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  1. So, it seems like #4-#8 is all over the place ... but it sounds like a starting pair of Vitoria and Henry is likely, with James off the bench ...
  2. With our CB situation being what it is where, seemingly, ~10 guys can make a case for being included on a roster, I'm really curious: if we had an important match tomorrow, and we name 4 CBs to the 23 man roster, who would those 4 be? I'm struggling with this one, but perhaps: Henry, Cornelius, Vitoria, James. Who would others select?
  3. If a race were announced, and starting in the next ten minutes, I’d still put money on Davies over Bradley ...
  4. I think of Hume this way too ... God, I miss watching him play for us ...
  5. I object to any Canada lineup that has Cav taking penalties! 😉 Ok, all jokes aside, yes, Suriname is likely going to be stronger than other teams we’d expect to face at this state. But, we still have to focus and do the job. As long as we don’t take them for granted we should be ok.
  6. That’s up there with Patrick Stefan level misses... only without the goal at the other end!
  7. I thought Keaton Parks was going to be the next big thing because he had a cup of coffee with Benfica!
  8. Yeah, if European players can’t come, Cav and Tesho ... would Larin be available? If so, he should get called, otherwise, Bair or Hamilton or it gives us an opportunity to cap tie Akinola!!!
  9. I saw on Soccerway that it was a 1-1 aggregate... is that correct? Were there penalties? Or some tie breaker that I don’t know about?
  10. Are you serious? Do we need to go back and write out a list of all the Americans who got late season subs, or appearances in meaningless summer friendlies played in the U.S., that had American fans basically penciling those guys in for 10 years of glory on the international stage?!? Edit: Not to mention the numerous MLS players who we are told are being “hotly pursued” by European giants every transfer window! Erik Palmer Brown supposedly to Milan comes to mind back in the day, along with Kellyn Acosta, and Cannon to name just a couple ....
  11. Juve being out helps a lot, but I still think it’s far from a foregone conclusion that Bayern wins it this year ...
  12. The CB situation is a bit silly at the moment... I could name at least 8 guys all at about the same level, but none really standing out. 10 different managers could easily pick 10 different pairings...
  13. If we get past round 1, is it a Home & Away in round 2, or just a 1 game elimination versus, presumably, Haiti?
  14. Wow. How the heck has this guy never played at a higher level than this?
  15. Sure ... knew he was likely #4, but he’s definitely no spring chicken at this point. Don’t get me wrong, he’s an absolute living legend in Canadian soccer, but I can’t imagine he’s the same player he was even 3-4 years ago.
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