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  1. There is no proof that he is Canadian. I haven't heard him or anybody from his inner circle (agent, family close friends etc..) state this. His Canadian-ness came out of nowhere. I'm waiting for proof! The Egyptian national team coach, Hossam El Badry, knows he exists and is watching him. (El Badry used to be the Egypt U23 coach) https://www.kingfut.com/2020/05/30/egypt-monitor-omar-marmoush-debut/ Funnily enough, Hossam El Badry was my first choice to replace OZ (after he got the sack and before Herdman was chosen). Although he is based in Egypt, his family is based in Canada and he seems to come here at least semi-regularly: https://sport.elwatannews.com/ar/1/1/686129/خاص-سر-اعتذار-حسام-البدري-عن-عدم-حضور-مباراة-السوبر-بالإمارات https://www.youm7.com/story/2017/10/25/إصابة-خطيرة-لـ-ابنة-حسام-البدرى-فى-حادث-مترو-بكندا/3480948 The man was just chilling in Canada when Al-Ahly offered him the coaching job (either the second time or the third time): https://www.shorouknews.com/news/view.aspx?cdate=06072020&id=0893f800-2e23-44d4-ae6f-5b616d4c50bd
  2. Letting 5 guys from the first team not play isn't match fixing either (technically).
  3. He's a '98 right? All youth football is over for him except U24 Olympic Qualifying if he were to play for Canada. It would be an uphill battle to get into either the Albanian or the Canadian senior team.
  4. There are rumours that Bielsa might try to sign André Ayew from Swansea: https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/53606430 Ayew was brilliant under Bielsa at Marseille. I still think Lille is probably the better move for David.
  5. Ya, that's mental. You would think that a 6-1 win would do the trick but FAC Wien just really wanted to get relegated as much as Guntamatic Ried wanted promotion I guess.
  6. I hope so too. That or... ...how about that German B.2 side? That would be a higher level than André Hainault and Adam Straith. Really tough day for Scott I'm sure, but lots to be proud of. Really has had a "journeyman" type rise. As far as I understand from @Ian Kennedy , didn't go through a MLS/USL/CanPL academy. Didn't go through a European academy. Didn't go through a South American academy like Osorio and Cavallini. Went from the German 6th division all the way to the cusp of promotion to the Austrian Bundesliga in about what...5 years? The man's got determination.
  7. Heartbreak for Kennedy and Klagenfurt. Highlights of the Guntamatic Ried match 😢 :
  8. 8-0 for Reid in the 78th. Man, can we get them eliminated for match fixing or something.
  9. 1) There is certainly huge inflation risk. This is very true. 2) There is also a risk of deflation associated with a dropping demand for many things. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-05-21/could-the-coronavirus-pandemic-lead-to-deflation 3) The externalities of any policy must be taken into account. In Canada, the quick and strong financial response, including CERB undoubtedly contributed to people staying home for longer and returning to work more slowly. This has helped slow the spread of the virus. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Externality The "short term pain" strategy of most Canadian provinces in May/June when compared to US states that re-opened quickly has given us greater "long term gain" now, in an economy where workers can be more productive and safe. 4) Foreign capital won't flee Canada if we continue to show we are a literally healthy country. -------------------------------------- In CONCACAF news, when this new format goes to **** because: Thursday, October 8th: Pot #4 team vs Canada Sunday, October 11th: Canada vs Pot #3 team Saturday, November 14th: Pot #5 team vs Canada Tuesday, November 17th: Canada vs Pot #2 team can't happen with all the travel restrictions and self isolation rules, I predict that CONCACAF will cut the Octo from 14 matches to 7 per team (a similar setup to the CONCACAF first round). This is the emergency contingency (the buffer) that allows for 7 more matchdays of leeway. Everybody plays everybody else one time (instead of twice) but perhaps the safest regions or the top 4 ranked teams will get 4 home matches and the bottom 4 ranked teams will get 3 home matches.
