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  1. Pacific wins this but now has more injuries. Campbell with two goals, and has to be a better option then Haber from now on.
  2. Third place team FC Edmonton won a trophy!? The peacock plate!?
  3. Herdman had a great chance to look good this gold cup...
  4. Final standings for the spring season. Not much difference from third to last. A new player signing can make a big difference for a few of the teams next season. 1 Cavalry 10 24 WWLWL 2 Forge 10 19 WWWWL 3 Edmonton 10 14 LDWWW 4 Wanderers 10 11 WLDWL 5 Pacific 10 11 LLWLW 6 York9 10 11 WDDLW 7 Valour 10 9 WLLLL
  5. I like Emilio Estevez, he brings a plucky performance whenever he is on the field. On the other hand Simon Adjei is a lame duck forward. A waste of an international spot, needs to fly the coop back to Sweden. His performance puts me in a fowl mood.
  6. Just to point out outside of the Cricket Premier league, their are at least 4 other CPL's.... California Premier league Colorado Premier league Continental Premier league Connecticut Premier league
  7. On tsn, really?! I thought TSN avoided mentioning the league on their channel. I wonder if this will change now that they are running ads.
  8. Footy talks podcast has a preview up. https://audioboom.com/posts/7277431-footy-talks-podcast-episode-57-canada-women-s-world-cup-preview
  9. But will that resolve the issue of the correct timeline? We are clearly not in the darkest timeline. Canada has it's own league and is going to host the World Cup!?!? You will have to search through space and time for eons to find this timeline. Does our knowledge of mathematics grasp this, it possible to time stamp in the correct plain of existence? Or is this a case of the "Mandela effect " where parallel universes spilling into our own timeline?
  10. Also don't forget to add A.D. just in case this time traveling mascot gets confused and goes to 2019 B.C.
  11. Time traveling android mascot?! Someone find the terminator to eliminate this abomination!
  12. Someone was asking about betting and the CPL... https://northerntribune.ca/canadian-premier-league-sports-betting/
  13. Centre Circle live is listed and active, it's not available with iTunes currently, try pasting the RSS feed in your android podcast app if it doesn't come up via name search. For general CPL news, you might like northern 90 podcast. Also their are a few fellows on YouTube that cover cpl. Check out AFC Curtis and Canpl central, links through www.northernstartingeleven.com
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