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  1. The kid is really good And yet... You can't make this shit up... Some of our kids would be far much ahead... This ain't right
  2. A bit of an update on this President of Soccer Quebec confirmed that the merged Ontario/Quebec league is still on the table. The talks that were slowed down by COVID has resumed between both leagues. The plan is to have a final four with the best 2 clubs of both leagues as soon as 2022. Soccer Quebec president wants to resume the project asap so we don't end up with a final 4 for years.
  3. Honestly, they should keep the stretch the season from beginning April to mid-November going forward. The quality would improve on the pitch by doing that alone which would allow guys to properly train and recover. Also, way too many game days in a week - especially mid week games Spacing out the games will also help attendance - 2 games in less than 7 days is a bit much and can be a tough ask for some fans I'm hoping for the return of the "group" stage instead of "playoff format next year. Hopefully the schedule congestion was a learning moment for the league and the need to have their season to properly allow for extra competition for their clubs to give them all the chances to succeed. The prospect of Forge playing CCL next with while Pacific playing CL is getting real.
  4. Wow... what would we do without your contribution
  5. I thought this was an interesting read and I have to agree with everything he's saying Pacific FC coach blasts Canada Soccer over delay in Canadian Championship semifinal versus TFC https://www.timescolonist.com/sports/pacific-fc-coach-blasts-canada-soccer-over-delay-in-canadian-championship-semifinal-versus-tfc-1.24360930
  6. Yep - should definitely cool down the push to create Canadian clubs for NWSL. Time to focus on a Canadian solution for the women's game.
  7. I'm an MLS hater for not agreeing with this! 🤣
  8. Imagine how much better he would be if they had played him all along...
  9. I think more transparency for future coin flips would be welcome. The secrecy invites criticism. In term of growing the tournament, Vancouver Island was a better choice - for far too long football in this country was exclusively in the 3 cities. Best way to grow it is to expose more people from other parts of Canada to it and to get them hooked. Montreal will draw lots of attention to this tournament from the Hamilton region. Next year should see the return of the home and away format which would fix some of the criticism. Just...no more "gifting" CCL berth and secret coin toss... at least have some independent witnesses at the very least Hopefully this game get promoted as it should for Pacific's visit - low attendance would be unfortunate a second time in a row when it comes to CPL
  10. What a game! Another reason why I keep thinking the league should raise the cap more aggressively. It's obvious that not all clubs will spend against the cap, let the clubs with the means of their ambitions spend.
  11. That's true - Most Mexican fans only care about winning CCL, not really about winning every single matchup. When MX team lose to MLS, they dismiss it as "counter-performances" from their clubs the same way MLS purists do when CPL eliminates an MLS side. I'm not sure how much Mexicans truly cares about the League Cup. I expect most would start paying attention at the Knockout Stage. This is purly from a fans perspective MX owners perspectives is any chance at exposures and opportunity at the US market is just good business in the end, it's all about their bottom line and making more money. They don't need a merger - they already won (more money without losing power/control) For MLS, more games against MX means more drawing power for their clubs fanbase. For the league to be pushing hard on this League Cup - they see it as a booster for TV, merch, tickets metrics. For the US fans - that's more meaningful/interesting games to look forward too and this "add on" might increase their conversion rates and getting a significant increase of new fans to stick around during MLS season. As for the CPL angle - I don't buy the "conspiracy" that they plotted to exclude CPL which wasn't part of the cup nor a co-founder to begin with. CPL retains their 2 berths to the 1st round and could be facing anyone from the region depending how the draw is decided. Heck we stand a chance to draw a Costa Rican club and advance to the round of 16 while in the previous group stage - we were destined to get destroyed most of the time. Why would CPL hate this scenario? We proved that we aren't going to be any worst than Panama, Honduras or potentially Costa Rican clubs. In the end, everyone wins. PS: If I wanted to be anti MLS - I'd start the debate that they don't deserve that many berth after such a one-sided performance vs Mexico and that Central America got F'D real hard on this. But my analysis was just from a North American perspective
  12. There was aleays going to be a League Cup with CCL berth attached to it CPL playing home and away in Round 1 or a group stage format makes little difference - they are playing before the knockout stage
  13. You're talking about ONE GAME - I'm talking years of data and trends. MLS has improved it's TV numbers but Liga MX has better numbers than MLS in the United States - that's a fact. The League Cup allows Liga MX to increase their fanbase in the US - that's obvious. They don't need a merger to achieve their goals in the US - League Cup hits those spots You're such an hypocrite. You talk about people fuelling the CPL vs MLS divide yet - no one/very little seems to have an issue with CPL being excluded from the League Cup - we got 2 DIRECT berths into that round and most of us are happy about it. Yet - like one of my exes I have in mind, you're stubbornly hammering and won't let go of this conspiracy that somehow, CPL wanted in and got rejected. Based on what besides your imagination? Forge would have kept playing as far as the CONCACAF league would have last. They aren't "opting" out of good business and exposure falling onto their lap. You're disingenuous AF my friend
  14. Those fans don't watch nor care about MLS either. TV ratings reflect that. Those same fans don't want their league to be diluted into MLS.
  15. For top owners maybe - fans wants none of it.
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