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  1. I thought aleeman was more of an acm whereas Froese was a dcm. I could be wrong interesting rumor about Gale. The money in China would be big I am assuming. I think cpl is a tough league to build a team at the moment I’d give him the benefit of the doubt. Looks like there’s been some good additions this year. Hopefully it works out
  2. Exactly the position they need filled to
  3. Based on his videos. The Cuban player looks like a no brainer to sign. I suspect they will sign Mukumbilwa. it seems like it would be a common sense move for both parties. galvis was out of his depth year one I think the wb from u sask is a local whose been playing with lions. I believe he had a trial with real salt lake. intresting some of the other locals they have. Budahoo is a good player from UCB. And artementenko seems to have gotten over his social media crying and has been granted another trial I also have to say the Cb mikheal (spelling) from the draft
  4. I still think a back three is ideal for Canada !
  5. Got to say, I really like his potential. He’ll be in Europe quickly if tfc plays him.
  6. I can’t help to think how some of the u23 players would have benefited from playing tournament football rather then playing the Cayman Islands!
  7. It’s time this team starts to use its young players. Dunn, Fraser, rutty, Nelson etc are all quality and have a bright future. Plus the opportunity is there to integrate them, the team will struggle to attract vets in this current covid situation
  8. Can you quote it I don’t see it
  9. Wouldn’t it be better for Jayden Nelson or chorbeneau’s development to be playing with the u23?? Same with sturling
  10. It just seems odd that you would put a player not fitting the profile of a Cb into that role when you had a wing back who is also a Cb playing the wing Personally I agree with what some people say about our tactical approach our national teams aren’t prepared to play a different way
  11. Did David Norman play Cb with Cornelius with Montgomery out?
  12. Hopefully it’s in Quebec the league really needs that connection
  13. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9325091/Ivan-Toney-Max-Aarons-REJECT-Jamaica-believe-play-England.html
  14. In all honesty if they can’t beat Suriname they don’t deserve to be in wcq
  15. If Canada can’t easily beat Bermuda and Caymen islands then they have no business being in wcq. cornelius is best suited getting minutes and tournament experience with the u23. It’s not like he’s an upgrade over the other CBs with experience. I still see Canada going with 3 cb. But I think you go with some combination of Henry, Ferreira, James, Vitoria, Kennedy. Miller andor Kennedy could serve as some cover for Davies at lb
  16. Looks like a pretty deep pool. The cpl players will have difficulty cracking that lineup with many players already having senior experience. I imagine that none of these players will be called up for the senior team in the summer as it will be important in there development to get age group experience.
  17. I think Canada’s mf did it’s job on the night but I do think they need more mobility there. Scott and Schmidt are a step behind the pace now. Quinn seems to have a very awkward running style and gets caught in possession. Fleming looks like she could be a real talent. I wonder with the performance of Gilles would Canada consider playing 3 at the back and letting lawerance have some more freedom forward or would they think about giving Buchanan a run as a dcm. There seems to be a real transition with the core of this team getting older. It will be intresting how the new coach handles this
  18. Price had a number of chances as well where she never pulled the trigger or fumbled the ball in her feet.
  19. Aleeman and ulloua are considered canadian ?
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