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  1. UFC 249 may be the only major sports event still happening apparently, April 18th. They are negotiating for a venue in the middle east to host with no fans (was supposed to be in NY at Barcley's). Guess they're banking on big PPV sales. Khabib vs Ferguson was the main event but Khabib has dropped out (or chickened out according to Conor Mcgregor) and there's a few lining up to replace the Dagestany fighter. Hope it happens, desperately need some live sports to watch and this may be how we're watching major sports for the rest of the year. Will be interesting to see how it draws on PPV and other sports will be paying close attention no doubt.
  2. This coronavirus pandemic is likely to go on for many more months as will the restrictions which will grow here in Canada just like everywhere else. Even in China where the virus originated they're still under restrictions, wearing masks etc, for the foreseeable future, just a new fact of life for now unfortunately as even they are still not in the clear and have new cases daily but on a smaller scale. Wish it were otherwise but not optimistic CPL will take to the field at all this year.
  3. Will Valour and the other clubs be paying staff or adjusting and laying off? Are the players contracts guaranteed in the case of the coronavirus shutdown or will they not get paid? Clubs will be affected but depends on the answers to those and similar questions as to the extent during the temporary shutdown.
  4. Yeah, not with the original actors and 2 and 3 don't look that good from the trailers but to fill time will likely check them out.
  5. Time to watch Green Street Hooligans again, not everyone's cup of tea but my friends and I enjoyed it (7.5 out of 10 on IMDB): Been meaning to watch the sequels as well, 2 and 3, but don't think they'll match the original as with many sequels. Will also check out the selection from @toontownman
  6. Langley Township, where a rumoured CPL club may play at the LEC, considers itself part of the Fraser Valley and Metro Vancouver. From the Township of Langley website : Centrally located in the Fraser Valley, the Township of Langley offers an unparalleled transportation network, world-class amenities and parks, and some of the region's most affordable housing and business lease rates. Recently identified as Metro Vancouver's fastest growing municipality, we welcome you to explore why so many people are choosing our "community of communities" as the place to live, work, and play. https://www.tol.ca/ Maple Ridge is listed in the West Fraser Valley here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fraser_Valley
  7. PDL is amateur and not D4 technically as they don't have a D4 in the USA but it would slot in at that level along with NPSL if they had one as D1-3 is professional only. D2 in Canada should obviously be of a higher level than the semi-pro D3 leagues L1O and PLSQ but a step below our National D1 CPL.
  8. City of Burnaby will not expand Swangard, its been attempted and discussed before and they will not expand further onto Central Park where its situated. Most the 86ers/Caps were able to get was some extra seating opposite the main grandstand which brought it close to 6K capacity. Swangard is also literally just across the street from Vancouver and much too close to the Caps market. If you want a CPL team to fail put it there. A Metro Vancouver/Fraser Valley team must be across the river imo, Surrey would have been great but it didn't work out, Langley at the LEC is the most likely location now and apparently open to accommodate a CPL club and draw from Langley, Surrey, Abbotsford, Mission, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, and Coquitlam.
  9. Health insurance and the included accomodations/housing would be an advantage over USL-C also.
  10. More info on CPL salaries and extra's that the league apparently provides from an article from the Ottawa Citizen from an interview with Jeff Hunt, where he said : "We’re arranging accommodations for players — it’s one of the responsibilities for teams in the CPL." https://ottawasun.com/sports/soccer/the-real-jeff-hunt-says-things-about-to-get-busy-for-atletico-ottawa The salary cap amount was also revealed a few weeks ago , when Gil Marín said directly that the salary cap was $750,000. With some USL teams paying as low as 400K USD (535K in Canadian $) and many in and around the USL league recommended 500K USD for team salaries apparently, the Canadian Premier League is competitive for players with the US league at the $750K range and it was a good starting point for the new Canadian Div 1 in the end. Another added extra for CPL players is the health insurance/medical coverage that also should be factored in.
  11. Big response to this tweet, 440+ likes and over 40 responses, don't know if I've seen that big of a social media interest for another player for the CPL on twitter.
  12. Ahhh No, that's not the USL report, that's from a guy on twitter, Mike Pendleton, a Rowdies fan (it even shows his twitter handle on the bottom if you look). But USL does change the narrative when it suits them, like when their average attendance barely moved one year so they ignored that figure and started touting "total attendance" instead as they had grew by a few teams and of course the total went up.
  13. Best to look at just the league to league numbers overall, when you start cherry picking it becomes irrelevant - those MLS II teams are USL franchises after all just like the minor league USL affiliates and the Independants. Was quite happy this year that the first year CPL had a near equivalent average to the 10 year old USL and it will only go up from here for Canada's D1 league, just as it did for MLS from their early years.
  14. My thoughts : I support the players and the clubs/league, seems kind of strange to me that some trying to organize a players association or union would be asking fans to support one side over the other. Haven't seen this in other sports really, seems kind of weird and out of place for us fans to do so. This is kind of early with the CPL just having one year under its belt - USL took about 10 years to finally get a players union a few months ago, and with their poor wages and treatment of players it was needed. From all accounts, CPL has treated they're players well and stated their intent to do so from the beginning. I'll let the clubs and the players hammer out their agreement and simply stick to the fan aspect.
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