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  1. From what I was told at the SSH meeting, if the Fury were forced to switch leagues, they would. But if the CPL folded, the Fury would be folding right along with them. Another problem with another soccer team using TD Place Stadium is that they would have to hire their own front office separate from OSEG, who currently enjoys economies of scale using the same front office for three teams. That would lead to increased operational costs for the new club that might make it unsustainable. They may as well look for a new location.
  2. MLSE will never, ever, sell their stake in MLS. Remember that unlike Impact and Whitecap Ownerships, TFC directly generates content for the media outlets of their Bell/Rogers owners. They will be the equivalent of the Raptors and Jays - holding the "Canada's Team" flag in a US league. Saputo, otoh, has Bologna in Serie A to satiate his Div 1 cravings, if needed. The Whitecaps are having troubles with their organization but I still don't see them moving to CPL. There is too much rivalry invested with their Cascadia counterparts to leave easily.
  3. There is: The front office sales and ticket staff for the Fury are shared with the 67s and RedBlacks. There are separate locker rooms and training rooms for RedBlacks and Fury players underneath the new south stands.
  4. I would agree with you if I hadn't had interactions with both sides of the fence. I think at this point even if it makes business sense and the Fury beg and plead to join the CPL in the future, the CPL will not let them in as the organization is currently constructed.
  5. We lost almost an entire Supporter's group over the Fury not joining CPL and it's showing in the stadium vibe. Attendance looks low, but it usually is until it gets warmer. As I've said elsewhere, the JdG sounded pretty conciliatory at the SSH meeting last month, but at a CPL presentation the following week a CPL staff member was not. Nobody cares to mend fences for what is best for Canadian soccer - this has become personal. It's the same crap that 's been dogging Canadian development for decades with too many egos involved.
  6. Don't sell these leagues short. Blainville played the Ottawa Fury close last year - we barely scraped by. People who are expecting blowouts between Div 3, CPL, and Fury clubs are going to be disappointed.
  7. https://twitter.com/24thminute/status/1129038328903413763 Sigh. Definitely personal now.
  8. I used to live around there in Whitby. Bayly and Church is pretty close to the Ajax Go Train Station as well, so shuttle buses to the stadium should be doable. I get the feeling that they'd probably be affiliated with Darby FC from L1O as well to provide a pipeline of players.
  9. The extra splits were to create a more regionalized lower division, assuming that one of the main limiters of getting new teams into the league being travel and accommodations costs. The third split moves Div 2 from a national to a more regional grouping with less travel involved. The fourth split could either make completely regionalized Div 2 or a stepping-stone semi-regionalized Div 2 with a regionalized Div 3. The former would require less teams overall, but there might be a club financial shock going from regional to national travel. The latter would provide a buffer to lessen the financial travel shock, but would require more teams to fill Div 3. That said, this is all looking far into the future. If the league proves viable, they wouldn't do the first split until around the 2026WC, the second split wouldn't happen until 10 years after that, and the third split wouldn't happen until 10 years after that (if at all), say, 2046.
  10. To answer all the 'no <insert municipality here>?' I was just musing if there was a closed system like MLS and a limited number of games we can play per season in our climate, then those clubs are what I think would have the widest national footprint. Throw Pro-rel and lower divisions into the mix and anyone can join at that point. To grow the CPL in teams, I'd probably divide it into phases: Phase 1: 8-16 teams, single table, 28 games, apertura/clausura format, Single Division. Phase 2, First Split: Div 1 - 8-10 teams, single table, 28 games, two last-place clubs get relegated; Div 2 - 8-16 teams, single table, 28 games, top 4 clubs have playoffs to determine who is promoted to Div 1. Phase 3, Conference Split: Div 1 - 10-15 teams, single table, 28 games, two last place clubs get relegated; Div 2 - 3 Conferences (West/Central/East) of 4-7 teams each, 28 games, play one game against each opposing conference and remaining games in-conference, top club in each conference and team with next-best overall record have playoffs to determine who is promoted to Div 1. Phase 4, Conference Isolation: Div 1 - 15-16 teams, single table, 28-30 games balanced schedule, three last place clubs get relegated; Div 2 - 3 Regional Divisions of 7-15 teams each, 28 games, all games in-division, playoffs between top two teams in each region to determine who gets promoted to Div 1 (ensures that each region of Canada will have a steady influx of teams to Div 1 and limit Ontario domination, may lead to regional teams unprepared for national travel requirements). Phase 4 Alternate, Div 2 Split: Div 1 - 15-16 teams, single table, 28-30 games balanced schedule, three last place clubs get relegated; Div 2 - 3 Conferences of 6 teams each, 28 games, play one game against each opposing conference and remaining games in-conference, playoffs between top two teams in each conference to determine who gets promoted to Div 1, bottom team in each conference gets relegated to regional Div 3; Div 3 - 3 Regional Divisions of 7-13 teams each, 24 games, all games in-division, playoffs between top two teams in each region to determine who gets promoted to Div 2 (provides a buffer for clubs to get used to national travel, may require reshuffling of Div 2 Conferences after every season and may not limit Ontario domination). At all levels, a club in the safe zone may choose to voluntarily relegate at the end of season or a playoff winning club may choose to not be promoted, in which case the highest-placed team in the relegation zone will not be relegated.
