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  1. I would add that it's cheaper to take a chance on the talent in Canada that MLS have not touch who might turn up to become gems than paying premium of MLS bencher/USL guy where you know exactly what's their max potential. If a USL guy or MLS bencher ceiling is maybe one day making the starting XI in MLS or gettting sub minutes at a premium, I'll give a 1+1 contract to 2 or 3 guys with strong stats between age 17 to 19 instead who might develop into something better since they'll be paying way more minutes with adults while not having such a short leash preventing them to play to their ful
  2. CPL aren't aiming for those players others than the ones who are on the bench or sent down to USL. Providing them minutes might be CPL best argument to win them over, otherwise - both leagues aren't going for the same guys. Plenty of talents to uncover in this country who aren't getting the time of day by MLS. I actually like that CPL is turning its attention to them
  3. From the league -the highest compensation set at $77,000 + whatever bonus that applies. That must have been Bustos
  4. This should be a Prairies League 1 at D3 level. Let CSB buy it later like they most likely do with BC League one and PLSQ eventually and let them launch D2. I can't see the CSA sanctioning them to D2 with the model that they are proposing.
  5. However, they spend their salaries so inefficiently. I agree with you only if they drop their DP, TAM, GAM, ZAM, BAM and other whatever scheme. Otherwise, yes they will catch up to mid level Liga MX but stay out of reach of the top clubs who have no spending restrictions
  6. They played a Mexican club. Yes they lost but what it did for football in Montreal was a turning point. I believe CCL will do the same for CPL. They come back stronger and be better for it. MLS club got played out of the pitch and so did Central American clubs. We're not worse than they are, this will just force the clubs and league to adjust and come back better. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger Fans from place like Halifax or Winnipeg will celebrate actually be at the dance than being turned of being soundly beat by a Mexican side. This happened to MLS and Ce
  7. We used to send USL clubs to the lion's den way back... Let's stop treating CPL like this fragile thing that will break after one bump. Will we do significantly worse than Tauro or Marathon? We should celebrate the opportunity and if anything, this forces the league to raise the level and budgets. Getting murdered on a Continental level tends to be bad for business. I expect them aiming to at least lose with dignity by being competitive at first. Eventually, the aim will be to make the play-in spots, then win them, then get out of the group. Baby steps. Sometimes
  8. I mean... Liga MX just bagged Thauvin. Top clubs outspend MLS by a lot. There's value for Euro guys to join clubs dominating in Champions League and play the best at CWC, MLS doesn’t offer that quite yet. MLS might surpass MX eventually but I don't buy it in the short term... Medium term at best. I agree with Spurs CPL becoming top 3 happens within 5 years. Those CCL berth guaranteeing home games with Liga MX and MLS clubs while being on big time TV in places like Azteca, Monterrey or New York will drive up interest in CPL and revenue. Salary goes up, better venues (Look at Paci
  9. I don't think that Halifax or a healthy Cavalry gets beat by Arcahaie or does significantly worse than Forge. I think he's spot on
  10. So clinical... EPL bound
  11. Cruz Azul dominated "Team USA of the north"... and I thought they had turned a new leaf... That didn't last long... My excitement for this team crashed Should have been CF Montréal in there anyways
  12. I must be blind but I only see Canadians 🤔
  13. Count me as a lazy millennial but it's just more convenient to chromecast than pick up the controller and search for my game🤣
  14. If they win the league - They owe it big time to David. Hopefully this will open eyes on France regarding Canada's potential as they don't think much of us until David. Hoping this leads to FFF investing in CPL, ideally in Montreal
  15. David out several weeks due to a lateral ligament rupture of the right ankle
  16. Interesting insight on CFL finances. Question: How long before CPL catch up and surpass CFL
  17. Yet I feel that this bias of looking at the league's crest over the minutes put in will still be a thing in Canada for a long time. We'll still see guys who barely play 90s minutes get called up because they have an MLS shield over CPL guys playing regular full matches. Sure, they belong to a stronger team in a better league but coming off the bench doesn't mean you can go out there and take it to Mexicans and expect them to play for 90 minutes when they aren't used to do so at club level. Some will say "yeah but MLS > CPL...stupid" to which is say - MLS > Honduras league too,
  18. They might end up playing more Canadians than TFC 🤣
  19. Not if we keep caring more about the league where players are from vs. those who are playing regular minutes and regular full matches.
  20. Yeah I posted because he said it in the middle of half time. I don't owe it to you to agree with the decision. We should have done what the USSF did - simple as that. But 2022 it is - so we'll see
  21. Yeah - because many... including journalists were scratching their heads on the 2022 date. But- hey, I'm flattered that you do think think about me - sweet talker you!
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