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  1. MLS teams to enter US Open Cup earlier to face more lower tier teams. Hoping the CSA takes notes.
  2. Hoping he helps his team stay in the top tier and attracts interest within Europe
  3. Done deal but the extra info is that he refused to join Montreal
  4. So... Let me get this straight.. Beckham and Inter Miami are forced to play out of Fort.Lauderdale for the near future. Miami FC sneaks into USL Championship and plays in Miami proper thanks to the Fury. 🤣😂🥴 USL and Ricardo Silva must be laughing their a-- off! Wishful thinking that Miami people drives to Fort Lauderdale for games over just going to Miami FC
  5. I doubt CPL wants anything to do with OSEG until they explain what they meant by "being held hostage" comment. Time to move on. All I need to know is that OSEG would make TD place available for a CPL club if there was one. That's all that matters.
  6. Farago was disappointing. Hard to say...
  7. Look like GK James Pantemis from Montreal Impact will be loaned to Valour
  8. What can he do? Pay for the upgrades himself. He got some tax relief already.
  9. Saputo has been fighting the city tax formula and deemed it a condition for improvement of the stadium... they are among Canada's richest...the city gave them some relief though... I don't know...I dont think the US model makes sense either... Canada is good as usually you need to throw in lots of perks (great business case) for a city to participate in a stadium project. I will always be against a project where we just write a check with nothing in return
  10. As it should. It's ridiculous that taxpayers fronts the cost of stadiums for billionaires. The US have that culture...we dont to some extend. It's not that potential owners can't afford a stadium, it's more about how much taxpayers funds they can get into their project. It's part of the game of negotiation. Owners won't build a stadium and assume 100% of the cost until they are absolutely sure they got every penny they can get in public funding. Canada resist it more than the US
  11. Looks like were getting an update soon in the next "state of the league"
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