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  1. I think they need to use last game’s buzz ASAP to sell tickets. Also, 3ish weeks really isn’t much time to sell a standalone event. Hope to see a good response from the casuals!
  2. Last night's performance was with about 2 million dollars in advertising for the CSA/City of Edmonton. Great marketing by the lads!
  3. Does the Thursday being a day off and the game being friday help? The second I realized that I was booking a stay.
  4. Few of us from winnipeg are coming for the Friday game vs Costa Rica (3 new Canada soccer fans). Super exciting.
  5. It would’ve been perfect if the game was the Thursday night for an impromptu rehearsal in the stands.
  6. I should also note that it doesn't appear that "almost" sold out section appear in baby blue like in some other stadiums. That said there are more tickets bought than it appears on the previous imagine I posted. For example, this picture is sections 535-539 of the Canada game that are dark blue.
  7. Interesting to note that Canada is selling quite a bit more tickets at Azteca compared to Honduras. Still far from being a sellout but considering we were supposed to play behind closed doors...
  8. So you're saying we're getting together and will be singing/drinking in your hotel room?!
  9. I don’t “expect” to win any games on the road and Jamaica is desperate for points so getting a draw down there would be great IMO. My optimism is also in relation to Mexico and the US getting results that would be favourable to us.
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