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  1. Une entrevue avec un recruteur sur la CanPL: https://culturesoccer.com/2021/01/15/entrevue-avec-andre-martins-quel-avenir-pour-le-recrutement-en-canpl/
  2. here is an interview with a scout who had contacts with CanPL clubs: https://culturesoccer.com/2021/01/15/entrevue-avec-andre-martins-quel-avenir-pour-le-recrutement-en-canpl/
  3. Sorry my friend, but when a club has Sportif or Sportive in its name, it is because it's a multisport club, not only soccer (football. SInce the multisport clubs arent really the usual clubs (MLSE), I dont see it happening
  4. He's originally from Ontario and he moved for professional reason. He never lived in Sask. I've heard multiple things about his current intentions for a club, so I will wait for something official to be released on his side.
  5. https://culturesoccer.com/2019/03/03/quelles-prochaines-expansions-en-canpl/ 1 out of 6 Who's next?
  6. If you do so, I would like to retweet it what is your twitter handle?
  7. true, we can form 2 CPL clubs with all these Canadian Players that are looking for a club!
  8. Thank you! Have you posted these lists on twitter?
  9. Marcus Velado-Tsegaye with El Salvador? https://northerntribune.ca/el-salvador-youth-marcus-velado-tsegaye/
  10. Here are some players I would like to see in CanPL next season: -Steeven Saba -Marco Dominguez -Kervens Jolicoeur -Calin Calaidjoglu -Shamit Shome -Anthony Jackson-Hamel -Ronaldo Damus -Karl Ouimette -Drew Beckie -Mario Gerges
  11. Marco Bustos with Chile NT? https://chile.as.com/chile/2020/11/28/futbol/1606588242_479287.html
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