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  1. That's true - Most Mexican fans only care about winning CCL, not really about winning every single matchup. When MX team lose to MLS, they dismiss it as "counter-performances" from their clubs the same way MLS purists do when CPL eliminates an MLS side. I'm not sure how much Mexicans truly cares about the League Cup. I expect most would start paying attention at the Knockout Stage. This is purly from a fans perspective MX owners perspectives is any chance at exposures and opportunity at the US market is just good business in the end, it's all about their bottom line and making more money. They don't need a merger - they already won (more money without losing power/control) For MLS, more games against MX means more drawing power for their clubs fanbase. For the league to be pushing hard on this League Cup - they see it as a booster for TV, merch, tickets metrics. For the US fans - that's more meaningful/interesting games to look forward too and this "add on" might increase their conversion rates and getting a significant increase of new fans to stick around during MLS season. As for the CPL angle - I don't buy the "conspiracy" that they plotted to exclude CPL which wasn't part of the cup nor a co-founder to begin with. CPL retains their 2 berths to the 1st round and could be facing anyone from the region depending how the draw is decided. Heck we stand a chance to draw a Costa Rican club and advance to the round of 16 while in the previous group stage - we were destined to get destroyed most of the time. Why would CPL hate this scenario? We proved that we aren't going to be any worst than Panama, Honduras or potentially Costa Rican clubs. In the end, everyone wins. PS: If I wanted to be anti MLS - I'd start the debate that they don't deserve that many berth after such a one-sided performance vs Mexico and that Central America got F'D real hard on this. But my analysis was just from a North American perspective
  2. There was aleays going to be a League Cup with CCL berth attached to it CPL playing home and away in Round 1 or a group stage format makes little difference - they are playing before the knockout stage
  3. You're talking about ONE GAME - I'm talking years of data and trends. MLS has improved it's TV numbers but Liga MX has better numbers than MLS in the United States - that's a fact. The League Cup allows Liga MX to increase their fanbase in the US - that's obvious. They don't need a merger to achieve their goals in the US - League Cup hits those spots You're such an hypocrite. You talk about people fuelling the CPL vs MLS divide yet - no one/very little seems to have an issue with CPL being excluded from the League Cup - we got 2 DIRECT berths into that round and most of us are happy about it. Yet - like one of my exes I have in mind, you're stubbornly hammering and won't let go of this conspiracy that somehow, CPL wanted in and got rejected. Based on what besides your imagination? Forge would have kept playing as far as the CONCACAF league would have last. They aren't "opting" out of good business and exposure falling onto their lap. You're disingenuous AF my friend
  4. Those fans don't watch nor care about MLS either. TV ratings reflect that. Those same fans don't want their league to be diluted into MLS.
  5. For top owners maybe - fans wants none of it.
  6. I'm not sure - such a poll would be very interesting. Most Liga MX and National team fans I interact with on other medias have little interest in a merger. From their point of view, going back to Copa Libertadores would be a much bigger deal than playing the League Cup or merging with MLS. They roll their eyes the same way that some do when scenarios of the 3 MLS clubs joining CPL is brought up. I'll double down on this : how would American fans feel if CPL was driving the merger talks with MLS? They'd roll their yes and laugh. From most Mexicans perspective, they just don't rate MLS nor see it as their equal or close to it.
