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  1. A late dagger into the heart of Azzurri last night. For the first time ever neither Vaughan nor Woodbridge will lift a trophy. Anyone know why there was no L1 Cup this year?
  2. Say what you like about Spruce Meadows I like it. Pacific and HFX have done wonderfully with their venues. Because of their size CPL Stadiums have the ability to have some real character. I'm looking forward to the imagination in their design. Here are some ideas (maybe the capacity to be increased a little on these)
  3. I'm basing that off the CPL website which now lists Quillan Roberts' nationality as Guyana. Assuming Telfer sees the field he would have his status changed as well.
  4. This is an odd move. If he was going back to school why not go back a few weeks ago when others did. Why go about it this way? It would be more likely that he has found another professional contract. Also Telfer gets a call up to T&T for their Nations League matches. What are you all thinking about this? As good as he has been he wasn't getting a CanMNT call up with the forwards currently available to Herdman but it still stings to see him go to T&T. Telfer's been one of the top players in the league this year, in my opinion the best outfield player, and will now take up an international roster spot. https://canpl.ca/article/york9s-ryan-telfer-earns-trinidad-tobago-nations-league-nod
  5. I could be completely wrong but I thought the whole point of the Nations League was to eliminate meaningless friendlies and replace them with meaningful games against regional opponents while sorting out the tiers of nations for WCQ. Now you've forced countries into trying to fit friendlies into international windows on top of the Nations League matches. Doesn't this now devalue the Nations League? Why would you want to do well in Nations League if friendlies can get you to the WC? International football really sucks, stupidity like this turns me off. Glad the CPL is here and I can turn my spare time to that instead of this garbage.
  6. I agree with you Jambo, building a solid foundation for the league is the most important thing right now. However, with the distances traveled and number of games on short rest this year I don't think you need CL to make the argument to add two more roster spots (with appropriate cap increase).
  7. I'm sure your right but if Porter and Gattis have been the best in practice maybe it's time to go off the board.
  8. Thanks. Makes sense but games would look better facing a crowd rather than empty seats. Local highlights would be great for exposure in the market. The survey was after the Pacific game. Anyone else wondering why Telfer isn't taking penalties? Seems obvious to me that he should be on the spot. If Y9 aren't going to fix their sloppiness at the back they can't afford to be missing penalties.
  9. Y9 need to be better in the final third. It must be frustrating for everyone right now, players and coaches. Errant crosses, not being able to find that final pass and lack of finishing have Y9 further down the table than they ought to be. Brennan and the coaching staff have put together a solid squad that is really exciting to watch. Don't know why they don't try to shoot games from the other side the field though. The game experience is great and the club has come out with all kinds of ticket deals which are great. This club is doing a lot of the right things within the community, it really does have a local feel to it. I don't have any doubt that once they get out of York University and into their own stadium you will see a stronger marketing campaign for the team.
  10. So when I said other than what you can find on Wikipedia you thought I was looking for a Wikipedia link? Thanks for the first two links that google gave you and zero insight into my question. The reason I would've thought that Adjei would be #1 on the depth chart coming into camps would mainly be that he was someone the team clearly targeted out of the gate. I don't think the team would run over to the Swedish 2nd division and make the 2nd player signed by the club and first international signed by the league to be a clear back up. Also, recent form lead me to have Adjei over Cox. According to Wikipedia Cox has 14 goals since 2014, only 3 last season between 2 clubs. Adjei, according to the signing announcement page, scored 30 last season. https://canpl.ca/video/york9-fc-signs-swedish-striker-simon-adjei-from-assyriska-ik
  11. It was interesting to me that the CPL listed Michael Cox as one of the top 5 strikers in the league. Adjei didn't make the list but I think most had him as #1 on the depth chart. I don't know much about Cox other than what you can find on Wikipedia, do those more familiar with him see him as a clearly elite level striker in the CPL?
  12. That's the plan, then they would be founded before Forge, Valour and be eligible for CCL this season.
  13. Would there be two teams in Ottawa though? Ottawa was almost unsanctioned this year could the Fury be de-sanctioned if a CPL team in Ottawa exists outside of the Fury? It doesn't seem right and there would definitely be some court dates if that happened but I don't count anything out in the world of soccer.
  14. There is a lot of flexibility built into the squad. You could play 3 or 4 at the back, 3 to 5 in the midfield and 1-3 up top. It will be interesting to see how the squad ends up settling.
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