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  1. I'm handsome, not beautiful
  2. That;s how you react when someone says "no" to you? Wow... Next time, just ignore me You have my sympathies
  3. The article said "une offre ferme" which means "take it or leave it" offer unless they're bluffing
  4. I'm fully aware of that. That's why I said IF neither of them calls him up. Not many would pass the chance to play in a World Cup. Many examples have happened the other way where they simply committed to the nation that had the best chance to play them in a world cup. We're just speculating, we don't know what's on his mind Very possible, the opposite is a possibility as well. Has he even think about the Canada/World Cup angle? Possible too, but I did say that he had the "luxury" to wait it out. 100% agree on that. As you pointed out, he has less ties to Canada than the other 2. I dislike more guys that are born here with ties here and openly say that we're the ugly chick at 2am unless we qualify (like De Guzman), than guys with legitimate reasons to not view us as their 1st option like Ferdi who has no ties here. It makes sense in his case to wait out both Turkey and Netherlands where for De Guzman, we could have used him at that time before his "decision moment" It got us Arfield after all, Scotland lost on him big time by not capping after he played for their youth team. Like I said, everything's possible NO
  5. Not a lot of players pass out the opportunity to play for a world cup. Lots of dual players will think about HARD for 2026. Whether we make 2022 or not will most likely accelerate his final decision as that he could be in the World Cup potentially twice in a row. It's really Netherlands move here unless Turkey both qualify AND call him up for 2022 You're never "too deep" at midfield and yes, I'd take him in a heartbeat
  6. He has the luxury to wait it out. These are the windows he could commit to Canada Canada qualifies for 2022 with 2026 being a sure thing / No call up from Netherlands or Turkey- Could commit for 2022 World Cup. Canada miss 2022 but qualify for 2026 - He could commit if he isn't called up by Turkey or Netherlands by 2024 Euro There really isn't any urgency in his case to commit. It will be Netherlands #1 always and if they don't call him up, it's Canada or Turkey. I think we could have an edge that we will be in one of the next 2 World Cups at a minimum
  7. I know that highlights aren't everything but I think we have something with him. He's more offensive minded so you need a more defensive Right back if you play Sam on the left. With Davies, higher up on the left, we could be a relentless offensive threat. For me, he's more experienced and battle tested than Miller and Bassong at the position.
  8. Larin deserves another shot IMO. He's less uni-dimensional than before with his 10 assists in 29 games. He's capable to be a good play-maker now. Larin upped his game, not to be under-estimated
  9. Another 90 for Sam. I really don't get why Herdman doesn't make Sam our designated LB and just move Davies up against stronger teams
  10. Except if there's a real shot at a world cup participation. He has no reasons to commit to us tomorrow or even during the WCQ in the middle of COVID. But if Canada actually qualifies and Herdman calls, he'll wear the jersey. The world club is the dream of every footballer and playing in one can drastically increase someone's value going forward. I think if we get to the "oct" or we are in good position in the "oct" to qualify, he might be the one making the call as an "overdue" returning the call situation... "Hey, remember me?" He'd be the CB playing at the highest level available to us. If he's 100% healed and plays consistently, he's an automatic starter for Canada
  11. To be honest, I want to see Zator get a chance at CB instead. I feel like I saw what James could do
  12. 1-A scenario where he gets back to 100% like Eustaquio would give us a solid duo at the position, although depth would still be an issue. Ferreira-Cornelius Ferreira-Vitoria Cornelius-Vitoria Those would be our top 3 CB as of today. 2-Henry makes ne nervous. Consistency would be key and for his confidence, I would start him against weaker sides. 3- I think Zator, Didic, Waterman, Miller would be on the depth chart.
  13. We can always count on you to point out the obvious.
  14. If he ever fully heals, plays lots of minutes and play to where he used to be, you have to go after him. Under those circumstances, he's a starter with either Cornelius
  15. Fun facts What does our 3 last losses against Mexico, USA and Haiti have in common? Henry started those games while Davies was LB. We might want to not do that again. Just a thought in regards to Henry. In regard to Davies, Canada isn't Bayern, that's why he shouldn't be LB against stronger teams. The US played a very different game when Davies was put LB instead of LW. The US pressed more while they were way more careful in game 1 fearing a counter attack caused by turnovers where they'd have no chance in catching either David and Davies. Since defense is our biggest liability, you want stronger teams to be more cautious about their pressing.
  16. Says more about Vancouver if you ask me. I`ve yet to see 1 serious Fùp from Cornelius with the Canadian jersey. He`s wasting his time and talent in Vancouver. He needs to leave
  17. Lots of players are MVP & World Class at club but don`t do as well on the National team. We just don`t have the depth to known liabilities for Canada Henry has been very good in the past and whenever he has the CanMNT jersey on, his game goes down, might be that he puts too much on himself, nerves, confidence, etc... I`d start him against weaker teams and make sure he`s reliable consistently. I don`t trust him against Mexico, USA, Costa Rica or Central American teams. I`ll take my chances with someone else if that makes sense
  18. For me, outside of Cornelius, CB is wide open to whoever steps up. Vitoria would be my favorite 2nd as of now but if that doesn't motivate Waterman/Didic/Zator to step up, I don't know what will. The potential is there. I think Cornelius still have room to grow and I'd like him to try Europe again, he's very young. I just don't see James there unless we have a wave of injuries. Miller could do it but needs more minutes at Orlando. Good guy to bring for depth. Henry has a lot to prove. I need to see him being reliable CONSISTENTLY before seeing him start with CanMNT but he should be there for depth.
  19. Regarding your feedback: Victoria Pacific FC : They aren't in Victoria and just Pacific is relevant to their location being the most estern team Winnipeg Valour : Agreed Hamilton Forge : Agreed Cavalry : Aren't they in Foothills County? Also, Cavalry is easy to link with that area. I also have a feeling that we might see a Calgary central team down the road
  20. Depends on ownership. Ideally, an owner willing to setup an Halifax-like pop up stadium near Scarborough Center which is going under revitalization or further east.
  21. I meant in a WCQ group situation, my bad
  22. If you play Davies at LB, you need a defensive minded RB. When we lost with Davies at LB, both Laryea and Godhino were there. Would have to be Brault-Guillard. I'd start Hutchinson over Kaye to set the pace, then sub him for someone else later Other than that, that's a good line up
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