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  1. Again, complete capitulation by Valour in the second half. Horrible
  2. We will see you pre-game at Nicolino's, on Pembina Hwy.
  3. This has been a rumour for some time. I would not be surprised to see Forge's owner involved.
  4. Hoping we do not lose most of the squad. With the exception of a few players, most are capable of performing at this level. We could easily lose MP & LBG. It will be very interesting to see where most of our returning players end up over the winter. Hopefully they will all catch on with professional clubs overseas, even if it's just on their reserve rosters.
  5. Start the season 2 weeks earlier. Valour can start on the road. I would not be surprised if the league had expanded play-offs next season.
  6. Valour don''t give tickets away. Valour don't give jerseys away. It was Portugal day at IGF, to celebrate some of the local boys. They sold almost an additional 1000 tickets for this, but with it pouring rain, most people stayed home. We figured it would be around 4500 for this match, but no way everyone was showing up.
  7. A Special Thank You to our Founding Members As we wrap up our inaugural season at IG Field, we wanted to thank our incredible Founding Members who made this a year to remember. On October 5th, Founding Members are invited to the Pinnacle Club for our Valour FC Fan Appreciation Event post-match. The entire team (and Vic of course!) will be signing autographs from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m., and fans can take home a team picture poster. The Pinnacle Club will be open for the end of the match until 7:00 p.m. Founding Members will receive complimentary fountain pop and snacks, and a cash bar will also be available.
  8. That was Watford's biggest thrashing in 138 years ! It only took us a few months You will be able to tell your great, great, great, great grand children you were there !
  9. I would have no problem buying a season ticket to EFC. EFC season tickets are dirt cheap and INCLUDE a jersey. Right now a 5 game pack for $80 AND a free jersey, (which retails for $110) ! The drinks at Clarke are half the price and twice the quality over IG Field (Newcastle for $6 !). And the concessions are also half the price and twice the quality. VFC are playing on a CFL field and the supporters section starts at the back corner of an end zone. Much further than EFC fans located anywhere at Clarke. Generally speaking, you are much closer to the field at Clarke than anywhere at IGF. Clarke's concessions may not be huge, but when you are averaging 3000, it is absolutely fine. I had a quality dog and Newcastle in my hand in 2 minutes. IGF doesn't sell quality like Newcastle, only crap beer for twice the price. I would say EFC fans are getting far better value for their money than Valour fans. The game day experience at Clarke was absolutely fine. It has to be a lack of marketing, because at the prices EFC charge, they are basically giving tickets away.
  10. I thought EFC had done a solid job on Clarke. Not the same level as Pacific's, but I would have no problem watching games there. The concessions were far better than IG Field.
  11. Don't forget, they are picking up other leagues now. Mexican, Chinese.......they are trying to reach beyond this base core of fans. Fantastic pick-up getting LigaMX. My kid and I watch it often.
  12. CPL needs to look at having play-offs. The die-hards may not care, but the general sporting public does.
  13. Stop being a "Doom and Gloomer" ! We should be happy with last place and setting records for being thrashed !
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