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  1. I do wonder how long Lille can keep up grinding out results, though. As most of us have watched them play this season because our beloved Jo David, the amount of results they have gotten without being convincing is striking. It does kinda feel like.. “When will their luck runout”? And in essence, tumble safely into 2nd or 3rd position. 2021 alone looks like.. 2-1 L Angers 1-0 W Nîmes 2-1 W Reims 1-0 W Rennes 1-0 W Dijon 3-0 W Bordeaux 2-0 W Nantes 0-0 D Brest I hope I’m wrong and I was really counting on an explosive performance vs Brest t
  2. Big results relative to what we've produced thus far. So yes, getting points in Central America... something like snatching an away win vs the US, getting to the finals of the Gold Cup, etc. I'm not expecting them to take over the region, but like you mentioned, it's about consolidating that 3rd/4th spot in CONCACAF. The win in Toronto vs the US was monumental but at the end of the day, it's one inspiring result. We need many more of those and as we know with international football, those opportunities don't come around so often.
  3. tl;dr Obvious is obvious, Canada must win important games. No excuses. Long-time fan is cautiously-optimistic.
  4. While this is very exciting (I am very bullish on CANMNT right now).. we really need to put up some big results over the next few years. It is just so damn important. I have been following this team for the majority of my life now and this does indeed (on paper) seem to be the strongest team we've ever had. To fast-forward 10 years and to imagine this generation not succeeding is a little frightening. This may be a little doom and gloom but we've seen generations fall flat (some were expected to) and the ripple effect was quite harsh for the coming years. This generation must capture their exp
  5. We expected this from him. We knew the potential. We knew that Liverpool rated him highly. Put your head down and keeping working Liam. Big things on the horizon.
  7. Liam starting on the bench vs Portsmouth and the fans are very confused/upset. Just an example of a few comments. He's become a really important player for them.
  8. To be fair, the entire team is a bit a step behind. Which was to be expected after the run they went on last season/not having a full offseason to recover and recharge. I expect the uptrend to come again. When the moment is right.
  9. What was the expansion fee to enter the league?
  10. Jo seemed much more confident and comfortable on the ball. He was much tidier with possession and was more in rhythm than what we've seen this season. Also had a few confident strikes at goal. And of course, his goal was taken brilliantly (3 out of 4 goals this season have been game winners against tough rivals, which can't be understated). He struggled at the start of the season, had glimpses from match to match albeit inconsistent but I think we are finally starting to see him in settle. Fingers crossed.
  11. Love the intensity of the match. Gotta love English football.
  12. Well deserved step-up for Tyler in his journey as a professional footballer.
  13. Amazing stuff spitfire. Thank-you for sharing all of this. I think I can speak for everyone by saying it's been incredible to have you here sharing your firsthand insight. Cheers
  14. Ok I'm going to be selfish and say I would LOVE to see him in the Prem right now.
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