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  1. I got word that next week we will be signing a "BIG" striker as well as a holding mid/defender.. News to come pretty soon!
  2. I hope this transfer proves me wrong but he doesn't have the best resume for a 33 year old. What caliber is the 2nd tier Saudi league, Im hoping its not the same as the CPL.. However I love seeing more names and transfers roll in from overseas it still feels surreal. I dont particularly have any confidence in players who regularly changes teams and countries and reading his bio on Wiki that is exactly his career.
  3. I know this would be virtually impossible because of logistics but I think it would be neat to host one Valour game at Shaw Park. I think it’s genuinely a cool looking park and although the seating not being ideal for a soccer game the capacity (7 461) is almost perfect. I also think the location would be perfect not far from downtown pubs and central to everyone. I just think it would be an cool experiment if the owners of the two clubs could agree on a single game some time in September. I looked and the length would be no problem but I’m sure the width would be an issue as it is for NYCFC.
  4. Goals per game and rating per game according to FotMob for the 10 games in the spring season. (Great app Btw) Farago: York 3 (4.9) HFX 2 (5.2) Forge. 2 (4.9) Cavalry 1 (5.9) Edmonton 2 (5.7) Pacific 1 (7.1) AVG GA: 1.83 AVG Rating: 5.62 Janssens: Pacific 2 (5.7) Forge 2 (5.5) Edmonton 0 (7.4) HFX 0 (7.5) AVG GA: 1 AVG Rating: 6.53
  5. Had the chance to watch the practice today. Petrasso and Musse still practicing away from the team.
  6. That's what York 9 needed a good performance in front of a decent turnout, hopefully attract some attention to the club!
  7. I had plans tonight but I cancelled them to go study the new format and figure out how Canada will get screwed by playing Honduras in SPS.
  8. Can't all be blamed on Hoyle, looking at him play (like someone mentioned earlier) he was primarily looking for through balls whic CLEARLY is not his best attribute. I would also always see him running everywhere on the pitch like a midfield. I'm not confident with Gale's tactics at all but hopefully we can find a striker that fits are style of play. Fergusson is another one who I find doesn't fit, we are good at bringing it up the field with pace and then once we get to the attacking third we freeze. I think we need to push the pace with our wing players. I would like to see Mark Anthony Gonzalez get a shot, he was with SKC's USL team and with Reno last year but didn't stick. I think he could fit our style of play a little better.
  9. The only positive I see coming out of the team right now is the fact that local players are getting an opportunity to play pro and have impressed me (Ohio/Attardo).
  10. David is a god πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ
  11. Valour sucks right now but this is well done!
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