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  1. Doesn't look like they will: http://www.nwslsoccer.com/news/article/nwsl-releases-2020-allocated-players-list
  2. @admin , The men's game tickets? http://www.thevoyageurs.org/
  3. Not slacking! As @archer21 points out, there was previously a rumour of a Costa Rica vs El Salvador match in Washington DC. Then the media in Costa Rica mentioned that El Salvador had cancelled that. Some sites are reporting that it will be Panama vs Costa Rica in San José, some are reporting that it will be El Salvador vs Costa Rica in San José. I'm not sure what the truth is. I suspect that El Salvador are not stupid enough to play Costa Rica. For example, this article from Panama states that the game will be between Costa Rica and Panama and will be at the home stadium of Cartaginés (actually about 30km from San José). This one seems more credible to me: http://elsiglo.com.pa/deportes/frente-costa-rica-marzo/24151167 Edit: Also another link from the media in Costa Rica: http://www.teletica.com/amp/249678_la-sele-volvera-al-fello-meza-24-anos-despues
  4. http://www.fifa.com/fifa-world-ranking/ranking-table/men/#CONCACAF Official now. It was a training match. We gained about a third of a point, but now we round up instead of down. El Salvador haven't moved.
  5. On desktop/laptop it's OK , you're right. On mobile...not so much. The post was more of a rant and an attempt to stop Robert from going any further. The man really does love to copy-paste marginally relevant or even extraneous information in giant tables when a simple URL link to the original source will do. This is what Richard Scott from the CSA seemed to imply.
  6. But (let us continue to speculate) what is the basis of his current situation? The club obviously doesn't fancy him; is it that nobody else wants to pay his wages? His contract is until 2022!
  7. It is a sad day indeed when Robert returns but STILL FEELS THE NEED TO COPY PASTE ENTIRE TABLES ON THE FORUM! It is bad etiquette. The formatting is dreadful. Just stop. It isn't necessary to make your point. Use some esthetic discretion please.
  8. Has moved to mid-table Estonian team JK Narva Trans. Had offers in Scandinavia but they were all as backup keeper. Narva told him he'd get a fair shot at being a starter. He's been a backup keeper for a while now and really wants to get playing time. The season starts March 6th. Nothing about his international intentions (stick with Estonia or a switch to U23 Canada) but it sure looks like Canada is not in his plans!
  9. Still on contract at FC Midtjylland. Nobody seems to want to have him on loan. Anybody know any details? A MLS/USL/CanPL loan might not be a bad idea.
  10. I find it very tough to get any kind of squad info on pre-2nd-half-of-the-season-friendlies; I wonder how he has done over the past month? Competitive games start up again on Friday for Scott; it will be one of the most important games of the season since it's against their rival for that one promotion spot (SV Guntamatic Ried)! If they lose that game on Friday, it becomes an uphill battle. http://www.2liga.at/2liga/spielplan/
  11. Who knows who they will call for centre-backs for the U23 team? 20 years old? Was he born in 2000? 2001? If he is a 2001, it will give him a chance with the U20 team as well.
  12. At 27 points behind us, it would take an epic losing streak on our part against several minnows and an epic winning streak against many top teams for them to catch us. Panama is not relevant. Curaçao is not relevant. It is us or (likely) El Salvador. Panama will play Nicaragua on February 25th: http://twitter.com/Fenifutnica/status/1229065697541709830 Panama will play Guatemala on March 4th: http://www.fepafut.com/noticias/3858/panama-jugara-ante-guatemala-a-inicios-de-marzo an yes, Panama will play El Salvador on March 27th (the same night we play T&T): http://www.fepafut.com/noticias/3932/panama-jugara-ante-su-similar-de-el-salvador-el-proximo-27-de-marzo That last game is hugely important for us. Although both teams don't look like they have any big young names right now, Panama can be at full strength. Like us, El Salvador has to field at U23 squad for Olympic qualifying.
  13. It looks like there as been a change! A thing of great relevance to the fortunes of the #CanMNT: FIFA has added a FIFA rankings release date. I assume at the request of CONCACAF, they have added a ranking date on June 11th. http://www.fifa.com/fifa-world-ranking/ The FIFA international match window is June 1st to 9th The UEFA EURO and the Copa America start on June 12th https://resources.fifa.com/image/upload/1653-men-s-international-match-calendar-2018-2024.pdf?cloudid=vypxfhb9frfxwu25v23z Looks like they squeezed a date right in between the two! So mercifully by June 9th we will know if we make the Hex or not; no last minute minnow-match shenanigans!
  14. Looks like David and Davies will be there. On the Trinidad side, they got a new coach 2 months ago. He is obviously looking to rectify their massive losing streak. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Y5vZM0Wk7w
  15. 7.5 points or so....that won't be enough! Here's to hoping for an El Salvador f-up!
  16. Based on the CSA poster for T&T and the CSA's tweets, it looks like David and Davies won't be with the U23s (as expected).
  17. It will be there. By process of elimination as established in this thread, opponent will be a CONCACAF team. So Costa Rica Curacao Haiti Trinidad http://www.canadasoccer.com/index.php?t=project&sid=1343 Also possible but highly unlikely are Antigua, Panama or Honduras.
  18. What would we gain by beating Trinidad and Tobago and then Costa Rica? Trinidad are going to play two friendlies in March but their opponents have not been announced. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cqEZHooSCE Good chance one of those games is us!
  19. Just found a new article that confirms this theory! http://www.laprensagrafica.com/deportes/La-seleccion-tiene-su-calculadora-lista-para-las-fechas-FIFA-20200213-0049.html Looks like El Savador's U-20 coach (and assistant to their senior team) Ernesto Góchez spoke about their strategy on a radio program. 4 games. (2 in March, 2 in June) An average of 4 points per game is what they are looking for. 16 points total. The idea being that whatever happens, we cannot possibly gain 30 to 31 points before mid-July. Hugo Carillo spoke of 7 points for the next window, so they may even be going for opponents that will give them about 3.5 points per game. So they could be looking at the Trinidad and Tobago's, the St Kitts and Nevis'es, the Antigua and Barbuda's of the world / CONCACAF. Maybe Nicaragua or Suriname could be one of their opponents. So we pray that we can beat our opponents and that they will drop points to a weaker side.
  20. The whole point of Costa Rica playing us is that their match against El Salvador fell through. I think the leadership is of two minds, the president of FESFUT loves these friendlies in the States but the coach absolutely wants to bring this team to the Hex. Looks like they got scared of losing points and backed out of their friendly with Costa Rica. So El Salvador plays Panama at home and hopes that home field advantage will give them a win. 4.6 points. Now Hugo in that article said 7 points. So @Kyle_The_Hill of the teams that are left, who will El Salvador play to gain 2.4 points? A neighbour like Nicaragua? El Salvador seems to have finally come to terms with the most logical strategy, that is to play weaker sides to maintain a points gap between themselves and us.
  21. The rumour was a tournament in Qatar right? Croatia, Portugal, Belgium and Switzerland.
  22. Nope. Costa Rica is playing Greece in New Jersey. Then Mexico is playing Greece in Texas. Doesn't change the math much but if we rationally assume two friendlies the Costa Rica friendly would be the second game.
  23. I've heard this rumour too. Where did you hear this? Any public source you can name?
  24. Cheaper to rent? Maybe we will play two friendlies in March. One in Victoria and one at BC Place?
  25. Will we even get there? Our roster is weak; key players have been left out. Remember last time when we left out Fleming and Rose? http://www.canadiansoccernews.com/forums/topic/75879-2018-concacaf-womens-u-20-championship/page/5/ I can't say I am optimistic.
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