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  1. I came across a video on twitter made by American fans that shows Dest speaking Spanish vs Flores and Dest seemed more comfortable. Flores is doing an interview in Spanish and they switch halfway through to English for him.
  2. I tuned in to this game just to see how Wolves looked and I forgot how uninspiring teams like Burnley are when up a goal. A player like TraorĂ© with his speed is almost useless with their bus parked in front of the 18. All that to say Concacaf is more entertaining đŸ˜†
  3. He looks very comfortable on the bench thus far everybody breathe
  4. I just hope he doesn't become the next Teal Bunbury
  5. Okay so we all follow his dad on twitter and pester him to have his son join Canada like those Mexican trolls who roam soccer twitter.
  6. November back to back game only make sense in Winnipeg right? Playing some tough orange ball games at IGF vs Mexico and Costa Rica could get us some points. Although Winnipeg had a lovely Novermber this year
  7. It would be good to see these first round games being played in CPL stadium. Thinking March 25th in Victoria?
  8. This is very interesting in the long term because 3 games will place even more emphasis on squad depth. Is that a benefit or not for Canada? I tend to say it may hinder our chances against the top 3 but could be an advantage against the low 4-5 teams in the Octagonal.
  9. Haha yeah looking back it was not the smartest idea but to be fair my pitch was look this team is in Valour's league and they're about to crush this team and play MLS teams in another tournament.
  10. I told friends who aren't big soccer to watch the game because this was a big moment for Canada soccer and I am frankly embarrassed and feel bad I told them to watch. That was the definition of playing down to your opponents level.
  11. That was pathetic, Archaie deserve no credit, they did NOTHING.. That is a catastrophic miss opportunity by Forge. Too bad for CPL
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