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  1. Team will be better just with dumping the bad attitudes
  2. Agreed with Janssen being better the farago. But with pantimis coming in as a number 1 expecting to play the majority of games there’s no point wasting an international slot on a backup gk. Farago would be cheap or maybe they could look at someone like Roberts
  3. I think it’s important for this league to establish teams in Quebec not only for the francophone representation but for the development of soccer. It’s crazy that with the level of talent in Que there’s not already two teams
  4. They must have some sort of core already “signed” for this season. Weather it’s ex fury players or 6 internationals from Spain. Hard to believe the season is three months away and there’s no work done on this part
  5. Hopefully the two Cb. Are much better on the ball then last season. Video of Soto looks as if he has some potential. They still need a backup lb to Levis to fill out the back line
  6. I wonder if this rumor was actually confused with the Soto signing
  7. So what is the status of Thomas? I assume if he was returning he would be 3rd choice behind Soto and jean baptiste
  8. Valours cbs were slow bullied and poor on the ball last year yet they continued to try and play from the back le bourhis looked out of his depth last year and would be a 4th choice cb by my count this team needs two cbs, a lb, a starting dcm and acm, a lw, and another striker { two if pallucci isn’t back). That’s assuming the GK is on the way from impact. Lots of work to do with camp opening March or April I’d imagine
  9. Nope doesn’t the whitecaps have a usl team like whitecaps ll or something I could be wrong. that fc Manitoba is a joke. Valour should have purchased that teams rights
  10. I was thinking that as well or maybe they have plans to send him to there usl team
  11. Ah he has Cmnt experience and MLS while farago looked like he should have been playing men’s league last year.
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