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  1. Based on what I'm reading here, there are going to be a lot of surprised soccer fans when Halifax takes the fall season by storm and wins the championship. Ah well, that just makes the victory even sweeter. ALBA NUADH GU BRÀTH!
  2. My only disagreement would be about Ottawa. I think that the management in the front office *cough* *cough* JDG *cough* and others within OSEG need to be sacked to get the relationship with CPL/CSA back on track, no question. But I don't think the team itself should be burned because of the idiotic decisions of the powers that be. Like it or not, the Fury are and will still be the best soccer game in town. We need them in on this . . . somehow.
  3. I'd only agree with a major qualification. Being unique is crucial in the world of marketing, but only if that brand and messaging resonates with your target audience. From my view, having a hashtag that's counterintuitive leaves me concerned about its resonance the casual fan. As for arguing brand suppression and confusion, I'm doing nothing of the sort. The league itself uses the abbreviation "CPL" in almost all of its online articles, in its social media handles, in the name of the app, and in the name of the online shop. And CBC, TSN, Sportsnet and even One Soccer all use "CPL" as well, which further leads me to believe that "CanPL" just isn't resonating. "CPL" is the the more intuitive abbreviation and, like it or not, has become the de facto standard. It really only seems to be for the web address and the hashtag that "CanPL" is pushed. I'm not arguing to suppress the brand or create confusion; I'm arguing that the league should ditch "CanPL" and stick with "CPL"/@CPLsoccer to keep one consistent, intuitive brand and eliminate confusion.
  4. Not to get stuck on this point, but: 1) CANDU is admittedly an example, but I think we can all agree it's very, very much the exception rather than the rule. Frankly, I don't see any reason to deviate from the rule. 2) For Twitter (and other forms of social media), I've never understood why the hashtag didn't match the handle. @CPLsoccer makes perfect sense and reminds me of @MLSsoccer distinguishing itself from the MLS realty company. It's seems a bit stupid to not have one consistent approach. 3) As for being distinctive . . . the image isn't a perfect proxy, but you get the point. 😋
  5. Dear . . . God. Now I can't ever unthink that. ^ This X 1000.
  6. Eh. I'm stil very, very much against "CanPL", personally. No other Canadian league (CFL, CHL, etc.), organization (RCAF, RCN, RCMP, etc.), business (CBC, CTV, etc.) or group (CNIB, etc.) *ever* abbreviates "Canada"/"Canadian" to "Can". In my opinion, #CPLorbust.
  7. I know that the referee kits are more of a Canada Soccer issue than a CPL issue, but for what it's worth I'd love to see refs wearing these at CPL matches. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2019/05/no-more-adidas-macron-uefa-champions-league-referee-kits.html
  8. Not really, no. I've seen them do group bookings like that on rare occasions, but it doesn't seem like there's a designated away section (though this tends to happen on the north stand). Either way, I'll be sticking out like a sore thumb there with my Wanderers kit and Privateers 1882 scarf - make sure to say hello!
  9. Not sure if anyone else has seen this new One Soccer ad, but I have to say, I'm impressed. If this sort of thing ends up on CBC broadcasts of CPL matches, it may just help boost membership numbers.
  10. I'm pretty sure it was a bye week for the sake of the Canadian Championship matches.
  11. Where in God's name is everyone? The water droplets on the camera are bad enough, but the empty stadium just makes this look sad.
  12. Completely random question: does anyone know how to import the league schedule in Google Calendar? I know that there are ways to link the two, but I admit that I am not wise in the ways of technological witchcraft.
  13. For those of us who were in the stadium, how did the CBC Sports and One Soccer coverage look? Professional-looking production value to match this 4K cameras we keep hearing about?
  14. Could the new wooden stands (and associated fire-hazard risks) be a factor in why they're cracking down on smoke? I take your point re: proper use of the appropriate equipment, but I admit that my mind did wander back to the Lansdowne incident as well.
  15. I'm reeeeeeaaaaaaaaally hoping he's referencing Moncton. Fastest growing city in the province, ready-to-use stadium, perfect location for out-of-towners from NS and PEI, and a strong Acadian connection. We already know there's some interest, so maybe they've finally found an investor. This would be great! Also, Saint John is a hole.
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