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  1. Do the FIFA points really matter for us anymore though? Considering 2022 other is set and 2026 is at home. Still annoying but at least it won’t make us play minnows for 0.11 of a point lol
  2. I bet on every single Canada game but last game I didn't because I didn't want the "double f you" if my bet lost. They won.. so even with all that value today I'm not touching it.. 😖
  3. To me it's to see the emotions in all those players reactions. They truly care to represent OUR country THEIR country they TRULY CARE AND I LOVE IT!
  4. Holy **** inject that into my veins.... I could run a sub 2 hour marathon while listening to this on repeat.
  5. Haven’t been this nervous in a while. Contain Pullisic and Mckennie and we’ll be okay. Let’s get em BOYS
  6. Preview if anyone has to drive today. https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/total-soccer-show-usmnt-champions-league-epl-and-more/id327466681
  7. Reading comment on social media from American fans is hilarious. According to them if we beat them they might have to shut down the whole program LOL
  8. Piette’s game is all about the “crap” he talks. He plays a fierce game with passion and that’s what we need. If he can limit the turnovers he will play a big role in helping us get a result.
  9. Having been watching every game he's played he has really impressed me with his movement off the ball and his confidence with the ball.
  10. Another problem is conceding goals shortly after having scored a a goal. Valour Goal 59' Pacific 61' Valour Goal 76' Forge 77' Valour Goal 1' York 7' Valour goal 33' Halifax 39' and 41' These are all games we ended up losing as well.
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