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  1. Also we have guys like David, Davies, Cavallini and Arfield who always bring it at a higher level, they represent consistency. They bring that on the pitch and elevate the rest of the guys forcing them to push harder. That kind of leadership was seriously lacking in the past, not his time around. David and Davies will drive the attack, Arfield-Osorio-Piette will push at midfield and Borjan will give the "i'll kill you if you F'up" look at our defense. This should inspire defense to repeat
  2. Remembering when the NHL was on lockout, players went to other leagues. We might get some MLS guys if there's a stoppage
  3. If there's a MLS strike in 2020, who do you expect in CPL? Would there be loans or due to the strike, players could sign short term contracts with a clause that they can leave once the strike ends? I don't know the rules in regards to MLS with striking but most league wouldn't accept guys signing deals with such clause. They'd aim to lock them down for at least 1 season.
  4. Real Free agency system, not being restricted until they are 28 and having played 8 seasons in MLS Chartered flights Simpler budget rules (GAM, TAM, DP etc...) Better pay for players in correlation to their performance on the pitch (ex. Larin's case) Giving teams more freedom in how they want to build squads (# of DP and international spots, salary cap...etc) Question is how greedy the league truly is. I had seen a tweet claiming that most top leagues used around 50% of their revenues on players salaries while MLS was around 30%. Understandably, players wants much more and they aren't backing down by the looks of it. Owners will need to make big concessions to avoid a strike I agree with the hard dates. I'm sure CONCACAF already have theirs. The CSA must have such dates for the 2020 V Cup but I expect them to wait at the very last minute while coming up with contingency plans I agree for 2020 For 2021, if there's no MLS clubs in the 2020 V Cup, I think it should be reversed 2020 CPL Champions needs to be the best out of 30 games 2020 V Cup needs to be the best out of 6 to 8 games.
  5. Some would say that Forge was already eliminated from the 2020 CCL by losing to Cavalry in the 2019 V Cup. It would be fair that Cavalry goes to CCL this time around while Forge proceeds to 2020 CL, I agree with you though but I thought this was also a fair point
  6. It's implied that the MLS clubs wouldn't be part of the V Cup and the tournament would be reformatted. The winner going to Champions League would be answer #2 Yes, Canadian Championship winner goes to Champions league while CPL Champions goes to CONCACAF League
  7. It's unlikely that the CSA would cancel the Canadian Championship if the 3 MLS clubs are on strike or lockout. That's why I didn't include no
  8. According to this, the union is absolutely willing to strike to make major gains or it's members. This would keep MLS clubs out of the Champions League Answer the poll question If MLS goes on strike / lockout, should the CSA replace Montreal Impact in the Champions League with a CPL Club? My answer: The CSA should send the CPL Champions to Champions League - Forge The CSA should send the highest non-MLS ranked club to CONCACAF League - Cavalry Rational : CPL season = 28 games + 2 Championship games Canadian Championship = 6 games for Cavalry to finish 3rd overall in the tournament If MLS goes on strike / lockout, how should the CSA reallocate the Champions League berth for 2019 if clubs miss the cut off date for the Canadian Championship? My answer CCL - Canadian Premier League Champion CL - Candian Championship winner
  9. OSEG is a longshot after the "ransom" comment in the press conference. OSEG aren't trust worthy as potential CPL partners
  10. Converting this stadium to a proper soccer specific stadium won't be cheap... Location is amazing though Highway + the LRT station Maybe there's some redevelopment opportunities available in the area around the station, tons of parking lots... doesn't look like residential zoning either.
  11. You're right..I could use a stress free football game Watching Davies and David destroying their defense while Piette destroys their offence...
  12. It's like dating someone you don't want to hang out with... My immune system just let's me down whenever it's time to meet up...
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