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  1. Those who have had 2 doses of the vaccine can fly down to the Gold Cup without having to quarantine upon returning: https://beta.ctvnews.ca/national/coronavirus/2021/6/21/1_5478703.html
  2. The US will likely play us in the most convenient location for them in terms of travel, and will factor in recent venues ( we won't return to Kansas City ), and the fact that they can play us in certain locations where they cannot play teams like Costa Rica or Mexico. Houston seems like a good choice from their POV and so does Orlando. If they really want to play a match in New Jersey at some point, we are likely the best opponent for that location. Their Novmeber match against Mexico will likely be the brand new TQL in Cincinnati or the new Columbus Crew stadium. I can't imagin
  3. Maybe they should join the Cold Cup squads, that's an early start to the season! They'll get more rest by joining the Gold Cup squad! Especially true for Kennedy if we put Sturing &/or Singh on duty for the first two matches.
  4. Yup! True for me as well. So you would go to San Salvador but not to Kingston or San Pedro Sula? Interesting. When it comes to being neutral and peaceful, sure! When it comes to foreigners hiding their money, that might be Panama!
  5. Just a reminder that the final 23 man squad for all squads (preliminary competition and main competition) is due June 30th. That is also the day that players are released by their clubs ( the release day is June 28th for those in the preliminary rounds )
  6. He couldn't be named to any previous squad because he hadn't filed his switch and therefore wasn't eligible. The only difference here is that you don't actually need to be eligible to be in the 60-man squad, you just need to be Canadian. Eligible players only will make the final 23 man squad. So just like before, as we have seen in previous windows, he will be in the 23-man squad only if he is finally eligible and has filed his switch. Since that is the case, the whole "cap-tie him" point is moot because he will already be tied to Canada from his switch.
  7. Herdman and co have been trying to get him to switch for months. Has anything changed?
  8. 1) CabrĂ³n is purely insult without the homophobic undertones. 2) May I remind you that we did get sanctioned for the "You fat bastard" chant. The thing is, we only get decent crowds at BC Place and to a lesser extend at BMO Field. And this chant is only done at BC Place so FIFA haven't heard us do it multiple times a year for years on end.
  9. This is a bad take as he would be tied to us as soon as he files his switch.
  10. Full matches: Tuesday, June 8th Saturday, June 12th Tuesday, June 15th and now Friday June 18th for club Hopefully he's fresh for the Gold Cup!
  11. In September, check the website of the Costa Rican FA, the Mexican FA, the Jamaican FA and the social media of the Mexican, Costa Rican and Jamaican players and FAs Those are the teams that will be playing down there and you'll get an idea of where they are staying. I'd say the most likely hotels would be: If they want to be close to the stadium, likely the Hilton San Jose La Sabana. If they want to avoid rowdy fans, I'd guess the Marriott Hacienda Belen. Maybe the Courtyard Marriott by the airport for convenience.
  12. Yes. It is a Conferation Tournament just like the EUROs. One second on the pitch and you are cap-tied. It doesn't matter how old you are.
  13. I want Tosaint Ricketts to play one more match for the #CanMNT, just so he can be in solo 10th place for number of caps
  14. Yes...but that is their fans. Imagine being in the Azteca alone!
  15. He is a 2002, so NOT eligible for the next U20 cycle ( 2003s and younger) and therefore only eligible for the next U23 cycle. A shame he wasn't called but we shall see how far he gets with Serbia and if he gets a U21 call. Somebody remind me to bump his thread in September to check the Serbian U21 squad to either see if he is on it or see the level of the players getting called.
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