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  1. Surrey has a survey online about what kind of stadium to build for those who live in the area https://surrey.simplesurvey.com/f/s.aspx?s=EFC032D5-3BAF-494B-9234-9FDB066BC847&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 *Let's not hijack it 😎
  2. It's that simple guys. As long as major Canadian channels snobs CPL and aren't showing highlights nor talking about it while ESPN plays Aparicio goals on the same night, it will be a tough ladder to climb. The potential is there. I keep harassing French media and journalists and sports channels to talk CPL. We have to collectively hammer them nonstop until they cave.
  3. Asking price for David? €25M
  4. But it was FIFA ranking that determined the seeding in nation league except those who previously made the Hex, no? Wouldn't some sense of continuity apply here?
  5. CONCACAF should have used the Nations League results for their format, NOT FIFA ranking. It would have went something like this 4 group winners from League A --> (4) Qualify for HEX 4-team playoff featuring League A runners-up --> The winner (1), Qualify for HEX 4-team playoff between League B group winners --> The winner (1), Qualify for HEX Total: 6 Everybody else --> Hunger Games for the .5 spot playoff spot
  6. They'd end up playing him as a RB knowing them Besides, Kilmarnock are in Europa Qualifications, excellent level for Millar to push himself
  7. Those are really good brands/ companies too. Looks like York9 might not be sweating the low attendances that much. In their case, it's going to be a marathon to build up their fan base. Should pick up if they end up with their own stadium
  8. Aldo, have you noticed how teams and the league keeps adding sponsors? Yes, the different revenue streams must be substantial overhaul. If investors are willing to pay it, that means that they feel it's worth their while at that price
  9. I thought Junior Hoillett performance at the Gold Cup was "meh"...Time to start Millar with Davies at wings supporting David and Cavallini? ------------------------------Cavallini ------------Davies-----------David------------Millar The same TFC that said that he was "too short" to succeed before going to Europe? I doubt he'd want to go to them. Championship is a better option to test him.
  10. Excellent podcast en francais J'ai aimé leur commentaire sur le Ottawa Fury et leur reaction sur les propos de De Guzman qui a affirmé préférer voir le club dissout que de jouer en CPL... "Pas fort Ottawa, vraiement pas fort"
  11. Let's not quote the troll. Blocking is such a nice feature!~
  12. Canadian League (1%, 23,529 Votes) Gaining on the Albanian league
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