  11. I know this isn't going to be a closed league and eventually there will be pro-rel, but if we were to be stuck with 16 teams in single-table balanced perpetuity, I would choose Pacific FC, Mainland BCFC, FC Edmonton, Calvary FC, Saskatchewan FC, Valour FC, London FC, Kitchener-Waterloo FC, Forge FC, York 9 FC, Ottawa Fury, FC Laval, FC Quebec, Moncton FC, HFX Wanderers, St. John's FC. That pretty much covers the nation geographically, population-wise, and rivalry-wise.
  12. Voted, now at 7,233. Just behind the French 3rd Division. There's a noticeable vote gap between CanPL and the leagues below it now though.
  13. I just wonder what this does for the possibility of an Ottawa Fury bid to join CPL. They might consider the cost prohibitive now, concidering how much money they're losing per season. I wonder if they joined if they would be in for a portion of the media rights revenue?
  14. League 1 Ontario has their clubs starting a U-21 reserve league, so I assume that's where a lot of U-20 up-and-comers will play. https://www.league1ontario.com/news_article/show/1008974 Ontario seems to have the most concrete pathway to the pros atm.
  15. I was at the game in the supporters section and that picture is kind of disingenuous - it doesn't show the larger group of people sitting in the black pricing Sections N, M, W and X. At the Cheapest price point, they've moved those seats to a General Admission format and W and M had some of the larger groupings of fans. But the reported number felt accurate. This spring has been pretty bad so I can understand people wanting to be out with their families that day. Now if these numbers are still like this come June, I'd start to worry. that said, the play looked a little better than last year so I have hope that the product will be entertaining this season.
  16. I assumed when the CPL talks of instituting pro-rel at 16 teams, they would split those 16 teams. So are you saying they would institute pro-rel with the teams following? Who would those handful of new teams play against for the first few years? Div 2 supporters would probably get bored facing off against the same teams 6-7 times per season. If an even split is so unappealing to you, then how would you split so there are enough teams in Div 2? You can't have a 10-team Div 1 and a 6-team Div 2. The only other option I can see would be to focus on building up Div 3 to a CHL-style structure with L1O, PLSQ, and western counterpart, then groom some of those teams to be ready for the jump to a regional Div 2. After some suitable preparation time, relegate some of the clubs from Div 1 and promote the groomed Div 3 teams to make an initial Div 2.
  17. ted, your comment about 16 teams got me to thinking about talent dilution. I agree that 16 teams would probably be ideal, but I'm not sure how much talent Canada has at this point not just in players, but in coaches. I would rather have a smaller number of clubs playing the best against best than games where you may end up with a bunch of blowouts when top and bottom ranked teams meet. As quality increases, *then* increase the number of teams in the first division. Maybe we could someday end up like Sweden's Allsvenskan, with a season that lasts between the April and November International breaks, 16 teams, 30 games, and ranked 14th in the world.
