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  1. FYI - Valour are practicing at Glenlawn Collegiate, Tuesday & Friday this week, 10:30-12:00.
  2. Tonight four families from my U-11 team got Valour tickets for the June 20 Valour game. Tickets going fast ! Watch out Pacific !
  3. Could that be counting season ticket holders ? If my ticket is purchased, that's all that matters.
  4. Valour have included their initial V-Cup game in the season tickets.
  5. I have 3 tickets for the 22nd and was looking forward to taking my kids. I don't have my kids on the 19th, so they miss the match. Not happy.
  6. HFX Hampersad should be sent off next time he drops, delaying game, holding shoulder with no contact.
  7. We continually look vulnerable at the back. I thought Musse and Hoyle both looked dangerous, but they were COMPLETELY ISOLATED in attack. Musse did a great job of holding up the ball, but when he's all alone, what is the point. Here's a radical idea: We are down a goal, let's have 2 strikers.
  8. Well they have NOT pulled it off for all the rec teams/league. I was told weeks ago that my club's conflict with Valour was "not an exceptional circumstance and no different than conflicting with a Bomber, Goldeye or any other professional sporting game." I e-mailed WYSA today and have not received an answer. My team kicks off in less than 3 hours. BASTARDS WYSA just called. They apologized and said they were afraid if I got it, there would be tons of other teams requesting it, and they would not be able to accommodate. They have agreed to reschedule my club game on June 20, which conflicts with Valour. Not much they can do about tonight.
  9. I had requested weeks ago to have my Rec league game that is scheduled tomorrow moved, as a number of us are season ticket holders. I was denied. I have e-mailed the bastards, to find out why our game is still scheduled.
  10. Yes, I am an ugly patriot. Like I said, if you can't afford it, .........you can't afford it. No worries. But I suspect most people on here will not miss $49, and personally I see this as no different than making a charitable donation. I will not watch the majority of CPL games, but I know I will catch all the Valour games. We are passionate about our CPL, why not support it, since we are all watching the away matches at the very least.
  11. Looks like ticket sales for Valour's Thursday night clash with Forge are doing well. Should be another 5000 plus crowd.
  12. Unless someone can not afford this subscription, which is sadly possible, I would expect all fans of the CPL to be supporting One Soccer. It has nothing to do with any technical features and everything to do with this being OUR league and OUR product. We need it to succeed. Support it.
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