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  1. I don't think it's so much a decline than it is inexperience. looking at both them and Jamaica you can see that starting high caliber players with with Concacaf experience isn't very effective
  2. I also don't understand the timing.. he must think we're the favourites tonight and if we win (by multiple goals) it makes him look bad.
  3. Who on this planet doesn't think Davies is important? This must be a big misunderstanding or the end of the world. Anyways, game time in 3 hours 😟
  4. RED WHITE AND POO. I love you all goodnight. Results on the road are huge. On to the next
  5. LETS FUCKING GO!! Weather the storm and get to work. Get business done boys #Allezlesrougesallez
  6. Draws all around are still better imo. Mexico and the USA have not both comfortably qualified since the 2006 quals. The more points dropped the better
  7. So game plan today, Canada wins and every other game ends up in a draw.
  8. Finally today is the day! I am so fired up for this journey, no matter what happens this is the beginning of something special. Love you all. #AllezlesRouges
  9. No Pullisic and Wash for them vs El Salvador.. never know
  10. Thanks again @Cblake! Only took 3 days to arrive from the day I ordered (free delivery to MB)
  11. Do you have a prediction as to when the location would be announced?
  12. What are the odds that the Nov games are in Toronto? Would love to buy plane tickets while they’re still cheap
  13. It's funny I've always wanted a fall/winter game in Winnipeg for weather advantage, but with our talent i don't even know if it would be advantageous anymore as we can compete with the best of Concacaf on neutral ground. (That said I would do a lot for a November game in Winnipeg)
  14. Tough loss but this extra bs is good for the long term. Fight as a team. Mexico is scared
  15. Anyone have any idea when they’ll officially announce time and place for September home games? Would love to book my flight.
  16. Does anyone know if there’s a radio station I can stream the game on? Won’t have good enough service to stream on Onesoccer but hopefully can catch it on the radio if it’s on Fox.
  17. It’s actually sad/hilarious reading US fans comments on their team’s performance. Tonight they pumped the team they were playing and 80% of the comments were negative. I for myself hope we cherish every single one of our non-Fifa member victories forever.
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