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  1. I was just reaffirming (adding weight) to your theory at the end of the paragraph. ...by stating that the Wikipedia author did not have an authoritative source for that info and was simply making an assumption based on the previous qualifying cycles. Apologies for the lack of clarity.
  2. The idea that it would be a draw in the first place was an assumption by the wikipedia author. The two previous qualifying cycles had draws but nothing was ever officially announced by FIFA for 2022.
  3. To clarify, a 5 year ban for the player who approached Kenny to fix the match. Kenny was not found guilty.
  4. Well, I like the fact that it is user @JuicyHam who is the one who thinks giving the Israeli-Canadian a chance is the kosher thing to do! (I'll see myself out)
  5. Let's say he is a late-bloomer and that for the sake of argument, he has now reached Adekugbe's level, but isn't better than him (and won't progress any further). That is still useful for us. We need depth at every position.
  6. CONCACAF have stated that the postponed tournament will still take place in Mexico.
  7. http://www.twitter.com/DanielKarell/status/1250181531643117570 The tweet was a typo! 25 years old.
  8. Nice find @GlassCity & @Jith12 This is interesting because Israel is ranked below us but does have decent depth in defence. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israel_national_football_team Spelling of his name in Hebrew: אביב סולומון Has a Hebrew Wikipedia article. No English one (yet). https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/אביב_סולומון The article Glass City mentions on twitter (his source): http://www.one.co.il/article/357450.html The quote that all the Voyageurs will love haha: "...ברור שהייתי מעדיף לשחק נבחרת ישראל" (Obviously, I'd prefer to play with the Israeli National Team...) His current team Hapoel Kfar Saba, is also where longtime Vancouver Whitecaps player Gershon Koffie plays, maybe he spoke to him about living in Canada / playing in MLS. Highlights video from his Facebook page with dramatic music: http://www.facebook.com/aviv.solo/videos/2516284448586651/
  9. To clarify, Derby County's Dutch coach Phillip Cocu used to be the coach at Fenerbahçe. Probably got along well with Kadioglu as they are both Dutch. He was the one who actually brought him to Fenerbahçe in 2018. Clearly wants to reunite with him and rates him highly. Didn't happen in January as Fenerbahçe blocked the deal but it might happen in the summer as Fenerbahçe have a new coach now. And who knows what the vision of the new Fenerbahçe coach is !
  10. Nobody: ..... Absolutely nobody: ..... Robert: Let's bump an old thread!
  11. Officially suspended. Health concerns aside, maybe we will be allowed to name a new roster (both 50-man & 20-man) if ever the competition gets played so we can have ZBG and other players that weren't granted leave too.
  12. Panama has cancelled on El Salvador. So friendly #1 is officially off. One assumes Belize will follow suit. http://www.fepafut.com/noticias/3981/comite-ejecutivo-de-fepafut-anuncia-medidas-ante-situacion-por-el-covid-19
  13. I don't think CONCACAF cares about that right now (if they ever did). Despite public awareness being through the roof now, this virus appears to be spreading exponentially. -Wash your hands -Masks are good if you have a cough or feel sick (they are more effective in helping prevent the sick from spreading germs than actually protecting healthy people). -Minimize close contact with people who are at risk just in case you get sick (the very elderly, the very young) -If football is put on hiatus, remember it will reappear. -Don't eat Pagolins or Asian palm civets. -Keep calm and carry on. Let's take this one day at a time.
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