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  1. Derby County have been linked with a move for Fenerbahce forward Ferdi Kadioglu, a 20-year-old who has represented Turkey at under-21 level. (Derby Telegraph)
  2. Just like Steven hoyle was a star in NZ and dud in CPL. Lots of professional leagues out there. Doesn’t reflect players ability
  3. I meant the side doesn’t look bad on paper I think it will be massively improved from last year particularly if they can sign a cf with the last import slot. anyone have an idea about how the mysterious ghanian who was suppose to sign with gent looked in camp.
  4. He is left sided so he could provide some cover for Levis if he’s injured or is moved to lb. just thinking about the roster [ pardon the spelling] GK - paterimis; Villa def - bouka-moutou; le bourhis; Jean baptiste; guteriez; hoicine, Soto; Garcia MF - ricci; fordyce; dyer; Ohin; carrerio; galan attackers - levis; aird; cf signing; katcher; cabera; hundal; antiwi then there’s also the others on trial like Austin ricci, Campelle; waters etc. not a bad side
  5. East halifax hamilton york ottawa ————— quebeac city laval west winnipeg edmonton calgary victoria ——————- sakatoon burnaby/surrey/Fv 12 team league is good enough to stabilize itself and grow on and off the field. Balance in East and west and provides francophone perspective as well
  6. Left sided winger - something they need some depth with considering Levis is the only cover at left back for bouka-moutu
  7. Roster turnover is almost complete. Well done to the club for getting rid of the bad attitudes and the locals who where not up to the professional level
  8. Gale made reference to another signing or two one being a CF. Add hundal to that and potentially waters they should be solid in that position. Will be interesting what comes of cavers and ricci what implication that has on someone like antiwi
  9. If the league can grow to 12-15 teams with academies attached to each program that will be a massive success. Relegation systems and d2 is something that is miles away if it’s even feasible
  10. I wasn’t planning to re up my ticket package this year. Last season was the first time I’ve walked out of a sports event I purchased a ticket for. I could stand the effort and whining attitudes of the players. I am encouraged with the development of this roster. I’m still in wait and see mode
  11. https://valourfc.canpl.ca/article/training-camp-preview-2 couple interesting tidbits there. Including a number of players invites to camp. Including Ricci from Ottawa fury and winger from tfc 2.
  12. Interesting, there’s not many locals with that certification let alone B liscenced
  13. I think they’ve done well to date fixing up some of the issues with this team from last year but that depends upon a few variables, like health or weather an unknown like Soto has the quality at the back we need. still I think this team is going to live and die on what it’s depth players offer. And I still think that there lacking in quality in certain areas there. Or there’s some unknowns plus is there a dcm signed who is a starter. I see galan, Ohio, carrerio as backup mf
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