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  1. Tough game. Muenkat was a bright spot on offence, other than that it wasn't pretty..
  2. Very close line today between Valour and HFX. Valour pays 2.40 for a win a draw is 3.40 and an HFX win is 2.50 meaning it’s pretty much a toss up according to the oddmakers.
  3. Many folks on here probably don't care about this but I love a good wager on games I watch. I've been actively following betting markets for the CPL since its inauguration and FINALLY I have found odds on BET365 for the game featuring Cavalry FC and Valour FC. I'm actually surprised that it's available this early given the league and teams' non-exsistent history (which makes creating odds hard). Here is the first line (Valour heavy underdogs).
  4. It fascinates me how much Hoyle is all over the field, he's on both sides of the pitch and he was even at our own corner flag at one point (not because of a corner). I don't know if this is part of the game plan but I don't think it's good in the long term with all these matches coming up Gale is going to have to tinker with his tactics and subs.
  5. I predict higher scoring games to begin as teams aren't 100% cohesive yet. Hoyle 17 goals, book it.
  6. Can I watch on my laptop or is it only on the app?
  7. That would be two dark ones for Valour no? I guess there’s not much white there anyways.
  8. If Louis Béland-Goyette signs we have to add Louie Louie to our songs for when he’s subbed on.
  9. If the US hosts their home game anywhere South of States that touch Canada we have to host it in Churchill no questions asked.
  10. I was really hoping to get into group D for the gold cup to fly to Hamilton for cheap and bus down to Cleveland but now I'm not so sure...
  11. Just bought a couple tickets in the supporters section for some friends. We absolutely need to make this the best off field experience possible in order to make casuals/doubters come back. One of the main reasons they decided to come is because I always send them videos of supporters sections jumping up and down with smoke and everything .. hopefully we can replicate that in our own way!
  12. Funny story, today I entered Junior Kingue’s contest on Instagram (see his Instagram story). I ended up winning and he’s sending me cleats! Anyways I just find his situation funny because he’s very present on social media. I was hoping to talk to him while playing and ask him questions.. unfortunately he didn’t have his microphone on!
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