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  1. Have to say your comments were a little harsh. Suffice to say he is slowing down but he is still among the best CDM in MLS and without him we don’t make 3 finals and win 1. I love the fact that Atiba is better, but Bradley has been a great team leader and an important part of TFC’s winning run. And I would love it if we free up 5 million and let Fraser take his spot next year. But give him his deserved credit.
  2. Thanks for checking. With numbers like that the CSA would still be better off going after a big fish in my opinion. Of course it will switch depending on what the teams around us do in the meantime, but knowing we most likely won’t line up 2 games per window and that friendly wins vs the likes of Cuba will give us very little, better to go after 1 game against a high ranking opponent who has less riding on the outcome.
  3. Just spitballing but in some ways would it not make sense to go after a top team if they are willing to play us? Because losing to them would not cost us very much I assume, but beating them would be immense in terms of points. If we do not move on in Nations League we may have a number of open windows before June and if we are only going to play one game we may as well make it against tougher opposition and try to maximize the points against a team that may not care as much about the game. Is there a nation that owes us a favour in the footballing world? Beat Cuba get 5 points, Lose to Cuba down what 18? Beat England in a Friendly get? 15 points, lose to them - lose 4?
  4. Larin was seen as a knight in shining armour when he arrived. Most on here including me were very hopeful that he would be a major part of the squad and light it up. But he has done next to nothing lately at club or country. We are getting to the point, at least in the middle and up front, where you need to be in good form in a half decent league just to be in the running to start/play. Larin is now playing but is not in great form. Hopefully he gets his touch back but like costarg posted above, he is 4th or 5th right now.
  5. Chapman needs to play therefore he needs to move on. He has shown he has some talent but getting little to no opportunity recently means at his age time to go. CPL would be great for us but maybe not for him.
  6. Re watching the game( amazing what you miss when watching live) the final score should have been a couple goals higher. We need 7 or 8 tonight because the States not only have the competitive reasons to thrash them, but also the historical hatred of Cuba and communism. I hope this means the Cubans will play at the highest level possible and thwart the US, at least in Cuba, but we need to be + 12 or 13.
  7. Like most of your reasoning. But Hoilett is back in England. Should be some rotation and this is our chance to play some different defenders. Up front maybe a couple of tweaks but we need to put a touchdown up on them so nothing major.
  8. Need this because right now we are 9th in the current standings.
  9. Keep in mind Cuba will have as many or most likely even more defections before the US game and you can bet the Americans won’t take their foot of the gas. It is unfortunate but we need to destroy Cuba tonight so that getting 2 draws against the US may actually be enough.
  10. I guess Herdman reads this because he addressed many of the ongoing discussions in here and also basically blamed us for putting so much pressure on him that he screwed up in the Haiti game. We better start sending only positive vibes.
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