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  1. Another Marmoush goal: https://twitter.com/StPauliOnSea/status/1353337034065244163 A great goal from distance. Scott Kennedy ( #24) is the one who starts following him before another defender runs in to block Marmoush. The two defenders really make a screen so the keeper doesn't see what is going on. I think Kennedy had to be a little faster there.
  2. This camp had no Poutine. No gravy, no fries, maybe only a few cheese curd crumbs.
  3. Listed as "not 100% fit yet" but seems to be on the mend. Ligaments can be tricky. https://www.radiozwickau.de/beitrag/fsv-trainer-joe-enochs-das-wird-ein-kampf-676998/
  4. Or all in one venue? I nominate Qatar. Winter Olympics in Qatar. It's all rumours at this point. Let's wait for good ol'Dick to Pound away and tell us what is what. https://www.cbssports.com/olympics/news/tokyo-olympics-2021-ioc-officials-still-plan-for-summer-games-as-reports-of-possible-cancellation-emerge/
  5. Romania has a nice young generation; they made it to the Olympics! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_UEFA_European_Under-21_Championship_squads
  6. Neil Davidson: Coach John Herdman says he has some 88 players in his extended talent pool with a top tier of some 45. https://www.tsn.ca/jonathan-osorio-upbeat-about-what-lies-ahead-for-canadian-men-s-soccer-team-1.1580242 Interesting number. "A top 45" is essentially close to two standard 23-man squads. Given the type of people who post on this board, that "player who has been doing well and you think should get get a look with the #CanMNT" is probably "#46" and "that player that should be on Herdman's radar" is probably "#89" 😛
  7. Like @xabuep2 said, Panama might play Serbia: https://www.tvmax-9.com/somoslasele/Panama-analiza-posibles-rivales-amistosos_0_5765423494.amp.html And we can play the USA!
  8. @jordan , he wasn't well marked at the far post; made it look so easy. It's good to see that he played a full match on Tuesday and today; he seems to have recovered well from that injury in late December. Also @jordan , do you mind editing the title of this thread to simply "Steven Vitória" (unless you can find the one that got deleted some months ago and maybe merging them?) Thanks.
  9. In other news, France made some kind of last-minute policy change and blocked the players from Panama from entering their country, so they can't play their friendlies vs Martinique and Guadeloupe. https://www.fepafut.com/noticias/4318/se-suspenden-partidos-ante-martinica-y-guadalupe Maybe they can fly to Florida instead and we can play Panama after all!
  10. Gareth Wheeler had said this at the beginning of the month. Then Canada soccer said: "will have an intra-squad match on Sunday 17 January" https://canadasoccer.com/news/canada-soccer-back-on-the-pitch-with-january-2021-mens-national-team-camp-presented-by-allstate/ So, who knows?
  11. He basically filed his one-time switch the moment he had no more games to play with the Portugal U21s. Can't ask him for more than that.
  12. Agreed. If it's a choice between limited minutes within the framework of Sporting/Porto/Benfica vs a key role with Pacos playing in Europa League...well Pacos it is! It's important to tread carefully. The Benfica move didn't work out well for Vitória and arguably stalled his career; same thing for Cristante.
  13. Looks like Diego won't be at Valour this year. https://valourfc.canpl.ca/article/2021-season-roster-update "and Gale said it’s unlikely Gutiérrez would return (for 2021)"
  14. "...we've got his change of association over the line..." is the exact quote from Herdman: https://twitter.com/onesoccer/status/1349944147596115968 Cristián had made the decision "...at the end of last year..." So there you go! You never know!
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