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  1. Home jersey unveiling will be May 28 at 7pm on the AO Facebook page
  2. If/when the V Cup happens DC expects AO to be included. Kits are done, will be released along with merch “soon.” Mista seemed to indicate still only 14 players signed.
  3. The intent is to sell out the south side of TD Place and as much of the north side as possible.
  4. Oof. This is a rough start. Many technical glitches, kind of cringe!
  5. First guy speaking at the “Virtual Home Opener” is Graeme Ivory, a guy who railed against the CPL in the dying days of the Fury.
  6. I need to brush up on my Turkish!
  7. I realize there are issues all over the world with testing, I was curious if he was referring to Canada as all of the tests in Canada have so far been done in lab. Which theoretically be as close to accurate as humanly possible.
  8. Interesting. Anecdotal but interesting. No need divulge where you are but not all tests in Canada are being done by the same lab or even by the same process so it’s a bit of a stretch to say that tests in Canada “have proven to be highly inaccurate.”
  9. What testing has proven to be highly inaccurate? Are you referring to Canada?
  10. The lack of rapid test in Canada at this point is absurd. I’m not sure who it reflects badly on though, Canadian industry, the Canadian government or both. The call for applications was made in mid-April and so far only one company is close.
  11. https://twitter.com/bulentuslu1903/status/1261003236246523909?s=20 Atiba will crush this the way he’s crushed the hearts of defenders for years.
  12. At the rate Canada is testing currently it will be difficult to make the larger strides to normal economic activities. With samples still being lab tested all across the country our ability to provide timely and readily available results is not good enough relative to other jurisdictions who are further along the epidemiological curve. We need Spartan Biosciences to fix their rapid test device! In terms of location I see draw backs of all three locations. The camera angle in Westhills, the track in Moncton and Winnipeg’s empty, cavernous feel. Although at this point it doesn’t really matter.
  13. It’s so true. I hadn’t considered the power of Nike!
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