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  1. I get the impression OSEG is done with soccer.
  2. Still here. I have season tickets to Valour. I spend most of my time on the CPL forum.
  3. Sorry about that. I wasn't responding to your point, so much as making a statement that I don't think Galvis is good enough for CPL. He would be one of my first cuts. I am very curious to see our roster going forward. I've heard inside whispers we may actually be weaker on field this year. Sounds like lots of dissension in the dressing room last season. That said, I like the recent roster announcements. With 2 confirmed signings, we have lots of moves to make. Will we pick up any of the recent cuts from other clubs ? Will we introduce some quality imports ? Who's leaving and who is staying ?
  4. Galvis was weak. He would not crack any other CPL roster.
  5. Perhaps they want to make announcements closer to 2020 kick-off when ticket sales are ramping up.
  6. It would be nice if we could get some official news out of Valour............player signings, players not coming back, etc..... There must be some confirmed moves by now.
  7. Which cities will get the three rumoured expansion clubs in 2021 ? My picks: Fraser Valley Kitchener-Waterloo Quebec City
  8. You gotta go with Nic's. He's been serving the V's for years. Forget happy hour, I'll buy you a drink.
  9. That is exactly why I am asking.
  10. Anyone know when the schedule will be released ?
  11. Come out to the lower room at Kings Head Pub tomorrow night to watch Canada take on USA as they look to secure their spot in the final qualifying round for the 2022 World Cup! Kick-off is at 6 PM, and there will be happy hour pricing for the entire game for all our Founding Valour FC members, as well as door prizes and random draws throughout the evening!
  12. My Corydon Comet U-10 team, must have taught him a few tricks that day he was at practice with us.
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