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  1. Bench is awesome! Regardless of the situation we have guys we can bring on of real high quality to either finish the game off or get one if need be! Lovin it!
  2. My favourite moment of the first half was the trainer signalling back to the manager across the pitch with the full throat slash gesture to indicate the striker needed to come off. Guess they don’t have the usual tech...
  3. The Sizzle and the boys will deliver. Might be a bit dodgy for a bit but we will prevail!
  4. Now I need to figure out how to splurge for Bein in addition to one soccer and DAZN to watch even more of our Canadian boys play the beautiful game!
  5. Let our boys focus on the game and taking it to the Haitians. All this white noise will be dealt with by staff. And f’ em. Canada many times has ended up on the short end of the Concacaf stick and it’s balancing out now. Now we just need the team to get out on the front foot and get the first goal. When they need to open up and get 2, it will give our stars more room and we will be able to pop in the 2nd which would effectively kill off the game and get us to the promised land. The thought of our team getting 14 highly competitive games in the next year is a dream. Hopefully we woul
  6. Of course not. In spite of the issues with his hiring, there is no reason to get rid of him at this time if he gets us to the Ocho. I also can’t say he should be fired if we don’t get a top 4 finish in the Ocho. To be honest many teams need to experience something first before becoming successful at a higher level and most of our team has not had more than a couple games against tough teams, and none in truly hostile foreign environments. We may have the talent to get through but experience is lacking for many.
  7. Under normal circumstances I agree. But unless we are sending the gunners to the Gold Cup to try and win the thing, we can use this tournament to try and cap tie some players and fill out our depth by inviting Tabla, Ferreira, ... Most on this board were pleading with Tabla to join Canada a few short years ago. And again he looked good at the Olympic qualifiers.
  8. 31 degrees, feels like 38 with a 40% chance of rain/thunderstorms at 5 pm. Hopefully the weather won’t impact our philosophy of play. We may have to adjust.
  9. Good he was focused on the game not some rando fan harassing him. 😜
  10. We need to get Tabla going again. If that means jump starting his career in the Gold Cup over an 18 year old who will be with us for a decade, let’s do it. Tabla isn’t good enough to have endless chances, but he did well at the Olympic Q and deserves at least one more shot to show he can contribute at he CMNT level. He is younger than Johnson, Kennedy, ... and if he matures and turns talent into performance he will help us in the long run.
  11. Just looked at the ELO Rankings and we are now tied with Costa Rica for 3rd in Concacaf and 52nd overall. This falls in line with what many of us believe/hope. 2 victories vs Haiti and we will leave CR behind and fall into 3rd behind Mexico and the USA. 14th and 22nd. Haiti is ranked 68th so both teams are punching above their FIFA rankings. While the games will be somewhat competitive, we should win both and move on up!
  12. That is awesome but not gonna lie, after a bunch of beers there is no way that a group of inebriated Voyageurs are going to get through more than 1 or 2 verses of that Dave song. And the neutral in the crowd won’t be able to join in if they desire.
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