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  1. Also, I’m sure they did a cost-benefit analysis and having either Costa Rica or Jamaica in the QFs are both close to a coin-flip. Would be vastly different if we had to face either Mexico or El Salvador in the QFs. Winning the group would have much higher EV. This is tournament football and man-management is above all of our pay grades when it comes to what’s most efficient for a deep run. I fully trust Herdmans staff and the amount of detail they put into their decision-making. The amount of dedication is something we haven’t really had before and it’s one of Herdmans greatest contributions to our program IMO.
  2. To confirm, we get either Jamaica or Costa Rica for the QFs?
  3. This guy is a real baller. I don’t think we fully realize how lucky we are have to him. Pure class and has the right mentality.
  4. Another positive: We are leading 1-0 at half time and have 60% possession. The bar has finally be raised so much that it will indeed lead to success. (Hope so anyways!)
  5. Henry with about 4 bad and wasteful passes instead of just playing an easy ball to his inside midfielders. Wish he’d just simplify things sometimes.
  6. I was just having similar thoughts. It’s kinda cool having our region a little stronger (Suriname, Haiti, Curaçao, Jamaica stacking up talent, etc). I’m actually paying attention to other teams for the first time (other than US, Mexico) and although it’s direct competition for our beloved Canada, it does make our region a little more interesting and dynamic.
  7. Ugly performance with little positive glimmers. Lousy CONCACAF ref against a choppy and raw Martinique team. Let’s get the 3 pts and never talk of this game again. Onwards and upwards.
  8. Most of the music in these highlight compilations are rap or techno. I love how this is just some light jazz... Scott so classy and smoooooth.
  9. Incredible strike. What a story he's been.
  10. Must be said. Herdman really does know how to say the right things. Bravo to him and it’s one of his strongest attributes in a world where everything is nitpicked.
  11. Liam Fraser started and went the full 90 for the Crew against Chicago. They won 2-0 and appears like he got a solid rating. Let’s hope this compounds into more starts after a winning performance.
  12. Incredible. Thanks for sharing. Scott is gaining more and more fans by the minute.
  13. What a performance from Scott. Big things coming in his future.
  14. Davies, Johnston, and Kennedy all looking great imo. Love how confident Kennedy is on the ball. Beauty of a left foot. Not to pile on Doneil, but it's the definition of insanity.. trying the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result. Why do we expect him to come in and not make clumsy errors? I have watched this guy since he was a young lad at TFC. Not much has changed. Kennedy's performance so far eases this a bit.
  15. IF Canada end up playing Haiti in the next round, what's the likelihood that we actually play in Haiti? I mean, the CSA will obviously be strongly against it. It clearly wouldn't be ok. Do we start some sort of petition to show how important it is to us as well?
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