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  1. Beating TFC is hard as it is...Forge should be practicing yesterday
  2. Looks like they aren't going to miss the next Jonathan David
  3. How is Piette who hasn't played since last fall a better option than Eustaquio in mid season form and one of the best midfielder in Portugal?
  4. We'll need those against Mexico
  5. Our bid died when Blatter was removed. Had he stayed, it would have been a slam dunk. Ottawa saying no isn't a surprise. This would just invite other provinces to do the same. There was nothing scientific amount what I said...just a bit fed up of our underachieving nation... We can't even provide clean water to first nations people in the 21st century. If we can't even do that, then perhaps we have no business hosting anything really... I know I'm all over the place...don't mind me
  6. Quebec isn't better. Legault is a racist Fn joke. He still denies systemic racism so he can win the the non-Montreal ridings and Quebec City. There's a reason why we've always said that if Quebec separated, Montreal would split from Quebec or face mass exodus
  7. I meant logistic wise. Also, it's the military that went on LTC homes in Quebec which were an absolutely disgrace. The Federal wants national minimum standards for those homes and you have provinces bitching about it because "it's their competency"!!! People have died but Premiers just wants to protect their image so they can win the next election. This is a major pandemic and the Feds had the power to override all the provinces. I'm just saying that because you look at Ford banking the Feds Covid money and barely spending a dime so he shows up next year and make it rain in Con
  8. Just look at the pandemic response. It should have been handle by Ottawa with the military deployed and provincial health ministries taking orders. Trudeau, minority government = "I don't want to piss off provinces" Then you let the provinces run the show with noticeable disparities. This country can be very frustrating. We'll never have a VISION as a nation. It only takes 1 province to kill any national project unless you waste time and money to go to court every FN time. Talk about wasted potential. We are this world's 10th biggest economy and we're not even close to look
  9. Toronto is the only city for which the provincial government has not withdrawn its financing. The previous Liberal government had said yes. I'm don't know how it works in Alberta but the NDP must have gave support to Edmonton prior to Kenney taking over. They haven't said "No" yet but not "yes" either. The previous Quebec Liberal government had said yes but the anti-Montreal, blackmailing conservative government of Francois Legault pulled out of the previous deal. He has an history of doing this to try and force Ottawa to pay their share (most recent example) is the train station at
  10. The Feds refusing to compensate Quebec share of its initial funding This looks like a wrap for Montreal unless private money covers the province share Alberta had talks with Edmonton but no final decision yet City of Toronto all in, no renegotiation of the original deal between all parties have been brought up. There you have it...
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