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  1. Doesn't surprise me, European coach gets votes just because he comes from Europe. Especially from the Spanish system. Going through the Canadian system and grinding away here will not get the credit that a person deserves.
  2. TSN showing CPL highlights!?Whaaaaat?! I never thought this day would come!
  3. That microwave plate is Forge's again! They will need it to cook all those delicious PEI potatoes they are bringing back to Hamilton.
  4. Choiniere looks dangerous Entertaining so far, nice clearance by Bekker on a ball going towards Garcia Babouli is busy
  5. Tough time to be missing key players.... Out for Cavalry are defender Jay Wheeldon (suspended), midfielders Sergio Camargo (quad) and attackers Oliver Minatel (leg) and Nico Pasquotti (knee). Pasquotti, with a season-ending injury, will have an MRI when the club returns to Calgary.Captain Nik Ledgerwood is possible after missing the last game-plus with a strained leg.
  6. PEI pics and no potato field photos or Anne of Green gables selfies?!
  7. Farsi Just wonder how many other guys are playing in obscure semi pro or amateur level that are CPL starter quality, are young and have the potential to become much more...
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