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  1. They're not Langford, who's spent $ for a decent facility for Pacific FC with nice grandstands/suites added etc. Clark Stadium is one of the most basic and lesser stadiums in the CPL, not sure when the city will ever spend for serious upgrades.
  2. They do have a press box, nothing fancy though.
  3. At CPL's early year one stage, games where the opposition is an established and well know high level pro team will draw more favorably for the lesser known first year CPL clubs more often than not, especially in a competition like the Voyageurs Cup. There won't be any "working more closely" between USA's D1 MLS and Canada's D1 Canadian Premier League and there doesn't need to be, each is and will continue to do their own thing. The American MLS isn't interested in working with the CPL and could care less about Canada's cup competition, they'd only be interested in putting farm/reserve teams in the CPL which would basically be a death blow for Canada's new league, a reason why CPL wants no MLS reserve or affiliate teams in its league, and rightfully so.
  4. Strong numbers for Forge and HFX to open the fall season, looks like Pacific will possibly be sub 3K again from the looks of things though.
  5. There's no way its a 9 million expansion fee for a CPL club, that's likely the expected costs for the club expansion fee plus the start up costs/year one budget to get a club up and running for the first season.
  6. With content for other league's coming on onesoccer, it gives more incentive to go yearly instead of monthly. Would like to see the Ausi A-League added.
  7. Roku channel is coming soon, haven't heard of Xbox or PS4 support but hope that's in the works too.
  8. Surrey/Fraser Valley will do fine and Missisauga and Laval as well if done right with a strong and capable ownership group making the right decisions, which is the main key. Pacific (my club) has had good and poor attendances in its 4 games so far, 2 at just a bit over 2K. They're closer to York9 than Halifax as far as attendance with Pacific avg roughly 3.5K and York roughly 3K while Halifax is near capacity avg close to 6K. Too early with the small data samples from this season on attendance to make simplistic analysis of markets that will and will not work at this point. League's have their shining stars but like FC Cincinatti was far and above all other USL teams Halifax's success doesn't mean other 400K plus markets in Canada will be as successful.
  9. With the talk of York 9 's attendance recently, for comparison on other leagues announced attendances, this is how 3094 for the Ottawa Fury Wednesday looks, main seating, about 25 minutes in :
  10. CPL won't be challenging MLS in an NASL sort of way, most of their clubs will be in non MLS market areas and direct challenges won't be made. Instead CPL clubs in the major media markets of Greater/Metro Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto that are needed for Canada's D1 will be far enough distanced from the MLS clubs and carve out their own base in city's large enough to support 2 pro clubs with their large populations. USA's MLS will do their thing, CPL will as well do they're own thing and grow Canada's D1, and their goal isn't to be a small market low budget league but a strong D1 that grows from year one to become something bigger and better as time goes on. Halifax's success does not guarantee similar success's in other similar sized markets just as York9's performance doesn't mean CPL clubs in Greater Vancouver or Montreal would have the same level of support/success they have shown so far.
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