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  1. FEDEFUTBOL(Costa Rica's FA) President Rodolfo Villalobos says the tournament will be in the USA in January or February 2020. http://www.teletica.com/231482_presidente-de-la-fedefutbol-descarta-que-preolimpico-de-concacaf-se-realice-en-costa-rica It was scheduled to be in Costa Rica in October but no details had been released. CONCACAF gonna CONCACAF! I now doubt the senior team will play a Camp Poutine...
  2. 1) Played a friendly vs Rangers (including Arfield) today: Made some nice saves they say http://rangers.co.uk/news/match-report/rangers-1-1-blackburn-rovers/ 2) Looks like Blackburn want to bring in Christian Walton as a keeper: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_Walton
  3. We REALLY need to get as many games as possible. 1) We need to play a couple of semi-minnows in mid-January. Camp Poutine 2020 has become a MUST. We can call CanPL/USL/MLS and possibly Nordic/Scottish based players. 2) If we don't make the CNL playoffs (by beating the USA this fall) we need friendlies in March 2020. 3) The rankings counted are the ones after June 2020. There is no Gold Cup or CNL games that window right? We need at least two friendlies once again.
  4. Let's bring back the "Football mafia CONCACAF" chant.
  5. My argument about sending our best team to Costa Rica for Olympic Qualifying has just gone out the window. Rankings have suddenly become VERY important! Is the AFC/OFC/CONMEBOL/CONCACAF draw still this month?
  6. No because fighting the 4th place HEX team and the team from AFC/OFC/CONMEBOL would be harder. This format is a ******* disgrace to the principles of football; and the idea of an equal opportunity for the small teams to fight their way to the top. Shame on CONCACAF.
  7. This post is further derailing and already absurd thread but: -You don't need ovaries to coach women and you don't need testicle to coach men. -Unfortunately, there are still not enough women being given the respect and the opportunities they deserve to coach both men's and women's teams. That is slowly changing, but not fast enough. -Rhian Wilkinson, who actually has coaching experience, would likely do a better job. Sinclair is a great player, maybe the greatest player; that does not signify that she would be a great coach.
  8. His eyes popped out the same way they did 12 years ago when he got called offside; at least this time it was the right call.
  9. If we lose to the USA at home but qualify for the Olympics because all the young guns are down in Costa Rica, I will be happy.
  10. Herdman does like to hype himself up to an unbearable degree...talking about playing Mexico twice...WFT was that. OZ may have been a better tactician (maybe Floro was too for that matter), but what was OZ truly doing during his scouting trips? Did he really **** on Eustaquio? Oz is also not that classy on twitter... he is clearly still bitter. Although we will never get it, I want a full account of what occurred behind the scenes from all the parties involved. You cannot make an informed judgment without that.
  11. He did not play well in tonight's game vs Haiti but if he does chose to stop playing international football he should get a proper sendoff. I hope he gets called in either September or October (or both) for the CNL games. He needs 1 more cap to pass Stalteri and therefore be alone at 2nd place for Canada caps. I'm not sure he will get 6 more caps and pass De Guzman...
  12. I wonder what Eustaquio thinks of Zambrano and what he thinks of Herdman.
  13. Then you should shed a tear for the Haitian fans watching the game in Haiti. For every football match I've seen on TV while over there, they essential had cut the entire audio feed and replaced it entirely with the audio from the commentators mics. No audio at all except for the commentators voices. Terrible!
  14. Option 1: Change the channel to RDS Option 2: Try and find the US stream of the game. Option 3: Mute.
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