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  1. I agree, he is our best dual right now and the one I mostly would like to see commit!!!!... Although, in all reality it may not happen anytime soon or even EVER!!!!😢.... If we count him, I would say he is our best prospect after the double D's and Liam Millar!!!!... Like his flair and playmaking he possesses as a number 10.... Got confirmation that at this time, CANMNT is his 3rd option, like (any surprise there, really!!!) and he would be an excellent addition!!!!... Will post the screenshot of the tweet shortly!... Tweet confirms that they strongly beleive CANMNT IS 3rd choice..... Very reliable when it comes to our dual National players! 😉
  2. Couldn't agree more!!!!... Lille should be a good step up for him and can see him not staying there long-term, should his form in Gent translate into Lille!!!!... Great springboard, to a big club in one of the big leagues should this happen and more suitable perhaps, as he will go one step at a time as everyone around him and fans are advocating!... Mind you, from my own selfish perspective ,was hoping that one of the big name clubs rumoured to sign him, would get him, but at the same time I do not want him to get into an environment that will sabotage his development as this guy needs continued playing time to prove his worth and scoring prowess.. He is ready for the next step and look forward as everyone to follow him along in his next journey!!!!... Who knows, maybe down the road he settles in Ligue 1 and PSG come knocking once some of their forwards , excluding Mbapé maybe(unless he moves to like Real or Barcelona) get up in age and need a replacement!!!.. That still would be awesome!!!!... Eagerly waiting what happens in the few weeks or even days! 😉
  3. Who knows!!!!!..... Mind-blowing if true, and what of the best things that could happen during this unprecedented s***ty times, but given the date, anything is possible, lmfao!!!!
  4. Great list!!!... Agree this lack of fútbol is brutal!!! 😕
  5. Good comeback tie from our ladies... Good goals on the counter on TSN highlights i Saw!
  6. Doneil Henry perhaps???... Correct me if i'm wrong, lol
  7. Saw that too!!!!... However, if you looked at ZBG's Instagram story post-game, when they are in the locker room, Ballou is seen there with the rest of the Impact crew in case you missed it!!!!!... Like everyone in here, hoping he gets some minutes in the next MLS date + the 1st & 2nd leg of the CCL Qfs!!!!
  8. Not formally cap-tied up until now ,unless I'm missing something!
  9. Greg Ranjitsingh also from Minnesota United, hahaha!!!!
  10. Based on selection, which guys were u thinking in(being scouted)???
  11. Not too far from the truth, in fact!!!.. with continúed strong performances, this Will make it more valid!!
  12. No s***t @Kadenge!!!!!.... Just like many in here, feel exactly the same!!!!... Just reeling right now and what a bloody impression by our lad in his debut of UEFA Champions League Round of 16.... Great exposure into the fútbol world by our guy!!!!... And man, did he not disappoint!!!! 🔥
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