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  1. Not sold on the manager either. This is a very talented roster that's been underperforming
  2. That's actually a very good point. I always had my doubts about CPL needing to match MLS financials... CPL must however prove long term viability. If the concept of "parity" was true, PSG should have requested that exemption years ago as they spend more than over half of League 1 combined. Disparity in team budgets is nothing new and is more if the norm than the exception. CPL's only focus at this point is to grow and prove that it can be viable for the long term
  3. Adding they've been losing money as they currently are, they need the soccer revenue. Like someone say, they would most likely ask for higher rent as they have the most suitable stadium in the region
  4. Well, a Quebec team ranks higher I would say. We're getting #8 next year, Fury or not
  5. Business minds are prevailing, I like it
  6. Comes down to what CONCACAF decides to do with them in the USL.
  7. I didn't need his tweet to come to that conclusion. Been saying that for months. He's just tweeting/being told the obvious
  8. Rollins or not, that's how business works
  9. For others benefits This is purely a business decision, I doubt it's personal. You just don't do business with people you don't trust are a 100% dedicated to your project. Fury leadership hasn't so far. Unless they work backstage to change the perception they have, CPL is fully justified to not wanting to deal with them
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