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  1. You really need to stop projecting your performance anxieties onto others.
  2. Vitoria played 90 minutes in a 2-0 loss
  3. I have a feeling that we might end up with 2 CONCACAF League spots, sooner rather than later. It would be easy for CONCACAF to expand the tournament from 22 to 24. I actually like the split format now (just need to be equal with some kind of shield for each seasons) In that case CPL champion ---> CONCACAF League round of 16 CPL finalist -->CONCACAF League round of 16 qualifiers * Whenever CONCACAF decides to revise the Champions league format, CPL will get their spot
  4. No, you're not dreaming of under the influence of illicit substance... this just happened LARIN scores
  5. Hoping the US makes him want to wear the shirt again, otherwise, he's expected to play this month
  6. Or we could press their defense as well. It might be better than ours overall but we have the firepower to hurt them just as hard and fast. We have to take it to them and we have the midfield to make that happen. Yes but why are they putting Davies as a LB? Outside of Vancouver starting that trend, how else would he see minutes in Bundesliga. Making him versatile is good for all parties here. However, it's on the club to make him one of the best LB out there, that's not the national team's job. Until Bayern turn him into Alaba, LW is his spot and be sure that Bayern knows that it's his best position as well. When he's ready, I will be the 1st to crown him LB and move Millar in his place. Until then, no... he makes mistakes and can be a liability. It's a case by case thing but I tend to agree. That's not the NT job to develop players, they are supposed to arrive ready to execute the coach plan. However, the NT needs to integrate the next generation into the team's entourage. Yes, Miller but also the likes of Gasparatto, Borges and Zator Have you seen the giveaway in front of Borjan against Cuba? He's still too risky and it's safer to put a natural LB there and let him play LW
  7. What a SAVE by Mitter... Uh oh..penalty + red card... Might have been better to let that one in lol Disastrous...I feel bad for the fans
  8. Blowout alert... 2 goals within 60 sec. 15 minutes in
  9. My preference 4-2-3-1 ‐-----------------------------------Cavallini---------------------Davies------David-------Hoillet----------------------------Arfield-----------KayeAdekugbe-------Cornelius-------Vitoria---------Laryea-------------------------------------Borjan
  10. I'm surprised or shocked at Arfield coming off the bench talk. He's better than both Kaye and Osorio. It was obvious in the Gold Cup when he organized the midfield
  11. Got this from someone else 10 September League ACuba(945) vs. Canada(1317) 0-11 - (1/(10^(-372/600) + 1)) = 0.193525 * 0.1935 = 4.8375CAN +5 CUB -5Haiti(1276) vs. Curacao(1321) 1-10.5 - (1/(10^(45/600) + 1)) = 0.043125 * 0.0431 = 1.0775HAI +1 CUW -1League BDominican Republic(1028) vs. El Salvador(1347) 1-01 - (1/(10^(319/600) + 1)) = 0.772825 * 0.7728 = 19.32DOM +19 SLV -19FriendliesUSA(1544) vs. Uruguay(1640) 1-10.5 - (1/(10^(96/600) + 1)) = 0.091110 * 0.0911 = 0.911USA +1 URU -1Honduras(1352) vs. Chile(1583) 2-11 - (1/(10^(231/600) + 1)) = 0.708210 * 0.7082 = 7.082HON +7 CHI -7Argentina(1610) vs. Mexico(1608) 4-01 - (1/(10^(-2/600) + 1)) = 0.498110 * 0.4981 = 4.981ARG +5 MEX -5MEX 1603 (-1)USA 1545 (-3)CRC 1442 (-3)JAM 1434 (+9)HON 1359 (+9)SLV 1328 (-14)-----------------CAN 1322 (+10) [+1]CUW 1320 (+11) [+1]PAN 1316 (-15) [-2]HAI 1277 (-11)TRI 1226ATG 1137 (+1)(point change since last official rankings)[position change since last official rankings]
  12. Good news guys! Virtually guaranteed to qualify for the Gold Cup and to at the minimum remain in League A
  13. They are...except in CONCACAF for the men. Not that they arent capable...they aren't used to play there except WCQ when they have too. Results show that playing all those games & Gold Cup at home could be impacting them negatively. They should welcome the chance to play the Gold Cup away. Last time they played us at BMO, it ended 0-0 and we sucked back then while they were in their prime.
  14. They are beatable if you press their defense and force them into making mistakes. It's just that most of CONCACAF are terrified to do it which leave them open for their counter attack... CONMEBOL and UEFA arent scared one bit. Pulisic even said the US are playing scared whenever they face Mexico. I remember when we made all our subs against Mexico at the 60th minute in the Gold Cup...we pressed...they made mistakes. That was my takeaway, our A Team in the last 30 minutes was fearless
  15. We have to assume that the coaching staff watches his games in Chile. We don't know where he ranks but he was called ahead of ZBG after all. He's been on his league best XI a few times so I think he's capable. I still maintain that Henry going "crazy" tonight prevented Herdman to try him out... unfortunately Against the US, there's no room for experimenting, he will go with what he knows works
  16. True. The USMNT has more depth than us, that's for sure. Their B team would thrash ours. However, our A team can rival theirs.
  17. The good news about the friendlies is that we are better than our actual ranking. We have lots of choice of nations ranked above us but we know we can beat. Another crack at Scotland anyone?
  18. We should be 7th overall after tonight within inches from Salvador who dropped like 20 pts
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