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  1. NO. Hate the manufactured parity of the MLS and CPL doesn't need it.
  2. Don't think Division 1 CPL would ever be interested in a Championship event with a US Division 2 league that's partly a minor league of MLS. Would be a step down and of no value for them. Would be like the NHL vs AHL.
  3. Some CPL Players on league communication or lack of. The CPL is either very close and hammering out final details or ready to call the season off? : CPL Players Are Taking To Twitter To Complain About A Lack Of League Communication The first signs of public discourse from CPL athletes came when Nico Pasquotti directly asked the league if it would clarify any plans for a season 19 days ago, with both of the Halifax Wanderers goalkeepers liking the tweet amongst numerous fans. York9 FC midfielder Chris Mannella also launched a tweet directed at the league a few days ago, but this was since taken down. The Canadian Premier League was expected to launch a return-to-play announcement last week, with Jeff Hunt having said earlier that he expects the 2020 season to kick off in the first or second week of August. If such a timeline is still the plan, the league is cutting it close between its return-to-play announcement and the actual season itself. To that end, it’s not immediately clear what format the shortened season will take: persistent rumours have indicated that each of the eight teams will play eachother once, with the top four teams making the playoffs – though none of this is confirmed as of yet. Langford, Charlottetown, and Moncton have been mentioned as potential host locations, with sources most recently indicating that Charlottetown was the most likely destination. https://northerntribune.ca/canadian-premier-league-return-to-play-questions/
  4. USL seems to be doing well on its resumed season with some strict guidelines : COVID-19 Update: USL Championship confirms nine players from eight clubs test positive "On Monday, the United Soccer League (USL) confirmed that 2,357 tests were administered to 1,227 players and club staff from the 35 Championship clubs, including the Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC, between June 30th and July 13th with nine individuals testing positive from eight clubs. What happens after a positive test? The individual will be immediately isolated and receive follow-up care and treatment from team physicians and infectious disease experts. If appropriate (at the discretion of the team physician), the individual may be tested again to ensure the initial test was not a false positive. All indoor areas in which the individual has been will be closed for 24 hours for cleaning and disinfection. The individual’s club, in consultation with the state or local health department, will conduct a contact tracing investigation. Anyone identified in the contact tracing investigation will immediately quarantine and be tested one or more times on a schedule to be determined by the team physician" https://pittsburghsoccernow.com/2020/07/21/covid-19-update-usl-championship-confirms-nine-players-from-eight-clubs-test-positive/
  5. As long as social distancing, wearing masks, etc is followed see no reason limited fan attendance shouldn't be allowed. They can do it indoors at the store etc, so doing it at a large outdoor stadium, where the risk is very small transmission wise (as BC's Dr Henry basically said) should be acceptable.
  6. Think it will actually happen this week re an announcement for the CPL return to the field. Not easy to set this up amid the coronavirus situation but hopefully its back to the pitch soon : Canadian Premier League Expected To Make Announcement This Week https://northerntribune.ca/canadian-premier-league-return-to-play-soon/ "The modified Canadian Premier League tournament is expected to see each club play eachother once, with the top four teams then moving on to the playoffs. In the last few months the cities of Langford, Charlottetown, and Moncton have all been mentioned as possible tournament hub locations, but it’s not clear which bid ultimately won out. Rumours of utilizing multiple sites within the Atlantic Bubble have recently sprung up, too. The tournament is expected to begin in the first half of August, though it’s still unclear how long players and staff will need to isolate ahead of the competition, or what protocols will be put in place to prioritize the safety of all involved in the 2020 Canadian Premier League season."
