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  1. FC Edmonton were eliminated on September 1st, Valour on the 5th, Ottawa on the 6th and York (stadium is under renovation) So the soonest the CSA could have worked on a venue would be September 2nd if they wanted the game in Edmonton, or the 6th if they wanted Winnipeg or the 7th if they wanted Ottawa. We don't know if they were working on it or not or how talks/none talks went with MLS about the week following the Island Games MLS announced their next set of games to be played in the US on the September 11th. I hope you realize that to get this done, this mean they were working on this at the very least a few weeks prior to that, end of August at the latest. By the time you had your first Island Games elimination, despite what was told to MLS, they had already moved forward with their schedule with or without consulting the CSA As @PaulV points out, MLS has its own priorities (revenues - TV -Sponsors). I'm adding that even if the CSA put its foot down and had a location & time locked down for the finals, MLS are under no obligation to comply. That's the reality of having our clubs in another association's league - they don't answer to the CSA And again, even if the CSA said on September 2nd "Clarke Stadium - Edmonton" on September 23, guess what, as early as end of August, MLS had already decided to have the Canadian clubs move to the US in time for their first game starting on the same day as the CPL Finals. @PaulV brought a good point, parties are looking to pay their bills and fulfill their obligations first - that's an excellent point. My issue is playing in the winter - F no. Move it to spring when all the squads will be complete and will have been active
  2. I'm not a fan of it in Canada due to the roster rules. Had it been reciprocal, it would be different but it isn't so I don't have to like it
  3. New restrictions have been announced Ontario announces new restrictions and steep fines amid Covid-19 surge https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/17/canada-ontario-new-restrictions-steep-fines-covid-19-surge The new rules reduce the size of indoor gatherings to 10, down from 50, and outdoor gatherings to 25, down from 100. It doesn't specify if sporting events will be exempt yet MLS doesn't have to comply That's a massive contradiction to the CSA intentions of having the game played after the CPL finals. Hard to believe that the CSA would willingly want that game in the middle of winter...in Canada October 20th if that still holds, which means they should probably leave a week earlier to get used to the climate wherever they are going so right after Thanksgiving. If they get back to Canada on the 21st, they have to isolate for 14 days , until at least November 4. Then allow a few days for practice and we're talking mid-November and that's if they haven't won and advanced in CONCACAF. Would MLS interrupt their season for the V Cup in the middle of their season with Canadian teams having to isolate when they get back? Doubtful
  4. The winner of the MLS series was announced Sept.17 CPL winner will be known Sept. 19 If they want neutral grounds to hold the game the following week, they won't have a location until then. Yes the CSA knew the MLS schedule but it's also true in reverse, MLS knew as early as August how the Island games were going to be set up and that the CSA wanted their finals right after. MLS still went ahead and scheduled games in the US involving Canadian teams on the very same day of the CPL Finals being aware of the quarantine restrictions One thing that painfully obvious, even if the CSA had that week blackout for the finals, MLS is under no obligation to comply. That's the reality of our teams playing in another association league, the league doesn't answer to the CSA. Possible MLS thought that the CSA would just keep their heads down and reschedule at the end of the season so they just ignore them. Also possible that the CSA are as incompetent as some "hardcores" believe to the point of telling MLS that they would play the final game in December/January...in Canada of all places! You'll pardon my skepticism on this one! All I'm saying is that winter is unacceptable and it should be delayed to next spring. As said earlier, even if they did have everything planned, MLS are under no obligation to comply
  5. Where??? How are you going to get clear when you don't know where? Even if they had the foresight to lock down BMO Field for Sept.26, the province just imposed restrictions again which would have cancelled that game on Sept.26. - yes try to keep up. Yeah, keep implying that NO ONE in MLS offices knew that the CSA wanted the finals right after the Island games. As Manning said, in his mind, December/January makes sense...knowing that CPL teams would have been inactive for 3+ months. Please... I've had my share of critics of the CSA but this is COVID times. Thy could have done like CONCACAF announcing and canceling all the time, do like the USSF and drop it or not making announcements until they have certainty. You and I don't know what work/talks have been held behind doors. Maybe they did nothing despite sources saying otherwise or maybe they are still in discussion or maybe it's simewhere in the middle All that's clear, is that MLS knew the timeline and went ahead and scheduled the games to be played in the US starting on the day of the CPL finals. You are utterly incapable of admitting that this doesn't look good and I'm excluding Manning bs in this. This looks like a unaliteral decision and if true, you'd expect more from a partnership
