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It is a potentially huge step. Certainly have to think its a position with a long term view. 

2021, 2022 or 20Never, probably still anyone's guess. The games this summer need to be well attended. The average was 3k last year. If it can somehow push nearer 5 that will might be enough for triggers to be pulled.

It's a hard judge because more people will absolutely jump on board for CPL/televised/formal games. It's hard to bring out general sports fans/non hardcores for friendly games against the likes of Foothills or Highlanders etc. 

We shall see what lies ahead for the SKSSS 2020. Should be an exciting ride either way!

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This is true, maybe they should be thinking like the CSA and doing the second one behind closed doors 😛 

I don't think it's been organized primarily as a money maker. This is a pre-season game for the Eddies and also a warm up game for the SK Selects team. It looks like a chance to get people excited and build exposure for this years summer series. Probably more likely to pull crowds inside than outside with inconsistent weather. In a way this one will be more novel in comparison to the summer series games. There is limited seating in there but some, most will be standing and the pub will likely be open too I would imagine

Sounds like some Edmonton fans are already planning on coming down to make a commotion too so will be cool to have some home and away support. Something naturally missing from last years games. 

Info on seats etc. here: 


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12 hours ago, Watchmen said:

If they're busy needing to drum up local corporate sponsorships/investors to make a go of it, I'd think the looming global recession will put a damper on expansion for 2021.

Quite possibly. I am sure it throws fresh doubt but its the least of most peoples problems. It will be what it will be. The SKSSS games were a lot of fun, hopefully there is still a chance one can happen this year but if not and if the city needs to wait another year or longer thats what will have to happen. Everyone will be effected by this. Worst case the bid falls through because of this, maybe we have another season of SKSSS. Either way it is important just like society right now we stick together and grow community, a fanbase, passion and hunger for a team for when things are in a better place for it to happen.

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