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  1. Well obviously we call him for the March games! ZBG, Millar, Godinho all go to U23s. Cordova can then be the backup behind Laryea or even play one of the two games while Laryea plays the other.
  2. Agreed. ELO Rankings: 48th: Costa Rica 57th: Greece 58th: Canada 62nd: Jamaica 75th: Albania http://www.eloratings.net/ Greece would be a tougher match than Jamaica and worth fewer points. Jamaica is our best bet of the options that remain.
  3. To follow up on the good work by @Kyle_The_Hill and others: Belgium/Portugal/Switzerland/Croatia have nothing booked (all were originally invited to Qatar in March?). All would destroy us. For the March window here are the teams in Europe who are: -ranked below 24th but above 1000 FIFA points -not in the EURO playoffs -not yet booked two friendlies Game 1 (March 26th/27th): -Albania 1356 Game 2 (March 30th/31st): -Cyprus 1251 -Estonia 1202 -Lithuania 1089 -Andorra 1082 -New Caledonia 1035 These are our options for AFC: Game 1 (March 26th/27th): -Iraq 1344 -Syria 1314 -Oman 1303 -Lebanon 1269 -Vietnam 1258 -Kyrgystan 1240 -Jordan 1238 Game 2 (March 30th/31st): -Bahrain 1225 -Palestine 1199 -India 1187 -Thailand 1178 -North Korea 1170 -Tajikistan 1152 -Philippines 1136 Otherwise it would be New Zealand 1149 or a good ol'CONCACAF team. Costa Rica 1442 are looking to play in March. Jamaica 1437: http://jamaica-star.com/article/sports/20200103/jff-seeks-big-friendly-boyz Trinidad and Tobago 1201 is looking to play in March: https://wired868.com/2020/01/24/how-should-tt-teams-play-ttfa-talks-tactics-tobago-players-and-oversized-technical-committee/ Game 1 (March 26th/27th): Greece 1409 will be in North America before playing Mexico in Dallas Game 2 (March 30th/31st): Curaçao 1313 Panama 1304 Other options: Haiti 1285 Antigua and Barbuda 1127
  4. One of the best opponents for us, right in our "sweet spot", Albania, might play Costa Rica instead in March! Albania is 1356, so above us and above El Salvador. In UEFA qualifying, they did beat Iceland at home though. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_Euro_2020_qualifying_Group_H http://gazetablic.com/kombetarja-e-njohur-e-futbollit-deshiron-te-luaje-miqesore-me-shqiperine/ http://albsport.mk/shqiperia-ne-muajin-mars-miqesore-ne-spanje/
  5. Looks like Jackson-Hamel wanted to go to Camp Poutine but then got cut due to ....(injury? not recovering quickly enough? got cut for another player?) http://twitter.com/gccoratolo/status/1220443659092578305 Did anybody listen to the whole thing on 98.5FM?
  6. Details: http://canadasoccer.com/canada-returns-to-vancouver-in-april-for-women-s-international-friendly-p162554 Tickets will be here: http://www.thevoyageurs.org/
  7. I feel (almost) sad for you TFC fans; on Facebook, Twitter and here people are speaking of Morgan as if he has died! He's only switching from one Don Garber controlled football club to another Don Garber controlled football club.
  8. Costa Rica, maybe. Costa Rica may go to Europe for the window. Honduras said they were only playing one match in March.They are already playing the Czech Republic at InterMiami's stadium.
  9. Can Canadians still get loaned out to USL and be considered "domestic" in that league? His future might be similar to Jakovic with LAFC.
  10. From the El Salvador perspective: http://diario1.com/zona-deportiva/2020/01/la-selecta-se-juega-el-partido-mas-dificil-en-el-escritorio/
  11. Does anybody know exactly how many points we have and El Salvador has? If not, then we must assume the worst http://www.fifa.com/fifa-world-ranking/ranking-table/men/#CONCACAF El Savador 1346.49 (rounded to 1346) Canada 1330.51 (rounded to 1331) Up to (roughly) 16 points behind at max, then we gained roughly 0.36 points this month so we need to gain 15.62 points over El Savador to be safe.
  12. @Obinna , @Kyle_The_Hill , @SkuseisLoose and everybody else, my sincere apologies! Either I read that somewhere else and can't find the link again, or Duane Rollins said it on twitter and I was reading an official document to find another thing and quickly copy-pasted that link. In any case, there doesn't seem to be any rules regarding training matches that I can find. Apologies to all. It was not my intent to mislead anybody. http://twitter.com/LaSelecta_SLV/status/1219078083606667265 It is annoying that El Salvador lost this "training match" to Iceland, but won't lose any ranking points.
  13. Remember we also need him to be a leader and positive influence to a guy like Cristián Gutiérrez; we aren't sure that he has filed his switch!
  14. ...and the other 5 Canadians on the list don't get drafted. Can Viens get allocated? I'm not sure of the rules; she hasn't gotten 3 or more caps in the last 24 months. http://the18.com/soccer-news/how-much-do-nwsl-players-make-2020-salary-guidelines Does that mean she will make $20 000 to $50 000 a year (+ free housing)?
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