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  1. The CPL clubs announce tickets distributed like other pro sports leagues and that is the reality, they're not "pretending" they have significantly larger crowds at all. Pretending is you claiming an attendance number that Pacific FC never had on Sept 11(1200) is real. All pro sports teams offer freebies and you have no idea the amount Hamilton offers or if its any different in percentage on average than other NA sports teams.
  2. So your using a phantom attendance number of 1200 that never happened and pretending its a real number instead of the official attendance number of 2384. Your trying to use that figure of 1200 is an out and out lie and using it like its real is a lowpoint for you, you've lost all credibility. As for eyeballing how many you think are in the stadium, attendance figures are tickets distributed (sold/comped) not turnstile for pro sports as most knowledgeable fans know.
  3. Which crowd are you refering to as " announced crowd of 1200 in Victoria"? Last two (not including today which has no # yet) were : Sept 4th.....2124 Sept 11th...2384 As for Forge FC, we don't know what the new config will be capacity wise, the club has averaged about 6K without the inaugural match. New Capacity will likely be 6-7K and they can open sections as needed easily for more demand. Makes sense to conscentrate the fans on one side for the atmosphere and broadcast optics so tweaking the stadium config is a good move imho and theres still flexibility. Your freebies comment is conjecture not fact. All leagues have games where attendances look very sparse because of weather, weekday scheduling, etc. and I've posted pics of some examples this summer from USL and MLS.
  4. Opposite for me, I go more often now that they're in Langley at the LEC. When a CPL club finally comes to the area, we should meet up at a game for a beer!
  5. 3586 for Valour FC in Winnipeg for the match vs Forge FC on a poor weather night.
  6. Any idea on how well the team does attendance wise?
  7. CPL Website (and Soccerway) updated to show 2384 for the attendance # last night at Westhills.
  8. Your right on walking distance but its only a 5-6 minute short drive down the road to the restaurants/bars. In 10 minutes your already over the bridge in Ridge Meadows and 15 minutes down the freeway and your in Surrey already, ready to get off the freeway in the Guilford area. Maybe I drive too fast but I'm just keeping up with everyone else, does anyone even do the speed limit though:) Unfortunate that McCallum's in office from the stadium perspective, previously there had been talk of a 10k outdoor stadium for years.
  9. Maybe I didn't make it clear in one of my previous posts but I think Surrey would have been the number one choice, but if your looking for a second location for a CPL club in the fraser valley/metro Vancouver then Langley is a good choice. There's quite a few places to eat and some bars about 5 minutes down the road if your looking for a pregame meal and pint like I usually have before going to a Vancouver Giants game at the LEC. Ample parking with the 5300 seat arena already there and it just needs seating and some facilities added with the field, pads, and a concession building already in place. Minutes from the freeway so easy access from north Surrey, Abbotsford/Mission, Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows, Poco and East Coquitlam areas (and of course Langley itself). Langley will surely be happy to have them at the LEC as well. Why does it matter whats directly a few minutes from the stadium surrounding it? If its a good facility, and they should be able to put up a similar one to Westhills/Spruce Meadows/HFX and the area is acessable by the surrounding areas like LEC is, and the club have a fiscally desireable deal for the stadium, a good ownership group can be successful with a CPL club there.
  10. Looks better and with a capacity still around the 5100 mark they're not really needed.
  11. Nope, new stand is open, not a lot of fans there though but its a weekday. The family zone bleachers behind the net are gone for this one though, looks better without them and not needed at this point anyway.
  12. OK to defectors as long as they go thru the process and get their pr status, which will take a while.
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