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  1. Absolutely!!!!!.... Technically, there is still a chance he can choose to play for Chile, albeit fair (however you wanna look at it), so I also wouldn't rule down that possibility at this point!!!!!... Some strong performances, even as a sub or as you said, if he can be accommodated as a starter in another area of the field or provide serious competition to Adnan, I do not see why !!!! The fact he is signed to a team based here + will be/is expected to play there permanently for the next couple of seasons should bode well for our chances in him leaning to us + being far more visible/accessible to CANMNT staff/scouts, however Again, as you mentioned in another post there are already a fair number of Conmebol international plying their trade in MLS, particularly from the FAs that are not considered to be the juggernauts.... Chile is not Argentina/Brazil or even Uruguay to overlook MLS talent/regulars... The latter, though, still have some players playing regular youth fútbol from them (Diego Rossi is playing olympic qualifier at this time for Uruguay for instance) You forgot to mention that now Perú has become another Conmebol country with heavy representation in MLS (they have a fair number of national team players there as well)😉....... Chile is at around par with them....
  2. As I was walking by a mall, in one cell phone booth, they had a small screen which was airing the game, albeit for a bit in TSN as part of bonus coverage I guess and managed to saw a play from him, where he put in a good run & cross that Lewandowski either mishandled or missed... Can't recall 100 %...... Was a good play whatsoever by our lad !!!!!
  3. Sad to see him leave TFC after all those years and being Mr. TFC by default(the way I saw him, anyways) in terms of being the longest-serve player on the team, lol... Will admit, that this does come as a little bit of a shocker to me, as to everything seemed to be pointing that he would make it back with TFC (referring to the latest CANMNT camp that was & how multiple sources listed him as still being involved with TFC, rather than the famous unattached)... Thought, there was something behind that plus the fact that when TFC gave their first list of returning players, they mentioned they were under negotiations with him to bring him back.. Something must have fallen apart... Nevertheless, as many posters in here have posted, it's great to see the increase of Canadian players in U.S based American teams and now here is hoping that some of them become important contributors for their clubs a la Kaye & to a lesser extent I can say Kamal Miller + Tesho last season!!!... Be nice, if he can be a regular for RSL, better yet a starter!!!!... Wish him nothing but the best, still saddens me a bit to see another one of ours leave!!!!! In terms of the domestic rule, the other night I read an article of an interview done to Noah Verhoeven by another fellow of ours (dated back to Oct.), where he gives away that MLS is working hard on implementing new changes/rules that will make Canadians domestic league-wide.... He says that that is the ultimate goal!!!!.... Found it intriguing, maybe some of you have more insight/updates to it, as I just became aware of this whole domestic rule, about a year or so ago, lol...
  4. I'm up to promoting the Team too for a Fee!😉
  5. My count is 12 Canadians including their latest addition in Cristián Gutiérrez!!!!... If we exclude him, there are 11 Canadians as per my count & counting!!!!! 😉. My count is based on these numbers from the MLS site: 2020 Vancouver Whitecaps Roster as of January 17, 2020: HEAD COACH: Marc Dos Santos FORWARDS (5): Bair, Theo Cavallini, Lucas Montero, Fredy Reyna, Yordy Ricketts, Tosaint MIDFIELDERS (7): Baldisimo, Michael Colyn, Simon Dajome, Cristian Hwang, Inbox Raposo, Ryan Rose, Andy Teibert, Russell DEFENDERS (6): Adnan, Ali Cornelius, Derek Gutierrez, Cristian Khmiri, Jasser Mukumbilwa, Georges Nerwinski, Jake GOALKEEPERS (2): Crepeau, Maxime Hasal, Thomas And yeah, agree with the fact that TFC r bastards in terms of disliking Canada, lmfao!!!.... As other posters in here, I have heavy distaste towards their preference/prioritization towards American players over many promising homegrown players that don't get to make it to the 18 on a lot of occasions!!!... That one really bites me in the f***ing ass!!!
  6. Also, just bloody shoot once you have an opening or a good opportunity for a shot on goal for christ sake!!!... Not pass the ball around & around in the penalty box, until it gets intercepted by the opposing team's CBs!!!
