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  1. The odds are not great for us either way. We are Canada not Brazil. However, since 86 we have never had this much talent compared to the other Concacaf nations. By 2026 our team will have been blooded by either the Hex or The Hunger Games of qualifying. Hopefully we pull off 2022 because that would put us in great position to learn from the experience and shock the world at our Cup. The beauty of it for us is we have guaranteed games coming for the next 6 years leading up to the World Cup. The days of playing a few friendlies in a calendar year are over. Our team will mature and we are capable of qualifying through either route. Maybe unlikely either way but the team will build and we have 2 all World players to work with for the first time ever? Add in guys playing in Europe’s first divisions and MLS and we will be arguably in the mix for 2/3 in Concacaf. It’s gonna be an amazing ride! (If screaming at the tv for the Iceland game is any indication of what is in store!)
  2. What I find baffling is him screaming the same things over and over. I always think we will hear some high level interesting comments and he screams together 20 times a half. I always know I have done a great job coaching when I stop yelling and the players are instinctively doing what they have been taught.
  3. At least we are playing games. The experience will serve us well going forward regardless of which route we need to take. Points tonight would have been massive but we have 3 games of experience and Herdman has a better idea for our Under 23 and our depth for the CMNT. With some strategic games in March and June and an El Salvador screw up we might make the hex yet.
  4. 45 minutes of this will get us the equalizer and the winner. The Siz must have given one hell of a halftime speech.
  5. Need some changes for the second half. Losing 2-0 or more doesn’t cost us any more points so I hope we go for it in the 2nd half. As s matter of fact we should to steal a hockey term “pull the goalie” and put 8 or 9 guys up to get the tying goal in the last minutes if we haven’t pulled it back.
  6. Little different feel than The Barbados games. Starting to warm into the game.
  7. Agree 100% with Gator. While they are different players with respect to skill set, Delgado was played ahead of Oso for quite some time and always ahead of Chapman regardless of how poorly he was playing. Chapman was tremendous in the Seattle away start but that didn’t materialize into seeing the field. Delgado could be the worst player on the pitch for match after match with no consequences. He is not the second coming of Kante, and he most likely won’t be playing for the USA again unless they have injuries or a B camp.
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