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  1. Westhills was far short of a sellout. Didn't realize the game was on CBC. Didn't tune in until late, but some definite patches of empty seats in areas. Mind you, it was 3-0 at the time. But still, they didn't announce it as a sellout either. Edit: Ignore. I forgot Westhills was Pacific.
  2. Yes, he's completely changed. Now he's a bothersome interruption to the CPL season.
  3. I mean, they were 5th in the spring and they're 6th right now. So I guess technically correct? But they weren't good.
  4. Per AFTN, doesn't sound like mutual consent. Sounds like he just wasn't getting the job done.
  5. I think he means 50k for the clip, not the game. Don't think we know what the viewership of the game itself, so no clue what it will be for next month's.
  6. All true. But CPL optimists also talked non-stop about the "wave of pop-up stadiums" that would just be springing up all across the country to accommodate the CPL. None of it's easy.
  7. I'm going to be fascinated to see what happens with the USL when MLS eventually does stop expanding. Because right now, I get the feeling the bigger teams in USL are just using it as a proving ground for MLS, and that MLS is more than happy to scoop them up at their leisure. But once MLS is done (with whatever number that ends up at), I'll be interested to see how many owners really want to keep investing in USL.
  8. Shouldn't you be encouraging them to get their own OneSoccer account, considering that OneSoccer just announced a restaurant/bar subscription package?
  9. Ah, ok. I thought you meant targeting random sports fans in a bar with one tv in the back, which isn't the sort of person who would then go out and buy the service. I guess I know what you're saying, but given the hassle of trying to set up a streaming service I'm still not sure most bars would think it's worth it and would rather just put on TSN/Sportsnet that they already have.
  10. I don't image the majority of the bar staff are from the generation that can't work a tv either, yet there's days where getting the channel changed can take 10 to 20 min of fumbling with different remotes. I would say it's more that any tv system in a bar is complicated, and it's not as simple as "connecting to the internet". Or how many are set up for it in the first place.
  11. I don't know who these "guys who will pay attention to the small TV in the back of the bar" are. That seems like the kind of group that will watch something random but aren't going out to pay for it (especially if it's a streaming service). That seems like a really, really small demographic to try to hit. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding you.
  12. I've been in far too many bars where most of the staff can't even get the basic TV changed properly. I can't even begin to imagine them trying to get a streaming service running. And it's nice that you would watch any footy league in the world rather than highlights of the Bluejays. Understand that you are very much in the minority in this country in that regard.
  13. If there plan is to break in to the US market, I'm not really convinced that the CPL is the way to do it. Mostly because I don't think MLS or Liga MX would care what MediaPro will have done with the CPL. I think it's irrelevant to either league. Hell, if you're one of the people on this board saying "MLS hates Canada and fears/hates the CPL", then they'd actually have more reason not to sign with MediaPro as they'd want to help kill a source of income for the league. But beyond that, I'll be interested to see if MediaPro can break in to the US market mostly because that's where DAZN is still heading as well. DAZN really only has boxing down there right now, but is looking to make further in roads. Interesting article here, with a handy guide as to what rights they have in each country: http://www.sportspromedia.com/from-the-magazine/john-skipper-interview-dazn-tv-rights-mlb-nfl-nhl-boxing-ott Plus, DAZN was the #1 sports app by revenue so far this year: https://www.ispo.com/en/markets/study-dazn-worlds-top-revenue-generating-sports-app On top of that, they'd still have to fend of ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBC Sports. That's a hell of an uphill climb.
  14. Again, Media Pro didn't announce anything. It just became a number that everyone accepted. And someone else said they'd heard $150m for the CPL, and that became widely accepted. I've never accepted any of the numbers or allocations directly, since we've never been told anything. I'm merely repeating the numbers that were told to me again and again when I questioned them.
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