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  1. Updated list, addition and deleted a few inactive podcasts.
  2. https://www.mountroyalsoccer.com/2021/1/27/22252991/impact-petition-on-name-change-passes-5000 The grumbling and moaning has turned into a full grown rebellion! This insurrection just started! The angry supporters are growing, getting their torches and pitchforks (snowshovels?) And marching towards Saputo stadium.
  3. Who could see this coming?... Oh wait, I did and so many others... Time to recycle old memes from last year when their was still hope it might be a good rebrand...
  4. Trouble brewing for the team formerly known as the Impact. The locals are getting restless, brandishing pitchforks and torches. Perhaps a good time to welcome them in a warm embrace into CPL's arms? Ultras Montréal Il y a en ce moment une liste d'attente pour les annulations d'abonnement de saison car le volume est trop important. La pétition est rendue à 4100 signatures et ça monte rapidement depui
  5. This rebrand makes it almost too easy for Toronto FC supporters to troll Montreal. Just check club foot in image search on Google to see what you get. Snowflake! "Special snowflake" memes for Montreal... Snowflake image reminds some on reddit of the Glendale Community flag joke.... I doubt the long term success of this rebrand...
  6. What?!..... Or is he scouting a utilty midfielder that can play as a defender? Needing to plug holes in that Swiss cheese defense already!?! Come on guys! Play a game first, or at least officially announce a team before you try to fix the team...
  7. Someone on Reddit compiled all the ratings of CPL players that were at one time in the FIFA games...
  8. Such a pointless change. The name has been with the team so long that it has become nostalgic and historical. The name predates MLS and I'm sure some hardcore fans remember being to games as very young children going with older family members. Why erase the past now? Canada doesn't have alot of soccer history and the powers that be, decide to get rid of what little we have. Sad... Name change wont bring anyone new, it just alienates the older hardcore fans that purchase merchandise and are loyal followers of the team. Also of note.... https://queenscitizen.ca/2020/1
  9. In case someone has missed it, CPL stadiums in minecraft... I posted this link on cpl reddit and it is the highest upvotes that I have ever had for a link. The crossover from videogames and soccer is higher than I thought.
  10. Saputo stadium in minecraft (timelapse + download link in YouTube description)...
  11. I hear Old Bert Cunningham is available, UK's oldest goalkeeper. Just imagine having all that experience!
  12. I just don't get it. Why would Montreal want to copy the branding of Toronto FC?! A generic euro style name. They are your arch rivals not best friends! Okay, maybe the Impact is a bit old and one night they decided to be "FC'ed" Don't do it! Remember all the history! The highs and the lows. Remember back in the old days when MLS was just a twinkle in the Impact eyes? Remember those special days in Mexico and Olympic stadium? Do you really think a few more eurosnob fans are going to come to games? Really Montreal?! Sure,
  13. Intresting thing about Preki he was almost Liecester's coach just before their EPL run to the top!
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