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  1. Just wondering is it clear that the Ottawa team will be starting the spring season and not the fall season only? Seems to be cutting it very close, they should be signing players immediately or they will be scrambling later to fill their squad and have a poorly built team with obvious holes.
  2. Its alive! Its alive! You all thought OSEG had had thrown the final blow and killed pro soccer in Ottawa, buried so deep that no one would dare attempt to revive the corpse. Yet with the hands of the Spanish, they have shocked the body of pro soccer in Ottawa, back to life! Now they will charge into the CPL. Who will be the first victim?
  3. Yes, Cavalry proves this point. Plenty of former Foothills players playing at the amateur level that are clearly good enough for pro. What the hell was Carducci doing at the PDL level? Not to mention that PDL has had other Canadian teams perform well, KW United and Thunder Bay Chill. CPL was sorely needed. Plenty of promising players were falling through the cracks. 15 teams seems to be the maximum to me. But who knows. With more pro teams, more and more youth players will consider staying in soccer rather then choosing other sports. You can now dream of Canada becoming a real soccer nation.
  4. I'm afraid this message thread is going in the direction of Godwin's law.
  5. I think this meme says what really happened, OSEG wasn't fully committed to soccer in the first place.
  6. CPL Fans Are Lifting Microwave Dishes Like They’re Lifting The North Star Shield https://northerntribune.ca/canadian-premier-league-trophy-challenge/
  7. Updated, a few additions and deleted a few inactive, added Apple podcast (iTunes) links, AFC Curtis and Canpl Central can now be picked up through podcast apps rather then just YouTube
  8. It could be that the league doesn't want to have older foreign players since they have short careers, while younger foreigners can become stars in the league and sold for a substantial transfer fee. Nationalization is the best case scenario, but I doubt it will happen unless one of the three Canadian MLS team's decide to pay a transfer fee, and the foreigner stays in Canada a significant time.
  9. Interesting the number of people that put Pacific FC at the top before the league started. I assume they expected a healthy De Jong to contribute heavily. A few picked Cavalry as the worst team! Totally ignoring the PDL champions. Now CPL Spring and Fall champions.
  10. overall table Cavalry 62 points Forge 56 York 34 FC Edmonton 32 Pacific FC 31 Valour 28 HFX Wanderers 28
  11. A bit of a surprise, while it was a mediocre performance by the team, he did well with what he had to deal with. Injured and underperforming older players, started the spring season with not a full squad, lots of young inexperienced players. Many predicted a last place finish, so he did better then expected. Going by MLS foreign coaches, some have a hard time dealing with how things are done in North America. Critical of management and league rules. Wonder if he rubbed the FO the wrong way, which lead to termination? Maybe by mutual consent since foreign coaches usually have many more opportunities in Europe, while Canadians and Americans have little to chose from.
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