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  1. I can't see them playing CPL matches behind closed doors. That may make sense for the EPL with their massive broadcast deal, but not for CPL, particularly while 1S are giving away subscriptions. My feeling is that we will not see a 2020 season. And if that happens, let us hope the investors can handle the hit along with the impending slump in the economy.
  2. Thanks for quoting that! He is like a yappy little dog continually biting at my ankles, always trying to get my attention while I ignore him. @Unnamed Trialist Heel! 😂
  3. He started a thread about the Hexagonal (we already have one) making some rather obvious point and then suddenly he and the thread were gone.
  4. I am still unable to comment on that match. I will never forget sitting in the pub with Jake and watching the carnage unfold.
  5. He keeps coming back and seemingly all he has to do to get away with it is keep his head down as with each new incarnation the mods leave him alone for a bit. But he just can't help himself! In all honesty, it is rather amusing to watch. It doesn't help that he advertises his return with usernames that just scream "Robert"!!! I mean, who the fk else would use the moniker "BedBugs"! 😂
  6. I appreciate Bustos' honesty and won't hold that against him. Valour was clearly not the best place to play in 2019 and as a fan I want to hear about it.
  7. RG says he has signed a CF. I think he was saying it was one of the players who played in CPL last season but I wasn't certain.
  8. Interesting Rob Gale "instagram live" on the Valour website. Valour apparently now have 19 players signed. New signings include two defenders and a centre forward and will be announced when CPL see fit; also include three players that played for other CPL clubs last season, so that narrows the possibilities quite a bit.
  9. Since he seems to like the letter "B", I'm going with: Bunkers
  10. In the absence of any matches to watch or results to enjoy or agonize over, let's have some fun. This forum is where Robert posts the most so this is where I'm putting this thread. Thus far (please let me know if I've missed any) Robert has been incarnated on this forum as the following: Robert Binky BedBugs T.I.O.R. (The Importance Of Robert) What will his next username be?
  11. Oh come on. Given the onerous nature of the request in the original post, you could have at least kicked off the thread by doing what was requested yourself!
  12. @Buchta if you can find any of those players on social media you could try asking them directly (either team).
  13. Ali Gerba definitely in my favourite eleven. One of the very few players who seemed to be better for Canada than he was for his club. JDV Captain. Peschisolido not even on my radar. Obnoxious little wanker. The "corner flag flick" comes immediately to mind. Reminds me a lot of Joey Barton.
  14. Kurt Larson tries but fails to ask the difficult question about the 2019 Valour dressing room while Beland-Goyette totally succeeds in not answering it. Honestly, this was the verbal equivalent of watching people trying to sidestep a massive dog pile on a narrow sidewalk beside a busy road.
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