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  1. Well the league said that they were talking to the Fury for months or more and couldn't come to an agreement. That's negotiations. Adversarial? That's business, it's not personal. Most likely, if there's a deal, you would know little to no details of said deal and the ownership would start praising CPL until no end. You'd buy tickets and support the league
  2. You'd have no grounds if the league is saying no because you're refusing to comply to leagues rules and demands. You'd be the unreasonable party, not CONCACAF or CPL. Why aren't you willing to accept whatever the league is asking every other teams? Why being so difficult? That attitude didn't get the NY Cosmos nowhere Then they aren't stopping you from doing business are they? It's just that FIFA won't let you use its brand while refusing to comply to its rule. Again...who's being unreasonable here? If you comply to CONCACAF and not CPL, L1O is your only option. Is that preventing from doing business? No but that's not CONCACAF, CSA or CPL problem if you got yourself into that situation on your own. Again, no grounds in court After they comply
  3. This is Toronto, not Halifax and I mean that the most respectful way. The club marketed itself in York Region but aren't playing in York. If you work downtown Toronto and live in Vaughan, you either go straight to the stadium (odds are you won't make it on time) or you go home, change and get to York University, you definately won't make it. York 9 has done little to no marketing in North York and that's on them. Are they stupid or don't want to poke the TFC bear...I don't know. But North Yorkers like myself are the most likely to get to the stadium on time right after work as I also work in North York. North Yorker working downtown could take the subway to the stadium then go home after...(its somewhat on the way for some or not too far from home after) There's the problem here... Out of 672k North Yorker, I'd say at least 90% of them don't even know that York 9 exists...so they can't go to an event they don't know is happening. I don't get why the team is just promoting in York Region but they will have to live with the consequences. They will draw decent on the weekends and mid week will be crap unless they let North York know that they exist. If not, they will draw once their stadium is built in Vaughan. But hey...if ownership wants it that way...who sm I to judge how they burn their cash
  4. You can't force a league to accept an ownership. You can't force CONCACAF to sanction the Fury either. CPL has standards and set of rules to enter. It's on the Fury to comply to what CPL wants. If they refuse and insist on getting into the league on their own terms, they only have themselves to blame First, a court would ask the Fury: Why aren't you complying to CPL demands? Second, Fury got sanctioned on condition that they comply to FIFA rules. They knew before agreeing to do business under FIFA sanction that this could happen. They knew the risks and signed up anyways. Now FIFA is saying that according to its rules (that the Fury agreed too), they are no longer recognize as fitting the exemption clause and they must play in a Canadian league. A judge would say: You were told all the rules and fingerprints ahead of time. No one forced you to sign up for FIFA sanction. Why are you coming here now to argue that the situation is "unfair"? The Fury can do business by the way, it's just next to impossible to make money without a FIFA sanction. No one is telling them they can't joined the deaanctioned CSL. FIFA sanctioning is a privilege, not a right CPL is simply establishing it's norms, rules and requirements to join its league. We need to stop with the conspiracy theories. When NY Cosmos wanted to be exempt from MLS rules, they were laughed out the room. Why should CPL be any different? No serious league let's a team dictate how it does business. CONCACAF is simply enforcing FIFA rules at a Continental level. (Decentralization of powers) In a nutshell...the ball is in the Fury's court. Comply or stay out. Your choice
  5. It was likely "paid" tickets. 7pm game, midweek, North York... not downtown...is just asking for people to no show. They should consider Thursdays around 8 instead. Just my opinion.
  6. No courts or organization can force a league to accept an ownership -NHL v. Balsillie. Either the Fury comply with whatever CPL demands or no deal.
  7. It's not happening. The league has been clear and consistently refused it. Don't mind the one or two individuals dreaming of such shortsighted scenario
  8. Advocating for MLS Affiliate is the ultimate CPL vs MLS argument, you know full well the damage of such a scenario would do to the league... no MediaPro, no wealthy owners, not that level of sponsors and certainly no CSB. You like acting dumb but you're effectively advocating for that scenario which makes you exactly what you're trying to accuse others of doing... Very hypocritical of you
  9. Don't faint...Cyle is starting
  10. The league is like 5 matches old. A bit premature to speculate on teams folding
  11. Love the fact that Americans will have Cavallini, David, Davies, Millar in their face for the next decade!
  12. Right now, most of them are just happy for the opportunity to play pro and not caring too much about the salary. The most established guys must have been offered something similar to what they used to make. As the league progress, this will happen eventually
  13. Might as well let them. The Cavs are making it seem all to easy already
  14. That's why I specified a team going to CONCACAF league. If Vitoria helps you finish top 6 to get to CCL, is it that hard of a pitch to the owner to spend extra cash? I think he's worth it for a team like Forge aiming for top 6 in CL with an owner that might not mind spending that money. I could be wrong of course
  15. Most likely to prep the Fury for the tournament. I still think Valour wins
  16. Prepping the Fury for the tournament no doubt. I think Valour beats Halifax and face Ottawa next
  17. Hope they put the cameras on opposite sides for Saturday. They are clearly not done yet and I'm guessing some improvements will be aimed at Saturday's game
  18. Seems like we're not that far off in terms of travelling. Even Bush posted this 🤣 Piatti...DP life in MLS
  19. I wouldn't put to much weight on this. Montreal (USL) did beat TFC after all and upsets happens all around the world. However, I don't get where this "arrogance" of taking them lightly comes from. Williams should have been the keeper for obvious reasons. Hart will need to seriously readjust his team at halftime and for the fall season. Too thin... York needs to play like they are capable off.
  20. Keeper should have had that, and another in game 1. This keeper is too green for that level. Halifax needs a better back up
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