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  1. Good stats considering it's with Valour and only 7 starts!
  2. Japan already landed that game. Venezuela is going to Osaka in November. http://www.enlaraya.com/futbol/vinotinto-jugara-un-partido-amistoso-ante-japon-el-proximo-19-de-noviembre/
  3. This. Ukraine would not have been allowed to play in Nigeria after playing Lithuania. But playing two games in Europe is fine.
  4. Funnily enough, the only game where I remember him playing poorly was the U.S Virgin Islands game. He made some bad passes and looked tired. If he had been at his best we would have won 10-0.
  5. Reminder, FIFA rules state that you can only play friendlies in one confederation (or the same confederation you played a competitive match in) You can't get a team from Asia or Europe if they already have one match there during the window. http://img.fifa.com/image/upload/em9ojcgyge2c6fo07hic.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwji7vmYr8zkAhUsnuAKHQwWAVcQFjADegQIBhAT&usg=AOvVaw09mo5TegrLfrmkYKGcq5v7
  6. It looks like Guatemala have their friendly. We could still play Haiti outside the FIFA dates. http://www.elgrafico.com/selecciones/Guatemala-confirma-amistoso-contra-El-Salvador-en-Los-Angeles-20190911-0014.html
  7. Just hope the wild Lyle Taylor injury rumours aren't true! http://forum.charltonlife.com/discussion/86773/please-dont-shoot-the-messenger-but-i-think-lyle-may-be-injured/p8 Without him, Montserrat are in trouble!
  8. Two points: 1) Spoony looked very rusty (pun intended) but remember he hasn't played football since July when he got injured. I was surprised he got the call! He was physically and mentally not at 100% and you need to be at 100% to play in that 30°C heat and humidity on a crappy pitch away in CONCACAF. You can't expect a guy used to Scottish weather and pitches to build any rhythm and get back into it like that. If a guy hasn't played for over a month and a half due to injury and he isn't a core player - don't call him. A Spoony in good form is worth a call - especially for a home game in Canadian weather. 2) A. because Richie Laryea was doing good work at right-back we were lacking in attack - not in defense. B. The Henry red card forced us to make key subs we wouldn't have had to otherwise - Cornelius on for Larin. Cordova would have been a great option if we had been winning by 3 goals.
  9. V's board pre game: ROTATE! V'S board after 45 minutes: Herdman is terrible and so is our squad! Sub all these guys off!
  10. Or use a Canadian billing address and a good VPN that has a Canadian IP. My VPN has worked for every site except Netflix. Given the bandwidth size of their customer base, Netflix have really invested strongly in VPN-blocking technology. Other sites? Not so much.
  11. Ok, If so, we have: Victoria, Winnipeg, Toronto and Ottawa. Saskatoon never reconfirmed for today, and their facebook event is dead.
  12. I haven't seen any news. I have no idea what kind of squad they brought. I say we only win 3-0. We are playing away, it is hotter, we are rotating the squad and the Cubans will feel more comfortable.
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