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  1. Ahmed Alghamdi signed a 5 years contract with Al Ettifaq
  2. Tristan Borges (Forge) signed in OHL (Belgian D2)
  3. https://culturesoccer.com/2020/01/20/d-cameron-mes-voeux-pour-le-soccer-canadien-en-2020/
  4. https://culturesoccer.com/2020/01/20/d-cameron-mes-voeux-pour-le-soccer-canadien-en-2020/
  5. The main problem here is that a lot of people suggest that the D2 should be introduced when the D1 have more teams, but you do it in the wrong way. The D1 should have more teams when the D2 will have more teams. a D2 could be a good solution for the investors to have a pro level without all the restrictions (budget, stadium)
  6. It is important that Manitoba plays with Ontario since Winnipeg is the closest city for Thunder Bay
  7. West (BC, AB, Sask) Center (Manitoba, Ontario) East (Québec, Atlantic)
  8. D2 can't happen if theres no geographical split, at least 3-4 zones. East-West can't work because there is too many teams than can play on the both sides
  9. It can also kill the momentum. A lot of fans in Ottawa need a team to feed their hunger!
  10. There is a lot of Canadian available that are not being renewed by other CanPL sides (Roberts, Simons and co). There is also plenty of players from L1O, PLSQ and Canadian clubs in USL L2 that would accept
  11. Dylan Sacramento signed In Irish D2 Elliot Simons is supposed to sign in Slovakian D2
  12. I believe it's the 75k$ US that Impact received last week from Colorado for the drafted RB
  13. Look at this list of free agents in France. There is a section for pro and one for amateur: https://www.unfp.org/joueurs-libres/ I'm pretty sure a lot of them would accept an offer from CanPL a this point
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