  6. Event planners and I know a lot of them would tell you that during COVID, it's been nightmarish having to conform with authorities shifting restrictions depending on the juridictions Seriously let go of your anti-CSA crap - no fix dates, no locations provided = you don't have an event, let alone getting cleared by government officials who won't even know "where" and when Yes, holy s**** - CPL owners and league said multiple times how HARD it was getting the Island games done... Are they making excuses too? Seriously, you have no clue - Montreal couldn't even train at their own training centre despite respecting social distancing because the city wouldn’t have it despite having the green light from the province. What's obvious is that the CSA wanted to have the finals after the Island games and that MLS just went ahead and schedule their games starting on the day of the CPL finals when the schedule was known as early as August. Fine but not f'n way the game should happen after 3 months of CPL inactivity. Delay it to spring. What does he knows anyways? He's just speculating. Logically, they aren't using BMO field any more than they would Wanderers Grounds or Tim Hortons Field if they want to go neutral. Ontario isnt an option anymore by the look of things. (Province announcement as) Delaying the finals to next spring makes perfect sense Having the game next week when TFC plays the same day as the CPL finals in the US? Try to keep up, they already left the damn country. Did I not say that insisting on the neutral ground even when venues are empty is valid criticism? But unless you're playing 2 legs, worst logistically taking into account the MLS season, neutral ground is logical but that painted them in a corner and it forced them to wait until the identity of finalists being revealed.
  7. MLS had to sit down with all the different government bodies to set their dates for the Canadian series. They have locations and dates. From what's been told, staying in Charlottetown an extra week was not possible, which would have facilitated hosting the finals in advance regardless of who wins. Furthermore, the MLS squad would have had to self isolate due to the Atlantic bubble, so that couldn't work The finals being a "one off", the game would have to be in neutral site. Meaning that until you have a winner, you don't know where the game will be - which rule out CPL stadiums until the winner is determined and MLS stadiums until last night. Where else could you play with broadcast capacity, not in Atlantic Canada and not hosting a CPL & MLS teams who would allow the event within their restrictions? Good questions. Logistics is MUCH more complex than you're oversimplification. It's not just venue and date but a crap of other stuff that comes with it. Those who work in Logistics would know that. Perhaps neutral ground isn't as important when the place is empty - that might be overexaggerated Let go of the forfeit part, it's my opinion and I know it won't happen. It is a blatant lie. Agree to disagree There's no timetable for the 2020 CCL yet. If the 2021 CCL starts late summer or fall, then having the qualifier late spring would cause no harm. Everyone have their full squads, everyone played games The logistics isn't the same. Yes it's one single game but the location depends on who the finalists are. That complicates the logistics. I'd like to point out that the USSF just threw the towel and cancel their Open Cup. The CSA still wants to hold theirs in much harder circumstances than in the US yet you call them incompetent while I don't see you blasting the USSF who threw all their lower tiers under the bus. Different sets of circumstances = different logistics. League games don't require neutral grounds and can be planned well in advance and lock down dates. A one game finals doesn't require a bubble like MLS is back and Island games while cannot be held in one of the finalist grounds who weren't known until MLS-Sept 17 CPL-Sept 19 Instead of just saying that the CSA is just "incompetent", a more reasonable criticism would be about the importance of neutral grounds when stadiums are empty. Now that's a valid criticism. Renard wouldn't have said that having listen to enough of his press conferences. He'd just defer to the CSA and keep it moving. Manning has a history / pattern at being a prick regarding CPL related topics so yeah, I'm calling it out. So are you sure I'm anti-MLS? Maybe I really do dislike TFC FO, not the team itself or the league. You don't know me - I've been on record saying many times that if the roster rules was reciprocal even I wouldn't see a point for the 3 teams to ever leave MLS. Big difference
  8. Manning is lying... period We disagree on how incompetent the CSA actually was at getting the finals date and location pinned down. You're saying, they should just make it happen while im saying, it's not that simple and they can't do it unilaterally without public health approval from federal, province AND cities* *Quebec had approved Impact training together but this was delayed because the CITY didn't want too. So the CSA putting a date in advance has NO GUARANTEE that it happens due to COVID. *I think Ontario just reduced the # of people who can gather outside cannot exceed 25 (sporting events included). So had the CSA scheduled anywhere in Toronto, Ottawa or Peel, it would have been cancelled and you'd call them incompetent... so they can't win...really OK However, either MLS was in total darkness and decided to schedule the teams when the Island games would end (when the CSA clearly wanted to hold the finals) or they simply didn't care about it. Can't be neither - which one is it? *Fyi, not caring about the CSA doesn't make them evil - it makes them Americans as all the major leagues in the US thinks and act like they are bigger than sporting bodies (which they are in most cases) Yes, I did say thaf the CSA should set a date and tell the teams to show up or forfeit but you ignored my other option about delaying it late spring if that was possible allowing both teams to have games under their belts. December / January is simply unacceptable You can't see past "CSA is incompetent & you're anti-MLS", fine I demonstrated that Manning is lying and that organizing events in Canada during COVID isn't that easy having to deal with 3 level of governments having their own sets of restrictions. There, is that a more leveled answer to your liking?
