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  1. Disappointing result for David and Lille.
  2. Only 30%? It looks and sounds like more on the broadcast but I'm not expert. Where's @Ozzie_the_parrot to weigh on the actual attendance and what it means for Barca's business model?
  3. I have no ill will towards you and definitely would not say I "don't like you." I'm indifferent to you as a person, I don't know you. However your constant negativity and naivety in regards to the reality of the CSA and it's financial situation is repetitive and tiresome.
  4. If you're going to resort to name calling you're going to have to take a time out.
  5. He was on a Vancouver sports talk radio show a couple weeks ago and specifically said “Atiba and Arfield will be there” when he was asked about the WCQ games in September.
  6. Sorry, I meant an Apple TV device, not the app. And I meant the One Soccer app. The device is $235. Plug it in, connect the HDMI to your TV, download the One Soccer app, login. That's pretty simple.
  7. One Soccer has an Apple TV app, makes watching on TV super easy.
  8. I looked into it and I believe you have. I'm going to PM you to sort this out.
  9. Not sold out. If you've purchased a Vs membership you should be able to access the supporters section tickets and ticket exchange from thevoyageurs.org.
  10. I was at the Atletico game today and the announced attendance was 12 064. I have to say it was nowhere near that. I counted myself and it was exactly 12 021. @Ozzie_the_parrot is right! This is just another example of the CPL fudging the numbers!
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