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  1. Our boy nominated for UEFA Champions team of the year! Who would have ever thought that we would have a 19 year old impact player on the best team in Europe!
  2. Probably a number of factors here. Curtis is a big supporter of growing homegrown players and developing them into legit first teamers, which we know is not Vanney’s strength. He has been here and done that. Perhaps wants a new challenge. Galaxy job is open and he can move his family back to the US. Know he loves Canada but he is American and being successful at the Galaxy will put him in a position to take over the USMNT if/when Berhalter messes up. My guess is all three played a part but as they were in what was reported to be good contact talks along, I think he was not ge
  3. Lille Twitter confirms he is on the bench.
  4. Not a surprise unfortunately. Will he be USL or CPL?
  5. It was a layoff!! Guy on DAZN obviously doesn’t know David’s quality.
  6. James on the bench in Champions League vs Ajax.
  7. Kaye back! and starting vs the Sounders. Dejean on the bench. Game on at 1030 TSN.
  8. Basically no attacking players on the bench except the TAM waste Gallardo and Journeyman Mullins.
  9. Go Lille! Crappy ending to an interesting season. Some of the older guys need to be in reduced roles next year or gone. Squad looked tired and I am not sure it was just the circumstances of this season.
  10. Be a nice time for Gallardo to finally do something
  11. Started well. Nothing in the tank.
  12. Better win this in the 2nd half of extra time. Penalties never does us well. And we are missing quite a few shooters now.
  13. Bradley is done. Vanney needs to grow some balls and put on Priso or Fraser.
  14. Hard to dump Crepeau as #2 because he was hurt. He was the brightest spot on a horrible team last year and played brilliantly. Assuming he returns in similar form he is still most likely the back up to Borjan. St.Clair has been a revelation and surpasses all others for a spot in the 23 and a chance to compete with the 2 incumbents in my opinion.
  15. Nice composed Iceman finish! Here we go!!
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