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  1. So get two wins that would both probably rank in the top 3 of best match results in the last 10 years for our program? Okay no problem!
  2. This is ridiculous. What does this guy have to do to get people off his back?
  3. Canada opened at +333 on Bet365 this morning? That seems surprising that the line moved that much already. From what I understand when it comes to lines moving it’s most often a myth that money moves lines, except very close to kick off. Most of the times books adjust lines when they either notice a mistake or learn new info.
  4. @Ansem you don’t know the NCC, they don’t work well with anyone. It took almost 10 years for Mill Street Brewery to secure a lease at a property at the edge of Lebreton. Look up the NCC bistros and read what a nightmare it’s been, especially at Patterson Creek. The idea of something temporary would be more palatable but anything on NCC land would be a looooooooong shot. I think the only viable spot other than TD Place right now is Keith Harris at Carleton.
  5. Almost all of the programming loses money.
  6. I agree to a certain extent but OSEG has been clear, and when residents were polled a few months ago they were clear, the site needs more programming. OSEG is now trying to gain control of the 3 remaining City controlled spaces so that they can increase the frequency and diversity of programming. So to think they would cut 20 dates that draw 2-5K that quickly doesn’t exactly make sense. I think this has more to do with incompetence than will.
  7. Soccer =/= basketball. Imagine if teams were allowed to play wherever they wanted, would there still be as many top level leagues in Europe? Or would the elite teams breakaway and congregate in one league? That wouldn’t be good for any metric of development in a soccer context.
  8. It's unlikely the USSF addresses this and CONCACAF will just state the rules being applied.
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