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  1. Schedule will be released on Monday. https://valourfc.canpl.ca/article/once-you-get-on-the-pitch-thats-when-it-will-really-make-sense-when-things-will-start-clicking-together-and-youll-realized-why-youre-there
  2. Apparently it’s posted in the OneSoccer FAQs but I haven’t checked.
  3. As posted in the Reddit thread, this is from Armen Bedakian who works for MediaPRO.
  4. Then post the OneSoccer tweet with the video, not a quote tweet from some rando.
  5. Who is Adam Ziel and why did you feel his opinion was relevant enough to post here?
  6. I can’t seem to find a listing for this game on the OneSoccer app, their website and their YouTube channel, are we sure they’re showing the match. if they are it’s pretty terrible that it’s this difficult to find out. I did have to renew my subscription to access content through.
  7. Unfortunate. Obviously the designer is not fully aware of the stadium and it’s surroundings otherwise they would have incorporated the Bank St bridge into the image.
  8. @Ozzie_the_parrot has gone from endlessly spamming this forum with pictures of crowds to searching twitter for #CanPL and reposting everything he finds. Ozzie you need to be more selective about what you repost, this site is not an aggregator it’s a discussion forum.
  9. Follow up tweet says it’s partly because of decisions from the BC government. The dream is still alive @dyslexic nam!
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