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  1. So match plan if we get them is to shoot shoot shoot
  2. I like how those who were defending Canada Soccer handling of the 2020 finals then are now eerily quiet. Huh...
  3. I'm looking forward to Scarborough vs. North York for a chance to face Liberty Village. I see what you're doing there!
  4. 2021 schedule is out. So the 2020 finals looks like a pity game for Forge to be played... whenever. Not a great way to handle this by the CSA.
  5. Some would say Vancouver has it bad...First Pacific and then Cavalry...ouch lol
  6. So if this tournament is for the 2022 CCL, what's the point of the Forge vs TFC final?
  7. We concacafing Love it 🤣 Unless the US murder Martinique, they have toto beat us...period
  8. Put grass in the Rogers Centre I say
  9. or we could draw Oceania and beat New Zealand
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