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  1. Cav is better than Larin at this point. Happy that Larin had a good year in Belgium and if he continues it when the madness ends then there will be more of a debate. But right now if we are starting 1 striker up top it would be Cav with David under neath
  2. I think it is more along the lines of us being his only option if he wants to play internationally. No way he plays for Portugal. Of course with his injury history he may want to focus only on club and do everything to he can to stay in the lineup if he starts playing regularly.
  3. You and me my friend. My son knows we don’t call him by his proper surname but the one that came out in anger at a game watching him lose the ball repeatedly while Oso and others more talented rode the pine. He has since been referred to as Delbado and nothing else. Think Vanney is ok but his preference for pets like the striker who couldn’t score, Spencer, and Delbado infuriate at times.
  4. Henry is in the lineup for Herdman without a doubt. He took him during a window when he was suspended and going to miss a game cause of his leadership. Herdman will be starting Doneil in every meaningful game going forward until someone leaps over him in the Siz’s eyes. Let’s hope Ferreira stays healthy and plays regularly. That would end Vitoria’s run in the team (and I rate him) but he is too slow to play against the faster forwards.
  5. No offence but if he isnt a defender he would have to start lighting up the MLS to get considered for our squad. We have a plethora of options up front and a third string forward in mls is not going to cut it.
  6. The man is a national treasure. Here’s hoping he still plays meaningful games and if he chooses not to that we can have a proper send off game when all this crap ends.
  7. Does he even matter as anything more than depth if he should decided to play for Canada? We are so strong up front that Akinola may have missed his window to be a central part of our team if that opportunity ever actually existed.
  8. The insights continue to amaze and confound.
  9. Eustaquio is a player. He is a great addition and will force Piette to get better or lose his spot. And If Fraser ever gets to play, (flipping Covid,) we will have very solid quality at CDM. And if Hutch gives us another year or 2... just need a couple of CB’s to step up.
  10. The sad part of this situation is that if he gets healthy and plays any significant minutes he is immediately in the mix for the CMNT. Here’s hoping he gets healthy and decides to represent the maple leaf!
  11. Usually it’s good practice to avoid the group of death regardless of year or tournament.
  12. CPL is to raise the level of Canadian soccer, not other countries. Strict limit on foreign players to ensure only skilled players are signed from abroad and eventually increase the Canadian content as development permits.
  13. True. Picked up the red there prior to the US match for 100. Later while being forced to go to winners with my wife, found the training jacket (track top) for 49 bucks and had to spend 10 minutes explaining why this was such a good deal and I needed to add it to the collection. At the time they were 135 on the Canada site. Cant wait for a cool weather wise day to where it to a game when we finally get to attend.
  14. Don’t worry, he is/will. I’ll give him one thing, at least there are more little dots beside all my unread threads every time I check in now which is less often since Covid. So I guess thanks to TGAA for that.
  15. Almost 400 staff? Does anyone have a rough idea how many the CSA employs? I am assuming our number of employees would be insignificant compared to that.
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