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  1. To clarify, Derby County's Dutch coach Phillip Cocu used to be the coach at Fenerbahçe. Probably got along well with Kadioglu as they are both Dutch. He was the one who actually brought him to Fenerbahçe in 2018. Clearly wants to reunite with him and rates him highly. Didn't happen in January as Fenerbahçe blocked the deal but it might happen in the summer as Fenerbahçe have a new coach now. And who knows what the vision of the new Fenerbahçe coach is !
  2. Nobody: ..... Absolutely nobody: ..... Robert: Let's bump an old thread!
  3. Officially suspended. Health concerns aside, maybe we will be allowed to name a new roster (both 50-man & 20-man) if ever the competition gets played so we can have ZBG and other players that weren't granted leave too.
  4. Panama has cancelled on El Salvador. So friendly #1 is officially off. One assumes Belize will follow suit. http://www.fepafut.com/noticias/3981/comite-ejecutivo-de-fepafut-anuncia-medidas-ante-situacion-por-el-covid-19
  5. I don't think CONCACAF cares about that right now (if they ever did). Despite public awareness being through the roof now, this virus appears to be spreading exponentially. -Wash your hands -Masks are good if you have a cough or feel sick (they are more effective in helping prevent the sick from spreading germs than actually protecting healthy people). -Minimize close contact with people who are at risk just in case you get sick (the very elderly, the very young) -If football is put on hiatus, remember it will reappear. -Don't eat Pagolins or Asian palm civets. -Keep calm and carry on. Let's take this one day at a time.
  6. We will need to keep checking the news. There are direct flights from Port of Spain to Toronto so the team won't need to transit in the USA. The only documented cases of community transmission in Canada have been in North Van last time I checked. I am more worried about the #CanWNT game in April.
  7. I'm going to assume that based on the fact that you have posted in this thread means Liam has been called up. Latest news is that the squad will drop tomorrow.
  8. If we make the top 2 in our group, here are the likely teams we would need to face. The USA squad: http://www.ussoccer.com/stories/2020/03/u23-usmnt-head-coach-jason-kreis-names-usa-roster-for-2020-concacaf-olympic-qualifying-championship The Mexico squad: http://miseleccion.mx/noticias/3121/Convocatoria de la SNM Sub-23 para el Campeonato Preolímpico de Concacaf 2020 Both are obviously really full of talent. Haiti...gonna Haiti? They named a 22 player squad(???): http://www.facebook.com/fhfhaiti/photos/a.10152304888971188/10156966447196188/ I guess we wait until Friday and CONCACAF to find out the two players that are cut. Yup! http://canpl.ca/article/valour-fc-has-unfinished-business-to-take-care-of-as-training-camps-kicks-off No big surprise there. Love that Twardek seems to have built a release me for Olympic Qualifiers even though it is outside the FIFA window clause/deal into his contract. “We knew when we signed Kris this was a possibility. There was an understanding there between ourselves and Kris that if he was called into the squad he’d be available so there’s no issue." http://www.thesun.ie/sport/football/5181714/bohemians-keith-long-kris-twardek-canada/ Respect to him for that.
  9. "...the final 20-player roster will be announced on 11 March" http://canadasoccer.com/canada-soccer-announces-provisional-list-for-concacaf-men-s-olympic-qualifying-p162594
  10. So this is the scenario. It's official now; Belize have confirmed the match: http://www.facebook.com/footballbelize/photos/a.462810150534504/1597571173725057/
  11. I mean, will we call ZBG? He has been getting all the minutes with the Impact...
  12. @Shway here is the post from the previous page. The CSA are always welcome to announce the roster before the deadline like the USA, but I don't think they will because they are last minute. The #CanWNT play tomorrow, so maybe they will announce it Wednesday or Thursday. Perhaps even Friday when CONCACAF forces them to!
  13. A few things: They explain it here: http://www.concacaf.com/world-cup-qualifying-men/article/concacaf-announces-format-for-the-2022-fifa-world-cup-confederation-qualifiers They don't explicitly say they will divide the teams this way but it is the only logical way if, as they say, Groups A, B, C, D & E will have 4 teams and F, G & H will have 3 teams: -Rank 7 to 14 drawn into groups A to H -Rank 15 to 22 drawn into groups A to H -Rank 23 to 30 drawn into groups A to H -Rank 31 to 35 drawn into groups A to E As much fun as this is to imagine, being in Group F, G or H would be ideal because those bottom teams are a waste of time and energy. The 30th ranked team, the Bahamas can't drop points this month since they play French Guiana twice in Gold Cup Qualifying. This means the bottom 5 teams are a lock: Aruba 867 (not good, but not a terrible team) Turks & Caicos 862 (awful) USVI 844 (awful) B VI 842 (awful) Anguilla 821 (awful) Especially with a coronavirus that could keep crowds away and make travel difficult, playing one of those teams would be entirely unnecessary. A lot of CSA money down the drain. Very little enthusiasm for the casual fan. Small crowds, but forced to play in a bigger stadium that complies with FIFA/CONCACAF standards. No thanks. Our player pool doesn't have much depth. We are still a few injuries away from disaster.
