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  1. I don’t think/ or ever thought he was a professional level player. I suspect he could be back in Winnipeg in the next year or two.
  2. Odd I thought this guy was suppose to be the next canadian superstar? 🤔
  3. A 36 year old “signing” in a development League for basically u23 players is comical.
  4. I think it was easy to improve from last years team by basically bringing in players with better attitudes and experience. I think gale is a good coach. I think it would be surprising to see him let go. Especially with his place in the Winnipeg community. It might be time though to bring in some back room staff to look after management and signings. Club needs to invest some money in building a club
  5. I don’t think valour would have made it through a 28 game schedule with the depth they had. I was excited about the additions they made but it’s clear that they still have no where near the correct balance of players to compete in this league. Especially considering Dunn and Campbell where last minute additions only bc tfc II was not operating this year. I understand that there was an international cf potentially signed but this team really needs to sit back and reevaluate the way that they are piecing together a lineup and how the players are being used. I really think the international cards have been for the most part wasted. One of which antiwi appears to not be what he was pegged to be. I also think it’s been poor management not to utilize players from the usport draft, I think it’s poor asset management and a failure to give quality young Canadians an opportunity to develop. Winter will be interesting, the direction this team takes if it wants to get better.
  6. Tfc and vanneys responsibility is to play the players they think are going to win. That’s what happens in a first team
  7. So who thinks antiwi with valour is the cpl version of Ali dia. I think valour got the wool pulled over their eyes on this one. No way he was going to sign in Belgium lol
  8. Sorry but the second is clearly Cabrera’s fault, 10yard pass with no pressure zipped at hoicines face. seriously cabera does well on the wing and is out of place at rb. So the coaches put him right back. Lol
  9. Seen st Clair play for Minnesota United last season he’s mls starter quality
  10. Ideally this league should be the first choice for all Canadians to play but that’s not going to happen until they can pay their players a typical professional wage
  11. I was thinking this as well recently, ajb will be looking for a better contract. Valour might have to rebuild again
  12. Valour could be in trouble with that lineup. you would think that if the team was down to it’s 3rd string left back ( whose not a left back in the first place) that the coaching staff would adjust it tactics and play a formation that suits the players it has. aleeman will run that mf I would imagine to.
  13. Thomas neuf says a Turkish writer has said he’s playing for Canada
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