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  1. Not sure if the roof covers all the seating or not, looks like it does. Wind is a factor so even if the roof covers all the seats the lower one's would be subject to wind blowing the rain on the lower rows at times.
  2. Not sure, seems they've prioritized the luxury suites in the new stands, on one side they seem to have completed them now, still need to do the other wooden suites. Hopefully then the seats are installed, then the large wooden grandstand behind the family zone seating.
  3. From watching FC Edmonton matches since their 2011 NASL debut I've learnt not to judge the crowd count till the 30th minute mark when all the late comers have finally made it in. Might be partially the more common early afternoon start times for the Eddies.
  4. Vanessa has to sound a bit more energetic and stop saying "um" so much. Crowd was good, 5763 in attendance.
  5. So if the Cavalry's owners own the stadium then they're getting most if not all concession $, which is a big revenue stream, something most if not all the other CPL clubs won't be getting. Cavs will be fine even with a lower avg attendance than other clubs but hopefully they get their #'s higher as the season progresses, 3500 not a good # for their first match (although stadium optics wise it good and looked fuller) and being close to under 2K for the second match is poor for a market their size.
  6. Cavs attendance was poor considering the size of market but these are weekday matches, most important are the weekend attendance figures. One other important factor is the concession $ involved and Cavs owners also owning the stadium would give them that revenue stream which other clubs don't all have.
  7. https://twitter.com/Leonard_FC/status/1125912423716626432
  8. I agree on the Blue Bomber signage, but tarps would be expensive and unnecessary IMHO. Broadcast wise it looked fine as most of the time the main camera was showing the main used stands, not sure how it looked in person though.
  9. Shared use doesn't mean they have to have permanent pointy ball lines, or that their likely.
  10. CPL did the same thing for last Sundays Pacific FC game, they post 5100 on their website where the exact number reported elsewhere was 5154. CPL dropping the ball on attendance reporting so far, usually the league report states the actual number not a rounded one, hope they fix this, not hard to do.
  11. I agree its not an ideal situation but I've seen other countries top league's have teams playing in stadiums with tracks around them so its not like CPL is the only one. Think we also have to realize that this league is just starting out and we will have to deal with things like this for the early years. York9 has a plan to build their own stadium eventually which should be a real gem, so its not like they plan to stay at Lions Stadium long term. I prefer this situation to MLS's early years of teams playing on poor pointy ball lined turf, that's worse for me optics wise.
  12. Think the rendering had them behind and the track covered, with VIP seating on the covered track areas. On the plus side, the stands look to have seats instead of bleachers which is nice.
  13. https://twitter.com/Leonard_FC/status/1124174484104142849 https://twitter.com/Leonard_FC/status/1124174484104142849 https://twitter.com/Leonard_FC/status/112
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