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  1. Can someone help me out with this? How long has it been a FIFA statute that you must you FIFA rankings in World Cup Qualifying? If this has been around forever than the blame lies with Vic for leading the CSA down the garden path. Somebody at Concacaf or the CSA for that matter should have known what rankings needed to be used. If Vic changed it to Concacaf rankings to benefit Canada then in effect he royally screwed us. But you think someone at FIFA or in Concacaf would have immediately said you can’t do that when it was announced. It sort of like knowing that you can’t circumvent the back pass to the goalie rule, most soccer people were aware.
  2. If we don’t then we will know that our national men’s team is of the level of importance somewhere in the area of the Canadian Shuffleboard program or the Canuck Tiddlywinks team. At this point with 2026 coming up some money will need to be put into the program a la the “own the podium” as even polite and reserved Canadians don’t like to be embarrassed on home soil. It will take years to reap the benefits of an improved CSA and they better start now if they want to end the 0 goals and no wins streak in the World Cup.
  3. Not awe inspiring in any way. Now is the time for our team to confirm its ascendancy towards the top of Concacaf. We need to come to play and demonstrate our considerable skill. Win this (or draw) and we can firmly establish ourselves as one of the top 4 teams in the region and put Canada on the soccer. We deserve it.
  4. I certainly hope not. Man after all the hand wringing about him potentially playing for the Ivory Coast, what a fall from grace if he doesn’t apply himself and make a career of it at some level. It really is surprising that he has fallen off the radar so quickly and there isn’t any concern when he is left off our roster.
  5. Very tough game to sit through. We have dominated Seattle for 3 championships and lost 2. It was a great playoff run and what I thought would have happened last year if we/Vanney had not destroyed our regular season. Vanney has moments of brilliance but can be infuriating at times. Why sign Gallardo? Why not put Laryea and Jozy in earlier? Total control for 60 minutes then take off Benezet who had taken our best chance and thenOsorio who Caldwell was calling the best player on the pitch. In the postgame Vanney made some specific comments about guys not doing what he wanted and I hope that doesn’t bode poorly for Oso next year. Silver lining too that Bradley will not make 6.5 million next year. He has been tremendous but that DP spot needs to go to someone with offensive capabilities that is capable of playing a full season. If Bradley refuses to play for TAM money then Fraser it is and get a first class attacker.
  6. Down 4-1. Only watched last 10, couldn’t blame Davies for the fourth then he prevented the 5th off the line. Hopefully this doesn’t bode poorly for Phonzie with respect to playing time.
  7. Wow with that level of intensity it makes you wonder if we should even bother playing the game.😜. If that is his fired up mode to revenge a massive loss, I like our chances of winning another one even more.
  8. David starts against anderlecht in Belgium. Just had a great crack at net that just went over the bar.
  9. Petty theft at best. Grand larceny was 2016 by Seattle.
  10. Westberg saved Vanney’s ass. He almost looked Herman like tonight. Bradley 1 win away from another 6 million. If they win probably worth it. If they lose... silver lining.
  11. Yet it’s now tied after a ****** start and then s garbage penalty against only to be saved by Westberg. Then Benezet curls one in and all even
  12. Vanney putting his rear end on the line. Starting Ciman with a “healthy “ Omar on the bench. Endoh in starting line up. Wow who would have thought he’d be starting the Eastern final. Hopefully Gallardo can come off the bench and make an impact if needed. Go you Reds!!
  13. Kaye on bench for LAFC tonight. Hard to keep him off the field if he is healthy because he has been tremendous this year for club and country. Maybe Herdman goes rogue and plays his best 11 shoehorning Davies and Kaye in the back😉
  14. We should be expecting to compete with the US. Motivation if needed was provided by the response after our last win. And according to the ELO rankings the US is at 43 and we are at 53. (for point of reference Mex is 16, Costa R 48,and Honduras 52. Jamaica rounds out the top 6 at 60th). According to the mathematical minds we are definitely capable of competing with every team in Concacaf. I think most of us with the eye test would concur with that finding as well. Of course going to the US and getting a result would be tremendous, but no longer is the possibility of that outrageous. We should expect to compete with them and our expectation should be nothing less than a draw.
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