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  1. I'm sorry but I believe it wouldn't be good to split in 2 Conference. I strongly believe we should have 3 (or more) Conférences. East-West will force some western Ontario cities (Windsor, London?) to be playing West. 70% of the population is living in Windsor-Quebec corridor
  2. It would be impossible to split the league at that point!
  3. He was an international student, so his residency during that time doesnt count. He was considered as domestic in 2019 since he was a U-Sport draft.
  4. Here is a 2020 MLS Guide: https://culturesoccer.com/2020/02/24/guide-mls-2020/
  5. He told me he would like to sign in Ottawa. The problem is that he counts as an itnernational player since is PR isnt fixed.
  6. Any idea on ther number of founding member deposit?
  7. Hi, Does anybody have the final number of founding member deposit for the original 7 clubs and the current number for Atleti Ottawa?
  8. Artemenko did the preseason with Valour, he said in an interview he was loaned to WSA Winnipeg by Valour. HFX once played a game with only one keeper on the game sheet when JMW was suspended
  9. Rodrigo Gattas signed in Azerbaïdjan D1 Tyler Attardo in Chile D3
  10. NYC is shared by two foreign clubs, so I dont see why a foreign club would be scared to enter the GTA
  11. Comment trouvez-vous la couverture francophone de la Ligue, surtout depuis l'arrivée d'Ottawa?
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