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  1. Exactly!!! That has been my contention all along ... Panama, Curacao, Canada, and Haiti are no different that ES, Jamaica, Honduras, maybe even CR ...
  2. Stupid auto correct.... I guess I could see a case being made for a Vitoria-Hutch pairing, but that would be really risky too ...
  3. There’s no way Edgar passed Cornelius on the death chart right now, for such an important game.
  4. Breathe everyone... just breathe...
  5. Arfield and James seem to be biggest omissions ... maybe Atiba, but he's getting up there in age and may want to phase out at this point.
  6. I figured ... but there were definitely some in that clip that were moved around substantially after the spot had become non-existent ...
  7. So, semi-serious question: regarding the rule that the ball must be on the spot, I know in most normal circumstances, players try to cheat by putting the ball closer to the net, but is a player allowed to place the ball behind or adjacent to the dot? Obviously, in Milan’s game, the dot was not there anymore... presumably the ref had to make a judgement call???
  8. It may be "awkward", but given where he was *right now*, it's a GREAT move for him ... if he can show that he's capable of scoring in MLS, then's he's right back in the CMNT mix, in my opinion.
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