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  1. LOL Being added to the list doesn't exempt you from getting government approval to gather Seriously🙄
  2. For decisions being taken on a "case by case" basis - TFC's request was not unreasonable. 2 extra weeks of training, which would also help account for their quarantine period in the US is reasonable. V Cup or not, I think their request was going to be granted regardless. MLS had firm dates and more arguments to grant TFC their exemption. V Cup was A reason, not the ONLY reason. CPL would have been asking for an exemption from provincial regulations on weak premises. The preseason is at least 2 months away, they have not qualified for CCL, there are no dates for the V Cup as of today. That
  3. agreed - and as mentioned in my reply to RS - MLS request for TFC to gather earlier than the preseason date was reasonable while Forge wouldn't be unless there was a valid reason to allow them to gather 3 months before CPL starts.
  4. Again, it was MLS that petitioned for that and wanted them to train starting in February. The league is US-based so as Kristian said in his tweet, different rules applied. Also, MLS request would have been deemed "reasonable" since you're effectively asking them to allow them to gather 2 weeks prior to the preseason. For Forge, they would have been asking to gather up to 3+ months before the preseason because of an "hypothetical game (CCL)" based on a match for which we have no dates. (still today) TFC's case was always the strongest case based on MLS preseason being close - Forge's
  5. You're assuming that governments are following football that close or even remotely cares. If you don't have concrete dates with a concrete plan the answer will be a hard "no" That's MLS that petitioned on their behalf - a US Based league. That's a factor which was brought up in Kristian - different rules. That would explain why one club is allowed and the other, Ontario based with no dates - thus valid reasons would be turned down. I don't buy one bit that CPL didn't try to get Forge to gather earlier. CONCACAF league (clear dates & plans) is a good precedent
  6. Petitioning for a date you might or might not play wouldn't move the needle ate the government - especially for a competition out of the country.
  7. This tweet heavily implies that TFC is pulling strings to get the game done ASAP. This comes from one of the biggest TFC lover on top of it...
  8. If you look at the tweet, different rules being applied is the main reason for the double standards MLS is US based and just like the NHL, they set their own timelines / directives and negotiated with the province to accept it. CPL - Ontario based, asking to train as early as February for no valid reasons (no dates - no go) was a non-starter. Not in a climate where the government forced businesses to close - they are not about to make such exceptions for no valid reasons. CPL obviously petition for exemptions during the CONCACAF League - (dates were provided), why wo
  9. TFC would still have an edge since they could go to the province on the premises of MLS giving them dates for the start of the preseason. IF you look at the tweet, it really looks like a last minute decisions. Even if you're talking about it in advance, without a hard date, how can you petition the province to allow you to gather ~30 players in a pandemic? That's on the CSA - no valid reason that they could not have decided on that date earlier when we knew very much in advance the CCL dates.
  10. He won't say Going back to how Montreal was allowed to train in 2020, they had to negotiate with quebec and Montreal to get special permission. TFC had time to do so since MLS had dates for their preseason. Forge was provided no dates... Looks like Forge got is a 15 day notice. Hard to expect Forge to recall players when you aren't giving a date. You kinda trust the governing body to give you more than a 15 day notice... Shocking incompetence from the CSA. 15 days notice ain't right. They should have just handed the trophy to TFC instead. Forge faces humiliation,
  11. They are our rivals and they have mastered the the art of doing that themselves in regards to us...so I don't feel bad I'll even remind them that T & T C team stopped their WC streak - because #wetpitch #Eurosnobs
  12. Having the event all to ourselves for a full month makes better fiscal sense to spend the money we're talking about than 10 games at that cost. The Feds were all in but for provinces, asking hundreds of millions for 3 games is a huge ask! That's also why Alberta or BC are way more enthusiastic in spending billions for winter Olympics than hundreds of millions for 3 games each. I hate it but I can't say I don't see their logic - especially if they don't rate soccer. There was a report that the COC was preparing a Joint Olympic bid for both Montreal and Toronto for summer games in the
  13. There's a huge difference between hosting 10 games and 60+ games. There's just no possible way that governments gets a return on their investments for so little games costing this much money. From that point of view I get it. The pat to recovery is mostly through tourists spending into the economy with part of it going back to governments in tax revenues and exposure. 10 games means that you're capturing a fraction of this while spending hundreds of millions. Just doesn't make sense. Almost feels like the USSF knew this would happen by dictating the 60+10+10 formula
  14. I was worry there for a sec...you went missing when David started to prove you wrong. That's what I love about US fans like you...deflection, shaming and the need to be right. You were wrong, take the L.
  15. @One American Where you at? How's your boy Pulisic doing?😆
  16. Good luck CONCACAF A front three of Davies, Larin and David with Arfield, Eustaquio and Hutch behind them.... I feel for the back lines who will get tired very fast and the midfield who will be terrified of the fast counter!!!!
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