  7. Much better 2nd half as everyone in here says, but man, frustrating as well in a lot of levels.... No finishing, hesitation to shoot and the scarce chances we had were just god damn awful ffs!!!!.... However, I still see a lot of promise/upside on this squad, particularly with our U-23 eligible players and continued strong play from the few vets that were present today (referencing OSO & Piette, that is). Crépeau really looked like the Crépeau we've grown used to seeing with the Caps in that fantastic save that saved our bloody butts!!!!... Unlike Milan, looks far more comfortable with the ball at his feet and when under pressure!!! Bloody offsides, TOS just seems to never time his runs right, but certainly deserved the equalizing goal, in terms of possession, passing & build-up we were the far better side in the 2nd half, gotta say that this Icelandic B/domestic squad got some pretty darn good defenders as any ball we played into their penalty box, they seemed to cleared/ cut it very well!!! They were hard af to break down!!!! Still, fairly pleased in other aspects of the game against a much stiffer opponent, but not satisfied of course with the result and our inability/unwillingness to shoot on goal!!!!... In one hand , take a little solace this is basically our U-23(Olympic)/Domestic + few Euro based B squad players with a few exceptions (Cornelius, OSO, Laryea & Piette from our A squad under my eyes) , but under the FIFA points implication aspects and that sort of mess that we got into that pushed us out of the HEX, not satisfied at all at dropping some points tonight... Don't even wanna see beyond my post the last bit of my final statement, lmfao
  8. Not sure if you can disclose this, but you think there is a chance Liam gets a to play in the FA Cup on Jan. 26????.. Keeping an aye, lol!!!!... Again, I personally wanna thank you for all your continued updates/news on Liam's development as a professional footballer as he makes his way through Liverpool's system!!!! Best wishes from my side to both of you and let Liam know, lol!!! 👍🏿
  9. Job done!!!!... Some good plays in between, lots of potential in some of our young players, but some areas that need to be cleaned up as well!!!!.... Hopefully with experience & development, some of these players can polish up their skills in these areas!!! Impressed with Đidić , good ball moving CB, 1st time I'll admit I have a real look at him, like to get up on the air for set-pieces and good positioning to put in the tackle/clearance Again, I am very pleased to have Bassong with us atm, just like Herdman does (lmfao), really impressed me and now understand why he was high on his recruit list!!!.. Also, impressive that he has not been playing a lot lately, and just recently has been making the 18 at Cercle Brugge, but according to another poster did get in some significant minutes with the U-21s.. Here is hoping as I said earlier, he is now giving consideration for the main squad. Showed great technique wit the ball, tracking and runs going forward. Put in a good tackle s well. Impressed & pleased with Brym too, hopefully he goes out on another suitable loan in the next little bit (someone mentioned he may be heading back to Lille B ) or if he is to stay at Lille B, let's hope he performs, better yet if he lights it up as a regular scorer, lmfao. Great touches and technique as well with the ball. High chance Nelson may become TFC newest homegrown signing sometime this season!!! Now on to face Iceland and give them a serious run for their money, given that they are also missing some key players, I think we stand a chance, but admittedly would conjure that it will be quite tougher and do not expect to be dominating, let alone have all the possession all the time!!!... Be quite a statement, if with this squad we pull out a result against them, particularly a W!!! 😉
  10. Great ball movement, passes ,one-twos, even in their penalty box area, but like a couple of you have mentioned, seems like their is a reluctance to shoot/ go at goal!!!!... Otherwise, for technically this being pretty much our B/Olympic squad, I am fairly pleased all in all!!!!... But, they bloody gotta take that hesitation out of their head & bloody go for goal when in front of goal... Enough with the spins, back passes or any other fancy stuff that might be up their heads, lmfao!!! Very pleased with Bassong (now I see why Herdman was so high on him and was one of his biggest targets, plus not to mention he fills an area of major need for us, hopefully he starts getting regular pro minutes after this camp) & Brym's got game too, but as a young player as he is, is prone to a young player's mistakes/tendencies (as someone else pointed out, trying to do too much, getting fancy, like at times you gotta keep it simple) Now on to the 2nd half!!!!! 😎
  11. Feel, like Godinho hasn't fully move past youth fútbol just yet!!!... I don't see him ready for the full international game just yet, hence why he dropped down a couple levels and why he is likely being considered for the Olympic team... I think the Olympic team & consequently that level of competition is what suits him best now!!! Again, like many in here, I would like to see him grow & develop as player, correct and minimize those mental gaffes he has shown and move up a notch, once his play demonstrates it at his current level! Good thing, we unearth a RB out of nowhere as the CANPL Depth Chart Analysis Editorial team put it (you all know whom I am referring to) + hopefully our other RB continue their development and rise up our game. We seem to have another couple good options, but who are waiting for their chances at the national team!!!... This I'm basing it on many posts in here + some of the latest CANPL articles I caught up with & podcasts I've been listening to over the last couple of months!!! Looking forward to Fri., let alone lineup & formations!!!
  12. Any idea, who committed the pk?????... Not sure if it was posted, but curious to ask if anyone knows, Cheer pals!!! 👍🏿
  13. Very interesting roster to say the least, for a mostly domestic(North America) based roster comprised mostly of CANMLS plus 2 guys with the reserve team of one of them, 3 CANPLers and 3 guys from MLS (American teams) and 5 from Europe, including 2 that seemed to getting a kick in the reserve teams of Liga NOS & Jupiler League, respectively. Didn't know Charles Andreas-Brym was born outside Canada as a matter of fact, lol. Very happy to see Bassong get involved with the program, given that he was one of Herdamn's main targets s as I mentioned in other thread a week or so ago. Nvm, he is not playing regularly at the pro level yet, but at least let's see what he can bring, chance for coaching staff to assess properly these type of dual nationals and where they can fit in our system. It's an added bonus, he plays a position of needs and what I consider to be a major weakness for us now! I'm sure many of these guys will be very useful for Olympic qualifying (Bassong, Brym, Bair, Okello, Nelson) and perhaps Godinho as he would be battling mostly u-23 aged players of which many do not play regular professional fútbol on a day in, day out basis, but still have my doubts as many in here prolly do, lmfao!!!!... Good as others have said, that he is given another opportunity to somewhat redeem himself at likely the sort of level he is dealing with now on a regular basis!!! Other interesting tidbits from this squad, are that there is a little more representation from other provinces, unlike the regular ones that are predominantly Ontario players (I counted 6 from Alberta & 5 from Québec, and technically we can add Liam Fraser into BC as well, as he did some upbringing there as well as in ONT). Again, not criticizing at all the selection of players & the provinces they hail from, but just like to break down this extra bit of information from my own personal liking, lol. 18 are playing locally (Canadian clubs), with TFC leading the way with 7, Impact with 3 , Whitecaps 5 and 3 CANPL clubs represented! Too bad that One Soccer or the Canada Soccer site is not picking up the stream!!!!... Really expect they at least put video highlights of all the matches for christ sake!!!!😡
  14. Had it done b4 David's emergence, LMFAO 😀
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