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  1. Likely those who incorrectly mentioned a draft was just a case of lost in translation along the way/misinterpreting something that was said. Good on you for having the issue of no draft clarified.
  2. My thoughts on Julian : Used to be a big JDG fan, have a poster of him from a CMNT game I went to and wanted to frame it and put it up. His comments re the Canadian Premier League soured me on him and it was disappointing, he came off as a yes man to me trying to hard to follow the company line. His crocodile tears and head hanging at the Fury folding press con was overdone, embarrassing, and poor acting IMO. His poster sits in storage now at the bottom of a pile of sports memorabilia. He may or may not get a job with the new CPL Ottawa club, if he does then meh, if not that's fine and understandable with the history involved.
  3. It is a concern, but Rayo OKC also entered a market with an established pro team already and had to compete for fans with them which turned out poorly. They were getting roughly 1300 paid attendance in a league that averaged around 5K approximately, and the other team in town averaged over 4K, so this was also a big factor in Rayo Vallecano pulling out of that market. No competing pro soccer team in Ottawa, and I expect them to largely retain if not increase from the fan base the now defunct Fury had.
  4. Leaning toward predicting the likelyhood of Metro Vancouver/FraserValley & Quebec City being added for 2021 after Ottawa - the momentum for expansion is sure to pick up and the D1 CPL gain in stature with Athletico Ottawa coming on board. Expansion in prime markets available will pick up in interest quickly, and if the rumoured discount fee for Rob Friend's Metro Vancouver CPL expansion slot has a expiry he will want to get it done ASAP.
  5. Sounds likely the rumoured foreign player draft was false then after all (like the rumoured international restrictions as well), with the database being available evenly to all CPL clubs.
  6. Don't think they will have as much of a problem putting a decent roster together as some think, and will be interesting to see if any Athletico Madrid players are brought in at all - Rayo OKC put together a late roster for their one season in NASL which had zero players that came from the Euro organization and competed very well. They brought in some quality imports and even Georgios Samaras for a name player.
  7. They may or may not, haven't seen any specific pro league standards layed out for Canada as they have been for USSF in the USA.
  8. Fordyce Ready To Embrace Utility Man Role With Valour FC https://northerntribune.ca/valour-fc-daryl-fordyce-utility-player/ "Over the last season, that’s probably the most versatile I’ve had to be at Sligo. I’ve played holding mid, attacking mid, tip of the diamond, number nine, so again it’s totally down to Rob and Damian. Whatever plan they come up with, whatever formation and system they want to play, I’ll do it to the best of my ability. "
  9. And some NASL highlights from Daryl's Youtube channel including a backheel goal :
  10. The Green Lions Bridge Student Gap as Y9’s Youthful Supporters Group https://canpl.ca/article/the-green-lions-bridge-student-gap-as-y9s-youthful-supporters-group Zach Diaz is in an ideal situation as a soccer-loving student at York University. How many students, after all, have a professional club on campus? So, when he moved on campus last Fall, he decided to organize “the Green Lions,” a student-run supporters group dedicated to Y9 and spreading the word on campus about the team. “There’s no direct connection between the club and the university and my idea was to create a supporters group that would create one.”
  11. Not this again, give it up, league itself, who knows more than anyone what it is, has said CPL is a club based league, NOT franchise and NOT single entity. MLS is a single entity league with business units, not clubs. USL is a franchise league.
  12. I thought about cancelling Onesoccer and doing the month to month for the 2020 season, but the cost is basically the same (month to month is 8 x 10 = $80 and one year is $75) since we won't have the free month for 2020 as a new subscriber, which even then would be just about the same.
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