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  1. That likely comes from the twitter account ( that @narduch & I follow) that posted the info 4 days ago: They have been a reliable source.
  2. https://bjk.com.tr/tr/haber/81756 Some kind of pain in the back of his right thigh. Went for an MRI. Not looking good...
  3. I guess it was Okello tonight who replaced Bradley?
  4. Guatemala beat El Salvador 2-0 in a friendly match in Washington D.C. It was an El Salvador B- or even C side. 4 experienced guys, 3 guys with only two caps, 5 guys with only one cap, 8 guys with zero caps.
  5. He isn't a 90 minute player for us any more. That is how they presented the lineup but I didn't watch the match. Was he actually playing at CB? For the #CanMNT I don't see him playing at CB, I don't rate him there. Herdman tried that at the 2019 Gold Cup, right? Maybe only if someone gets injured mid-game or if there is a red card.
  6. https://ottawasun.com/news/provincial/ontario-to-allow-bigger-crowds-at-sporting-events/wcm/a96908ea-fd9a-4332-92f5-38d85cfa4807/amp/ Is there a chance that they don't increase the V's section because we are standing? Neil Davidson is reporting that TFC's max is 21 000 instead if the previous 15 000. 21 000 = 70% vs 22 500 = 75% venues where patrons stand will see the limits hiked to 75% capacity or 15,000 people, whichever is less. “For certain outdoor event venues where patrons are seated, capacity limits will be increased to up to 75% capacity or 30,000 people, whichever is less,” the Doug Ford government said in its statement.
  7. Thanks for sharing. Assuming the #CanMNT does play in Edmonton in November, I wonder if he times the visit to be at that match. Seems probable. Sad about Vancouver.
  8. They do sell them for friendlies (both #CanMNT and #CanWNT). Field-level seats are not allowed under official FIFA WCQ regulations.
  9. The Jahn's schedule from now until the start of the November window is very kind; only one match of real "away" travel ( at Paderborn ) because the only other away match is the derby match at Ingolstadt but that is only ~70km away.
  10. Has not been in the squad for the last two matches for Moreirense. There have been no media reports of any injury (that I am aware of). Did he even fly back to Portugal after the international window?
  11. https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/mobile/ontario-to-expand-capacity-limits-for-professional-sports-arenas-stadiums-starting-saturday-sources-say-1.5598856 Rumour is the announcement will be 75% of capacity to a max of 30 000. That means an extra ~ 7500 tickets or so can be sold by Canada Soccer and if distributed equally would mean the V's get an extra ~750 tickets. Assuming this is the case, there is a strong case to be made for a limit of 4 or fewer for the remaining batch.
  12. If he plays today it would be his 300th competitive match for Beşiktaş. So far he has played: 245 matches in the Süper Lig 39 matches in UEFA competitions 15 Cup / Super Cup matches http://www.ensonhaber.com/amp/kralspor/futbol/atiba-hutcinson-300-macina-hazirlaniyor I believe he was 30 years old when he joined the team; 300 matches after age 30 is impressive 😲 Just re-posting the song they wrote for him for when he reached 200 Süper Lig matches.
  13. That is my question...also, what was the maximum this time? The limit of 2 really helped for the previous games.
  14. For the V's sections or the general pre-sale code for other sections? Two different things. The V's code is not sent by email, only on the forum I believe.
  15. The vaccine doesn't make you invincible but that discussion belongs in another thread... I think it is wiser to do it this way rather have to refund people and cancel tickets. It would be a mess!
  16. @dyslexic nam sent him some good Atlantic Canada vibes.
  17. The pre-sale for tickets has started for the match down in Mexico. Anybody who is going should get in contact with the CSA (I don't know who that person would be, but with someone).
  18. Not really; I believe things become more flexible after a week or so for that type of thing assuming there are tickets left but you'd have to buy them in multiple transactions.
  19. He was RWB today. He got forward a lot.
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