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  1. According to transfermarkt, today’s match is Atiba’s 600th in Europe. What a career.
  2. Wild guess at the lineup: ————Larin——Cav———— Laryea—Oso-Staq-Kaye—Tajon ———Miller-Vitoria-Henry——— —————-Crepeau—————
  3. Larin and atiba won the Turkish cup. Borjan won the Serbian league and plays for the cup tomorrow.
  4. It was overall GD that decided it.
  5. Getting his first start of the year tonight.
  6. Don’t forget Rangers and Arfield
  7. He had every right to be furious at Alaba after that third goal. He was WIDE OPEN down the left and instead Alaba played a hopeful ball into the box which lead to the counterattack and goal.
  8. With Musiala being the only other attacking sub available, there’s a chance he gets some minutes on the wing in the second half.
  9. Atiba and Larin both starting for besiktas. game kicks off in ~15
  10. Millar-Larin-Corbeanu -----Wotherspoon---- ----Piette----Kaye---- Davies-FS-RF-Johnston ---------Crepeau------
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