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  1. Haven’t seen that but he was interviewed on TSN in the last couple years and was asked point blank (by Wileman I believe) if there would be another Canadian teamand he said something to the effect of never, we will only have these three markets. Remember thinking it was pretty ballsy to be so blatant about it on a Canadian soccer broadcast. I guess if someone wanted to give them a billion Cdn dollars MLS would have to consider it but it won’t happen so there will be no more Canadian MLS teams.
  2. Garber said no more teams in Canada. Before the CPL was reality. Full stop end of discussion.
  3. Let’s not forget that there are thousands of club teams but less than two hundred opportunities to be the head coach of a national men’s team. Even being Canada, one would think that being a men’s national team coach would have a certain level of panache and be attractive to coaches who had done well with club teams. We no doubt could have hired someone with a better pedigree. I also think Herdman was very aware that we were coming into a “golden generation” of talent in Canada and that’s why he pushed himself into the picture even though Zambrano had just been hired. He’s been accused of a lot of things, and rightly so, but being stupid isn’t one of them.
  4. There is no doubt that the players on the field will be giving it their all, but if we rest certain players or play in a style that doesn’t suit our personnel, then we can effectively try our best and justify a negative result all at the same time. It also may serve to have the Mexican team overconfident for a future date. I caught some of the Costa Rica game and unless Nicaragua is really bad the rumours of their demise are greatly exaggerated. Can’t wait for the next three games.
  5. Elo counted it and with yesterday’s win Canada is ranked at ......57. Looks like our high water mark in the last 7 years.
  6. More like it . Controlling the game with pace minimizes our defensive frailties. Make the other team play D and we are ok
  7. Hopefully the Siz can get this sorted out at half
  8. Lucky to be up. All the possession, a few chances and god awful defending
  9. Kaye plating better than Godinho. D looking pathetic
  10. The lack of success of our country over the past decades has a significant impact on salary and recognition by the football world. The rest of the world thinks we are shite and as a result our players are not given the credit or respect they deserve. I trust that it is slowly and surely changing and with a good run in the gold cup, nations league and the WCQ our players will be paid and moving onward and upwards to better leagues.
  11. Wow. Laryea was our best player by far. Not sure exactly what this says about the squad. Very disappointing once again. Gave up 2-3 chances and lose 2-1. We really need someone with some attacking flair and we must do better in not conceding when we do only give up a couple of chances. Thought we were back to a high level but starting to get very worried that we are in for a long year. Pozuelo looked pissed last game, think he is really starting to wonder where the other skilled players are.
  12. Please for the love of Kawhi schedule games during our two one game windows against other teams in the same situation from group A. Let’s give a chance to some of the younger guys against good competition and start to develop some team chemistry.
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