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  1. I started a new thread for this topic because it could develop into a major story if the CSA follows through.
  2. That's an unfair link based on nothing. You made an assumption about him and I'm just posing an alternative viewpoint. We know the players didn't want to play against Iran so it's possible that JH didn't want to either.
  3. Unless there's a disconnect between him and the CSA leadership.
  4. I would be very surprised by that. JH seems to be a very intelligent and detail oriented person. I assume, if he had a hand in planning he would have considered all angles including the resulting perception of the team. He's talked a lot about being proud to be Canadian and wear the maple leaf, he's talked a lot about getting the country to believe in them and he's talked a lot about pride and honour in the team and what they do. Scheduling a game against Iran seems to contradict so much of what he's said it doesn't make sense to me. The CSA leadership on the other hand, and specifically NB, seem to be incapable of not shooting themselves in the foot. This is exactly what you'd expect them to do, team popularity on a meteoric rise? Schedule a game against Iran and have a bunch of Canadians question your decision making. Who knows though, it's all speculation.
  5. I'm not sure why some edits are marked as such and others aren't, I'll look into that. To the comment, posting the domain of his email was a little to close to doxxing the guy for me. It would be unlikely but I think this place should be as anonymous as user want it to be. This is the approach we've had in the past and will continue to be in the future.
  6. That's not what we're talking about. I'm getting pretty tired of your petulant behaviour. Insults and name calling will not be tolerated.
  7. Under what pretext would the CSA get more funding because the MNT qualified for the WC? From the government? Does this happen in other sports in Canada? Does the CSA receive bonus funding when the WNT qualify for a major tournament? I haven't looked at the CSA FS in a few years but if I recall correctly all government grants made up about 15% of total revenue so to afford some of the big name teams that have mentioned it would have required a huge bump. And I don't understand how that would even be possible? Sport Canada doesn't have reserve funds just sitting around to be handed out, they work through grants and contributions which for obvious reasons have rigorous oversight and application processes.
  8. You do know that the Government of Canada has imposed many sanctions on Iran while JT has been PM right?
  9. As has been the SOP on this board, if he's eligible for Canada, the thread stays in the Men's National Team section. If he becomes ineligible, it will be moved.
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