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  1. Seems like CPL expansion in the next few years will likely be clubs from Quebec, Greater Vancouver/Fraser Valley, and Regina.
  2. Depends on the market as to if fans will lose interest with a drop to D3 but overall most would lose fans in a drop. Teams paying 8-10 million for a franchise in USL C D2 won't want to drop to USL D3 where franchises pay 1 million. Any TV deal money is likely minimal for USL D2. Wages were about 500k for USL D2 and 200k for USL D3 for most teams according to reports/articles pre covid. Other barriers for USL is the Professional League Standards from USSF they have to deal with so a franchise if promoted would not meet them in most if not all cases. These standards and USL itself will prevent real pro-rel for the franchise league.
  3. Just finished watching today's Onesoccer Today show and they talked about the players association t-shirt bit : Wheeler said in essence, the young league is dealing with the pandemic and such and wait till the fans are back in stands and league is back to a more normal state for a while before pushing the association. Platt said he has sympathy for both sides, some fans criticism of the owners who put up the $ is wrong and at the same time players have a right in his opinion to some input in certain aspects of the league.
  4. Whatever they come up with it won't be real pro-rel, USL's a franchise league that will protect itself and $ above all else. Good marketing though, will get them some positive pr for those who buy into the fake pro-rel talk of USL.
  5. BC to allow 10% fan attendance for Olympic basketball qualifiers for games starting July 1st. Hopefully not a sign of things to come with Step 3 for BC starting July 1st for Pacific FC. Should be a higher percentage, at least 25%, for outdoor stadiums imo. Apparently no discriminating as to vaccinated/un-vaccinated fans allowed in. Masks mandatory except for eating/drinking or if you have an excemption. Team Canada to get boost from fans in stands at Olympic men’s basketball qualifier in Victoria If the Canadian men’s basketball team is going to make it to the Olympics, they will do so with an assist from the hometown crowd. Just days before the Olympic men’s basketball qualifier tournament is set to start at Victoria Memorial Arena, B.C. Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry has approved an exemption to the province’s capacity limits.
  6. I don't mind the virtual stadium, the alternative of seeing empty seats not any better imo.
  7. What device were you watching on? My feed was rock solid on the Roku.
  8. Good to see Onesoccer has a Business subscription for Bars and Restaurants now, I'll be pushing my local pub to sign up. Waited to renew my OS subscription and now its raised to $100 per year. Still worth it for me and want to support the CPL broadcaster so not a big deal in the end.
  9. New Stadium pic of York Lions Stadium with the field in from Rocket Robin 's new article : http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports21/21york025.htm
  10. A few reasons, it undermines and devalues Canada's Div1 CPL by allowing USA's Div1 to have a farm/reserve team in it. Optics would be terrible, and no, fans in the Fraser Valley wouldn't support the Caps minor league farm/reserve team just cause its in CPL, just look at WCFC2 in USL who drew an "announced" and pathetic 869 per game last year in that US league. Even in USL the fans are mostly smart enough not to care about their independent teams playing fake farm teams and reserve teams when they come to town. CPL as a Div1 league smartly wants to maintain/foster a big league image not a bush/minor league one. Canada finally has a Div 1 National League that is doing things right and CPL has made the right moves by not allowing farm/reserve/development teams into Canada's Div 1 league. It will grow over the years just like MLS did from their humble beginnings.
  11. The Canadian Premier League never was interested in or would have allowed a reserve team in Canada's Div 1 league, their not regretting allowing in a farm team like the Vancouver Whitecaps FC2 who averaged a pathetic 869 per game announced in the USA's Div 2 league last year they were in it. As for "independent" teams, likely they will be fake farm teams masquerading as something there not like DC United's reserve team Loudoun United FC.
  12. With no restrictions yes - as early as July 1st though the 50 fan limit will be expanded but no commitment on what that number may be. Even with say 1000 -2000 fans for Pacific FC the atmosphere will be 100 times better than the boring no fans allowed setup last year. Montreal Canadians game vs the Leafs yesterday was so much more exciting with even the small allowed crowd of 2500 imo.
  13. Langford/Van Isle is in the mix as well apparently for the bubble, low cases in BC and opening up with fans allowed starting June 15th.
  14. BC Re-opening plans include fan attendance starting June 15th outdoors (Step 1 - up to 50) then increasing on July 1st (Step 2, masks no longer mandatory as well) so Pacific FC can start prepping. Step 4 is pretty much full opening. https://www.radionl.com/2021/05/25/b-c-lays-out-reopening-roadmap-through-summer-travel-restrictions-extended-to-mid-june/ By “Step 2,” as soon as June 15, up to 50 people will be allowed at indoor “organized” gatherings, like at live theatres, movie theatres and banquet halls. Indoor sports can also resume at that point, and up to 50 fans will be allowed at outdoor sporting events. By Step 2, all intra-provincial travel restrictions will be lifted. For “Step 3,” starting no earlier than July 1, masks will no longer be mandatory indoors but will still be recommended. There would also be a “return to normal” for indoor and outdoor gatherings. Some fans will also be allowed for indoor sports, and nightclubs, casinos and bingo halls could also reopen. The province also says WorkSafeBC will be working with industry associations to come up with updated workplace safety plans, prior to Step 3 of reopening. Those plans will be ready by July 1. Meanwhile, “Step 4” would be a return to essentially normal conditions in our day-to-day lives, no sooner than Sept. 7. That would mean no limits to social gatherings, and no limits to fans in sporting events.
  15. York United’s Angus McNab on changes to York Lions Stadium for 2021 https://canpl.ca/article/york-uniteds-angus-mcnab-on-intl-players-changes-to-york-lions-stadium-for-2021 "When fans return to York United’s home stadium this season, it will look different from when they were last there in late-2019. The club, working with York University, has made a number of changes to the former Pan-American Games venue, including removing the running track that once circled around the pitch. They are also upgrading the playing surface to FIFA Quality Pro turf, which is also up to World Rugby standards. “Everything is working well,” McNab said of the renovation project thus far. “Progress continues and it’s going to be really, really exciting there with what we’re doing.” There are plans to build a standing supporters section in the stadium, but McNab says it likely won’t be possible for the 2021 season, when fans can hopefully finally return."
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