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  1. Could make for an even better experience. Always a pleasure being in the South End for the CMNT. Allez Les Rouges!
  2. Crazy how quickly everything moved. Lost a bunch of green check marked seats and ended up in row 19 of 115. Never sat anywhere near there before. Hopefully my buddies and I can bring the noise from the back and encourage all those in between to join in!
  3. Looked dangerous so far. Set up Lassi for a great chance but LL blew it. Would love to see Tabla start to achieve the success that the early observations created for him.
  4. To confirm those are the 25 + correct. For groups under 9 we will have no problem right?!?
  5. Unfortunately you are correct. Seba is past his due date. Unless he is signing on for Zavaleta money, no need to bring him back. Need some studs in their mid 20’s, not more over 30 guys.
  6. What about groups of 10 or so. I have some buddies interested and some are asking about going to the Oanama game. Thanks for all of your efforts.
  7. For sure. And it may be a quick descent which is why I was speaking in the present. And for that matter if he is not playing in Europe and getting solid results and performances than his yime may not last past next window. But if his decline is closer to Atiba’s then I am happy with him being part of the squad.
  8. Like him or not, at the time being he is one of our most talented box to box midfielders. I am not going to be distraught if he doesn’t come next window as we have solid talent and depth, I will be happier if he is part of the squad.
  9. One hundred percent. Crappy cap tie, no interest currently in spite of playing for Italian giant, and a chance to start for one of the home nations in the 2026 World Cup. Yeah he’s thought about it, and I can’t wait til the next time he is invited to an England team as we will know not only whether he thought about it but if he is gonna join us.
  10. Of course it does. Many people appreciate the math that goes into the ELO rankings and it shows how Canada is gaining ground. You can’t game these standings like you used to be able to do with FIFA. Allez Les Rouges!
  11. Do you mean casual Canada supporters? The people that I know don’t miss a game, regardless of who we play. We need to recruit more of the casuals and Sportsnet needs to get some advertising out for these coming games. Someone mentioned getting Ryan Reynolds on board.
  12. He would be our best CB by a landslide. I bet the boys would be unhappy about the reduction in their playing time but they would get over it as it would give us a better chance to be competitive.
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