  9. The fact they held a season with no revenue when the CFL couldn't tells me a few things avout their business model. CSB might have made enough deals to not make it a league that's overly reliant on ticket sales. (% of total revenue) For the CFL saying "no way" without fans or a blank cheque from the government for me is a clear red flag that when people stop going to games, they might be really screwed. Speaks volumes when they'd rather sit the season out than play in a bubble in an empty stadium. CPL will be fine - CSB is a huge reason why it will
  10. Seriously, don't bother responding - the level of your MLS bias has been exposed
  11. 100% wrong. I'm not anti-MLS, that's ridiculous but I don't believe that the results justifies having clubs in MLS forever. If that makes me anti-MLS, than I accept that title This is where I end your argument June 10 So you're going to tell me that the 3 MLS clubs and MLS had no clue and were blindsided? But you can't say that because MLS acknowledge that a V Cup tournament would take place at the end of the CPL season which under normal circumstances would have been in October July 28th Words comes out that CPL will have a tournament and the V Cup will be right after and that it starts in August. So you're telling me MLS and the 3 clubs had no clue back in July? July 31st DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As early as July 31st, MLS and the 3 clubs KNEW this would play out like this. Are you telling me that the CSA still acted incompetently just because they didn't know the date and the place yet due to constant COVID restrictions being changed from one province to the next? August 13 The CSA announce the 2020 Canadian Championship Format From the memo: Details for the Canadian Championship Final will be announced at a later date. As always, Canada Soccer will continue to closely monitor all COVID-19 developments in consultation with the Public Health Agency of Canada and relevant governing bodies through the Canada Soccer Sport Medicine Committee to ensure the safety of all players, staff and officials. TRANSLATION: We need to be CLEARED by government organizations before announcing dates and locations. Sorry pal bu you're message is as disingenuous as it comes because I know you're a smart man and you knew that this was how it worked on this side of the border. This isn't Florida who deemed pro-wrestling "essential services" at one point. So MLS and the clubs knew in advance the timeline...yet September 17, 2020 Bill Manning acts like a clueless moron and says that he thought that the finals would be played AFTER THE MLS season. My friend THAT'S A LIE! The F'er knew that this was not how the CSA planned this Looks like MLS made sure to schedule it's clubs right after the Island Games when it knew IN ADVANCE when they would end. To me that's undeniably acting in bad faith and this borderline screams intent How about you remove your biased glasses and cut the crap. Yes, the CSA is responsible for its cup and did what it could under the circumstances and it looks like MLS didn't give an F***. So yes, move the F'n games. If I'm the CSA, this is the date, show up or forfeit. Thank you!
  12. Good point!!! So technically, he should be able to switch to Canada if Herdman call him up
  13. It's COVID times - MLS had all summer to get a full schedule and have been pretty last minutes too so spare me the anti-MLS comments when you have the "I love MLS no matter what" goggles yourself. This is unprecedented times and if you dropped the "I love MLS" position, you'd see that TFC arguing that it should be playing a CPL club who's been on hiatus for over 3 months is crazy. I'd expect more, really, as some of those clubs will lose players and/or loan some of them. Furthermore, this is a CSA tournament, they can ask MLS to move around some dates which they are EASILY capable of doing IF they want too and there are precedents to that. TFC can ask MLS too. Should they refuse, then either Play the finals right before the 2021 CCL if CPL has at the very least restarted by then (whenever that is as 2020 tournament has no schedule yet ) "CCL should have their **** together", but MLS always does right? If delaying up until later next year when BOTH clubs had a few games under their belts than the sooner the better. Show up or forfeit
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