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Found 7 results

  1. Will try to aggregate as much info RE: Saskatoon club in CanPL as I can here. Most recent article (I believe): https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatoon/recreation-pitches-city-1.4296670 Focuses more on stadium presentation than anything else but that pres. was done by Joe Belan, who is the primary in the SK ownership group. Please link any new info you find on SK/Saskatoon.
  2. We've been hearing rumors of salary caps anywhere between 500K to 1.5 million bandied about here. I think someone mentioned that they heard one players phoning England and asking his dad if he could live on $50K in Canada. An annual salary of 40 hours a week at minimum wage in Ontario is $29,120. If we assume these will be the base salaries for players in the league, what can we expect the actual cap to be? What should the cap be? Should they have designated players or a Luxury tax? Hard or Soft Cap? How many players at what levels? I would like to see discussion in here based on the news that comes out over the next few month and try to piece together the actual cap despite all the smoke and mirrors. For starters, I think I would like to see there be some flexibility in roster building between teams, but i want to see a ceiling and a floor. I also want to see lots of U-23s on the roster. So what about having "buckets" of players with their own maximum and minimum salaries? For example: Core Players ($400K max total, split between 1-4 players, minimum salary $80K): These are the marquee players that ownership signs for their skill level to get butts into seats, and make that one play every game that makes it worth the price of admission. They can be any age or nationality. Standard Players ($620K max total, split between 9-11 players, salary range $50-80K): These are the everyday starters that fill out the majority of starting lineup. They have to be under the age of 30 and at least half of them need to be eligible to play for the CMNT. U23 Players ($380K max total, split between 8-11 players, salary range $30-50K): These are the college-age players that are trying to play their way into better circumstances. They should be paid above minimum wage so they can focus on skills improvement rather than needing to work an extra job to make ends meet. Some of them may play for USports teams in the fall and the CSA/CPL should come to an understanding with the universities that they will be able to retain their eligibility. They have to be under 23 years old as of Jan 1st of that soccer year and must be eligible to play for the CMNT. U18 Academy Players ($5K max total, 0 to unlimited players, paid per game): These are the emergency players that the team calls up when the team is either riddled with injuries or as a reward for exceptional play at a lower tier. Some clubs might have a team and some might not, instead having agreements with a local pool of clubs that meet the CSA LTPD guidelines. As with the U23's there should be an understanding with USports that they will still be eligible for university play. They have to be under 18 years old as of Jan 1st of that soccer year and must be eligible to play for the appropriate level of Canadian National Team. A system like this would be flexible in that teams can be comprised of anywhere from 18-26 salaried players and a team salary cap from between $770K to $1.4 million, meeting the requirements of owners with a variety of ambitions. It would also guarantee that at least two starters per team will be Canadians or Canada eligible. Edit: Hmmm, just a thought: Should there be a coaching salary cap as well?
  3. Concacaf Announces Scotiabank Concacaf League Expansion Canadian Premier League gets 1 spot as of July 2019 (Whoever has the most points by then?) 22 clubs 12 Clubs plays (home/away) on the 1st round. Winners joined the next 10 highest ranked teams in Round 2 for the Round of 16 (Knockout Stage) The Winner of the CONCACAF League goes to 2020 Champions League The remaining 15 clubs will be ranked from 1 to 15 Best next 5 also joins 2020 Champions League CPL path to the 2020 Champions League A CPL club must make it to the round of 16 by winning in round 1. That club must advance to the quarter finals to be part of the final 8 A-If the CPL Club wins, they automatically advance to the 2020 CONCACAF Champions League B-If they lose, they most rank as the top 2 of the losing teams from the quarter finals (tie breakers) to advance to 2020 CONCACAF Champions League https://www.concacafleague.com/en/article/concacaf-announces-scotiabank-concacaf-league-expansion The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (Concacaf) today announced that the Scotiabank Concacaf League – the official club championship for Central American and Caribbean clubs – will expand from 16 to 22 teams to include five additional Central American clubs and one Canadian Premier League club for 2019 and beyond. The competition will additionally now serve as the qualifying tournament for Central America clubs to the Scotiabank Concacaf Champions League. “We are very excited to take a major step forward to enhance our expanded Concacaf Club Competition Platform,” said Concacaf General Secretary Philippe Moggio. “We are creating a larger Scotiabank Concacaf League that will increase the opportunities for our members in the Caribbean and Central America to play more relevant, competitive matches. With 22 teams participating, the window of access is wider, providing greater chances to qualify to the region’s premier tournament for clubs, the Scotiabank Concacaf Champions League.” The competition, which will continue to be played in a knockout format, will now kick off with a preliminary round in July. The 12 clubs set to participate in this initial round will be drawn into six home-and-away fixtures. The winners, to be determined on aggregate goals, will join the top nine ranked Central American clubs and the runner-up of the Caribbean Club Championship in the Round of 16. In addition to qualifying its champion to the Scotiabank Concacaf Champions League, the tournament will qualify an additional five teams. At the end of the competition, clubs will we ranked 1-15, in accordance with the competition tie-breaking procedure. The top five ranked clubs will automatically qualify for the 2020 edition of the Scotiabank Concacaf Champions League. For 2019, the Member Association slots have been allocated as follows (in alphabetical order by Member Association): Preliminary Round (12 clubs): Belize 1, Canada 2, Caribbean 3, Caribbean 4, Costa Rica 3, El Salvador 2, El Salvador 3, Guatemala 2, Guatemala 3, Honduras 3, Nicaragua 2 and Panama 3 Round of 16 (10 + 6 winners of the Preliminary Round): Caribbean 2, Costa Rica 1, Costa Rica 2, El Salvador 1, Guatemala 1, Honduras 1, Honduras 2, Nicaragua 1, Panama 1 and Panama 2. The venue, date and time for the official draw that will sort the participating clubs for the preliminary round and round of 16 will be announced in the coming months. Inaugurated in 2017, the Scotiabank Concacaf League has opened the door for a wider participation of Caribbean and Central American clubs, providing them an opportunity to play more relevant matches, at a higher level and the possibility of qualifying for the Confederations premier competition for clubs, the Scotiabank Concacaf Champions League.
  4. With the CPL coming together, I've been thinking about whether the league will go with an MLS/Addidas style deal or one where the teams find an outfitter themselves. I personally like a league with more variety of brands and styles, but if the league chooses one, I think it's important to make the right choice. The league will need the jerseys and team gear to not just look good on the field, but on the streets, pubs, schools, and basically, anywhere fans wear them. It's going to be an important part of creating a culture around this league. I think Nike or New Balance would be best for this. What are your thoughts? Do you prefer a league-wide outfitter or teams having their own? Do you prefer any brands?
  5. asdfasdf View full record
  6. Hey folks, I figured instead of just spamming other groups and pissing people off, I'd just start my own little thread(anyone else who wants to add their own concepts is more than welcome as well!) to hopefully come up with ideas for potential CPL team concepts and get feedback. Anyways, here's what I've been working on recently, as always, appreciate the input Also, if anyone has ideas they want to see tried, I'm all ears.
  7. Legacy of Fc Edmonton, players that were developed by the club still playing professionally. Abraham Dukely David Doe Shamit Shome Allan Zebie(free agent) Glorie Amanda(Free agent) Amir Hallic Mallan Roberts Amir Dedic Marko Aleskic(free agent) Adjin Sarcevic Bruno Zebie(training with the first team) Hanson Boakai Aymar Sigue (NCAA Draft Year)
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