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  1. Great list!!!... Agree this lack of fútbol is brutal!!! 😕
  2. Good comeback tie from our ladies... Good goals on the counter on TSN highlights i Saw!
  3. Doneil Henry perhaps???... Correct me if i'm wrong, lol
  4. Saw that too!!!!... However, if you looked at ZBG's Instagram story post-game, when they are in the locker room, Ballou is seen there with the rest of the Impact crew in case you missed it!!!!!... Like everyone in here, hoping he gets some minutes in the next MLS date + the 1st & 2nd leg of the CCL Qfs!!!!
  5. Not formally cap-tied up until now ,unless I'm missing something!
  6. Greg Ranjitsingh also from Minnesota United, hahaha!!!!
  7. Based on selection, which guys were u thinking in(being scouted)???
  8. Not too far from the truth, in fact!!!.. with continúed strong performances, this Will make it more valid!!
  9. No s***t @Kadenge!!!!!.... Just like many in here, feel exactly the same!!!!... Just reeling right now and what a bloody impression by our lad in his debut of UEFA Champions League Round of 16.... Great exposure into the fútbol world by our guy!!!!... And man, did he not disappoint!!!! 🔥
  10. Plus it being T & T, is a specially one for him & family!
  11. Likewise!!!!... Not opt for Perú, Chile or w.e. the f other option he may have available 😁
  12. It is indeed very reliable, will like to add!!!!... I check it on a daily basis & great up-to-the-minute news about everything concerning Canadian footie!!!... Great updates/infos concerning the dual nationals I find & pretty credible tbh for the most part!
  13. Absolutely!!!!!.... Technically, there is still a chance he can choose to play for Chile, albeit fair (however you wanna look at it), so I also wouldn't rule down that possibility at this point!!!!!... Some strong performances, even as a sub or as you said, if he can be accommodated as a starter in another area of the field or provide serious competition to Adnan, I do not see why !!!! The fact he is signed to a team based here + will be/is expected to play there permanently for the next couple of seasons should bode well for our chances in him leaning to us + being far more visible/accessible to CANMNT staff/scouts, however Again, as you mentioned in another post there are already a fair number of Conmebol international plying their trade in MLS, particularly from the FAs that are not considered to be the juggernauts.... Chile is not Argentina/Brazil or even Uruguay to overlook MLS talent/regulars... The latter, though, still have some players playing regular youth fútbol from them (Diego Rossi is playing olympic qualifier at this time for Uruguay for instance) You forgot to mention that now Perú has become another Conmebol country with heavy representation in MLS (they have a fair number of national team players there as well)😉....... Chile is at around par with them....
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