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  1. Not a lot of bodies at the back. I almost fell over last game when Pena came on as a second-half sub at right back. And he did well ! Not a long shift, but the best I've seen him play.
  2. Lots of empty seats in my section as well, but those are still paid season ticket holders that count towards attendance. Moving the date of the game impacted my families attendance. Actual number was 6300 plus. Great attendance.
  3. I would say by any measure, those are very impressive numbers, for three meaningless exhibition games. Whether this group has the funds to operate a club in CPL is another story.
  4. First year CPL has exceeded my expectations. When CSL kicked off in 1987, the quality of the league exceeded general expectations. CPL is superior. In fact, I would put first year CPL quality, at on-par with first year MLS.
  5. I wonder if us not being happy with 1 win in 12 matches makes us "doom & gloomers" ?
  6. I missed the first part of the match, but Le Bourhis looked solid. Solid tackles, going at the ball carrier, solid in the air. Good solid aggressive defending. Hope we keep him.
  7. Kurt Larson - "No collective desire in Valour' - I agree That game should have been over in the first half. HFX ripped our midfield to shreds. No Valour shots in the second half. We were outcoached and outplayed. Yes, HFX goal was a hand ball, but again we are beaten on another corner kick. We are dreadful on set pieces. And that can not be blamed on the ref. Murrell was embarrassing. Throw the book at him. Clearly not fit to be captain. 3 wins in 17 games. With the solid support shown by the Valour faithful, this can not be viewed as acceptable.
  8. I'm going on a limb and saying Valour take 3 pts tonight.
  9. We may be starting to turn the corner. I thought that was our best line-up. Murrell has been taken out of the middle of defence, Sacramento and Bustos playing in offensive formation, with Attardo up front. Glad to see when our new Italian import came on, we left Attardo on the field. There was contact on the PK, but you might get that call 50% off the time. Calgary's goal was on-side and a great goal. Valour got their just reward and fully deserving of the point. I think we finally take our 3 pts on Wednesday vs Pacific. And let me also congratulate Cavalry on their outstanding week. Epic victory over MLS ! Three cheers to Cavalry !
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