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  1. Also, given two big CONCACAF tournaments in the summer of 2022, this one and the Women's World Cup qualifier tournament (called the 2022 CONCACAF W Championship), the odds are VERY good that Canada would host at least one of them.
  2. Exactly. Terrible for the 01's and 02's. And then we will complain again when they get youth caps for other nations. Edit: @VinceA , the entire article is here: https://www.concacaf.com/under-20s-men/article/concacaf-men-s-under-20-championship-to-qualify-teams-to-2023-fifa-u-20-men-s-world-cup-and-2024-summer-olympic-games/
  3. @finchster , are you still in Moscow? Do you support a Russian club team? His last two matches were @ Khimki (Northern suburbs of Moscow) and @ Dynamo. Did you go to either match? Unless it's in the Cup, I don't think he plays in Moscow again until the spring.
  4. Not called to the France U20 or U19 squads earlier this month (as an '03, he is more of a U19). --- There will be a U19/U20 friendly tournament next month in Marbella Spain. We need to send @Unnamed Trialist over because the participants are France, Belgium, Mexico and England. In theory, we could see Smith, Jebbison and Flores all playing against each other!
  5. Sadly, the international window for September has started and there is nothing going on. Maybe a victory tour match in October? CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, OFC, CAF and Japan/Australia/China/India are all opponents we can play. Saputo is still the stadium that is completely free.
  6. On his competitive debut with the club and after they had gone down to 10 men. I can't see how Egypt doesn't call him next month...
  7. Has some kind of minor injury they didn't want to aggravate so he didn't play today. This buys us more time. Likely won't get called by the Netherlands for the October window and Turkey will focus on bringing in a new coach and their current player pool before looking at offering one-time-switches.
  8. @ShralpShralpShral @Walnut444 @Joe1973 First the FMF wants to sell tickets to their WNT home match against Colombia at Azteca: http://www.sopitas.com/deportes/estadio-azteca-seleccion-mexicana-aforo-75-por-ciento-vs-colombia-canada-honduras/amp/ They are allowing 75% capacity (a max of 65 000). Expect tickets for the MNT vs Canada to go on sale just before or just after that match later this month.
  9. How should we interpret "Your right"? Is it @king1010 has a right to believe "words mean things" or should we interpret "Your right" as "You're right" but spelled incorrectly? The world is a mysterious place that we must interpret to the best of our abilities.
  10. The ban was reduced to only one match (already served). There will be fans in the stands against us in Mexico City.
  11. If we drop Pantemis, who is our 3rd choice keeper? Leutwiler is just getting himself established at his new club and the level is not superb (League 2 England). St. Clair isn't getting as much playing time in MLS these days. Do we bring Breza into the fold? A CanPL player? I don't think Fraser is dropped. I just think we move to a 26 or 27-man squad. No. These three games will be different. A match ~2250 metres (Mexico City) and then a match in the afternoon tropical heat and humidity (Kingston). Not going to happen. Play in all three? Yes. I think he starts in 2 of them and comes in as a sub in the 3rd. --- My pet theories: - Instead of playing 3 matches like in this past window, Hutchinson will only play in 2 and get the caps record in front of the fans at BMO Field ( as @El Hombre suggested). - Arfield will get invited but only play two of the three matches. - Hoilett will play in all 3 matches but won't play 90 minutes in any of them
  12. He actually doesn't want the record that badly. He was very nonchalant when asked about it back in March but I am sure he will be pleased. I think some of us want him to break the caps record more than he does!
  13. I haven't been through every post in this thread but I just wanted to point out that Laryea, Johnston and Borjan played every single minute of every single match. We can't count on the same situation with two away games (one at altitude in Mexico and then one in the heat and humidity in Jamaica) and Laryea on a yellow card. The 23 man squad with only 22 players for this match did work out but we will need more players for the next window. --- To be on the bandwagon is by definition to be a fan (just a latecomer). You're fan hermano and we are happy to have you Many were born here. I spoke with two guys (early 20s?) That came down from Montreal for the match and were all in blue. Both were born in Canada and had never lived in El Salvador.
  14. Because at the end of the day he did agree, because he is a responsible adult who understands the dynamics at play, but like many people these days decided to vent his frustration with the whole situation on social media. And then, as semi-cryptic social media posts tend to be, it got blown way out of proportion.
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