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  1. I don't think that Halifax or a healthy Cavalry gets beat by Arcahaie or does significantly worse than Forge. I think he's spot on
  2. So clinical... EPL bound
  3. Cruz Azul dominated "Team USA of the north"... and I thought they had turned a new leaf... That didn't last long... My excitement for this team crashed Should have been CF Montréal in there anyways
  4. I must be blind but I only see Canadians 🤔
  5. Count me as a lazy millennial but it's just more convenient to chromecast than pick up the controller and search for my game🤣
  6. If they win the league - They owe it big time to David. Hopefully this will open eyes on France regarding Canada's potential as they don't think much of us until David. Hoping this leads to FFF investing in CPL, ideally in Montreal
  7. David out several weeks due to a lateral ligament rupture of the right ankle
  8. Interesting insight on CFL finances. Question: How long before CPL catch up and surpass CFL
  9. Yet I feel that this bias of looking at the league's crest over the minutes put in will still be a thing in Canada for a long time. We'll still see guys who barely play 90s minutes get called up because they have an MLS shield over CPL guys playing regular full matches. Sure, they belong to a stronger team in a better league but coming off the bench doesn't mean you can go out there and take it to Mexicans and expect them to play for 90 minutes when they aren't used to do so at club level. Some will say "yeah but MLS > CPL...stupid" to which is say - MLS > Honduras league too,
  10. They might end up playing more Canadians than TFC 🤣
  11. Not if we keep caring more about the league where players are from vs. those who are playing regular minutes and regular full matches.
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