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  1. Lol! Jesus, why stop there! Suppose we’re both in the WC semis, and we have inside info on them to get into a WC final! 😉
  2. Sorry, the Gary Suter cross check on Gretzky happened at the ‘91 Canada Cup, which Canada won with, I believe, Steve Larmer scoring the winner. The US won the 96 World Cup of Hockey because Mike Richter stood on his head for large portions of the final series ...
  3. I was going to say ... don't they play entirely different positions!
  4. Even if Hutch doesn’t play, I like Estaquio, Kaye, and Arfield ...
  5. 1. Davies 2. David 3. Eustaquio 4. Arfield 5. Hutch
  6. Pretty good ... maybe Millar for Brym? Maybe Fraser for Okello?
  7. This is fair ... guess I should go change my projected lineup for our first opening round match of the 2026 WC.
  8. This guy is absurd ... no one tell him that he's about to turn 38. Jesus. Incredible.
  9. I was thinking the same thing ... he must take a split second peak before the ball arrives, and knows that there is a defender about to slide in when he receives the ball. If he shoots that right away, it easily could have been blocked. Incredible vision, split second decision making, and patience.
  10. A little off topic but those stories from Tam are crazy ... really, really sad that he (and others) have to go through things like that.
  11. What about that pass ... mark my words, that guy has a really bright footballing future!!!
  12. As an Italian descent, this is accurate. That is all.
  13. So, it seems like #4-#8 is all over the place ... but it sounds like a starting pair of Vitoria and Henry is likely, with James off the bench ...
  14. With our CB situation being what it is where, seemingly, ~10 guys can make a case for being included on a roster, I'm really curious: if we had an important match tomorrow, and we name 4 CBs to the 23 man roster, who would those 4 be? I'm struggling with this one, but perhaps: Henry, Cornelius, Vitoria, James. Who would others select?
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