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  1. Shocking news! Really Halifax?! Lose at home against Valour?!
  2. Why doesn't this surprise me? Foreigners see more potential for investment than any Canadians. Their are plenty of rich locals that actually like soccer, unfortunately they prefer to be Euro snobs and would rather dump money across the Atlantic. Wow, Québec doesn't even have a team yet and I already hate them! Congratulations, you managed what I thought was impossible.
  3. Some of those supporters seem a bit too high spirited...
  4. Why does it seem Toronto FC always seemed plagued with injuries? This goes back years ago when they played on hard turf. Grass was supposed to fix this issue.
  5. Patience, wait just a few weeks longer...
  6. Hey just be happy, there are plenty of podcasts now. I remember the old days of early Toronto FC. Back in those ancient times most people had no idea what a podcast even was. You had to listen to sports talk on a crude device called a "radio" and if it was your lucky day they might give a quick mention of this thing some people call soccer. Times have sure changed. I personally prefer longer more casual podcasts. I listen to Vocal Minority. I occasionally listen to AFTN. I listen to Coast to Coast FC for CPL talk. But I know others disagree with my opinion...
  7. Stumbled on this, thought I would share. Football Manager, saving Valour FC. Posted a month ago.
  8. ODDS TO WIN 2024 MLS GOLDEN BOOT: * Lionel Messi, Inter Miami CF: +270 (bet $10 to win $40 total) Christian Benteke, D.C. United: +750 (bet $10 to win $70 total) Luis Suarez, Inter Miami CF: +850 (bet $10 to win $95 total) Denis Bouanga, Los Angeles FC: +1400 (bet $10 to win $120 total) Cucho Hernández, Columbus Crew SC: +1400 (bet $10 to win $130 total) Giorgios Giakoumakis, Atlanta United FC: +1600 (bet $10 to win $130 total) Hany Mukhtar, Nashville SC: +1800 (bet $10 to win $190 total) Luciano Acosta, FC Cincinnati: +1800 (bet $10 to win $170 total)
  9. How long before "motivation speaker" Herdman lasts and turns into Matt Foley?
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