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  1. My first real game-time (watched highlights etc in the past) exposure to him was watching all the WCQ games. I found him shockingly slow and ineffective. I knew there was hype around the kid so was expecting a lot more. Let’s hope he can turn it around. All of us genuinely want our boys to progress and ultimately succeed. But we need to be realistic at the same time. Fingers crossed.
  2. This. Can’t be understated the amount of big goals he scored this season. Essentially all his goals were very meaningful. To be fair, Lille didn’t have many blowout victories but he did find the net against some of their top rivals. Big moment player.
  3. I have similar thoughts when watching. You know just feel like Alphonso has another gear but it’s so apparent that he’s being tamed by the tactical demands. It’s clear that, “give the ball to Coman, Kimmich, etc” and they will deliver the final product, via pass or strike. And that’s fair. He has world-class talent around him that do indeed produce. Perhaps it’s just a matter of Alphonso capitalizing on the one or two times in a match where he does push towards goal (we saw it more last season). All in all, Bayern have been pretty successful (putting it mildly) with their tactics
  4. What a great time to be a Canadian football fan. Let’s all take a moment and be grateful. There’s been some dark, dark days but I gotta say, these last couple years have been great.
  5. Eh a football career moves fast and he is in that sweet spot regarding his age. If he was 22, sure.. but I don’t think you pass up on an opportunity like this because it may not transpire again. He’s also made it clear his goal is to play at the highest level possible. I’m all for him testing himself and if it goes awry, there’s no reason he can’t move back down a level. Happens all the time.
  6. While I’d also find it comical, I can’t help but believe that the ripple effects of their success helps us a bit on a macro level. I do think this becoming less of a thing as we build more of our own identity with the CPL and such. If I had to pick teams from our region to represent us at the WC, I suppose it’d be Canada (obv), US, Mexico and hmm Jamaica? Perhaps not Jamaica as they may always pose a threat for snatching dual-nationals , so perhaps Costa Rica can take the 4th spot 😉
  7. https://www.espn.com/soccer/united-states-usa/story/4349702/usmnt-world-cup-2022-big-board-pulisic-first-on-the-plane-to-qatarbut-is-there-room-for-aaronson USMNT roster predictions for next years World Cup (bit premature!). But they do have a lot of options.
  8. Thanks for the list, looks well done. We are solid in all positions, with actual real quality and depth but the CB position (one of the most vital positions) may make or break our chances at reaching Qatar. Agreed that Vitoria is our current number one. Let’s hope Kamal really blossoms into something we can count on regularly. Cornelius is in the same boat. They both need to impress consistently (and not just be average in the MLS). Luckily they are both pretty young for this position and I’m sure learning every day. Kennedy is indeed promising as well and James is somehow on
  9. Keep it going. I don't feel bad at all. I've watched this team underdeliver for 20+ years. Get the goals. Build the confidence. Make statements. Give yourself wiggle room if you come up flat against Suriname (I do not expect this to happen).
  10. I secretly love how a bunch of Besiktas fans are honorary CANMNT fans. They are crazy and I love it. (Didn’t love it so much when Larin was struggling and his social media accounts were flooded with “go home!” 😜)
  11. I live in Finland. 2am start time, not bad Lets see if I can make it till the end of the U23 match.
  12. They do indeed look great on paper right now. But so do we. Most teams in this region would kill for our attacking options. We are reasonably close to being on par with the US in that regard (without as much depth).
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