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  1. Apologies, I thought it had been deduced that it was one of Ayo, Guti or Tesho.
  2. Are you going to make us read it for ourselves?! 🙄 edit: relevant quote from JH; "I really really felt for Ayo," he added. "Because he is that local guy in Toronto and we've been talking seriously since July about this January opportunity. And he was excited. Through the Christmas period, we had quite a few connects. One was about two hours long, just talking about how we see his profile fitting into our team. "To get that call from him, he was actually devastated. In one way it was bittersweet. The bitter bit is he can't come into camp. But the sweet was just to see how he rea
  3. Is the unofficial "official" uniform of all athletes sweatpants and a hoodie for non-gamedays?
  4. Number of subs, officials, length of game are all factors in whether it can be “official.”
  5. I suspect they may not call any replacements if a couple players drop out.
  6. Are there rules that require me to address the entirety of a post when quoting someone?
  7. This is sarcastic right? There's no way you can be complaining about being called bad for an alternative point of view, after you've posted here ad nauseum calling people idiots and afraid for taking the virus more seriously than you?
  8. To update. The immunization plan has been published for those interested. I have not had a chance to review. https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/publications/diseases-conditions/covid-19-immunization-plan.html
  9. These applications would most likely be processed by PHAC and Sport Canada in a matter of days once an organization has a plan that has been agreed upon by other levels of government.
  10. Just to add. The Canadian government has secured contracts for 3 million vaccines to be delivered in January and is aiming to have vaccines available for all Canadians by the end of 2021. Work has already begun including the delivery of immunization supplies across the country but the full roll out plan won't be released until early December. The government has contracts for tens of millions of vaccines and the Quebec based company working on their vaccine is getting close. We'll have a much clearer picture soon assuming of course that the vaccine manufacturers follow through on their contract
  11. Although they've made numerous missteps during their response to the pandemic the CFL has announced their 2021 schedule and all teams are planning to play in their home stadiums. There's no indication of whether fans will be allowed in the stands but the idea that teams will be travelling is positive as it would have been decided in consultation with government and health authorities. I assume at this point the CPL is planning a similar undertaking. Fingers crossed. In terms of a vaccine, it's likely to be distributed to the general public closer to the end of 2021 so I don't think it wil
  12. It's quite unbelievable to think that by season 4 this league could be up to 10 teams and 12 by season 5.
  13. Apparently Montreal and another team in Quebec.
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