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  1. It’s good news for the CPL. The players coming home will strengthen the league short term. If the league expands, with Ottawa, Quebec and Saskatchewan in the next few years, these players coming back will help keep the level of play at least where it currently is. While it makes sense with no more Canadian clubs in the division on the other hand it isn’t great if you’re a player trying to make it.
  2. The Atletico Madrid and Lyon involvement would be great for the league. It is stable ownership that is interested in the game, knows what they are getting into and have a good track record of developing players. To have clubs like Atletico Madrid and Lyon involved as owners legitimizes the league to the average Joe Sportsfan, while the domestic player rules in the CPL prevent any of that legitimacy from being lost as they can't stock their rosters with loan players from their parent club.
  3. Still lots of off-season to go but so far this is how we're looking. ----Porter-----Vasconcelos-----Petrasso-------- -----------------------Aparicio------------------------------ -------------Mannella---------Di Chiara--------------- -Abzi-----Thompson---Gasparotto----Doner- ----------------------Ingham------------------------------ Bench: Adjei, Murofushi, Estevez, Vance Unsigned draft picks: Karajovanovic (U21), Johnston (U21) Rumored: Hamilton, Babouli That would be 19 spots taken 2 of the required 3 U21 Canadians to count to the 1000 minute mark and no defensive cover yet. Thoughts?
  4. I agree with you, that's why I said "on the surface" that it looks like a good signing. I lived through the early TFC years, when every new signing was going to "tear this league up", to know better. He's coming from a top club in Brazil that thought enough of his potential to hang onto him until he was 23. He is coming here directly from Corinthians it isn't like he's spent 5 years with lower leagues since being released to have the "once played for a top club" label. It's just one video but it looks like he has a good head for the game and technical ability. Most of his success has come from playing against younger opposition, which will be in line with the opposition he will face here. He's not going to be the next Neymar but the CPL might be right in his wheelhouse to show he can be a successful striker. This is a smart move by Y9 and the player to put both in a position to succeed. Time will tell whether it works out.
  5. As a Y9 supporter I would agree with you. Telfer would be a net positive for Valour if that happened. Valour probably has the most money to throw at Telfer right now. I think Telfer is testing next level opportunities and until those are all exhausted he isn’t signing in the CPL. Also, as someone who watch Y9 miss penalty after penalty last year I will welcome Petrasso’s conversion rate from the spot.
  6. Cordova in for Malonga, did Cavalry just upgrade on the Golden Boot runner up? Still a long way to go with the rest of the roster but if Wheeldon pulls this off at other positions they may run away with the league again.
  7. As far as outsiders evaluations go Transfermarkt has the CPL's most valuable player as Kyle Bekker at 300k.
  8. I don't think I've ever seen Baldassarra make a comment on players before. It looks like we will have quality and depth up front and in the midfield.
  9. On the surface this looks like a fantastic signing.
  10. 100% with you on this. I used to have TFC and Argos season tickets but have let them both go largely due to the headache and aggravation of getting to and from games from Vaughan. I haven't gone to a game for either of them in 2 years. Y9 was expecting more support from the local soccer clubs in York Region last year. In lieu of that support I think moving the club from its currently location would be detrimental. Capitalize on the location that you have in the mean time, reach out to the Toronto residents in the area, remove the track etc.
  11. Been away from the boards for a while but I've liked what we've seen (and heard rumors of) from Y9 this off-season. A club that learns from their mistakes and moves quickly to correct those issues are rare. Spectator seating, ticket pricing and change in president all speak to that. I did like Ganzhorn but the marketing for the club isn't even close to where it should be, if that was his primary duty it's hard to argue his case. There are a few shortcomings with the squad still. I'd like to see a double digit goal caliber striker added. I'd love if Karajovanovic turned out to be this guy and be the Y9 version of Easton Ongaro. If the Petrasso rumor comes through, on top of that striker, the first IX should go toe to toe with anyone in the league (Forge, Calvary inlcuded). Curious to see what happens at the back in terms of depth. Thompson missed a lot of time with injury last season and surely Gasparatto can't play every minute again this season. I don't think that Y9 are going to drop their "9" or stadium dreams yet. I understand where all the comments are coming from and think that it is a clever idea to drop the 9 and embrace YORK but everything that they did to launch the club was to differentiate themselves from Toronto.
  12. Somewhere in Quebec. I don’t know if it will be Bunbury’s team but Quebec needs to be In that group if 3 clubs are announced. I hope Saskatchewan gets off the ground for 2021. Lastly, Ottawa! Having those 3 kicking off in 2021 would cover the major gaps without a CPL footprint.
  13. If he hasn't signed a new contract yet Gent can get him for free!
  14. Weeldon's been reading the forums. RB Ottawa anyone?
  15. If that is true Y9 will have a lot of fire power to replace without Gattas and Telfer. I like Gattas but feel as though he wasn't clinical enough for the number of chances he had. Outside of his hat-trick against HFX he was scoring at just over a goal every 3 games, respectable but nothing to drool over. EDIT: With that said, I wouldn't want to lose him right now.
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