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  1. And you don't seem to grasp that they aren't interested in affiliations, they want to dump reserve teams in the league Stop being so f'n stupid with your posts
  2. Some clarifications about where he's going (pardon me if it was pointed out elsewhere already) The team is already qualified for promotion playoffs finals Qualified for Europa League Playoffs Better finances, stadium, academies and structure than half the existing clubs currently in D1 Same ownership as Leicester City
  3. Gearing up for their fight against TFC
  4. I personally dont care whether he's hired or not. Just voicing why I think he won't based on his track record as a GM, not necessarily on what he said but it doesn't help. I think he'd make a great mentor to youth talent at the CSA or at a CPL club (wouldn't most likely earn what he used too) Maybe they'll hire him but it's just fact that there are better options out there if we're talking GM/coach...we'll see
  5. This partnership with the scouting agency is looking good!
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