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  1. Good podcast there -Salaries of CPL comparable to USL. Main difference is the currency. -Outside perception that CPL > USL because of D1 vs. USL. Production/presentation from Mediapro reinforces that perception
  2. If the league was to consider such scenario, Vancouver Island might make sense. Langford & Victoria, closed doors after everyone has been isolated
  3. UEFA are already planning to resume seasons around july/august and play behind closed doors. Don't see why CPL can't do it too if we somewhat get some control. The US doesn't factor as much since the league is independent from their system. All the players are here in isolation, non-essential travels has been banned. If it gets better here and its armageddon down there, it's not like CPL will stay put "out of respect" to the americans
  4. Interesting article suggesting that CPL abd CFL might be the only north American leagues operating at some point this summer. These 2 leagues are the only major leagues 100% independent of the US, meaning that if Canada recovers faster (extremely likely), they might have all the attention at some point. The problem with NHL, NBA, MLB and MLS is that Canada somewhat getting out of the crisis faster will be irrelevant for our teams as the leagues are American. To be continued
  5. There's not enough markets outside of the Quebec-Windsor corridor to make that work. If anything, having more teams in travelling within the corridor (bus-short distance, Via Rail longer distances) would make up for the instances where teams have to fly west. CPL is capable of doing so with modest means as of now, if 10 years from now CPL is 2.0 and you establish a division II within the same financial standards as CPL 1.0 inaugural year, I don't see why they couldn't pull it off. Besides, western teams would have to fly regardless, so travelling costs being managed by the league can make this doable. Just like it is the case for CPL, the division II would need owners "willing and able" to absorb the costs for a long period of time to be part of such a league to meet whatever standards they agree upon. It's not that simple nor automatic that a bunch of D3 clubs will jump in D2. Going from 16-20 clubs down to 8 is a great way to kill the momentum/buzz for the league. There's nothing attractive about such a proposal and that's certainly not what CPL wants.
  6. If we talk just population wise, these places could support a D2 club *Excluding places where D1 seems obvious and likely to happen *150k and up North York 869K Scarborough 632k Etobicoke 365k North Central Montreal ~629k (Location of Montreal University Stadium) Downtown-Central-South West ~480k West Island ~234k Surrey 518k Burnaby (including New Westminster) 304k Coquitlam - Port-Coquitlam - Port Moody 232k Richmond 198k Gatineau 332k Longueuil (including South Shore Rive Sud) ~700k Durham Region 645k Brampton 593k Halton Region 548k London 494k Niagara Region 448k Regina 236k Sherbrooke 212k St. John's 202k Barrie 197k Kelowna 194k Abbotsford-Mission 180k Greater Sudbury 164k Kingston 161k Saguenay 160k Trois-Rivieres 156k Guelph 151k Charlottetown I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the possibility of seeing a "National D2 league". This league happening, its scope and its potential success weights MASSIVELY on where CPL will be post 2026. We are in the "CPL 1.0" era. Until we hit CPL "2.0" era (around where MLS was when TFC entered the league in 2007), I don't see a D2 happening. This reflects the league's desire to launch a D2 in the 2026 which would be the soonest. They must have reached the same conclusion. World Cup 2026 will be the biggest and let's say CPL capitalizes massively on the success of that event, 2026 will be the PEAK in soccer demand and interest in Canada. Where virtually everywhere else is saturated or the prices to start a club will be very high, Canada remains the richest economy in the world where there lots of room to grow at an affordable price where the interest in the sport will keep on increasing. The closer we get to the world cup, the more investors will be interested in this market and potentially launching a D2 clubs in some of those remaining markets above. A post 2026 Division 2 league could operate slightly lower than today's CPL level. (between ~500K salary cap) while having the Onesoccer platform and CSB available to them do get some extra revenues through media and sponsorship deals. What remains to be seen is if the combination of CPL & the World Cup can drive enough interest in potential D2 areas to get people to watch their team and go to the stadiums. If they can draw enough, a D2 could work if implemented gradually. A national league where teams face a variety of areas across the country is more costly than a regional scheme but undeniably would be the bigger draw and attract more/better sponsors who could have coast to coast visibility. It also increases the scope of the league which I'd like to remind everyone, aims to be fully professional. A great way to raise the prestige of the league is to name it "Canadian Championship" and rename the domestic Cup "Canadian Cup" or "Voyageurs Cup". Also, having the Championship promotion playoffs after the end of the Premier League would be a great way to add spotlights to the league.
  7. Quebec City seems to have a very serious ownership group with soccer people, 2021 looks likely
  8. There's an obvious need for such a league. We can all tell who's too strong for D3 but struggling in CPL. D2 are for those players.
  9. Since I created this thread, I thought I repost my 1st post 🙂 Here we can discuss: Promotion/Relegation mechanism Cities/areas that could have a team Voyageurs Cup Division II Championship Academies, affiliations and development Relationship with D1 and D3 Quotas/Imports League structure Salaries and financial TV and medias Players and staff Etc... *EDIT* Reminder of Metropolitan Areas in Canada according to Statistics Canada for 2016 Toronto 2.9M Old Toronto 798k North York 869K Scarborough 632k Etobicoke 365k York 145k East York 118k Montreal 1.7M North Central Montreal ~629k (Location of Montreal University Stadium) Closest boroughs Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce 166k Ahuntsic-Cartierville 134k Saint-Laurent 99k Outremont 24k Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension 143k Cote-Saint-Luc-Hampstead-Montreal-Ouest ~43k Mount Royal 20k East Montreal ~589k Mercier - Hochelaga-Maisonneuve 136k (Stade Saputo) Rosemont - La Petite Patrie 139k Montreal-Nord 84k Saint-Leonard 78k Anjou 42k Rivière-des-Prairies-Pointe-aux-Trembles 106k Montreal-Est 4k Downtown-Central-South West ~480k Ville-Marie 89k Le Plateau-Mont-Royal 104k Le Sud-Ouest 78k Verdun 69k Lasalle 76k Lachine 44k Westmount ~20k West Island ~234k English Montreal Metro Vancouver 2.4M Vancouver (including North & West) ~812k Surrey 518k Burnaby (including New Westminster) 304k Coquitlam - Port-Coquitlam - Port Moody 232k Richmond 198k Langley (District municipality + City) 143k Delta 102k *Correct me if I forget or have it wrong, I'm not as knowledgeable of Vancouver Calgary 1.4M Ottawa-Gatineau 1.3M Ottawa 934k Gatineau 332k Edmonton 1.3M York Region 1.1M Laval (Including Couronne Nord / North Shore) 978k Laval 422k North Shore 556k Winnipeg 812k Quebec City 800k Hamilton 747k Mississauga 721k Longueuil (including South Shore Rive Sud) ~700k Longueuil ~415k Rive-Sud ~300k Durham Region 645k Brampton 593k Halton Region 548k Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo 523k London 494k Niagara Region 448k Halifax 403k Victoria 367k Windsor 329k Saskatoon 295k Regina 236k Sherbrooke 212k St. John's 202k Barrie 197k Kelowna 194k Abbotsford-Mission 180k Greater Sudbury 164k Kingston 161k Saguenay 160k Trois-Rivieres 156k Guelph 151k Moncton 144k Blue = MLS Clubs Red = CPL Clubs
  10. Why not? They should have had that pep talk already...after that, aren't they suppose to ghost everyone and just train?
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