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  1. Incredible matches. Very happy for the performance the CPL teams put in. Hoping for some upsets in the 2nd leg.
  2. I agree with this and figured this would be the big issue with this format. 😕
  3. *ignorant North American sports fan* So what does Calvary play for now?
  4. Was at the game tonight. Definitely played well, had a lot of positive touches, drove the touchline and put in some dangerous balls. Def lots to improve upon but great to see overall and lots to be excited about. Fraser also impressed me. Loads of composure, demanded the ball, and succeeded with a lot of high risk passes. Looked well beyond his years and I liked how he made an assertive gesture towards Pozuelo at one point demanding Poz to give him a better option.
  5. I really do think Oso's TFC experience playing in the CCL was absolutely invaluable. To go down to Mexico, play in hostile atmospheres, being the underdog and to shine/outperform the "better" opposition, that's something that has clearly given him confidence and an undeniable swagger. To rise above the old-adage and prove that it is possible; I'm sure he has lots to share with his new and younger Canadian teammates.
  6. Just all the years of cheering for a Canadian team that couldn’t score, even against weak opposition. Feels. good.
  7. Feel like this is spot on. I am a fan of Piette, I like his football IQ and I feel like he is a solid member of our National Team. But he plays an integral position where you have a lot of important touches and you need a lot of trust in a player playing as the #6. I still feel like he’s a little shaky with his decision-making and the thought of him playing against a pressing team like Mexican frightened me. My gut tells me that Kaye is the better choice at this very moment (behind Atiba).
  8. I would imagine Borjan gets to decide whether he would like to start or not.
  9. Remember all those years when Canada couldn’t score in open play? Both those goals were scored with the combination of individual flair/capabilities and great team awareness/connectivity (1st goal: Davies pace and a good ball in, Hoilett’s top level awareness, Arfield having the quality to put away a difficult finish and 2nd goal: David’s individual skill to separate himself from two defenders, Tiebert able to ping a pass, Arfield and David combining beautifully). I know it’s just a little clip of highlights but lovely to see after supporting this team for so many years and usually watching unattractive football. So pumped for this Gold Cup.
  10. And here I am thinking I’m dropping the latest story.. whoops
  11. looks like Noah Verhoeven has been added as a training player. Good experience for him.
  12. Good for him. Wish him all the best.
  13. Feels like it’s going to be a big Gold Cup for some of our boys. Bunch of guys in their primes/entering their primes and all at reasonable clubs in good leagues. If someone like Cavallini has a big Gold Cup, the sky’s the limit (ie. La Liga)
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