  7. USL returned to continue they're regular season over the weekend with multiple games and social distanced limited fans in attendance. Indy Eleven had over 4700 in attendance, Louisville opened they're new 15K stadium with 4800 fans, and Tampa Bay Rowdies limited they're first game to 140 invite only fans. USL Championship 2020 season resumes https://soccerstadiumdigest.com/2020/07/usl-championship-2020-season-resumes/
  8. I think its likely to happen, just some hicups have occured along the way and these things take time. MLS has started, USL to follow this weekend (with some fans in attendance at certain locations), NHL getting ready to return, and more thinking as time goes on that we have to live and adapt to the reality of coronavirus being with us and continue with living life and the realization that widespread lockdown's aren't feasable going forward so the re-openings and return of pro sports will continue. Its close imo to being announced and finalized, just a matter of time.
  9. Hope this happens, and would be nice to have some fans in attendance instead of the poor look and practice type feel of an empty stadium.
  10. NISA getting back on the field starting July 11th with the NISA Independent Cup" involving 15 clubs and includes an official sponsor, COVIDMD : https://www.nisasoccer.com/news/2020/07/01/nisa-independent-cup "The Independent Cup champions the spirit of the game, allowing talent to take the field and the beautiful game to shine on the pitch. It's the first of its kind where only independent clubs compete and one that our Fall to Spring schedule allows. We look forward to this being an annual event allowing both amateur and professional clubs to compete for the Cup in the true meaning of independent soccer.", NISA Commissioner John Prutch on the significance of the Independent Cup The Independent Cup will feature 4 Regions and 15 clubs culminating in 4 regional champions in its inaugural 2020 Cup. "The participating clubs have shown incredible determination and support for one another and the NISA Independent Cup. Their ownership of the process has resulted in a competition that serves the best interest of all clubs and exemplifies the unity of independent community-based clubs. I am so incredibly excited to continue to work with the NISA Board and their independent amateur brethren as the NISA Independent Cup will continue to evolve in future years.", said NISA EVP of Expansion Joshua Prutch."
  11. "Link spammers usually don't leave comments of any value along with their links." The definition seems to fit the parrot, other forums have a rule on link spamming, not sure about this one. The odd post here and there is ok but the spamming frenzie lately has led me to simply scroll past that content and ignore it.
  12. CFL needs fans allowed in the stadiums, which should be allowed at a level of 25% -50% (along with social distancing of course). CPL should push for the same. We're dealing with outdoor stadiums and with "experts" now saying little chance of coronavirus spread with the thousands of protests that went on recently outdoors, more the reason to push for it now and social distancing will be followed more at a stadium than it was (or wasn't) with these protests that were allowed even though they violated mass gatherings guidelines.
  13. USL announces its 16 game season format from July - October and one and done playoff matches, fans in attendance up to 50% Stadium capacity in some instances as well as LCFC announced, lets hope the CPL can take some cues from the D2 USL league and have some fan attendance at their home outdoor stadiums for matches after the tournament as well. The USL Championship announced on Wednesday an updated format for the remainder of the 2020 season that will see clubs divided into eight groups to complete a 16-game regular season followed by a single-elimination playoff. In order to limit travel, the regular season will see the Championship’s clubs divided into eight regionalized groups, and each team will complete a 16-game regular season. There will be five groups made up of four teams, and three groups made up of five teams to cover the 35 member clubs of the Championship. https://www.uslsoccer.com/news_article/show/1110593
  14. USL will be returning to the field in July, and at home stadiums not one or two central locations. Some of their teams will even have fans in attendance at some level, so paying for no play will not happen anyway and they knew this going in, not like a majority of their owners have deep pockets. https://www.uslsoccer.com/news_article/show/1108043
  15. More movement on allowing fans in attendance for sports as Florida and Alabama join Texas in allowing it : NASCAR announces plan to allow limited number of fans at 2 upcoming events "Officials for the Dixie Vodka 400 race will invite up to 1,000 South Florida service members as honorary guests, while Talladega Superspeedway will allow up to 5,000 guests in the frontstretch grandstands and towers for the GEICO 500, NASCAR said" https://www.kiro7.com/news/trending/nascar-announces-plan-allow-limited-number-fans-2-upcoming-events/CSOFM6XL7ZDPLM7TH45NJZYXEM/
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