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  1. Don't know if anyone has seen this yet, posted on March 10th. We've heard his story before but this is the first time I've seen Morey tell it himself in this detail.
  2. Been thinking this too. Maybe we've been reading the rule wrong this whole time. It's going to be killer for Y9 to get to the 1000 minute mark if Abzi doesn't count and I can't see them making a team as they have without knowing definitively that he does. The draft picks haven't been officially signed either. Karajovanovic has to battle with Vasconcelos, Ugarriza, Jaco, Hamilton for minutes. Ferrari with Manny, Di Chiara, Murofushi, Mannella, Estevez, Porter in midfield. Johnston probably has the easiest path to minutes if he were to relieve Doner at RB but that is a lot to ask from a 17 year old coming in that much for Doner. Abzi has to be included in that rule.
  3. I hope it is established early that Petrasso is taking our PK's. Can't speak to any of the new guys but Petrasso has proven that he'll score from the spot. Can't afford to have all those missed penalties again.
  4. Me too, I've found you learn to deal with it and refrain from entering attendance discussions unless absolutely necessary.
  5. I would say the bullet directly below the one you bolded applies as the defenders arms were all over the place.
  6. Handballs really don’t get more clear than that. It is disgraceful that officiating is consistently this awful in CONCACAF.
  7. Haha that one play where Jackson Hamel blew that header was the best I’ve seen Tabla in maybe 2 years.
  8. I haven’t watch a lot of MLS over the last few years, Bush wasn’t a spectacular keeper but a decent enough shot stopper. From what I’ve seen in CCL I can’t say Diop is an upgrade. Is he better in league play?
  9. Poor decision by ZBG to try to step in on the forward for the second goal. He had the inside angle, the pace and Piette to cover the second attacker there was no need to be that aggressive in defence. Impact have been pretty awful in this first half. Unimaginative in attack, sloppy in keeping their offside trap, deserve to be down.
  10. Was there funny business with the POTY voting? I don’t know. He could’ve had the entire population of Collingwood voting for him. He was the only Y9 player to make the CPL best IX. Telfer was player of the year IMO. I could see not wanting to name you POTY as someone on loan from TFC though. Gasparotto and Ingham round out the podium. Abzi and Doner honourable mentions for me. Prediction for 2020 POTY is Ugarriza.
  11. I'm right there with you on Ugarriza and Vasconcelos. Hmm, you've seen through my feeble attempt to get our thread back on track. If that happens again this year Y9 is in serious trouble. Year 2 is a whole new ball game. We know what the players are capable of, we know what the coach likes to play and the level of the competition. Unlike Doner and Abzi, who made a similar jump last year, I don't think Ricci got enough consistent minutes last year to establish himself. He's not a big strong CF so he was competing with Telfer and Gattas last year for minutes and we couldn't really afford to not have them on the pitch last year. He made it ahead of Cox and Rollocks in the forward pecking order though.
  12. My start of pre-season opening day lineup is: --------------------------------Ugarriza-------------------------- Petrasso------------------------------------------Vasconcelos ------------Aparicio--------Mannella---------Murofushi------ Abzi----------Gasparotto------Thompson-----------Doner -----------------------------Ingham------------------------------------ I really think that the early start to training with the returning domestic players will pay off with a quick start to the season. Three of our first five matches (3 of first 4 home matches) are against clubs that have had a large turnover or are brand new. I like our chances of being in double digit points after 5 matches.
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