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  1. I'd love to have all Canadian clubs added to the competition however adding more teams doesn't work if the teams don't want to be there. I couldn't find the tweet but I remember Rollins stating last year that L1O clubs were not interested in more spots in the Voyageurs Cup because of cost. Based on what is happening with PLSQ I don't think clubs would welcome increased cost either. I dream of the day when clubs look past cost and look towards making history. When this competition includes all of the D3 clubs and above (even if it is regionalized in the early stages).
  2. It's about opening up midfield first team minutes not about being a direct replacement. Chapman being traded opens 500+ midfield minutes to other players. No reason why Fraser can't get some of that pie. Not every time Fraser gets on the field is going to be because Michael Bradley is coming off.
  3. More minutes available for Fraser now with the Chapman trade. Combined with the Vanney comments I think many on here are going to get their wish next season and see Fraser more involved in TFC's play.
  4. This is great for Chapman, after five years at TFC it is clear what the club thought of him. A fresh start at a new club in the prime years of his career is just about the best thing he could ask for. Best of luck to the guy, I hope he becomes a vital part of their squad.
  5. Sheffield United, that just got promoted to the EPL this year, spent almost €50m this summer, including €20m on Oliver McBurnie. If the number for David is going to be in the €30m range anywhere in the Premier League is a possibility.
  6. He also played with Rob Friend and Josh Simpson. Don't see how he fits into Y9 as a player as he doesn't really fit with what the club has been building. He would have no impact in terms of "star power" in the community either. There isn't anyone at the CPL's pay range would come into Y9 and be a star in terms of attracting more people to games.
  7. Why? The winner of the V Cup got in the CCL. Semi finals were Montreal v Cavalry and Toronto v Ottawa. Ottawa isn't operating in 2020 so the spot should go to Cavalry if it came down to it. The only other way I could see the CSA do it is by who registered as a club first.
  8. I'm not really sure what the players are asking for as I haven't been following MLS closely since the CPL began. Unless the players are really shooting for the moon I don't see a long strike happening. With that said, the CSA should come out as early as possible and clearly document to all three MLS clubs and CONCACAF what their intentions are with regards to the Impact's CCL spot this year. They should do the same with the V Cup. Hard dates in the correspondence should be set so that all parties know where they stand. I voted for Cavalry to CCL as they lost in the semi's this past season. The reward for winning the V Cup should remain unchanged, an MLS strike shouldn't effect what the winner receives as a reward.
  9. I think that is your winner right there in terms of format. We aren't going to see any more L1O or PLSQ teams added. Most clubs aren't interested in the additional cost of cup matches. I really don't like the two legged matches. I understand that it means more money and that is why it is done but I prefer the unpredictability of one game, winner moves on. Reserve the "2nd leg" dates as replay dates at the opposite ground. Also, open draws all the way instead of seeded. The competition is so short the bigger clubs should be able to take on the task of winning three random matches instead of ones that are favoured to them. Again I understand why the CSA does it (to play nice with the MLS clubs). Single match, random draw just means so much more. Every minute, every pass, every miss is critical and you don't have clubs looking at the competition as a chance to rotate the squad.
  10. The way they announced the availability it sounded like it is free. It is a PPV channel on Bell as well but when I go to that channel day & time there isn't an order this program option so it may be free.
  11. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again your dedication to the game in the GTA should be recognized. For years you’ve been covering what no one else does. It’s a niche market but I’ve enjoyed reading your match reports over the years.
  12. Don’t mind the snake draft in this case. Soccer isn’t built through drafts so if HFX was planning on overtaking Forge through the draft they’re going to be in last place for a long time. Add in that they are all non-graduating players, so there is a good chance many go back to school. Is Cape Breton Canada’s answer to Akron? The leagues presentation of the draft this year was miles ahead of what was done last year. Room to improve but well done. I’m excited for Y9’s selections. When does the season start?
  13. Who is the Mike Mayock of U-Sports? Get on it Bison!
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