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  1. Lol, well he should be in MLS if he was Canada’s hottest u 20 striker ?
  2. My mistake , carrerio and bustos where apart of the mb team at the first nationals a coached at if I remember correctly they lost to a ont team with gasperato as Cb. Thought those kids were 26 now
  3. It’s the risk they have to take to increase league profile expansion needs to focus on Quebec they need the francophone presence to make it a Canadian league
  4. I think tfc is in that stage where they still think they can win with the old guard. There caught with having players past there prime still making big dollars and are names. Not sure if there’s many managers there who would bench Bradley and altidore watching the game last night tfc had the pace of a geriatric nursing home all star team. Gonzalez looked slow and Bradley must cover as much ground as the goalkeeper. He made no effort to track any runners. if tfc was smart they would start integrating some of the younger players in the lineup and look to reinvest there big money
  5. Bustos probably is good enough for mls but there’s 100s out there with the same skill set or there’s variables who gets a contract. I’d imagine if he was good enough for Chile he have some sort of intrest abroad in a reasonable level league. Year 1 I though he was a technically gifted players with valour probably in the top three in the league. But I found he overdribled and didn’t involve his teammates well. He’d look flashy but no product or decision making. I just feel as a 26-27 year old [ prime years] if your the top player in a league that’s probably to the equivalent of their 4 or
  6. It’s part of the conversation - it’s not shitting on people -
  7. 🙄 that’s about as worthy as a response to that comment it deserves
  8. I’m not shitting on the league - when the majority of players don’t make a livable wage it not professional
  9. I just find it difficult to believe that a player who has demonstrated an inability to play in MLS, struggled in usl , and is an above average player in a semi pro league. Is being taunted for a national team that is regularly competitive at the wc. Probably coming from the same people who said artardo was going to sign with all these big clubs lol
  10. This can’t be true bustos is playing in a semi pro league and chille wants him lol
  11. Career transition after your playing days is always tough. Coaching soccer in Canada is not the most enriching way to make a living. There are very few positions that offer a livable wage. I think in terms of cpl I’ve said numerous times it’s really a semi-pro league for probably -75-80% of the contracts. I compare it to like senior aaa hockey [allan cup). You can’t make your primary source of income to be 25-30k max. If the league is going to grow it needs to offer the players better contracts mls btw had a big disparity in contracts to
  12. I think that this just shows that this league needs to pay All of its playerS a livable wage or it will lack credibility
  13. I think with Canada’s depth at Cb they are nuts not to use this guy
  14. I think if you look at the strengths of the team and the platforms herdman wants to play. You’d have Cavallini. Davies Arefield Kaye Hutch davies. Lareya Miller. Henry. James Borjan.
  15. Regardless of James playing time in Denmark herdman is going to have to give him a regular opportunity in the 11. I’d rather have a Cb with a ucl club playing Sporadically then a Cb from the cpl or usl getting 90 m a game I suspect that they will go 3-5-2 and 5-3-2 regardless
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