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  1. Edit: just realized this was already posted. It was foolish of me to think I could beat @Ansem!
  2. As pointed out, this was Ivory live tweeting the JdG and Popovic press conference so those quotes are attributable to him or a guy who reported directly to him. And if it was Popovic who said it, JdG didn't correct him. And Ivory, who has a very good understanding of the organization, didn't feel the need to distinguish between who exactly said it. Although I'm sure it would be easy to find video of the press conference and confirm.
  3. Definitely hate the Fury flame. New club, start fresh.
  4. https://pacificfc.canpl.ca/article/pacific-fc-signs-canadian-duo Dixon and TMG to Pacific... That sucks. Was hoping they were hanging on for the new Ottawa club.
  5. Is this Reggie Lambe in retirement in Jamaica? If so we don't want him in Ottawa, that guy was terrible!
  6. Hahaha... No you didn't. Responding to you after they've been told they're wrong is "freaking out." Right. There's a host of reasons why JdG shouldn't be employed by the new club, the quotes are one of them. Can you prove he didn't say them? No. Can anyone here prove he did say them? No. But we do have credible media people reporting that he, or at the very least someone from the organization he held a leadership role with, did say them and other very destructive things about the CPL and that automatically disqualifies him for many. You don't agree because you feel that his contributions to Canadian soccer outweigh any of those arguments. As an avid lifelong Canada supporter I can't honestly point to anything JdG has done post playing career as great for the development of the game in Canada so please enlighten us. Bottom line is, Jeff Hunt and AM will decide if they should employ him. My bet is they won't. There's a reason why Jeff Hunt was chosen as the local partner in this venture and not John Pugh. And there's a reason why Jeff Hunt divested himself of the Fury in 2018.
  7. So then what's your problem with people not wanting him to work for the new club? You keep telling people to move on but you're the one who keeps telling people their opinions are wrong.
  8. So for what reason must he work for the Ottawa CPL club?
  9. Whether you’re a fan of his or not he shouldn’t be part of the club. There’s no reason. He wasn’t successful in any capacity, the Fury were entirely mediocre. Combined that with the bad blood between the Fury and the CPL and the need for a clean slate it just doesn’t make sense to bring anyone from the old team on board. We have 11 pro clubs now, I’m sure he can serve Canadian soccer well elsewhere.
  10. Le Fury, c’était le projet de John Pugh. Je vais prendre le relais. Je n’ai pas perdu ma passion du sport. The Fury was John Pugh’s project. I’m going to take the reigns (?). I haven’t lost my passion for sport. À ceux qui disent qu’il se fait tard pour mettre une équipe professionnelle sur le terrain dès avril 2020, Hunt répond que le club européen a toutes les ressources nécessaires pour meubler un alignement en un rien de temps. For those who say it’s late to put a professional team on the field for April 2020, Hunt responds that the European club has all the resources necessary to put things together in no time.
  11. https://ottawasun.com/sports/soccer/mls/ottawa-fury-fc/local-hero-jeff-hunt-could-add-ottawa-touch-for-new-pro-soccer-team
  12. edit: Jeff Hunt news posted. Very odd involvement considering he’s involved and not John Pugh.
  13. That won't happen for sure. There's a sports club in Ottawa called the Ottawa Athletic Club and they already took on a chain of gyms called The Athletic Club and forced them to change their name to Movati.
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