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  1. Agreed. Unfortunately we are starting to see his competence when things are more challenging. Talent is usually the obvious divider and is proven year in and out in the big 5 where the same teams win 95% of the time. Now that his major talent is gone, and in aleague where there is some level of parity with the salary cap, coaching takes on a greater significance and Vanney has disappointed. We are still a talented team even without Gio but we look dreadful at times. If we miss the playoffs I could see our all time win leader being let go.
  2. Boyd has been a zero unfortunately. If we were getting an aging national teamr we should have just kept Ricketts. Delgado is good for 2-3 significant screw ups per game. I would rather see Chapman in the midfield, especially with Bradley back in cover.
  3. The game was as expected with the line up and if one of the two early chances were taken, the complexion of the game would have changed and given us a fighting chance. Atlanta getting up allowed them to suffocate us and without our current best squad proved to be too much. And Atlanta appears to be coming around so we should remember that they were the Cup winners and have a very talented team that is starting to perform. Chalk up the result to the circumstance and as Mikmacdo indicated above need 3 points against Phili this Saturday to justify the rotation.
  4. As soon as Vanney realizes that he is a major upgrade over Delbado.
  5. Montero with a goal in the 16th minute.
  6. Boyd is a disappointment and we would have been better off keeping Ricketts both from a skill standpoint and the Cdn in Cdn championship angle. Boyd looks totally overmatched right now. Zaveleta was one of our best as Gian-Luca said above which indicates what a terrible game we played. That better have been a one off and not a return to last season where that kind of game was seen regularly. Get back on the front foot against Orlando in the warmth.
  7. And Jackson Hamel seals it. Choiniere comes on as well to finish it off for Shome who leaves with a knock. Solid win powered by Canadians! No Piatti or Taider.
  8. Shome with his first goal and Wright coming in for New England.
  9. Crazy night. Shows how much we need Moor. Great to see Hamilton demonstrate the desire needed to outwork the defender and pot the winner. Laryea looked good. So did Auro. Ciman better tonight. Pozuelo is a monster!!
  10. TFC played very well at times in the 3-2 loss. Zavaleta was taken off at half after a very shaky start. Ciman played well except for one useless slide tackle. Delbado has a couple of really nice touches and about a half a dozen horrible ones. Please for the love of God start Chapman. Chapman came off the bench with good energy and looked dangerous. Pozuelo and Jozy hook up for 2 goals and Pozuelo hit a great strike at the 93rd that forced Frei into a great save. Ciman also drilled one off the post in added time.
  11. Novillo just scored. Urriti involved in the build up. Game on TSN 5
  12. Pitch looks absolutely awful. Maybe they should reach out to TFC and gets some tips.
  13. 100%! Team is looking good and always happy when a Canadian gets pt. Actually searched out a stream for the first time ever to watch the Impact game last night when I read on here that 6 Canadians were on the pitch.
  14. Two can play at that game ? But ask anyone with the squad and they’ll tell you that the 23-year Brazilian’s value is sky high. “I think he has the capacity to be one of the best right backs in our league, if not the best right back,” said coach Greg Vanney. “He’s a nice weapon to have.”
  15. Interesting. Bradley drops down to TAM level and you keep Robben for one additional year at 3-4 million?! Then he’s gone and they can reinvest in a Pozuelo type who is in the prime of his career. In spite of his age his skill level would probably still allow him to contribute significantly to TFC like Zlatan in LA for a year and a half. Would love to see him in person even if only for a year and a bit.
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