won the Champions League and they’ve played a handful of games since (and
  8. Yeah I was thinking the same yesterday. He’s been very good for Lille and wouldn’t be surprised if he was shipped off to one of the big boys in the Prem soon.
  9. Yep, as long as the team is doing well and are in this form I can’t imagine Galtier rotating the side. That is the saving grace. Also helps that his price tag is what it is, and they will do anything to get him going offensively.
  10. I’ve watched every minute of every Lille game this season and although they have been frustrating to watch as a team (albeit their success), today they were great. Agreed that Jo, for the entirety of the season has looked a bit slow, out of sync, low confidence and so far, not up to this level. It’s been hard to make excuses for him. He is playing a very difficult position on a team like this. It may just be what we just end up seeing with his time at Lille (very little of the ball and back to goal). Id imagine they pictured David to be a great poacher and lethal finisher.
  11. Good seeing his teammates appearing very happy for him scoring. Always a good sign.
  12. I remember seeing him live a couple years ago when he played for Barcelona B and the coach was barking instructions at him what seemed like the entirety of the game. I assumed it was bc of “being a foreign player” that may miss instructions during tactic-talks or just being still somewhat new to the tactical style that was demanded from him. After reading the comments I’m second guessing those assumptions.
  13. Played 90 vs Horsens in a 2-2 draw. 16 secs: Great block saving a goal and then a powerful sliding tackle to get the balls out of harms way. Was not at fault for either of the goal.
  14. Nvm, looked like David’s goal but it was an OG
  15. 30 mins in against Nantes and so far, very much of the same that we’ve seen this season from Lille. No one connecting, no rhythm and lots of individualism. Jo has still been looking pretty ineffective (but so has the entire team). He had one very nice through-ball to Yilmaz but that’s about it. Lacking confidence and rhythm overall. Very much hoping something changes.
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