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  1. He had every right to be furious at Alaba after that third goal. He was WIDE OPEN down the left and instead Alaba played a hopeful ball into the box which lead to the counterattack and goal.
  2. With Musiala being the only other attacking sub available, there’s a chance he gets some minutes on the wing in the second half.
  3. Atiba and Larin both starting for besiktas. game kicks off in ~15
  4. Millar-Larin-Corbeanu -----Wotherspoon---- ----Piette----Kaye---- Davies-FS-RF-Johnston ---------Crepeau------
  5. The fact is they got 8 in one window, and we got 5 in the same window, just wanted to point that out. While it is impressive that they're bringing in that many duals that are playing at a good level, its an impossible ask for them to keep up that level of recruitment and it doesn't strike me a sustainable method for building the strength of a national team.
  6. I was simply addressing the misinformation in your post. The Tomori ship has sailed, people need to move on. IMO both he and Yankov made stupid impulsive decisions regarding their national team allegiances, and will live to regret it. Best of luck to the both of them but I don't see Tomori getting minutes in major tournament, and I don't see Bulgaria reaching the Euros or World Cup anytime soon.
  7. We have 5 players in this camp who are uncapped dual-nationals; St. Clair, Gutierrez, Ferreira, Sturing, and Corbeanu(now capped). And they all committed over the past year. Im not sure what your angle is but you're clearly blowing this out of proportion.
  8. I had the it running on both my phone and laptop earlier this week with no problems.
  9. Most of the earliest praise came from American soccer writers who saw him tear up the USDA with tfc academy.
  10. Would be nice if they didn’t speak over you constantly.
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