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  1. Looks like a pretty deep pool. The cpl players will have difficulty cracking that lineup with many players already having senior experience. I imagine that none of these players will be called up for the senior team in the summer as it will be important in there development to get age group experience.
  2. I think Canada’s mf did it’s job on the night but I do think they need more mobility there. Scott and Schmidt are a step behind the pace now. Quinn seems to have a very awkward running style and gets caught in possession. Fleming looks like she could be a real talent. I wonder with the performance of Gilles would Canada consider playing 3 at the back and letting lawerance have some more freedom forward or would they think about giving Buchanan a run as a dcm. There seems to be a real transition with the core of this team getting older. It will be intresting how the new coach handles this
  3. Price had a number of chances as well where she never pulled the trigger or fumbled the ball in her feet.
  4. Aleeman and ulloua are considered canadian ?
  5. I remember him from a u17 national club tournament. He was a lw at that point and was one of the best players in the tournament
  6. I understand herdmans want to have culture of playing players who are playing minutes for their clubs. But Canada doesn’t have the depth in quality as England or Spain for example. If delli alli is not playing for Tottenham Garett southgate has 4-5 equal options to play in that role. If Canada has center backs with experience at good levels who are not playing they should be using the camps and friendly to help with there match fitness and give younger players more of a role with the youth national teams. Honestly, you have to be nuts to go into a wcq with cbs playing cpl as opposed to someone
  7. Just to confirm to is tomori eligable for a one time switch or is that not possible?
  8. I think this is pretty significant for Canada especially considering how utterly embarrassing the back line was at last years gold cup. At the very least he has experience at a high level in Europe which is more then then what they have now. If he can stay healthy, James can get some playing time the team might have some stability in the position. Not world beaters but some reliability at least
  9. There’s a big difference between youth and senior. And academy players getting into senior teams
  10. I wouldn’t say it means galan won’t be back. They still have almost half the roster to fill out
  11. Da chuna played professionally in Spain I believe
  12. Gale likes to play up a lot of his signings in the media most of which haven’t panned out
  13. So he doesn’t count as an international that’s good news
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