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  1. Except for the fact that he has stuck with David through everything. He may not be able to coach some of the ball hogs into playing better but our boy was always on the pitch and he supported him 100 percent when he couldn’t find the net. If he leaves and David goes 6 games without a goal he might get nailed to the bench.
  2. Any relation to Georges? We can only hope.
  3. Thanks for this. Nice watching lengthy highlights that don’t include shitty techno music!
  4. We need to take every opposition seriously when qualifying for the World Cup. We haven’t done shit yet. Having said that, if we can’t beat Bermuda and even an improved Suriname, (and Haiti...) we have no right being in the Ocho, never mind playing in the World Cup. We have a worlds best 11 in our lineup, top players in Ligue 1 and Portugal, and guys who aren’t just marginal MLS players but guys who are integral to their teams. Treat our opponents with respect but they should be the ones shitting their pants about our team and our players.
  5. Not sure if this is the right spot but just wanted to let the gang know that Tigres are in the final and will play Phonzie and Bayern should they win their game tomorrow.
  6. As with most things in world soccer money makes the world go round. Stadiums that hold 40 or 50000 put a lot more coins in Concacaf’s pocket. So the more games involving Liga Mx and MLS the better for the bank. And to be honest the best teams are in those leagues without doubt so there is some validity to giving them more spots at the moment. Let’s just hope the increase in Concacaf revenue is used to make soccer better in the entire region and not to build Vic a mountain retreat in the Rockies or to make the rich leagues richer and widen the gap.
  7. So two of those days are also qualifying games for the World Cup!?! We go from nothing to 2 games on one day twice. Let’s hope the timing works out somehow.
  8. The emergence of the CPL will ensure that we are producing solid players that will aid in filling in the CMNT roster. Overtaking Mexico, or for that matter the US, is decades away. But with the increased player pool what should be attainable in the next cycle is that we firmly establish ourselves as a top 4/5 country in Concacaf and from then on we should expect to be in the Octagon or Hex or whatever they will use going forward. At that point we should be competitive with the big boys, occasionally grabbing a result, but it will be a long while, if ever, before we dominate the region.
  9. Ansem you have given this a lot more thought than I, and I am aware about what the league’s public stance is on this. You make very valid observations and my take on this is purely based on my own opinion and relatively minimal amount of dispensable cash. In the end I want a really strong CPL that gives our players opportunities and that in the end is a strong enough league that it’s top players contribute to the CMNT. If that happened and there was to be pro/rel fantastic.
  10. There will be no pro/rel in the CPL. Full stop. And frankly if by some hell freezing over type situation it happened, it would be to the detriment of Canadian development because no owner would put out massive cash to buy/keep top developing talent with the threat of relegation and dropping down to a second tier that is seen by a couple hundred people at best. Better to have a strong first division that pushes the level of the Canadian player as high as possible and gives the owners some level of financial security.
  11. Especially as their record signing is almost eliminated every game by his teammates. It’s amazing he’s continued to contribute as much as he has with little to no service (without scoring). If they start seeing his runs and learning to pass the ball, they just might be able to give Paris a run for their money.
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