  14. I was just thinking "Will Belize play to their best in this friendly against El Salvador", then the thought popped into my head: Teams ranked 7th to 35th are devided into 8 groups, A to H. Rankings as they are right now Pot 1: Canada 1332 (1st in Pot 1) . . St. Kitts and Nevis 1074 (8th in Pot 1) --------------------------- Pot 2: Suriname 1073 (1st in Pot 2) . . Bermuda 984 (8th in Pot 2) --------------------------- Pot 3 Belize 974 (1st in Pot 3) . . So with: -Barbados 1009 and Guyana 988 playing in Gold Cup qualifiers this month -Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 986 stuck playing Guadeloupe for no points this month (and if SV&tG win they will be stuck playing Haiti, where they will likely lose points) -Bermuda 974 possibly losing a point as a result of their friendly against Jamaica (and maybe unable to gain points in June if they have to play French Guiana) ...it makes sense that Belize would roll the dice and try and go for the 8 point win against El Salvador (or even the 3 point gain with the draw). Pending certain outcomes, Belize could slip into Pot 2, and therefore have a much easier path during WCQ.
  15. Looks like the bosses at FESFUT have approved the friendly vs Belize. El Grafico have published an article where they claim their reporter has been given the inside scoop on what ticket prices will be for the two matches: http://www.elgrafico.com/futbol/Revelan-los-precios-para-el-amistoso-entre-El-Salvador-y-Panama-20200306-0010.html Thanks once again to @Kyle_The_Hill for all the calculations and for @xabuep2 for being the first to let us know about that Belize match. Under the best possible circumstances, two wins for us and two losses for El Salvador we would be 6.7 points ahead by the end of the month. Under the worst possible circumstances, two losses for us and two wins for El Salvador we would be 33.3 points behind and eliminated from the Hex, a hell of an April fools hangover. If the results are more modest, let's say an El Salvador vs Panama draw and then El Salvador beat Belize. If we beat T&T during one game and draw the other, we will still be 13.3 points behind, which would kill our chances of reaching the Hex. The odds are not in our favour.
  16. And now Panama just beat Guatemala in Guatemala City last night so their ranking will go back up. http://twitter.com/fepafut/status/1235419213998837761 More importantly, Panama will feel that they can go into San Salvador and get the win. The more confidence they have, the better.
  17. http://www.twitter.com/thevoyageurs/status/1234656558295986176 Looks like Tuesday, March 10th, is the CSA's deadline to submit the final 20-player roster on behalf of Biello. and Friday, March 13th, CONCACAF will publish the final 20-player rosters of all the teams on their website.
  18. Well 2019 was good for him. The start of 2020...not so much. Was dealing with what seemed to be minor muscular problems, but he doesn't seem to have been able to reclaim his starting spot back. His recent record, including injury: Jan 5 - Not in the squad Jan 10 - Not in the squad Jan 18 - Full match Jan 29 - On the bench Feb 2 - On the bench Feb 9 - On the bench Feb 15 - On the bench Feb 23 - On the bench March 2 - Late game sub (played about 9 minutes, after Benfica had already scored and there was no lead to protect)
  19. I also can't find anything on how serious it was.
  20. Maybe 80k. $CAD. The figures we've seen for his previous salaries have all been in $USD btw.
  21. Ferdi has continued to be in the role of late game sub (after the 70th minute) for most games, especially stronger teams and he has been a starter vs weaker teams (bottom of the table teams in the league and lower division teams in the Turkish Cup). Many supporters have been upset and want him to get more playing time. Fernabahçe have just fired their coach (Ersun Yanal) so who knows what will happen now! He might become a starter or he may get glued to the bench.
  22. Who was at fault for those two goals? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13bghL3MkXo Jaković did track back for the first one but another Jamaican player arrives unmarked. On the second goal, could he have closed down WIlliams more effectively?
  23. So he had a good preseason. He had a bad moment down in Mexico, but has now gone 3 full competitive matches in a row at centre-back. LAFC have 3 more home games and one game in Mexico City before the Canada game on March 27th. He played ¾ of our 2017 Gold Cup matches at centre-back with Vitória and it was a generally solid pairing. Jaković wasn't really stellar but at the same time we didn't see any crazy gaffes like Henry does from time to time. @Colliedor and some others, do we bring him back into the fold? What do we need to see from him in the next four LAFC matches if you are not yet convinced?
  24. Reminder that Pasto is at over 2500m. Mexico City is mostly below 2300m. Really massive to play a full match at right-back and grind out a win there if you aren't used to it. http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Copa_Sudamericana
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