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  1. I meant TFC needs to stop being "team America" and play/give opportunities to young players who happen to be Canadians as Pozuelo said.
  2. More for young players who are Canadians... straight from the mouth of the man... cab we stop this "team America" bs?
  3. Since he gets to walk for free if Cruz Azul don't sell him this winter, smart of him to listen to offers
  4. If he hasn't completed his degree and gets healthy, why not CPL? When he gets his diploma and ready to join the workforce than yeah, he has a decision to make. If he doesn't get lucrative offers by the end of his degree than perhaps it's time to retire unless he wants to persevere. Until then, CPL is the right platform to try and prove his worth Just my thought...
  5. Usually in Europe, when a team wins Europa qualifying them to Champions League and also qualify to Champions League via the league, the league's champions League berth is given to the next best team in the league Ex: Sevilla wins Europe and finish top 4 in La Liga, the 5th team in La Liga goes to Champions League since Sevilla won Europa and qualified. The biggest issue here is USSF/MLS unwillingness to give access to CCL via the league - which would absolutely be the right thing to do. Had they done so, CAN1 could have went to CPL and CAN2 to the Voyageurs Cup with a CONCACAF Lea
  6. Actually, it's a clever way to strengthen the level of play across the region which has worked in UEFA and is working in CONMEBOL. Exposing more weaker teams to stronger foes allow them to improve overtime, something we can't seem to grasp in CONCACAF - until Nation League at least. See my idea below - like they do in South America, allow more clubs from the stronger leagues to access both competition. This keeps your Tier 1 tournament quality high while adding quality to the 2nd tier and expose weaker teams to that level of play Champions League Mexico (4) US
  7. That would be the case if CCL & CL ran at the same time like in Europe. HFX would go to CL while Forge competes in CCL, CONCACAF needs to adopt the Europe method in my opinion...
  8. Yeah I think this is correct - that's what I'm seeing on social too. So the next highest team would compete in CCL
  9. FYI On the line Voyageurs Cup CAN1 berth What happens if Forge wins? They get CAN1 and avoid all MLS and top 3 Mexican club in their 1st round But Who get CAN2? Forge keeps CAN2 and play 2021 CONCACAF League AND play 2021 Champions League as CAN1 Problem is, you're "punishing" Canada for over-achieving by not having 2 Canadians in 2021 Champions League. So either CONCACAF gives CAN2 to the loser exceptionally CONCACAF gives CAN2 to the runner up of the Island games (HFX Wanderers) CONCACAF gives the 7th best CONCACAF league c
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