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  1. 3rd division across the border is not paying better wages and many teams in USA's D2 is similar or lower than CPL if you are familiar with USL C. MLS did not pay high wages at the start either, takes time to build and stabilize a league but they were still D1 as CPL is. CPL is building something sustainable with a 750k cap in its early years to ensure survival. Quickest way to torpedo the league is to inflate wages and losses where interest in having a club in the league is hampered. The league has picked the setup they feel they need to start at for the early years of the league to
  2. lol, apologies to all, internet issues and a pissed off mouse button finger that logged multiple clicks while appearing to do nothing until minutes later.
  3. Exactly, with the details that's been mentioned this is not a D2 league no matter what the originators want to call it. Seems like its just another set of regional D3 leagues under one banner to make like its a true "National" setup. Seems like they want to capitalize on the success that Canada's D1 CPL had its first year in a similar way for an attempt at a D2 league that's unfortunately just a D3 set of league's in reality.
  4. With no hard evidence yet of this "D2" league that's possibly coming next year being a real thing some seem to be getting ahead of themselves. There is however, the new D3 BC League 1 coming about, with TSS Rovers and possibly the Highlanders and a Caps reserve/u23 team being in the mix for that league. Could be some things are being lost in translation and this "D2" league talk recently is actually the next level below CPL in the current setup (Regional D3 as there is no D2 currently), and/or it morphs into a "Western Canada League 1" with teams in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba with
  5. Any word if this will be owned and operated by CSB like league 1 Ontario, or is it a new group outside of the D1 CPL and D3 L1 Ontario sphere? There was the previous talk of a "D2" which was not really a league but more of a tournament.
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