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  1. Re the reddit poster saying that players don't want to play for Jeff Paulus - not surprised and think the club would be better to look for a different coach but seeing how Fath stayed loyal to Colin Miller over the years don't expect it.
  2. The American MLS doesn't really care much for the Canadian players as we've seen over the years. As for the Canadian MLS franchises, the MLS would likely not shed tears if one day in the future if the Canadian MLS teams sold their MLS rights back to the league and then started CPL clubs, and the US league would happily sell those rights at inflated costs to expansion markets in their own country. One important factor for CPL as our Division 1 league is that it needs to be in the major markets like Greater Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal if its to grow significantly in the future. The CPL has said as much as well, and good to know that there are clubs in the works apparently in those markets. Canadian Soccer will grow stronger with a CPL that grows year by year to new heights like the USA's MLS has since its difficult beginnings over 20 years ago.
  3. I think the boat has sailed on OSEG being involved with a CPL club in Ottawa in an ownership role and imo that's good. Looking at the CPL statement re the Fury basically folding, the league is really looking at going forward without OSEG from the wording. A CPL club in Ottawa really needs a fresh start, with a fresh ownership group and identity. Name wise would like to see something like Capital City FC.
  4. Like the fox is willing to work with the hens in the hen house. Loans are ok to a certain extent, with restrictions on multiples going to a single CPL club from one MLS franches so as not to give impressions of any club being a minor league affiliate as the Fury were. There's been talk of rules like this in place previously (think it was 2 maximum) so hopefully they exist. There will always be a rivalry between the American's D1 MLS and the Canadian D1 CPL and that's great and exciting.
  5. Unless they decide to go for an alternate stadium or popup, which is more desirable imo.
  6. The Canadian MLS reserve/2/Farm teams are seen as an extension of the parent club and not a standalone team, that's why TFC2 and the former VWCFC 2 and Impacts FC Montreal were allowed into the USL.
  7. I've been on the monthly and after November will pay the $75 for the next year. Works out to $6.25 per month which is peanuts.
  8. The cbc guys tweet is just one side of the story, would be interesting to hear Mediapro's point of view as well. We don't know what the negotiations for the second game airing live on cbc may have entailed.
  9. CPL commish pleased with first year of soccer for Canadians https://nationalpost.com/sports/soccer/cpl-commish-pleased-with-first-year-of-soccer-for-canadians/wcm/b12badb9-90df-435a-a355-91fe61575cc4 The original seven teams appear to be in good health, as does the league. Expansion is at hand — think Fraser Valley, Mississauga and Ottawa — so growth is inevitable
  10. Pacific FC releases 7 players following 2019 CPL campaign https://canpl.ca/article/pacific-fc-names-7-outgoing-players-following-2019-campaign Pacific confirmed it will not offer a new deal to goalkeeper Mark Village, defenders Hendrik Starostzik, Ryan McCurdy, Emile Legault and winger Jose Hernandez. On-loan defender Blake Smith will return to FC Cincinnati and on-loan midfielder David Norman Jr. will travel to join Inter Miami FC.
  11. Yes, its 20 days now since Clanachan said it on the 25th originally!
  12. Announced attendance for leg 2 of the final in Calgary is a sellout of 5831 https://canpl.ca/matchcentre/7f2xl06opfb8koy1jdrzjd0fe/highlights
  13. These awards are making me really really like the North Star Shield now, not sure what the CPL brass were thinking other than being unique in a completely out of place non traditional way, totally disappointing!
  14. He's on the broadcasts for the Fury and seems to pretty much tow the Fury FO line.
  15. I subscibe to Onesoccer but not their Youtube channel as it would be redundant(and I watch a lot of Youtube content, just not OS as I get it all directly from them), not sure low subscriber/view count for the streaming channel on another platform like youtube is an area for concern.
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