  10. Wait...doesn't this mean that Klagenfurt simply has to win big? If Guntamatic Ried win their match 2-1 and Klagenfurt win their match 3-0, Klagenfurt would be promoted right? Some interesting facts going into this final day: Austria Klagenfurt play Wacker Innsbruck; although Wacker has nothing to play for but pride, they were the ones relegated from the Austrian Bundesliga the previous season. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018–19_Austrian_Football_Bundesliga Guntamatic Ried play FAC Wien(Floridsdorfer AC). Guntamatic Ried actually missed out on promotion the previous season by 2 points. This is despite the fact that they had the most "Goals For" and fewest "Goals Against" and therefore the best goal difference by a significant margin. They are trying to avoid a heartbreak 2 years in a row. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018–19_Austrian_Football_Second_League FAC Wien(Floridsdorfer AC) might put up a fight; a win for them saves them from relegation to the 3rd tier. A draw could really help them too. https://www.2liga.at/2liga/spielplan/ In terms of squad news, FAC Wien(Floridsdorfer AC) looks a little depleted, but Wacker have almost a full squad: https://www.nachrichten.at/sport/fussball/sv_ried/im-rieder-titelduell-spielen-auch-die-gegner-eine-grosse-rolle;art102,3278947 There is really plenty of drama!
  11. Nope. He has a background with the format that has additional info not seen on CONCACAF's website.
  12. Yes, @xabuep2 but that graph doesn't show up anywhere else except Mr. Chips video. It's not on CONCACAF's website! https://content.invisioncic.com/l286123/monthly_2020_07/image.png.778ed570807b37e15576f5aa96b1b850.png Let's assume it is correct, because it is a good way of fitting 10 matches for 5 teams into 2 FIFA windows; nobody faces the prospect of playing 3 matches in one month and only one match in the other. For Canada that means: Thursday, October 8th: Pot #4 team vs Canada Sunday, October 11th: Canada vs Pot #3 team Saturday, November 14th: Pot #5 team vs Canada Tuesday, November 17th: Canada vs Pot #2 team In regular times this would work well. With restricted travel and quarantines...I'm not so sure.
  13. This! I don't see this playing out as smoothly as CONCACAF thinks it will. All with 3 matchdays crammed into one FIFA window; I'm a skeptic.
  14. This is what Mr. Chip claims in the YouTube video of his analysis posted by @xabuep2 ; I haven't been able to find an official source on this though. He also claims that we will play our hardest opponent at home on the last day; so November 17th(possibly November 18th) we would host one of Antigua & Barbuda / Guatemala / St. Kitts & Nevis / Suriname / Nicaragua / Dominican Republic. (The team from pot "B") However, Mr. Chip, in his interview with Philippe Moggio (General Secretary of CONCACAF) does get Philippe to confirm there will be some kind of hosting advantage to being the top seeds of the group with regards to hosting @18min22secs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvSST1qaNwQ so things could look more like: Matchday #1 B vs D C vs E (Canada doesn't play) Matchday #2 Canada vs C D vs E (B doesn't play) Matchday #3 E vs Canada B vs C (D doesn't play) Matchday #4 D vs Canada E vs B (C doesn't play) Matchday #5 Canada vs B C vs D (E doesn't play) The problem still remains, how will they fit 5 matchdays into 4 dates? Will October host 3 games? Or will November host 3 games? ------ Also, I would tell people to stop talking about COVID19 outside of the context of footballing decisions, but this thread was started by Binky (Robert), so it was bound to be a shitshow anyways....
  15. The funny thing is, with social distancing in place and strict assigned seating, you could spread out about 4500 people throughout a 30 000 capacity BMO Field quite safely I think. A mask would be required if you leave your seat (to go to washrooms, concessions etc). That would be about 15% capacity. No stranger right beside you or behind you; anybody not from your social bubble remains 2 metres away. 4500 people; the CSA can't complain; it's about what they'd get in attendance vs the U.S. Virgin Islands anyways!
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