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  1. Seemingly running out of gas. Gotta add something else for a spark
  2. One thing that we missed with previous coaches is this.. love how Herdman is pushing them on, showing urgency as soon as the 2nd half begun. Imagine Floro coaching this game?
  3. midfield looking great, tesho/ricketts combo very uninspiring though
  4. Agree with most of the comments above. Crepeau in no-mans land on the first goal, felt amateurish. Miller although strong and has decent presence, had a few mental errors. Didic was a bright spot for me, calm on the ball, strong, and a presence. Adekugbe seems fine but still underwhelming. Lareya was okay, expecting more from him in the 2nd half. Brym had flashes of brilliance, exciting addition to the program but still has a lot of work to do before becoming a real footballer imo. Piette did Piette things, breaking up plays, but still feel like I want more from him going forward. Oso was Oso, one of the only ways I see us breaking through is a moment from him. Liam looked pretty solid. Ricketts a bit invisible. Tesho should clearly have done better on his chance.
  5. Another cool vid following Alphonso around for the day in Doha. He’s great in front of the camera and just so likeable. We are getting in on the ground floor here for a future Canadian icon
  6. https://fcbayern.com/fcbayerntv/en/videos/2020/01/training-tournament-in-doha this was also a good little video. nice highlights of our boy
  7. Weren’t there very positive stats recently about the amount of dribbles he was having in the league? Albeit on a very defensive and underperforming team. So unless you have been watching the games and know something the rest of us don’t, “yet to show he’s a productive player at the professional level” seems to be a bit of a stretch. Of course it’s easy to look at his lack of goals, jump to conclusions and wish for more but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t contributed in other ways. And a few disgruntled fans on twitter supporting a struggling team shouldn’t be the barometer of objectivity. Unforunately we haven’t got a great look at the kid with the national team because of stiff competition. Apologies in advance if you’ve been watching him week in and week out.
  8. What happened to Grizzly over the past few months? Miss his posts!
  9. Remember playing FIFA2000 and having some sort of career mode and making sure my team had Davide Xausa. Such a cool name. 🔥
  10. Watched the entire match. Thought he was ok today, good defensively but his final ball in the final third was a bit poor and had some miss passes. But overall a very good showing from the team collectively which can only be for Davies.
  11. Still think I would prefer Cornelius over Henry. I was never a big fan of either but Cornelius has hardly put a foot wrong every time I’ve watched him a Canadian jersey, albeit usually vs very weak competition. But his distribution has been good and I’ve hardly noticed him, which is a very good thing as a CB. Henry on the other hand scares the sh*t outta me with his recklessness. Always feels like he’s one play away from changing the makeup of the game. Not a huge fan of the switch.
  12. I'm in the camp of seeing him at a club like Hoffenheim, Schalke, Bayer Leverkusen, etc. A team where he is guaranteed (almost anyways) minutes and has a chance to play Champions League football. Impressing at a club like that which is a very real outcome can see him make the next step to a legit top club in world football. But I do agree with others that being bought by a team like Bayern isn't impossible. While I do mainly follow the Premiership in Europe, I'd prefer to see him in the Bundesliga. Not only for the level and style of play but the idea of getting see Davies vs David is just a fantastic thought. Followed this team for 66% of my life (22 years) and can safely say this is the most exciting time to be a Canadian football supporter. It's been a long time coming but the actual joy (sometimes feels so irrational) I get from watching one of our guys do well has been worth all suffering, annoyance, heartbreak, apathy, and everything else that has come along with being a Canadian football supporter for all these years.
  13. Disagree. It was a great build-up by Frankfurt and there was a wicked deflection straight to the Frankfurt player at the backpost. I wouldn't call that losing your man.
  14. Ok apparently the higher the grade, the worse the performance haha, oops. Some Bayern fans not happy with Bild ratings Davies 5 (6 is the worst grade). Seems like whoever gave the ratings didn’t watch the match, just looked at the game sheet and saw the OG. https://mobile.twitter.com/iMiaSanMia/status/1189310582949928960 Discuss here.
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