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  1. The original thread is still in the Voyageurs section of the old forum; @admin didn't migrate that section. We can just keep updating it there?
  2. A source within the CSA has confirmed there will be no home friendly. As for a friendly on neutral ground.... dunno.
  3. Panama would be better, it would mean the US didn't make it! 😆
  4. So how do I watch the game for free tomorrow morning? http://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-wins-4-0-to-move-to-within-a-victory-of-the-fifa-u-17-world-cup--p162163 .... doesn't say. Also, Was this the last time a U17 or U20 boys squad made the World Cup? http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_FIFA_U-17_World_Cup_squads
  5. No, staying in Canada. I just asked because you are the only V in Spain that I know of. +The other Voyageurs travelling to the WWC are all arriving in Europe early June I think.
  6. @Unnamed Trialist since the game is May 24th and not June 1st, can you go?
  7. http://mobile.twitter.com/thevoyageurs/status/1126154082048270337
  8. Wow, Bermuda FA is really organised! http://www.royalgazette.com/soccer/article/20190502/bfa-secures-tickets-for-gold-cup Is the CSA working hard as well? @admin
  9. Leutwiler getting the start again against Norwich! http://www.twitter.com/Rovers/status/1122191168366960640
  10. Nevermind. I thought there was a good chance it could happen; looks like it won't! http://as.com/futbol/2019/04/26/seleccion/1556269730_246269.html
  11. In France, when you put fries in a sandwich, or in the bun with your merguez/hot dog, it's called having at "à l'Américaine". Also, if the #CanWNT plays Spain in Pamplona on June 1st, will you go?
  12. Is he playing for Minnesota United this season or is he playing for Madison in USL ONE (3rd tier)? http://www.forwardmadisonfc.com/team-roster I would hope they give Leutwiler a chance again; playing away at League-leaders Norwich would be a proper test for him; Norwich will likely be a little hungry because a single point on Saturday will guarantee them promotion to the Premier League. The second game hosting Swansea is rather meaningless; both teams being in the "can't be promoted, can't be relegated" zone.
  13. Remember a pizza in southern France automatically comes with olives. So a plain cheese pizza is actually a "cheese & olive" pizza.
  14. 1) For friendlies yes...for a tournament the difference in cost is not that big. 2) The 40-man Gold Cup squad is due on May 17th. There are therefore only 11 (maybe 12) CanPL matches that will have taken place before that date that you can use to judge who should make it in the squad. 2 to 4 games per team. So we will need to decide which 4 keepers to call with that limited information. I assume 99% will say that Borjan is the first choice. I will also assume that most will want Crépeau at the Gold Cup. So it's a fight for those other two spots (which will then become one spot for the 23-man squad). 1. Borjan 2. Crépeau 3. ??????????? (40-man provisional list) 4. ???????????
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