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  1. Are Canada jerseys with names on the back available anywhere?
  2. And extending this point in that it'll be extra rest for the June 12 and 15 games (If we go through).. 4 games in 10 days is crazy. Does anyone know if Yellow card accumulation restarts after the first round? I'm assuming it does but if not that would also be scary.
  3. And people were upset over our lineup haha I'm mad because I bet Canada to win 9-0 and 10-0 and I won't even win that now
  4. There have been more completed stepovers in this game than in all other Canada games combined since the 1940's
  5. Changing it to just Wotherspoon - greatest attacking midfield the Cayman Islands have ever seen
  6. I agree, people were calling me out for saying that we should risk it all against Honduras in our final match. While I know they ultimately didn't have the legs to do it, playing this game against this Mexican team was a foregone conclusion
  7. I think this is the ending everyone was expecting. Make the Semis and lose to Mexico by multiple goals.. Couple bright spots and not a "setback" in my eyes. Boys gave it their all and we didn't win our group, that's really what it comes down to for me.
  8. That comes from the "play from the back mentality" just get the ball out of there.. Pain
  9. I mean he is often on an island. However, it only needs one magical play between him and Dias. I see Bair coming in as well and maybe he could find one on a set piece.
  10. That guy is Canadian through in through, he's got that hard nose hockey mentality and I love it
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