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  1. I'm thinking a shortened season, mid to late summer. Perhaps only 10-12 games.
  2. Masta Kacher to Valour https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mastanabal_Kacher
  3. i guess Tyson didn't want to be back-up
  4. I spoke with someone at one of the indoor facilities yesterday who said they were not renewing. She said 'too many home losses.' That said, a buddy of mine who has never been to a game just bought 2 season tickets (yes, I twisted his arm), so hopefully people are still trying to build support. I figure we will lose at least 500 season-ticket holders, at a bare minimum.
  5. Ryan Brandt @Ryan_Brandt · 16h Valour was aware of interest from elsewhere on Brandon John. Will not come as a surprise, even if he’s in Winnipeg right now. #CanPL Quote Tweet Thomas Nef @ThomasNef2 · 16h Atlético Ottawa has signed defender Brandon John. Last played in 2019 with Orlando City B in the USL League One and is a former youth U20 & U23 (2015) national team player. #AtleticoOttawa #CanPL
  6. I'm busy working, someone give us a progress report on the Valour camp. Friday March 6, South Complex 09:30 Next week they continue at the South Complex, AM & PM. 09:00-10:30, times in the PM vary depending on the day.
  7. Been busy lately............did we ever get Pantemis in goal ?
  8. Ryan Brandt @Ryan_Brandt · 6h Valour FC open trials got underway in Winnipeg this morning. Some interesting names taking part including former Cavalry player Tofa Fakunle and Impact academy GK Jordan Tisseur. Also players from France, Germany, Portugal and lots of locals. #CanPL
  9. Looking at the composition of the team this year, I have no problem with this signing. That is assuming we still have money for a quality striker or two. And I can't see RG signing this guy if it meant we had no quality strikers. Nor do I think "it is delusional to close the gap with Calgary in one season." We all know where we were weak relative to the rest of the CPL and with the exception of striker (to date), I think we have improved. If this team can keep a positive attitude I expect us to be competitive every match this season and going for 3 points. Yes, including Calgary ! Don't forget, we apparently received compensation for Attardo. Perhaps it looks like we are breaking the bank, because WFC are actually spending their player budget this season ?
  10. We just need a striker or two and we could indeed surprise a few people. Assuming the long rumoured goalie deal happens.
  11. Making plans as I type. Hoping for 1 trip west and 1 east.
  12. I don't recall saying a U-Sports player can't make an impact.....? What I am saying is this kid has not played pro and has to first make the team. Hardly fair to CW to start building him up as some goal-scoring machine at the CPL level, when he hasn't made the club or played a game. Right now CW has a FANTASTIC chance of making the club because we have nobody else ! And THAT is the problem. No way Gale was planning on losing Attardo, days before training camp. There's no way around it, no matter how much one 'hopes' CW can deliver, we need two proven strikers.
  13. I would love to see this kid light it up, but there is no way we should be banking on it. Coming from CIAU,.....let's see if he can make the team for starters. Even if CW can make the team, we need 2 additional quality strikers. This Attardo deal went sideways. He was supposed to be here this season, now we lose him days before training camp !? Maybe Skublac is getting a call tomorrow morning..........
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