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  1. Don’t agree with everything Caldwell says but his take on Fraser and his situation was bang on. Needs to play, quality is there, Vanney says the right things but obviously doesn’t trust him, so he needs to leave.
  2. Free Liam Fraser. Let the boy go somewhere he can play. Wow let’s give him 2 partial matches to show what he can do.
  3. Fraser played well. Too bad he may only have one more game to prove his worth. When Bradley returns he will run the run the show and demand all of the playing time. Fraser should be an MLS starter.
  4. Unless Bradley is using his stature with the team to tell Vanney that he is playing every minute of every game. Bradley is a competitor without equal and I can see him forcing Vanney to play him every game when healthy.
  5. Gallardo did not look good. I can’t believe he is a TAM player. They need to play him a few games in a row or admit they blew it and move on.
  6. Think it was given because Altidore probably earned one when Binks pushed him in the pack.
  7. Nice move. What a waste of a pk.
  8. Let’s hope by playing this top lineup tonight we win and basically lock up the spot to contest the Canadian championship. Then maybe Vanney will actually play some of the younger players in the final 2 games. He also needs to figure out which 3 Canadians will be on the field for that game. Man I want them to up that to 5 Canadians.
  9. Being reported that there will be no qualification for Qatar for the rest of this year. That is if my google translate worked right. Found something by a Spanish speaking journalist that it will be sent out to all federations tomorrow. Guess there are too many iffs right now. Very understandable but disappointing as I am really looking forward to the CMNT playing again.
  10. 18? 22 equally split between the genders. Domination of both men and women’s world cups!
  11. That was the exact moment my dislike of him intensified to a much higher level and “Delbado” was born. At this point I expect the give aways and brutal misses, and that was a brutal miss. No impact on the outcome thank goodness. Bradley either rates him more than Fraser or he doesn’t want Fraser to get on the field and show his value. Not sure which one is true ...
  12. We will never know if he never gets to play. Bradley has been nothing short of incredible for TFC but he is slowing down and Fraser has skill. He may not reach Bradley’s level, or he might surpass it but he needs to play week in and week out. He was brilliant coming in for Kaye against the US, who knows what he will can do with regular pt.
  13. Truer words. Gent winless to start the season and Manager fired 3 games in. David was a massive part of Gent. Hopefully he will settle in at Lille and get some service if he plays as an out and out striker. Great that one soccer is picking up the game!
  14. Maybe he can start telling the European announcers how to properly pronounce his name now.
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