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  1. As a form of self flagellation, here are the home records thus far by team (CPL matches only): COMBINED (Avg points per match): Cavalry: 6 2 1 (2.2) Forge: 7 2 2 (2.1) HFX: 5 3 2 (1.8) Edmonton: 4 4 3 (1.5) Pacific: 5 2 5 (1.4) York: 4 2 5 (1.3) Valour: 3 2 7 (0.9) 34-17-25 Four teams with a winning home record, one team even steven, one team with a losing record, and the home capitulation project ironically called Valour, which deserves its own classification. Source: https://www.flashscore.ca/soccer/canada/canadian-premier-league/?t=hK67bCI4&ts=6elnpLAH
  2. I suppose we all have a bias towards the players we watch most often. This would have to be settled by neutral observers.
  3. Louis Beland-Goyette needs to be in there as a defensive mid. He has been outstanding for Valour.
  4. To be fair I think each new bout has different combatants plucking feathers off the same parrot, which must surely be close to bald by now. I'm not sure what happens when the feathers are all gone. Strangulation? A garrote for the parrot has a ring to it.
  5. This website makes it easy to run the actual numbers (CPL matches only): https://www.flashscore.ca/soccer/canada/canadian-premier-league/ 76 Matches played: Home win: 34 = 44.7% Away win: 25 = 32.9% Draw: 17 = 22.4% The numbers I remember as "normal" from a number of years ago (so could be different now) are 43% home win / 27% away win / 30% draw. Seems as though CPL actually does have a home advantage although Valour fans could certainly be forgiven for doubting it as the only advantage at IGF is a comfortable seat from which to watch the latest disaster unfold.
  6. Jimmy Brennan: "It was the fourth goal that killed us..." 😂
  7. Very good in the air but his ground game is less developed (three of his six goals have been headers, and his other three goals have all been close range tap ins, more or less). At his best when playing as an out and out striker, making good runs and finding space in the box and burying the chances that come his way. Has not been very effective when he has played deeper for Valour, typically left midfield. Very promising youngster and playing and training with Mikele Paolucci, a very silky veteran Italian forward who has played for Juventus, isn't going to do him any harm. Definitely one to watch. He is at an age where players can improve in massive leaps and bounds. With 3 goals in his last two (partial) matches, we could even see that from him in the next month. I have seen a noticeable uptick in his confidence recently.
  8. I think most people would choose Tyler Attardo as MOTM but in spite of the two goals there is one player I think was actually better today: My Valour MOTM: Marco Bustos.
  9. Much too early to be making that call IMHO. He only just turned 18! The next few years will be critical for him and there is no denying he has an eye for goal. If Gale had used him in his natural position more and played him a bit more often he could be leading the CPL scoring race. Great attitude too, crediting his team mates in the post match interview for setting up his two goals today. In many ways, watching him will be the most interesting part of Valour's run in.
  10. Just curious how you plan to extend the season. Massive heat machine to melt the snow faster in the spring or massive tarpaulin to hold off the snow in the autumn? You do know that prayer isn't guaranteed?
  11. Valour win at York and their season record in all comps is now 7-3-15. Home record remains 3-2-8.
  12. I wouldn't be so quick to jump to that conclusion. I can actually see his confidence growing.
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