  7. Well even with a merger, they won't be the best. Yes they have greedy owners who might want to be part of the league but same thing almost happened In Europe and all the English clubs cave to critics. We're talking about a league where the biggest clubs would meet. Mexicans truly don't rate MLS nor care for the most part, this would be viewed negatively and even greedy owners see the light when their bottom line is in danger
  8. He's going to either point out to empty spots on the screen or come up with a "they gave tickets away" theories
  9. A Super League would set the precedent leading the path to more super leagues around the world. Infantino flip flopping in Europe (reports said that he was initially for it) shows that we shouldn't put that much weight into what he says but what he does...and competence I don't buy the Mexicans wants to merge, they are happy to flirt with the idea to get more access to the US market. They don't need MLS for global access due to their monopoly on the CONCACAF participation at FIFA club world cup. They can actually compete there earning their place as a very good league worldwide...they never needed MLS to prove that point. Why would they change now? They'd get lost in a dilution of talent leading to the league not necessarily reaching their goal or the US taking all the credit and burying the Mexican part of the league under their flags. Merger: you're implying that both sides would be equals... nah, everything is ran from New York if that happens and they'd call all the shots. Unlike us, Mexicans aren't that eager to give up that much control and hope for the best Sorry for the cynism, Americans are incapable of sharing. They need to own and control... NHL, 2026 World Cup, heck look how bad he CFL venture in the US went. Nah...Mexicans aren't as naive as we are
  10. FAs don't want it and most clubs except the clubs don't want it either. The president was in favor than flip flop on the Super League, FAs, leagues, most clubs and fans are against it. Just like in Europe, MX and MFF would cave to fan who don't want it nor care about MLS. All Liga Mx wants is a pie of the US market - which is what the expanded League cup does. Why not get your cake and eat it too (independence and cash) to trade it for lost of control? This would be the NHL all over again
  11. If all it takes to get in the NT conversation is scoring on Halifax, where's the like of Ongaro and Campbell?
  12. The champions of the League Cup will join the MLS and Liga MX champions to the round of 16. It's not a sure thing that the champion will win CCL everytime. Besides the lack of CPL which is understandable...I don't have a huge issue with it. I actually prefer forcing them to qualify to CCL than being handed over spots to Round of 16. Also, CONCACAF has some say on that tournament since they have sanctioned it. Should CPL earn their way in there through consistent results, CONCACAF can make it happen. Removing berths to that tournament makes it worthless and Liga MX clubs won't care for it by heavily rotate If it ever happens, UEFA has to do it first, until then - not happening.
  13. Predictable... Question is how fast they "yank" out the Canadians and replace them by actual "yanks"🙄
  14. They will if MediaPro grabs the MLS rights
  15. The Canadian Championship is still a thing last time I checked and MLS clubs are still playing in it. That's really on Soccer Canada to come up with something different or similar but knowing them, that'd be asking too much You're trying to make a case that CPL exclusion was an objective while the simplest explanation is that MLS was desperate to make their league Cup relevant while Liga MX just wants the US exposure and money from the US market. At the end of the day, Liga MX will keep winning the CCL while MLS might win that league cup or do decently here and there. Things could change when CPL gets stronger and have more clubs. For a leagues this young to be in this position this early is a good result.
  16. That's your theory? They revamped the whole thing with excluding 2 CPL clubs out of the group stage as the main driver? It's all about making the League Cup relevant while MLS having some control on revenues and Liga MX making more money on US soil. Both leagues have some control on the league cup, they'd have zero control over the group stage. Saying yes to that should kill any talks / attempts of a super league. Seriously, stop the clumsy theories aimed at fuelling your hyper cynicism of the league. That’s how you lose so much credibility.
  17. Shhhh... you'll be call an MLS hater in these parts for pointing out the obvious...🙄 Bravo Montreal for showing how it's done
  18. The tweet that somehow warranted a block None of my tweets towards him were personal attacks afterwards The one I deleted was criticizing the way he was doing his job on an account that doesn't belong to him censoring opinions he took personal somehow. I deleted because he reversed his decision hence unnecessary. Like I said - get a drink. Enjoy your Sunday!
  19. We care about Canadian soccer differently and I respect you despite disagreeing with your views. Your opinion of me is truly irrelevant to me so... nor do I care at explaining why his behavior was wrong in his administration of that account. Have a drink and enjoy your Sunday
  20. I deleted my tweet calling him out personally for using TFC account to censor someone with opposing views, he recognized he crossed a line and unblocked. We agree to disagree and he'll go back at trying to ignore a gif that gets him so riled up that he felt the need to censor. Nothing to see here, again I admire your dedication to you club
  21. He unblocked me. Censoring me was a bad move and he'll go back to ignoring my point of view which was never about him personally. Harassing? He just didn't agree with my point of view and recognize it was going too far But I admire your loyalty to the club.
  22. Was I talking about you? I don't recall naming you.
  23. There's a few on this forum, they know who they are and they chose to be quiet et this time
  24. No they do, they are giving more opportunities to Americans than our own who are being parked at TFC II with Canadian dollars... You literally can't make this shit up... TFC apologists are eerily quiet tonight
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