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  1. They better turn it around if they want to be around in 10 years!!! /s
  2. Except you’re not qualified to make any of these assessments because you only have access to and are basing everything on one parameter.
  3. It actually happens in every league in North America, so much so that it's the status quo. It's been done routinely in the NFL, NHL, MLB and minor leagues, even college football has had this issue the last couple seasons. Because of that no one obsesses about it, except for you.
  4. Onstad just mentioned during the Caps broadcast that the ref told Henry that he didn’t know he was on a yellow when he gave him the second one 😞
  5. Doneil with the armband for the Caps tonight? Is that new?
  6. Well that's good news. I guess this means JH expects him to be part of the squad but not start vs the US, otherwise you would expect he would have started at least one match against Cuba.
  7. Well we definitely have a chance now.
  8. Re: Cordova: isn’t the most logical answer that Herdman’s seem him in practice and doesn’t think he’s earned it? I haven’t watched him play so I’m not sure if he’s worthy but seeing as ZBG, Godinho and now Laryea have all played over him it makes me believe he is closer to 4th on the depth chart than 1st. Has anyone actually seen him play this season with his club?
  9. Commentators stupidity confirmed. Talking about WJ playing RB when they’ve already discussed Laryea’s transition to RB at TFC after Miola “read” an article.
  10. Someone has to step up and control this game. I think Osorio has the ability to do that! As @gator said, next man up!
  11. For sure but it’s Concacaf?! Keep your ******* mouth shut and don’t do anything stupid... but classic Doneil, he does something stupid.
  12. Oso in for Weatherspoon. I appreciate Spoony’s willingness to play for Canada but he’s so far down the depth chart.
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