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  1. Henry : hopes fans will be in the stands by the late summer or fall As for professional sports, Henry said she hopes fans will be in the stands by the late summer or fall. This could mean the BC Lions have bums in seats at BC Place for the start of the CFL season. “I’m watching the U.K. where they have done experiments, doing planned events when people are monitored,” Henry said. “Later in the summer, into the fall, we will be looking at spectators in the fall. https://globalnews.ca/news/7860457/b-c-s-covid-19-restart-2-0-plan-wont-come-until-after-may-long-weekend/amp/
  2. NY Islanders have sections for the un-vaccinated as well. Seems like the same mistakes continue to be made with respect to the coronavirus, USA doing well in vaccinations and they go all out in throwing restrictions away instead of a steady lessening and keeping the ones that make sense. Washington state to fully open June 30, other states leading the way, 73k indoors last weekend for Canelo's boxing match with no masks for fans and no spacing, etc. US CDC says today people with vaccinations being allowed to dispense of masks and social distancing (as vaccinated still can get the virus an
  3. Your comparing a new league that has one season under its belt to a 25 year old league, poor comparison. Compare MLS year one salaries and add inflation, they started with very low salaries like CPL in order to be sustainable and build up over time. CPL will do the same and salaries for it in 25 years will be much different.
  4. Not sure about the rest of Canada, but in BC I would guess the one's that won't take the vaccine to be about 25-30% in the end. At my workplace there's been a mad dash to get the shot in the last week and most have the first one already or are getting it this week. The one's that aren't interested and won't get it are about 20% of the employees.
  5. A "Western Amateur League (Canadian National League)" is not Div II.
  6. From what I've heard re the hydro pole, until the existing stands are consistently filled (Pacific FC averaged roughly 3k per game in 2019 in the 6K capacity Westhills Stadium) and there's a need for the new grandstand on the pole side, it won't be moved.
  7. Don't think they release the minutes of the AGM, unlike the USSF who in the past has released reports on their meetings and puts it for all to see on their website (although it can take a few weeks/months usually). Would be nice if the CSA had more transparency and at least did something similar.
  8. Living Sky Sports second concept stadium drawing for CPL Saskatchewan :
  9. 12 days later, looks like anonymous internet guys "sources" were wrong.
  10. Dr Bonnie Henry, BC provincial health officer. Lots of people taking her advice and outdoors, parks were full of picnickers last weekend enjoying life but being safe and smart as well and social distancing from other groups. We know by now how to live with covid's existance and where the real problem transmissions happen and how. Outdoors playing soccer, walking, running by someone, etc, aren't examples of them.
  11. Not quite on the variant being more deadly as death rates are down thankfully. The original wuhan virus is still around apparently, variants make up 60% in bc for example not 100%. Again,transmission is far lower outdoors, as stated today by an expert, who also emphasized how you can't get covid by walking or running past someone. The expert said "go outdoors", "play soccer" (yes, play soccer) "have picnics", but "social distance" etc. So again, no need for a bubble, let the CPL clubs play their season outdoors in their own stadiums imo.
  12. As the experts said re the outdoors last summer when protests were going on not much chance of transmission with wind, disappation, etc, just don't pack people together and the other obvious protocols. Its not like it hangs in a cloud over a neighborhood. Most safetly protocols aren't useless, its how we are living with this virus that spread from wuhan. Some may be extreme and useless (no super spreader golf games in Ontario?) others not so. And the Canucks will be back tomorrow, its being handled and life goes on. Its called living with this virus for now. No need for a bubble
  13. NHL season continues on in indoor arenas yet outdoors CFL and CPL may not be able to play possibly? Ridiculous, its outdoors, let them play their season and well done to the NHL and other sports leagues who have figured out how to play their seasons. Its been over a year since this virus spread around the world from Wuhan China, lets continue on following the safety protocols but no more lockdowns imo. If they need to start the season without fans then so be it, hopefully it comes later in the summer/fall.
  14. No need, keep in your clubs bubble and follow protocols, train outdoors in your own city, simple.
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