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  1. Also assuming "The general principle for each tournament’s draw is to ensure that no group has more than one team from the same confederation.", because we would be in Group E we already know some of our schedule Wednesday July 21st 3:30am Eastern / 12:30am Pacific or 6:30am Eastern / 3:30am Pacific Sapporo Dome Saturday July 24th 3:30am Eastern / 12:30am Pacific or 6:30am Eastern / 3:30am Pacific Sapporo Dome Tuesday July 27th 7:00am Eastern / 4:00am Pacific Rifu or Kashima
  2. New rankings are here: https://www.fifa.com/fifa-world-ranking/ranking-table/women/ Update on the Pots here: https://www.fifa.com/news/teams-ranked-and-allocated-for-tokyo-2020-olympic-football-draws https://resources.fifa.com/image/upload/draw-procedures-women-s-olympic-football-tournament-tokyo-2020.pdf?cloudid=ipv0vqlyvdyxstuwdshs Brazil did leapfrog Australia! We are in a Pot with 2 AFC teams. "The general principle for each tournament’s draw is to ensure that no group has more than one team from the same confederation." If the above is applied then: Brazil, as
  3. I can't find a single rumour online about this but I trust your source because you were right about the Bavarian B2 club being interested in him! That worked out to be true. He's on a three year contract. Yes, with Sebastian Nachreiner still injured, he has played 3 full matches in a row. I think we should all be cautious though. Hopefully all continues to go well until the end of May and the Jahn don't get relegated and he plays another season of B2 with them. Then, after 2 seasons at B2, if he continues to get good minutes...well... who knows?!
  4. Well, it's pretty much confirmed now that Denver will not host a Gold Cup match because the CONCACAF Nations League finals will be there instead. https://www.concacaf.com/nations-league/news/denver-to-host-first-ever-concacaf-nations-league-finals-in-june-2021/
  5. Should we start a "The road to Canada" thread?
  6. I think Euro players that might be "on the bubble" like Paton and Kennedy might join.
  7. Some important new info: 1. Vegas will indeed host the final. ----- 2. Unlike the format of two years ago, Group B (our group) will cross over with Group C. This change was to be expected as this avoids a USA vs Mexico matchup before the semi-finals. Assuming we can get past both Martinique and Haiti (or maybe Bermuda, St. Vincent & the Gs or Barbados) we would play one of Costa Rica / Jamaica / Suriname / Guatemala ( or maybe Guyana / Guadeloupe / Bahamas). Getting a draw vs the USA + an overall better goal difference in the group, or, getting a win vs the
  8. I'd feel more confident if they had been standard goals from some brilliance in open play instead of clear England mistakes. I hope we get two more matches in June. Not pessimistic but not optimistic about our prospects either.
  9. Sorry! Yes, you are correct. A similar deal to what they perhaps did for the Cayman Islands.
  10. A lot of huge matches today! China breaks South Korean hearts in overtime to qualify with a goal at the 105th. Chile holds on to beat Cameroon. The field is set. New rankings are out on Friday and the draw is Wednesday next week. In today's friendlies, Sweden beats Poland The Netherlands smash 5 goals past Autralia (I think this will help Brazil leap frog past them in the rankings) In EURO qualifying Switzerland beats the Czech team on penalties to break their hearts and qualify for the Euro. Russia beats Portugal to qualify once again. Northern Ireland beats Ukr
  11. During the #CanWNT match today on OneSoccer, there were was an advert where they mention they will broadcast the Aruba match. I suppose they made a deal with Aruba where they will broadcast the match and retransmit it as they did for (EDIT) The Cayman Islands. (Technically, they needed to make a deal with Aruba, as they are the host nation; glad that they did!) This means OneSoccer will have both matches.
  12. 2 poachers goals and yes, the #CanWNT answering the question "but can you do it on a (not too) cold (not) rainy night in Stoke?"
  13. I have a trivia question for you guys. Who has had the longest senior #CanMNT career? With help from Richard Scott from the CSA, we got the following: Pat Onstad https://www.canadasoccer.com/profile/?id=2423&teamId=2078#tab2 Feb 18 1988 to May 24 2010 #CanMNT career span: 22 years 3 months Atiba Hutchinson https://www.canadasoccer.com/profile/?id=1550&teamId=2075#tab2 January 18 2003 to March 25 2021 (and counting!) #CanMNT career span: 17 years 2 months (and counting!) Dwayne DeRosario https://www.canadasoccer.com/profile/?id=893&teamId=2079#tab2 May 18 1
  14. Ok, thanks. I didn't know this was a regular thing. Stadiums are back to ¼ capacity in California: https://www.abc10.com/article/sports/baseball/baseball-fans-return-to-california-stadiums/103-b5273582-dc99-4abe-a92e-70be11b9f4a1 This should make the Quakes and Galaxy more likely to host. ----- This makes Ohio seem more likely to host (MAPRE or West End) : https://www.10tv.com/article/sports/local-stadiums-try-to-make-sense-of-ohios-new-health-orders/530-9f029733-8c4c-452b-87d9-00fe34967319
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