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  1. Not the best second half for Valour, but it was a beautiful night for some footy. One of the staff told me that morning, they had only sold 200 tickets but they expected to double that number by game time. 400 is probably accurate for an attendance.
  2. An improved Valour side. Most important, they did not stop trying. Last years squad just rolled over and died, this side showed some fight. As we all said at the start of the tournament, Valour need a striker. Much improved defence and in goal. A lot of talent, hard to believe we are probably going to finish in 7th place. Can we keep our good players ? Hopefully we will be in the stands in 2021 !
  3. Valour are really missing Bustos. We don't have the quality up front. Much improved at the back and in goal. Unfortunately (for Valour) the entire league has improved.
  4. That match was a yawner. Someone let me know when we get a shot on net.
  5. The best chance for SK is the Roughriders
  6. There's a Facebook page called CSL Memories, for those that are interested.
  7. Yes, I remember JD playing for the London Lasers. Again, playing 90 minutes first team, as a 17 yr old. He too has credited CSL for his outstanding professional career. We definitely need more pro teams. I'm hoping they are CPL for the reasons above.
  8. Don't forget Radzinski. I used to watch him with the North York Rockets when he was 15 yrs old (same age as Pesch with the Blizzard). Both players are very small stature. Radzinski went on to be one of the leading scorers in the EPL and tore up Belgium for years. Pesch is still a legend in England. They would have never seen a minute with an MLS team. And it's those years of regular first team action that accelerated their development. Both emphatically credited CSL as the reason they made their big splash. In fact, they all have, including Alex. That's why CPL was needed. So unfortunate for CPL this season. A major blow on all fronts.
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