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  1. Tough loss but this extra bs is good for the long term. Fight as a team. Mexico is scared
  2. Anyone have any idea when they’ll officially announce time and place for September home games? Would love to book my flight.
  3. Does anyone know if there’s a radio station I can stream the game on? Won’t have good enough service to stream on Onesoccer but hopefully can catch it on the radio if it’s on Fox.
  4. It’s actually sad/hilarious reading US fans comments on their team’s performance. Tonight they pumped the team they were playing and 80% of the comments were negative. I for myself hope we cherish every single one of our non-Fifa member victories forever.
  5. Would advance (be first) on Goals scored I believe
  6. The only explanation seems to be the concussion rule but if not that’s so Concacaf
  7. Whats the easiest/ most affordable way to get from Hamilton to Toronto? Looking at a cheap Swoop flight there for September.
  8. Okay thanks, I couldn’t seem to find it but I’ll keep searching (the chat box was no help)
  9. When you asked for a refund who did you talk to to explain they made a mistake?
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