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  1. Robinson would routinely play 4 or 5 kids at a time (and Bustos out of position) with secondary/bench players, then complain that they "didn't show enough". Compare that to Davies and now Bair - kids given the chance to play with basically the regular rotation, and actually developing from it. Adegkube to me is actually the most interesting case out of all of them. He actually outplayed Harvey to start a season, looked pretty good in 5 or 6 starts, then got injured. When he returned from injury, he never played again. Rumours swirled it was because of "attitude/entitlement" issues, but it's honestly hard to figure out which came first: did he not play because of "attitude" or did he develop an "attitude" because he'd shown he could play but wasn't given the chance again?
  2. That's long been part of the accusation aimed at the kids in the Whitecaps residency. That there's been a sense of entitlement among them. That while fans are screaming "play the kids", managers have been loath to use them at times because they're trying to break that sense of entitlement.
  3. This wasn't enough. Lenarduzzi isn't gone from the club, so his influence will still be felt. Ownership wants to hire a sporting director but then also said that Greg Anderson's role as "vice president of soccer ops" is safe. They made this move because they saw how bad their season ticket renewal campaign was going and think this is what people wanted, but without really understanding why it needed to be made. They're hyping up hiring a "Champions League level sporting director" that "runs a balance sheet of $10-, $20-, $30- million on the players side" while they spend under $10m (and think that Champions League sides spend so little). It's far too little, and they won't understand why it hasn't worked on getting more people to renew.
  4. I mean, you're right that a certain amount of free tickets are given away for free in other leagues as well. It's also a criticism I've seen leveled at other leagues. Though at this point, I don't think this forum needs another round of "paid vs in attendance vs tickets distributed" debates. Just put out a good product and people will pay for it.
  5. Lothar Matthaus on Davies playing left back for Canada: “That is a waste. He is so fast. Canada needs him as left winger,” Matthäus said. Does say it's good training for him to play defense, but envisions him as a left wing. https://www.prosoccerusa.com/in-depth/lothar-matthaus-alphonso-davies-is-the-future-for-bayern-munich/
  6. I actually don't want them to spend money right now. No confidence the FO would get it right. The FO needs to go first, before any money is spent.
  7. It's not a conspiracy. They don't have the rights and they don't see the value in it. Much the same way as ESPN basically ignores the NHL. And they probably don't see the value in producing their own show either. Heck, Sportsnet just fired all of their soccer staff.
  8. Or it's a pyramid scheme. Which happens in sports. Plus, so far no expansion team has paid that.
  9. Yup, that's pretty much there season. They lack any semblance of creativity in the midfield an their #1 striker is either doesn't care, still recovering from his injury, or most likely both. And ownership and the front office have gone silent, leaving MDS to field all the questions about how cheap they are. Lenarduzzi used to like to talk about how there was a culture problem at the club and that's why they would lose, but they're cheapness has caught up to them this season as the real culprit. (Well, there is a culture problem. It just starts above the player/managers).
  10. With the Raptors winning the NBA championship and the resurgence in the Leafs (primarily) and the other Canadian hockey teams, they're probably not losing money on Sportsnet. (Highly recommend the book Hockey Fight in Canada: Big Media Face Off over the NHL for some interesting insight in to the finances of TSN/Sportsnet). But it's also probably not worth it to them to carry a crew for just Bundesliga & SPL, though I was hoping they'd at least try to make a push of it for a year.
  11. Well, stick with it and about once every 25 years you're rewarded with something great. And everything in between is....that.
  12. Zambrano with the critical tweet already queued up...
  13. It's great that Caldwell went on a lengthy discussion about how he's a better left back than a left mid not longer before that happened. Caldwell is atrocious.
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