  18. I guess the implementation of pro-rel depends on how long the CPL keeps a salary cap in place. If the salary cap is permanent, then there should be no reason why any team would be better than any other team in terms of quality, so being top or bottom of the league could be due to good/back luck or injuries. Not exactly fair to relegate in a parity league and the loss of media revenue/exposure could be devastating. Then again, not having a Division 2 might make it harder for new clubs to enter the league and won't provide an additional pathway for young players to take the next step along the development ladder. However, maybe it's not needed since CPL is scouting L1O for the best talent to promote to their clubs. I remember Anthony Totera mentioning in his Ottawa talk that a lot of players from other provinces are coming to play in L1O for the quality and exposure. And it's not just players, but where are we going to get quality coaches for these teams? Hmmm... may the pro-rel they're talking about isn't for clubs joining new divisions, but for players purchased/released by clubs instead. Clubs are just a means to an end for player development for the national team, so clubs should be given priority based on geographic location and population density with localized pairs of clubs to develop rivalries. If forced to limit the CPL to 16 clubs, I would choose Pacific-Mainland BC, Cavalry-FCE, Saskatchewan-Valour, London-Kitchener, Forge-York 9, Ottawa-Laval-Quebec City, Moncton-Halifax-St John's.
  19. An 8-team Div 1 would allow a 28-game double home-and-away balanced schedule. 10 teams would be too large for that, so it would have to be 3 games against every other club. But that could limit the number of teams to relegate - 2 teams relegated from an 8-team div is a 25% relegation rate when most national leagues have between a 15-20% relegation rate so there could be some heavy strains on clubs to perform or go down, which might have financial repercussions on the owners. At least there would be no middle table malaise: A club would either be fighting for a CL spot or fighting relegation. There would be no middle ground. Might be good for development or might hinder it if coaches feel pressured to play their best players only. As for your planned structure, I think there is too much of a gap if you go straight from regional leagues to a national league. A second division should be the bridge that allows clubs to adjust to the demands from regional to national travel. It should require about half the amount of national travelling as Div 1 and a fair amount of the Regional Travelling as Div 3. I wouldn't make it too big either, just enough that you could start instituting pro rel between Div 3 and Div 2 clubs as well. If you stayed with a 8-team Div 1 with a 28 game season, then to keep a 28 game season in Div 2, you could have 3 conferences of 4 teams each - play home-and-away against every other conference and play double home-and-away matches against in-conference clubs. At the Div 3 level, you will have the professional equivalent of L1O, PLSQ, and whatever western league they manage to cobble together together. It's at *this* level that I'd put any club reserve teams. So for structure it would be... Div 1: 8-club single table; Div 2: 12-clubs in 3 conferences; Div 3: Three regional leagues with no interleague play, preferably 8 teams each. Does that sound doable?
  20. To me, this makes an argument for Pro-Rel. The sooner the CPL can split off an 8-team First Division (CPL Elite?)with teams who have the financial means for multiple cross-country road trips, the better. I think it's imperative that the First Division stabilize as quickly as possible. Then the Second Division (CPL Championship?) would become the more fluid entry level with less travelling and easier for new clubs to jump into, expanding and contracting as the fortunes of clubs turn.
  21. St John's is roughly the size of Regina and Saskatoon, so I don't see why a club there wouldn't succeed
  22. That's the thing - I'm getting the feeling that the Fury's decision to stay in USL this year was a business decision, but the CPL has taken it personally, which has led to nonconstructive things being said. I just hope we're not going to see Canadian Soccer politics rear its ugly head again. I thought we were over that crap.
  23. He was talking mostly to the young players and their parents about what they needed to do to get on the radar of CPL clubs and college coaches. He also talked a bit about their scouting network. It seems that the CPL is developing their own scouting network apart from the Provincial and National associations. I'm think this is a great idea because there are so many players that seem to fall through the cracks of the ID camps. St Anthony is the oldest club in the Ottawa area and located in Little Italy, but there are also a couple of local academies like KNSA and Futuro that are affiliated with them. I estimate there were about 50-60 people with seating for about 120, but the weather was absolute crap so that might be the reason for the relatively low attendance.
  24. Wembley hosts concerts and things and protects the turf using a hard raised overlay before laying down items on top the the field. Works for about a week at a time. Shouldn't be a problem.
  25. I was at a meeting on the weekend in Ottawa where Anthony Totera was giving a talk about CPL to a bunch of parents and their kids. When asked about the Fury, he said he couldn't talk about *anything* regarding them because the situation was still too fresh and hot. Maybe in a couple of years he said. My gut feel is that the Fury would be okay with joining the CPL in a year or two, but the CPL may not be. The tension between the two viewpoints feels... weird and odd. I can't explain it.
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