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  1. Seems like capping him could be smart. Believe that Liams cap against NZ was somewhat similar in terms of both of their development level?
  2. Completely agree. He is timeless. https://www.whoscored.com/Teams/133/Show/Turkey-Besiktas This season his matching rating is 2nd highest on the team according to whoscored.com
  3. Rewatched the highlights of the 4-1 loss against US (don’t ask me why) and couldn’t help but think Vitoria and Henry were at fault (or shared the fault) for a few of the goals. I think Cornelius and Vitoria gotta be the pair given they impressed in a few games together. Henry has looked good on paper many times in his career and has done OK at club level but I’ve always felt he has been borderline brutal for the national team. But I think Herdman sticks with him none the less.
  4. Ha, lovin the list, no matter how unrealistic it is. My German friend who is a lifelong Bayern fan actually sent me the list, the hype is real. https://www.aa.com.tr/en/sports/mbappe-tops-value-list-of-footballers-in-europe/1869745# Didn’t see a link posted above.
  5. He had a solid game. Rarely put a foot wrong and was good going forward. He was getting hacked a bit in the first half and Leverkusens winger Bellarabi (capped 11x by Germany) struggled against Davies, picked up a yellow and was subbed at half. The consistency of his performances have been remarkable and it still feels like he has another gear we’ve only seen glimpses of. Been an absolute pleasure to watch. Whoscored.com rated Davies as one of the best on the pitch. Lucas Hernandez came up for him in the 84th and his man scored after a bit too much space was given (I write man, but it was 17 year old, Wirtz, who has now become the youngest player ever to score in the Bundesliga)
  6. Since I follow Liam on insta, looks like him and his fiancée are expecting a baby! Congrats to them and @spitfire !!!
  7. Ehhh I was a bit anti-Bayern in the past. Didn’t like the personnel they had. But I’ve grown to become a fan after watching them so many times, following their social media, etc and Alphonso has become my favourite athlete. So admittedly I’ve become a Bayern fan in the process and want to see them succeed bc ofc that’s only good for Alphonso’s career. To be fair, I’m quite neutral when it comes to European football. Grew up supporting Arsenal but could care of less now. I understand your relationship with Barca is far different and I suppose Bayern is direct competitor (kind of?) for the biggest prize of all.
  8. I’ve watched every Bayern game this year and didn’t think it was Alphonsos best but that is just where the bar is set right now. He has put in so many high-level performances that he has elevated himself to being nit picked a little, even at this young of an age. Very exciting to think about that because sky is truly the limit. Thought he was great going forward but thought he had a little rust but so did many players. Excited for the upcoming matches! Janusz Michalli had very high praises. He thought Phonzy was the best player on the pitch without a doubt. https://mobile.twitter.com/JanuszMichallik/status/1262522300575948800
  9. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/03/03/victor-wanyama-signed-montreal-impact-designated-player-tottenham-hotspur can’t be good news for Piette regarding his minutes?
  10. Great to have a young Canadian CB get minutes in a good league This is what the CPL is all about. And I am thrilled. Gets an OPPORTUNITY to show what he’s about in our national league and has taken advantage of it. We have come a long way (FINALLY!!!!) as a footballing nation.
  11. I would have imagined the comment was in reference to him leading the league in scoring earlier and than someone overtaking him? Just assuming.
  12. Gent midfield lacking quality. David needs better service.
  13. I think the issue is fans tend to make very incorrect generalizations of a players success (or lack there of) by just visiting their Wikipedia page and taking a peep at how many goals they’ve netted.
  14. Not sure if this was posted anywhere but little interview w Tomori and talks about Davies/Canada for a good bit of it.
  15. Seemingly running out of gas. Gotta add something else for a spark
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