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  1. Cavalry with a significantly lead after four wins. Spring season almost locked up already... Spring Season Pos. P Pts Form 1 Cavalry 4 12 WWWW 2 Forge 5 7 DLWLW 3 Valour 5 6 WLLWL 4 Pacific 5 5 WLLDD 5 Edmonton 3 4 WDL 6 Wanderers 3 3 LWL 7 York9 3 2 DLD
  2. Some of those Blainville guys look like they should get a closer look by CPL teams. Why does a team like Pacific FC have a small roster when their is still untapped talent to be picked in Canada? How about a short contract for the fall season for a few of these? Or even a short loan that can be used as a long tryout?
  3. The Forge club online store actually has a variety of merchandise. Keychain, cups, flags...
  4. If people were betting on (and fixing) the obscure CSL semi-pro league then someone must be betting on CPL. Back in my betting days, their were online betting on weirder things. Reality TV shows, award shows, I made a nice sum on the UFC when very few knew what it was. Bet on Jeremy Horn vs Takase on the undercard back in 1999? which was easy money for me.
  5. More matches for CPL teams, some of these teams have injury issues and a tired roster. Perhaps a chance for a big upset? Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg Vaughan Azzurri 1 HFX Wanderers May 15 May 22 Pacific FC 2 Cavalry FC May 15 May 22 A.S. Blainville 3 York 9 FC May 15 May 22
  6. Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg Vaughan Azzurri 1 HFX Wanderers May 15 May 22 Pacific FC 2 Cavalry FC May 15 May 22 A.S. Blainville 3 York 9 FC May 15 May 22 Three matches on the same day, hopefully onesoccer successfully pulls this off.
  7. Pronunciation? I will be happy if they just name the correct player. I'm looking at you Gareth Wheeler! "Remember the name!" What!? It wasn't Cyrus Rollocks but Telfer!
  8. Wonder who is the highest paid in the league? Both De Jong and Petrasso were making around 150 000 US last year in MLS. By the way the minimum in MLS last year was about 55 000, this is what Didic was at.
  9. Available through CBC if you haven't signed for onesoccer yet. https://www.cbc.ca/sports/soccer/cpl/canadian-premier-league-live-stream-1.5126951
  10. Android, currently watching Valour/HFX through Chromecast not mirrorcasting it.
  11. The latest update to the onesoccer app seems to have added chromecast support
  12. No Bekker! No problem! 3-0 goals by Novac, Welshman, Frano Chonoire is the man of the match Maybe Forge should appeal the two game ban...... "Please, can we get a three game ban?!"
  13. https://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-soccer-announces-fine-suspension-for-forge-fc-s-kyle-bekker-p162161-preview-1 And an undisclosed fine. My only question is why did it take so long. He should of been suspended before his last match.
  14. Your right about rosters being stretched. Injuries to a teams starting 11 are probably going to be crucial in how well a team does. I can see a team doing well early in the spring season but being hampered with injuries for the fall season. York 9 looked bad in the first half without a few starters. And a team like Pacific FC doesn't even have a full squad so they can't even rotate their players for a rest and recovery. And I really don't like that it seems Bekker got away with his "tough soccer" play. Not only because it could have caused a concussion but it was a stupid unnecessary foul.
  15. Volkswagon player ranking is out. Similar to the MLS Audi index. PREMIER PERFORMER PRESENTED BY VOLKSWAGEN RANK PLAYER CLUB POINTS (Avg./match) 1 Hendrik Starostzik Pacific FC 96.26 2 Ryan Telfer York9 FC 89.02 3 Amer Didic FC Edmonton 88.88 4 Mele Temguia FC Edmonton 86.22 5 Michael Petrasso Valour FC 86.06 6 Joel Waterman Cavalry FC 85.41 7 Luis Alberto Perea HFX Wanderers FC 85.06 8 Ramon Soria FC Edmonton 84.88 9 Nathan Ingham York9 FC 84.38 10 Jordan Brown Cavalry FC 83.95 11 Kwame Awuah Forge FC 83.35 12 Kadell Thomas Forge FC 82.61 13 Dominick Zator Cavalry FC 82.39 14 Blake Smith Pacific FC 82.26 15 Nik Ledgerwood Cavalry FC 81.84 16 Elijah Adekugbe Cavalry FC 80.18 17 Kareem Moses FC Edmonton 79.19 18 Oumar Diouck FC Edmonton 78.61 19 Ndzemdzela Langwa HFX Wanderers FC 78.60 20 Dominique Malonga Cavalry FC 78.37
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