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  1. As opposed to the league commissioner, who has said it is not a franchise based league. L1O owner vs. CPL Commissioner. I wonder who would have more knowledge about the legal structure of CPL.
  2. Thanks for the link. Just to give that quote a bit more context: Interest seems to have ratcheted up about a potential stadium with the establishment of the Canadian Premier League, a new national soccer league with seven franchises. The CPL is a hard-pushing organization that’s selling itself as the true Canadian league. Several franchises have been established in cities with Canadian Football League teams. FC London’s founder and chief operating officer, Ian Campbell, says he had discussions with the league last year but the financial numbers didn’t work out. “There was the franchise fee, which is in the millions. Then there was the expectation that there would be money lost in the first few years,” Campbell said. “I also think that the travel expenses are going to be really steep. It’s expensive going to places like Victoria.” Either the author and the person he is quoting are confused or uninformed about the structure of the league, or the commissioner, David Clanachan is, since he has categorically said it is not a franchise based model. This would certainly not be the first time an uninformed journalist had used the wrong terminology.
  3. Finally cast my vote for Gale. When you start with no strikers on the pitch and two on the bench, you don't know what you're doing.
  4. Valour extend their record winless streak in all competitions to 8 matches. Cavalry up next.
  5. A goal down, playing stoppage time, Attardo breaks down the wing and crosses, and not a single Valour player to be seen in the box. Shocking.
  6. "Welshman, one on one with Thomas...blows past him." Yep.
  7. Alright! Valour are bringing on a STRIKER. That is ONE striker on the pitch now! We're gonna win this thing 10-2!!
  8. Good chance for a record score today. Forge with all the play and all the good chances. Somehow I don't see the wind making any difference for Valour in the second half. Who the hell plays with no strikers on the pitch? Other than Valour, that is.
  9. 17 year old Attardo with 2. On the bench of course.
  10. On the half time show, Dunfield calling out how poor Murrell and Thomas are. Very true.
  11. Valour should try a new strategy: spot the opposition a two goal head start and don't play Murrell. I think that would be an even trade. As things stand they have the two goal lead but we are still stuck with Murrell.
  12. Probably 4-2-3-1 with Carreiro (or Bustos) leading the line. But any way you slice it, he has 6 midfielders out there.
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