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  1. This might be a dumb question, but what is Hoilett’s hand thing… also does it when he scores. I’m hoping to see it a couple of times tonight, but I don’t know what it means?!?
  2. At the risk of starting a whole thing ... does anyone have a working stream? We're at a cabin, with WIFI, but no cable ... EDIT: I'm in the U.S.
  3. This all sounds logical to me. Sadly, and inexplicably, I predict that 0, or at most 1 (Akindele) of these things happens.
  4. Fuck! This is why we maybe should’ve punted on that US game. I hope the Larin injury isn’t so serious that he misses the Sept matches.
  5. This Honduras-Panama match is the most open, exciting, game I’ve seen in a while… not sure if it’s good offense and terrible defense! But the expected goals for this game might be crazy…
  6. The 3-5-2 scares me, given what I've seen. Perhaps with the crop for this tournament, that's all we can do, but with guys like Adekugbe and Johnston/Laryea, I don't see why we don't go with a back 4, with Kennedy and Vitoria/Henry as the CBs.
  7. Plus, guys like Vitoria and Miller are going to need a rest ... that would be a lot of minutes on Vitoria's legs, in a short time, especially considering he's expected to play 90+ more in the QF.
  8. I like this but I might start Ayo over Larin and Pasher over Tajon, just for rest purposes.
  9. Yeah, I think this is the answer although I might give Johnston the full 90 … this saves Vitoria and Miller for the QF.
  10. My question is, who do we even play in the back line if we’re resting players???
  11. I mean at this tournament … I don’t get why we’d only bring 4 CBS, if we want to play 3 of them as part of our preferred formation. I would give Vitoria a rest vs US and go with a back 4 of Johnston, Henry, Vitoria, Miller in the QF. I fear that our D will get roasted against a better team …
  12. Who the heck do we have at CB aside from the 3 that played tonight? Is it Sturing and that’s it? Ouch … that’s worrisome!
  13. Lol, that’s even crazier and therefore MORE likely than my suggestion. You left out the part where there will be a transparent coin flip of a 2-headed coin between us and the US for said single spot, but the US gets to call it in the air because of their higher FIFA ranking…
  14. Lol, like that kind of rational thought process will fly in CONCACAF… and the correct answer is, obviously, that Haiti will be replaced by Curaçao, who will inherit Haiti’s current record… If Curaçao go on to win the tournament, it will, of course, be a shared title with Haiti. Easy peasy … CONCACAF always looks for the most straightforward solution!
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